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Chapter IX

(Unknown Facility)

Aeon has gotten through this strange facility where she needed to complete a test. Several in order to make it to this room. Each one pushed her and each one helped her realize the power she possessed. She knew she had powers, but never understood them or why she has them. But now she knows and now here is confronted by this drone.

A drone that appears to be the one in charge around here. And someone who appears to know who she is.

"I am Prototype," the drone announced proudly, "Defender of this facility and keeper of the legacy of Ahsoka Tano."

At its words row after row of lights illuminated the hallway behind it leading to an open cubicle, "If you will kindly step inside, we will join your friends."

Aeon sees the light illuminating the hallway as she begins following it, while having some questions of her own. "Um wait, excuse me. What is this facility and who is Ahsoka Tano?"

"This is a constructed facility designed by me under the instructions from Ahsoka Tano." the drone led them inside the lift and the door closed behind them. The lift started to descend as the drone continued, "I'm surprised your people don't know her. Didn't you keep any records from Earth?"

Aeon sighed as she tells him about how many of the records were destroyed or damaged. They only have small bits of information, but not on everything or everyone. "Our government tried restoring many old data, but were unsuccessful. Who was she?"

"Ah, Ahsoka." Prototype sounded wistful, "Oh let me tell you she was quite something. How about this, first we meet up with your friends, then I'll give you the full story, it'll save me having to tell it twice."

The lift stopped and the doors opened to reveal two familiar people waiting for them.

"Damien, Kat!" Aeon goes to her friends and gives them a hug.

Damien and Kat they give their friend a hug. "We're glad to see you're okay," said Damien.

Kat breaks the hug. "Yeah, we were worried about you."

"I'm fine and glad you guys are okay too," Aeon then turns to Prototype. "Um guys this is Prototype."

Damien looks at the drone as if he was examining it. "What are you?"

"I am a fully evolved artificial intelligence." the drone bounced up and down excitedly, "You may have met my younger sisters, the Carinas? You should certainly know Carina Omega at least."

Just the mention of those names caused all three to get into a fighting position. "Your sisters? So, you work for the Forever Empire?" Aeon asked with her lightsaber activated.

"Calm down, calm down." the drone hastily moved back a bit, "I don't work for my dad, I quite the family business a long time ago, like hundreds of years ago, yeah my dad built me as his first experimental AI, hence the name Prototype, I decided I wanted to help this really beautiful woman called Ahsoka, and then a few times after we drove the empire out of her dimension I came to this one where I helped the people on Earth against all the constant attacks it seemed to come under. After my crazy sister, Carina Omega was locked away after destroying Earth, Ahsoka brought me here as a precaution should the Forever Empire ever return in that strength again for another round."

Aeon could sense he wasn't lying, despite being a drone. She turns to her friends and motions for them to relax. Kat was the first to stand down, but Damien was still unsure if they should believe him. Considering how the Forever Empire are like.

"Who is this Ahsoka? What is this place? And why did she leave this for someone with Aeon's DNA to find?" Damien asked wanting to know what is going on.

"She was a Jedi. This is a facility she had built to prepare in case the Forever Empire came to wipe you guys out. And she left this place for someone with Aeon's DNA to find..." the drone hesitated, "Because that DNA came from someone who would have inherited the ability to use the Force, which you did to pass your trials."

Aeon heard about the Jedi and how her family once told her they used to exist back home. How they were peacekeepers, they defended the people, and they were led by their ancestor who created the Jedi Order on Earth. She wondered if this ancestor knew Ahsoka and they were friends. If so, is that why she left the holodpad?

Damien though had another theory about this. "This DNA, did it come from Ahsoka?" he asked deducing what Prototype said.

Prototype lowered down until he was floating at head level, "Yes," he replied sadly, "It came from her. She was your ancestor, Aeon." he rotated towards her, "Only someone descended from her could gain access to this facility. We knew that the Force would be passed down through her bloodline. This universe transfers powers through genetics so we knew that the power would remain."

Aeon was shocked to hear that she is related to Ahsoka and that she is her ancestor. Something she didn't know or her family knew since they forgot much about their past. "B-but what is this place? What does she have here that she made for us to use against the Forever Empire?"

"Ah so many questions." Prototype floated back into the lift, "Follow me please, I'll explain as we go."

(Facility Control Center)

The room was filled from floor to ceiling with monitors and computers all with displays of numbers and statistics constantly spiraling down the screens.

