Star Trek Heritage Chapter 2

Author's note: and we are back last time on Star Trek Heritage the USS Enterprise A docked at Starbase 13 to pick up former Enterprise science and tactical officer Dr Carol Marcus and it turned out that she had a son with Captain Kirk. When Kirk found out that he was a father he fainted.

Anyway this the second chapter I hope you enjoy

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~General Point of View~

The bright lights of medbay were the first thing that kirk saw as he opened his eyes. Kirk blinked several times as his eyes adjusted to the light, the second thing was Dr McCoy standing over one of the other biobeds that sickbay had. Bones then looked up to see Kirk awake and trying to get up. Where do you think you're going?" Bones asked as he moved over to where his friend was lying "What's the last thing you remember?" Bones asked as he stood by Kirk's biobed with his arms crossed.

Jim struggled to remember what had occurred before he had lost consciousness. "Uh, we were heading to the airlock to welcome Dr Marcus aboard, Spock and scotty were there with us and Carol had a son." Kirk then chuckled as he looked down and then back up at Bones. "The two of you said that he was my son."

At this Bones looked sheepish "Yeah about that." Bones said looking at him with a shamed smile on his face. "You knew that Carol was pregnant, that's why she left isn't it. Why didn't you tell me?" Kirk asked as he felt anger boil up inside of him

"It wasn't my place to tell you." Bones tried to calm his friend "Besides, can you imagine raising a kid on a star ship? More importantly can you see yourself as a Father?" Bones asked as he laid his hand on Kirk's shoulder. It was that question that really quelled Kirk's anger. "I would still have liked to have known, You know? I would have at least tried to be a good parent. Hell I would have liked to have been given a chance to try." Kirk admitted lying back down on the biobed's orange pillow with silver sequins.

"Jim, I know why you feel this way." Bones admitted to which Kirk sat back up "Do you?" Kirk asked with his eyebrows raised in disbelief. "Yeah, it's because of your old man, from what you told me he only got to name you before crashing into Nero's thousand knives ship!" Bones said his hands resting on the bed that Kirk was lying on. "Get to the point Bones." Kirk said his frustration building at his friend. "My point is that you don't want your son to end up like you did. Not knowing your dad and possibly ending up how you were before Pike found you."

"Yeah, you got a point there." Jim admitted preparing himself to slide off the bed. "Am I free to go Bones or am I to remain imprisoned here for however long you wish to keep me here?" Jim asked his usual cocky smirk adorning his face. "Are you going to be a complete annoying gnat if i do keep you here any longer?" The Good doctor asked his friend.

"Maybe, maybe not. Want to find out." Jim looked at his friend as McCoy merely stood up to his full height and pointed his thumb behind him towards the sick bay door. "Get out!" Bones merely said as Jim climbed out of the bed and walked towards the door.

As soon as Kirk had left the med bay he went straight to the bridge. The lonely ride in the turbo lift felt longer than usual. As soon as the doors of the turbo lift opened the entire bridge crew turned to face him " As you were." Kirk said before heading to sit in his chair. "Status." He said as soon as he sat down.

"The dock master has cleared us for departure." Spock said as he came to stand beside the captain's chair. "Very good Mr Spock, Lt Uhura raise the Dock control for me please." Kirk ordered as Uhura opened a channel "Channel open sir."

"Control this is Enterprise, request permission for departure."

"Request Granted Enterprise." The dock master said

"Mister Chekov detach moorings and umbilicals, Mr Sulu thrusters until we clear Space Door's" Kirk ordered looking over a PADD that was handed to him by a yeoman. The Enterprise glided backwards, pulling away from the docking ports. The space doors opening as the tips of the Nacelles neared them.

"Captain, we have cleared Space doors." Sulu reported. "Very well Mr. Sulu bring us about and increase spread to ½ half impulse power until we clear the star base, then set course for system L-370. Warp Factor 4." Kirk ordered before pressing the comms button on his chair "Scotty, are we clear to go to above warp four yet?" Kirk asked

"We should be able to Captain, but I'd recommend easing into it we don't want to cause any disaster." The chief engineers voice chimed over the comms. "Fair enough, Mister sulu, engage," Kirk ordered.

"Aye, Aye Captain. Course plotted, engaging warp drive." Sulu said as he pushed the warp throttle forward. The front of the ship seemed to stretch before them as the Enterprise entered Sub Space, but as soon as it's speed approached warp five the ship started to rock and rumble.

"Bridge to Engineering what's happening down there Scotty!" Kirk asked.

Down in main engineering the Scotsman had to dodge sparks flying from the walls while running to a console, pulling out his communicator Scotty flipped open the communicator and started to yell into it. " Captain it's an anti matter imbalance, we've got to drop out of warp." Scotty yelled as a large burst of sparks made him drop the communicator.

"Mister Sulu, drop us out of Warp now!" Kirk ordered as the rocking increased. "I'm trying, sir but the helm isn't responding." Sulu said as sparks started to fly from the walls. "She's coming apart by the seams." Sulu reported. "Scotty divert emergency power to structural integrity." Kirk shouted over the comms. Soon the ship gave one last shake that threw the bridge crew from their chairs.

As soon as the ship stopped shaking and moving the bridge crew started pulling themselves up from the fallen positions on the floor. "Where the hell are we?" Kirk asked as he pulled himself back into his chair. "Unknown sir, but the sensors are coming back online now." Spock said as he checked his station.

"All decks reporting in Captain multiple injuries, but they are minor." Uhura reported. Kirk nodded from his chair before activating the comms "Scotty what the hell happened down there." Kirk asked. "Captain it was a Anti-matter inbalence until we get that sorted out I wouldn't recommend going to warp. Or doing anything for that matter." The frazzled engineer reported.

"Fantastic. Spock do you have any idea where we are?" Kirk asked the Vulcan science officer. "Captain, according to the navigational computer we are at least 67 light years from our previous position and we are roughly 12 light years from the Klingon Border." Chekov reported from besides Sulu.

"Captain, sensors are detecting another Starfleet vessel off of our starboard bow. Range 300 kilometres." Spock reported. "Lt Uhura put it up." Kirk ordered. "It is a kelvin sub-class, Einstein class vessel and it's registry." Spock's eyes widened as he read the ship's registration number and name. "Captain the ship's registration number is NCC-0514, USS Kelvin." It was at that point all of the bridge crew turned to their captain.

The Captain's only response was "Shit"

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