Hello everyone and welcome back for a new crossover story. This crossover is the sequel to "Enter the Elite", which is from the DC Reapers story series. This is also the ninth crossover General Herbison and I have been making sinceā€¦2010-2011. Wow, we have done so many crossovers and for many years.

We hope everyone will like this crossover and will like how this will end. We might do more crossovers, but we'll have to wait and see how things go. Also if you want to check out our past crossovers then go ahead. General Herbison has a lot of good work and we worked on many crossovers together that have done well.

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Unknown location

A cloaked figure can be seen walking through a dark room, heading towards what appears to be a large abandoned temple. Fire can be seen in surrounding the temple, while lava flows down from the walls. The figure ignored this and heads inside the temple, where there is more light inside. In the middle of the room is what appears to be holographic images of strange symbols that the figure does not recognized.

"Did you get everything ready?" the figure turns around and sees Vandal Savage walking in with another cloaked figure behind him.

"Yes, everything is ready," the figure removes the hood and reveals to be Galatea, the clone of Supergirl. "How is the new body treating you, master?"

The master looks up at the girl and moves his hand up showing it decaying away, slowly. "This body has outlived its usefulness. I'm going to need a new vessel to sustain my spirit."

She nods her head in response before snapping her finger as a droid walks into the room. "Send for another body and make sure it's in better condition than the one you brought in."

The droid understood and walks out of the room, while Savage helps his master to his throne. "Even if we brought you another body, I'm afraid it won't last very long. We have what we need to make our move now and I suggest we do it soon."

The master knew Savage was right. They waited three years to get things ready, so that when they make their move, they will not fail. However, the longer they took to get things ready, the faster he'll run out of bodies to inhabit in. Now is the time to strike and proceed with the next part of their plan.

"Do we know where the meeting will take place?" the master asked as the droid brought in a new body.

"Yes," Galatea replied as the droid brought the body before the master and she begins inspecting it. "We know what the general is planning and I plan to be there to make sure the war happens."

"Good," the master replied as he approaches the body and then turns towards Savage. "Make sure everything is ready. So when our enemies have weakened one another, we will make our move."

Savage nods in response. "I understand, my master."

The master nods before turning towards the body and begins chanting in an ancient language that had not been heard in a thousand years. The body and the master begin to glow as a bright red light covers the entire room.

That's the end of the chapter. Yeah, it wasn't long, but we hope you all liked how this went. For those that don't know what is going on I'll explain. The story is set in the 30th century around the time Supergirl left the Justice League and joined the new hero organization in the future. However, they are not on old Earth, they are on Earth II.

All of this is explained in our sixth crossover story: "DC Reapers - Omega's Judgement" so you'll know what is going on. I promise though the next chapter will be longer. Now then, if you all liked how this went then please leave some reviews. If you didn't like this then don't leave a flame review please.

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