Floating around the rooms observing all the endless streams of information was a small army of drones like Prototype constantly updating themselves and the networks as the order they had waited hundreds of years for finally arrived.

"This is Prototype to all overseer drones. Commence activation process. Full awakening."

Twirling rapidly the drones interfaced with the computers and sent authorisation across the network. From the top floor on the surface to the depths of the facility countless machines switched on and millions of cryogenic stasis pods began their awakening process.

"This is Prototype to all overseer drones. Begin activation of all non-organic units."

In storage holds throughout the facility mechanical eyes blinked on in unison. Arms flexed experimentally as the machines activated and echoing sounds of clanking filled the air as line after line of robots marched through the hallways.

"This is Prototype to all overseer drones. Assemble the fleet."

More drones rushed to consoles and the monitors switched to the hanger bays deep beneath the surface where row upon row of starships were waiting to be filled, their on-board systems beginning pre-flight checks.

"Overseer drones to Prototype," they reported, "All processes have begun."

"Excellent, standby to receive guests."

(Facility/Lower Levels)

"After the events on Earth at the hands of Carina Omega," Prototype floated ahead as the doors opened into a well-lit corridor of smooth white walls.

"Ahsoka returned to her home dimension to contemplate what was next for her, and she came to the decision that at some point in time the remnants of Earth would once again face the Forever Empire. So she started planning for that event. She brought people, droids, and materials from her dimension into this one during the evacuation from Earth and assigned a race of creature called Kaminoans to organize the creation of a clone army, the very one that is even now being activated."

Aeon, Kat, and Damien looked around the facility, while listening to Prototype. "An army of clones? Why would she do that?" Kat asked unsure about that idea.

"In the past Ahsoka fought alongside an army of clones, she formed friendships with many of them, but the reason the clones were created was because a galactic war was going on and Ahsoka's side needed troops quickly, cloning was the only way they had available to mass produce effective front line soldiers at the rate they needed."

As they stepped pass a threshold the walls around them turned transparent and they could see thousands of stasis pods arranged in rows below them all with blinking blue lights.

"Ahsoka knew that humanity would never be able to reach that rate in time in this world." Prototype turned to Aeon, "How many planets has your people spread to in this galaxy?"

Aeon turn to the others, knowing what the answer will be. "In this galaxy not much, but in our new home we've formed alliances with other planets. However, with the threat of war many are afraid to join in. Not that we can't blame them, especially how ruthless the Forever Empire has shown itself to be," said Aeon.

Damien looked over at the pods and how many there are. "Prototype, I assume Ahsoka didn't use the DNA of one person to make to make this many soldiers. I'm also curious to know what happened to the Kaminoans who helped make this army. Are they around? Or did they return to their home world?"

"After the initial creation process the Kaminoans returned home." Prototype replied, "After all the cloning was completed there was no need to remain, the facility was turned over to my control to wait until activation. The DNA came from a variety of templates rather than one person, in order to create an army many, many samples needed to be taken from the original, by having multiple soldiers contribute samples we were able to create large numbers at a faster rate."

The tour continued and they found the next room was an armoury filled with assortments of weapons and armours, heavy suits for front line action, lighter cloaked ones for recon, and specialist suits for either aerial combat or underwater warfare.

"As you said Aeon, very few stand with you, which means your numbers for fighting are low, especially against the numbers you face. How many warships do you have to fight with?"

Aeon wasn't sure about that, but Kat does, especially how her company helped design and made the military's ships. "500,000 ships we have for combat, but we know it won't be enough. The Soul Reapers plan to assist us in combat, but even with their help it won't be enough," she looks around at the equipment and armor. "These are more advance than I thought they would be, especially how long it has been since this army was made."

"That's impressive given the odds, but it won't be enough I'm afraid." Prototype led them on through a set of doors where a single robot about six feet tall was waiting with its chest swung open. The drone floated into the opening and the droid activated.

"Ah, that's better." the chest closed and the robot spoke with Prototype's voice, "I've missed being able to move about, being a drone is fine and all but I did miss having a body." he gestured along the hallway, "The conference room is up ahead, there is something you need to see."

They follow Prototype down the hallway, while Aeon walks up to him with more questions. "Prototype, what was Ahsoka like? I mean, I knew I had ancestors on Earth that were good people, but because of our lost records we don't know much about them. How did she also know someone from her bloodline would even be able to solve these tests? And why did she make them?"

Prototype stopped and turned to them, "Listen, your home is facing extinction and so are all your friends, so here is what you need to know now. This facility was set up by the strongest woman I ever knew, strongest emotionally I mean, she lost everything important to her, twice, and still kept going. Now, I can stand here answering questions all day or you can take this army, save your world, then come back and we'll talk about it."

Aeon turns to the others as they both nod their heads in response. They knew time is running out and they would need to save their questions later for another time. Still, Aeon was glad to hear Prototype calling her ancestor the strongest woman he ever knew.

"All right, carry on then, Prototype," said Aeon as they make their way into the conference room.

The room was circular and slightly darker than the bright glow of the corridor with a round table waiting for them with a holoprojector sitting in its center.

Prototype bid them sit and settled himself in a chair before activating the projector, "This message was recorded once the facility was ready, this was taken just before Ahsoka... left." he was silent for a moment.

Aeon looks at the others who all could tell what he meant. They didn't say anything though as they kept silent and watch the message being played.


An elderly looking Togruta woman is seen using a cane to help her walk. She goes into a large room where she sees Prototype setting everything up. She smiles at her as she walks over to him and hands a box. A box that contains her weapons and the holopad to place the message in.

"Are you ready, Prototype?"

"Everything is ready." he turned to her, a holographic face projected in place over his robot body, "All systems have been fully tested and everything checks out. All we need to do is turn it over and the automated systems will do the rest."

"Good, I thank you for doing this," she replied as she begins coughing loudly as she uses her cane to keep her from falling.

"Hang on there." he moved to her side to help support her, "You've been through too much to fall over now. I still think you should reconsider my offer to digitise yourself into a new body."

She looks up at Prototype and smiles at him as she feels him helping her up. "I thank you for the suggestion, but…I've lived for such a long time. Longer than the normal lifespan of my species and I did it to make sure everything is ready. To make sure that they will have enough to protect their home. To make sure they don't lose people close to them and suffer like..."

She moves her hand up to Prototype's shoulder and smiles. "Let's finish this, okay?"

"Damn it babe," He helped her along, "I'm going to miss you."

"I'm going to miss you too," they stop on the spot where she plans to give her message. "Thank you, Prototype for everything and promise me you'll help the new generation when they find this facility. They will need your help against the Forever Empire."

Prototype moved away as cameras focused on Ahsoka, "Don't you worry, I'll make sure to help them. The system is ready to record your message, just say when to start."

Ahsoka nods for it to start as she sees it recording. "Hello there, my name is Ahsoka Tano and I am your great ancestor. If you are seeing this then the Forever Empire has returned and is threatening to destroy your galaxy. I know this because I have fought them long ago. Both in my old universe and in this one."

She stops for a moment as the screen behind her showed images of the Forever Empire and them attacking Earth.

"I lost both homes, my family, my students, and my loved ones because of them. We defeated them, but I knew they would come back and attack us. In my lifetime or in yours. I couldn't let that happen, especially to the future. I went back to my old world and brought with me the solution to help you fight the Forever Empire."

The images changed to the facility being built, to strange looking aliens that appear to be helping, and strange pods with what appeared to be babies inside.

"This is the Clone Army. They were made to help fight the Forever Empire and protect your home. I helped train them in combat, while Prototype helped make the technology needed for them to use against the Forever Empire. This army is the last hope for your galaxy and they are yours to use to protect it."

The images disappear and Ahsoka coughed loudly. She motions for Prototype that she is fine as she tries to compose herself.

Once she did she turns back to the camera. "Some time ago I had a vision. A vision that someone from my bloodline will find the holopad, which will lead you here, and discover the army. In my vision I saw that someone will be strong in the Force, but will not be a Jedi. At least not yet."

More images appeared as it shows the images of her old temple, which showed the Jedi, with their weapons, and them using the Force.

"The Jedi are peacekeepers and are guardians of the galaxy. However, the Forever Empire destroyed them all, except for me. I am the last Jedi of this universe and I know they will be needed again to protect your home. That is why I had Prototype put you through those tests, to see if you can become a Jedi, and be ready."

She turns to Prototype, where next to him is a box that she gave him to keep safe, which contains two items to be given to the one who passes her test. "Be ready to bring peace, justice, and balance back to this universe."

She approaches the camera and smiles. "I know you'll be able to do this and stop the Forever Empire. You'll have your friends, family, and loved ones to stand by your side. To not only stop them, but also stop them from ruining more lives. You can do this. I believe in you."

She grabs the holopad and turns it off. "Good luck and may the Force be with you."

She walks towards Prototype and turns to the box. "You have the crystals and the material to make more of them, right?"

"Don't worry," he nodded, "All your instructions have been followed precisely as you left them. I have kept records of everything needed."

"Thank you," she sighed as she senses the Force calling out to her. "My time has time, Prototype. It's time for me to go."

The AI hugged her gently, "It's been a pleasure knowing you, Ahsoka. As long as I live I will never forget you for all your hard work, determination, sacrifice, and how hot you are."

Ahsoka returns the hug and then kisses him on the cheek. "It has been a pleasure as well and thank you so much, Prototype."

She walks out of the room as the door closes behind her. She makes it out of the facility as the door behind her closes. She begins walking up a path that leads her to a large tree, which begins to blossom its flowers. Stopping in front of the tree she sees a small headstone as she kneels down in front of it.

"I finished it, Ichiro. The rest is up to them," she said as a small tear fell down her cheek. She sensed someone behind her and smiles. "You will give this to them, when the time comes?"

The person is revealed to be Hanako as she stood behind Ahsoka. "Yes, I'll make sure they'll get what they need."

"Good," she replied as she hands her the holopad. "Thank you for doing this."

Hanako smiles as she walks in front of her. "You're welcome…are you ready?"

Ahsoka nods as she closes her eyes. "I'm coming home, Ichiro…" she said as she takes her last breath before she passed on.

Hanako feels some tears falling down her cheeks as she tries wiping them away. She helps Ahsoka's soul move on as she begins to head back home. She stops when she looks up to see Prototype nearby. She smiles at him and nods.

"Good luck," she replied before she left Earth for the last time.

She looks up to Prototype and nods to him. "Good luck," she said to him.

*End of Flashback*

"That was Ahsoka." Prototype continued to stare at the holoprojector, "She organized all this to give your era a chance at surviving against the empire."

Aeon, Damien, and Kat all stood surprised by the message they were given. Aeon though seemed to be the most affected. Her great ancestor lost so much and made this army for them to use. To fight against the Forever Empire. To use it to protect their home and make sure they don't suffer the same way she did.

Even though it was just a recorded message, she could sense so much emotion behind it. She could sense how important this is to her and how much faith she is putting on them. It made her feel proud to be related to someone so strong, but is wondering if she can be a Jedi. If she is ready to help keep her legacy alive and protect everyone.

Would she be strong enough like how her ancestor foresaw? Will it be enough? Is she is going to be a Jedi like her? And can she carry on her legacy?

"Prototype, thank you for showing us the message, but…do you think I can be a Jedi like her?"

He looked at her for a moment then said, "No. Ahsoka was raised in the Jedi Order under an established code for their order to follow. You must choose what the order will be reformed under, it is up to you to decide what Jedi you will be."

Aeon thinks about what he said and then to her friends who both nod in response. She looks back at Prototype and replied. "I want to be a Jedi that will protect the innocent, which will protect the galaxy, and will not let bad people get away with harming others."

A virtual smile appeared on his holographic face, "We shall see Aeon. We shall see. Should you survive the battle ahead I look forward to helping you rebuild the Order."

Aeon nods glad that Prototype said that to her. Damien heard something nearby and seems confused. "What is that?"

"That would be full mobilisation of the army." Prototype gestured and a series of screens appeared on the walls displaying the many sections of the facility, "We are preparing to set sail."

They begin following the sound wanting to see this army in person. They arrive on a balcony where they look down to see their army.

Intimidating rows of figures adorned in white armor marched with perfect military precision along the parade ground below them towards the ramps leading into their colossal starships. As each platoon marched they were followed by hover tanks and heavily armed walkers, which in turn followed by another platoon of troops.

"This is one of twenty boarding areas." Prototype explained, "Fifteen are for the infantry class units, the other five boarding sections are for special units, the ones you see here in white armour are the frontline soldiers, green armour are infiltration, recon and sniper units, red are medical and biological units, grey are technological and demolition specialists, yellow are command units, and black are the special operations commando units."

Thunderous clanking of metal on metal preceded the next section of units, large robots carrying heavy weaponry.

"We also have a large force of machines for carrying equipment and providing fire support." Prototype added.

He turned to Aeon and held out a small box in his hands, "This if for you, Commander."

Aeon and her friends looked on surprised at how large the army is, how equipped they look, and how they look ready for combat. She turns to Prototype who handed her a box. She opens it and finds two lightsabers inside. Both silver, one seems curved, and when she picks them up they feel…light.

"Did you make these?"

"Maybe, maybe not." he said cryptically, "See if you can figure that one out. Now, if you'll follow me, we should get to the command ship."

As Damien and Kat began to follow him, Aeon stayed back and activated the lightsaber seeing the blade is white. She then realized who made the lightsabers and smiled as she puts them away then follows her friends. As she walked away, the bird from before is seen nearby watching them. It nods its head before it takes off.


Supergirl and her team are onboard their transport ship as they head to New Mars. Ben and a fleet of 50 ships from Earth II headed off to help protect the planet, along with the colonies nearby. The Soul Reapers arrived to help in the evacuation and are working on a portal to help get the people out. It would take them half-an-hour to get there, where they hope to receive the backup Kat is telling them about.

She contacted them letting know about the army. At least some small details, since she didn't want to explain for too long. All she is telling them is backup will arrive in an hour. They calculated the Forever Empire will arrive at New Mars the same time as Suprgirl's team. So, they will need to hold off the enemy for 30 minutes until backup arrives.

Of course, that won't be easy, especially with how many ships they detected will arrive. Supergirl knew she would have to assist the ships in orbit to help keep the enemy ships back. Even with the help of the Soul Reapers, she doesn't know how long they would be able to keep them busy. All she knows is they have to try.

"Ben, how goes the evacuations?" Kat asked while in hologram form.

"We got the people in the main city, which is protected by an energy shield," said Ben as the shield began glitching. "Well, somewhat protected. This thing got damaged when those kidnappers attacked the place. However, Captain Soifon arrived with backup to get the portal ready."

"How long will it take to get it up?" Supergirl asked hoping they have enough time to get the people out.

"We have Third Seat Nemuri Hachigō helping in the construction of the portal. Lieutenant Luna is checking the colony to make sure they are going to be okay for the trip and Mashiro is doing a last minute sweep to find any other people," Ben explained as one of the soldiers came up to him and whispered something into his ear. "All right, so we just got word the Forever Empire is sending the rest of their fleet to Earth II. They will be there in 45 minutes."

Supergirl sighed hoping this will be enough for them to protect the people and stop the Forever Empire. "Will we see any of the Captains arriving to help us out?"

"I believe some will, but we'll have to wait and see," said Ben as he goes over the information he has. "I got word from Damien that they might have something that will help us. But we need to buy some time."

"I just hope it will be enough time," said Supergirl as she sees her space suit nearby. "I'll have to also buy the others time and make sure Earth II is kept safe."

"Just remember, don't overdo it. If you put too much energy in your attacks then you'll be drained," said Ben as he reminds Kara of her limits. "The suit will protect you from any Kryptonite-based attacks and even the weapons the Forever Empire will use, but only for a limited time. Understand?"

Supergirl understood as she grabs her suit and sees the S symbol in the middle of the suit. "Don't worry. I'll make sure I am careful with what I do. But I will also make sure to remind the Forever Empire why we won't go down so easily," she removes her cape and prepares to put on her suit. "And I'll remind them who we are."


Sierra sat by herself staring at the reports stacked on the table. If she had known how much paperwork was going to be part of this she would have remained on the command station with Maraxus.

'You did choose this.' Marrissa sniggered, 'But don't worry, once you are empress you will not have to deal with it.'

With a snort of amusement Sierra lifted a report, it was from an admiral whose name she couldn't even understand and wasn't sure if the admiral was male or female, or even what species. In short the report listed the ships in their fleet along with weapons capabilities and troop numbers.

'Are you willing to risk all those lives?' The voice of peace asked, 'Why not call off you assault? Let the people retreat to Earth and buy time to talk Maraxus out of his plans?'

But Sierra knew that would never work. If she backed out now the soldiers and ships she commanded would lose respect for her and would be less likely to obey her orders. If she was to take the throne she needed the support of the military.

'When they see you leading them in battle, you will win their support.' the voice of war agreed, 'Protect those who follow you but show yourself to be both capable and worthy of leading.'

"My lady?" Bravo One entered the room, stood to attention, and saluted, "The fleet is making final approach on Mars, we have confirmed that all citizens on the planet have withdrawn to the capital city and prepared defenses. A force from Earth II is on its way to provide support, we estimate fifty ships will be arriving in the system before us. The admirals are requesting orders."

Sierra looked blankly at the reports, "Um, what do you suggest?"

"As your advisor I strongly recommend establishing orbital supremacy." he replied precisely, "We drastically outnumber and outgun the enemy space forces. I recommend deploying the heavy cruisers and dreadnoughts in forward positions, have the bombardment ships remain behind to focus fire on their capital ships one at a time. Once a foothold has been established frigates will push forward to engage any fighter squadrons while ours harass enemy fighters and distract capital ships."

She again looked at the reports, "If I disagree?"

"Then we will abandon that strategy and proceed with whatever you decide."

Sierra gestured him to relax, "If I ordered the fleet to stand down and withdraw from Mars, would they do it?"

"They would," Bravo One sounded concerned, "But you would risk a great deal by doing that."


"This is your first command, you are currently named heir to the throne," Bravo One sat down in a chair beside her, "The entire empire is looking to you for leadership. If you take this fleet to Mars after declaring the plan to conquer it, then decide to turn and retreat when face with an enemy with a fifth of your forces the empire will lose faith in you."

Sierra sighed, "I don't think I'm ready for this. How can I rule an empire when I can't even organize one battle?"

"You will never have to rule the empire by yourself." he replied gently, "You will have your own council of those you trust to guide you and spread your words to the empire. I can guarantee that Maraxus and the Elite will support you."

"How did he get so much respect from the empire?" she asked curiously.

Bravo One shook his head, "That is a very long and detailed story, but suffice to say that the empire would not be here without him. Now, back to matters at hand, your orders for the battle?"

'Kill them all!' Marrissa cackled.

'Pull your forces back' Peace urged desperately.

'Battle with honor' surprisingly the voice of war was the calmest.

The door opened and Delta Three entered, she saluted and declared, "John is confirmed as part of the fleet arriving at Mars. We will have his exact location by the time we arrive in the system."

Sierra stood up, Bravo One did likewise, "Implement Bravo One's attack plan, all ships are free to target and destroy any enemy vessel, but John's, I want his ship found and I want it boarded. He is to be captured and brought to me alive and as unharmed as possible, kill everyone else. When it is done I want my ships to be the only ones left. Then we will deal with the planet itself."

Both members of the Elite saluted and left the room as Sierra sat atop the table in meditation, "Marrissa, speak to me."

'Yes? What do you seek?'

"I need you to teach me the secrets of your power. I must become more powerful if I am to protect John."

'If I am to do that, I shall need control for a short time.'

Sierra frowned, "And what will you teach me?"

'This time I shall teach you how to negate the abilities of others in your presence. I used this spell to completely engulf my homeworld in a cloud of darkness that removed all traces of unnatural abilities. You will require much practice to get that strong, but for now I shall teach you the basics.'

"If this will help me protect John." Sierra took a deep calming breath, "Do it."

'As you wish.'

New Mars

Ben is seen getting the people inside the buildings near the portal, while it is being constructed. He looks at the time and knows they don't have a lot of time left before the Forever Empire arrives. When they do the fighting will start and most likely they will try to bombard the planet. He just hope the shield will hold and will stop glitching.

"Ben," he turns towards Captain Soifon as she walks over with Lieutenant Luna. "The portal will be ready soon. We need to start lining everyone up so they can go through it."

"I know that, but how long will it take to evacuate everyone?" he asked worried about the time of getting the people out of here.

"Nemuri said it will take twenty to get everyone out since they need to take it slow when they go through the portal," Luna explained as she turns towards the gateway, which was small. "It's a shame we didn't bring the bigger one. If we did we would have gotten the people out of here in a few minutes."

"It will have to suffice." DX-21 joined them, "Our primary goal is to defend this location until evacuation is complete, or perish trying."

"I think the perish part is what we're going to be avoiding," said Ben as the shied began glitching again. "Excuse me a second."

Ben began walking into a nearby building, while Luna spoke to DX-21. "We appreciate your assistance in helping the people. I'm sorry that you have to fight against your comrades in this fight."

DX-21 lifted her chin, "The Board commands me to kill my brothers and sisters of the empire. I will obey. Those who follow Maraxus must be shown no mercy, only the Board has the right to rule."

Soifon stared at the woman and how she reminded her a little of herself, at least from long ago. "I assume these soldiers will do the same to you and those who stayed with the Board?"

"They believe that Maraxus is the true leader of the empire." DX-21 nodded, "They are loyal to him as I am loyal to the Board, and I respect that, if I were to meet them in battle I would love them for their loyalty but still fight to the death."

"They believe that Maraxus is the true leader of the empire." DX-21 nodded, "They are loyal to him as I am loyal to the Board, and I respect that, if I were to meet them in battle I would love them for their loyalty but still fight to the death."

They hear some loud noises coming nearby and a gunshot as the shield got fixed. Ben came back to them putting his weapon away.

"All right, so what did I miss?" he asked as one of the Soul Reapers approached Soifon and Luna to inform them of something.

"Excuse us," said Luna as the two women left to speak in private.

Ben turns towards DX and smiles at her. "So, you ready for the fight?" he asked as he checks his weapon and his ammo.

"No," she replied, "This is not a fight, this is an evacuation. If we are very lucky the forces in space will hold out long enough for us to escape, if not then this entire city will be destroyed and us along with it.

Ben smiles a little knowing that is true, but he still feels confident in their chances. "I've been in this type of situation before when that crazy robot attacked our home. This isn't going to be any different and if the end does come then I'm going out with a bang."

She stared at him curiously, "If you perish here and now you will be unable to defend your capital. This planet is not the priority, Earth II is currently the most valuable target, we should pull forces back to defend it while we can before the armada arrives. Failing that we should begin to evacuate the Board from Earth II to a more secure area while Earth II is attacked."

"Don't worry. Kat called and told me backup would arrive soon," Ben replied as he puts his weapon away. "We just need to buy time for the people to escape and for reinforcements to arrive."

"What reinforcements?" DX-21 looked at him sharply, "You have no further forces under your command."

"You'll see, babe," he replied as he checks his watch. "We just need to hold them off until our backup arrives to turn the tide of this war."

DX-21 folded her arms, "If I find out you have secretly been building an army to fight the Forever Empire I am not going to be happy."

Ben laughed that off. "Can't be much of a secret if none of us knew something like that huh?"

Earth II

Agent M-8 arrived at the secret prison facility where they kept the most dangerous criminals, including those of war. Earlier she interrogated the soldiers of the Forever Empire that were captured. She didn't do any physical harm to them, but she got nothing from them. So, she decided to go speak with the other two they captured. DX-19 and Captain Vilex, who were captured while rescuing the Board.

They wanted them executed, but the president kept them locked up somewhere no one but her inner circle knew about. They did this for security reason and to make sure the prisoners didn't try to escape. She needed to gain more information about the Forever Empire to get an idea of what they are up to when they get to Earth II. Luckily their shields will protect them, but not forever.

She leaves her weapon behind with security and goes to where DX-19 is kept locked up. They kept them separated in different parts of the facility. Hanako was supposed to join her, but she is running late. So, for now she'll have to interrogate these prisoners on her own.

The guards take her to where the prison cell is at and there she finds DX-19 with her hands cuffed and her legs shackled. She walks in noticing her sitting in a chair as the blast rays activated behind her.

"You must be DX-19…you don't have another name?" she asked wondering if they had names before joining the empire.

The woman looked up at her, "It was sacrificed to become what I am. I have no name because I am no-one. Just like the only survivors of the empire's formation."

Agent M-8 felt bad for the woman, but refocused on the task at hand. "So, the Empire doesn't care if you live or die then. Doesn't sound like they care much about their followers."

"The Empire loves its people." DX-19 nodded slowly, "You don't see it because you are their enemy. But the empire is kind to those within its territory. My world was plagued with famine and disease and warring factions who fought over the last of the medicine. The warships of the empire arrived, they defeated the warring factions, once peace had been restored transports carrying food and medicine arrived day and night all across my planet. They built schools and factories to teach us. Our planet had been a barren wasteland, now it is a thriving utopia."

"And yet we have people who don't feel the same way," said Agent M-8 showing information that they found long ago about the Forever Empire. "These are records we found about your Empire. What they did killing innocent people, destroying a government, and also what your Empire did on our world as well, twice."

Despite losing so much records of their home, they did keep records like these in a better secure location. So that way they would never forget or underestimate their enemy.

"Your Empire may have done good in your world, but in ours they have killed and destroyed."

DX-19 stared at her, "And it is because they did good in my world that I am proud to have joined their ranks. Your world has been wronged by the empire you claim so you fight it, my world has been blessed by the empire so I fight for it. If you understand that then why do you condemn me for what I believe is a worthy cause?"

"We don't. What you believe is fine, but we will never agree that your Empire has done good here or in any other world," said Agent M-8 knowing this woman will not tell us what she knows or at least has anything useful to give. "You will remain here until the fighting is over. When it is we will decide what to do with you."

"Wait!" DX-19 implored, "What about my children?"

"Children?" Agent M-8 asked wondering what she is talking about.

DX-19 opened her mouth wide. From inside a horde of spiders swarmed out filling the cell rapidly. Some larger ones ate their way through the shackles incredibly fast while hundreds of them rushed for Agent M-8.

Agent M-8 got out of the room and closed it, but she knew some got out of the room and were trying to damage the ray shields. "Stay back!" she ordered the guards as they take out their weapons and opened fire, while retreating back.

The ray shield, unable to handle the mass of spiders tearing apart the machinery from the inside, shorted out and DX-19 emerged from her cell even as thousands more spiders swarmed from her mouth, many of them started to merge together to form larger ones until they were the size of the average adult human and still hundreds more of smaller size but no less deadly with venomous teeth scuttled along the hallways ahead of their mother.

The guards and Agent M-8 began taking off, while she activated the alarm to try keeping her from escaping or freeing her comrade. They try using the turrets that are near the door to shoot at the spiders and DX-19.

The larger spiders charged the turrets, ripping them clear out of the walls and smashing them to pieces while the smaller ones ate through any electrical systems or cables they encountered to disrupt the systems.

"Feed, my children." DX-19 urged, "But find Captain Vilex and her troops, free them from their cells."

Seemingly mindless of anything that would try to stop them the creatures pursued Agent M-8 and the retreating guards.

Agent M-8 and her guards continue to retreat as they head to the door in front of them. However, as they got close the door began to open and out came Hanako.

"Hanako! Fall back!" Agent M-8 ordered as she sees the spiders catching up to them. "We need to get out of here and purge this sector to keep them from escaping."

Hanako however didn't listen as she begins walking towards the spiders. She takes out her sword as she uses Kido to create a barrier to stop the spiders.

She sees DX-19 from behind her spider army and speaks to her. "DX-19! I am Head Captain of Squad One, Hanako. I am here to speak with you about the Forever Empire. I cannot allow you or your children to leave this facility."

She sees more spiders coming and how they are trying to break through the barrier. "So, I will say this only once and I hope you listen well. Surrender and return to your cell. If you don't…I will be forced to kill you and your children. Believe me, I do not wish to do that."

Strangely DX-19 lifted her hand and the creatures stopped, though their eyes were fixed on Hanako with loathing, "General Maraxus has spoken of you with respect, I will speak with you here and now. What do you wish to know?"

Hanako can see the spiders have stopped and the woman seems calm. "I want to know what Maraxus is planning. He declared war on this world, but I know his true goal is to destroy the Soul Society. A task I know he has tried before, but has been unsuccessful. I want to know what is he up to and is there any way to end this fighting without any bloodshed being spilled even more."

"An interesting proposal..." DX-19 stroked the one of her children that was crawling along her arm, "I do not know what he plans to do, only members of the Elite are trusted with his innermost secrets. I do know that he still bears hatred for your species, you are after all the reason the Board were able to challenge him. The only way at the moment to stop this war is for the emperor or empress to command Maraxus to stand down, but since the throne is vacant and the Board refuses to allow anyone to take it, then there is nothing to call him off." DX-19 tilted her head to the side, "I would think you would welcome the chance to kill Maraxus in combat."

Hanako sighed as she kept her sword in her hand. "I have lived for a long time and I have seen many fighting, including against your Empire. However, I am tired of it and only wish for peace. I do not wish to kill Maraxus, but I want to give him some peace before his death by his illness. I want him to have inner peace without war so he can die in peace."

"Illness?" DX-19 stopped moving and stared at Hanako, her eyes growing wider, "What illness?"

As she suspected no one else knew about this, even from her most loyal soldiers. "He is dying from an illness. We believe he framed the Board claiming they were trying to kill him to gain control of the Empire. Just so he can have an excuse to go to war and now that he has this power he wants to wipe out his enemies. Even if it means lying to his followers."

DX-19's face had drained of all colour in shock of what she was hearing, and her children were starting to get restless, "Do you have proof of this?" she finally asked, "Or am I supposed to take you at your word?"

"Unlike him I would never mislead my people. The Board have proof of this though and they would present it to you, if you are willing to help us," Hanako replied as she lowers the barrier to try to show a little trust.

A grin returned to DX-19's face, "You know, for a moment there I almost thought you were being honest. But then I remembered Talsein and how he lied to the Supreme Emperor. Attack!" she screamed.

Without hesitation the horde of spiders flung itself at Hanako.

Hanako sighed as closed her eyes. "Burn them away, Hiryū (Fire Dragon)," her sword ignited as large wave of fire emerged incinerating the spiders.

The flames surrounded Hanako protecting her as she opens her eyes to see DX-19. The fire surrounded them to keep her spiders from escaping. Hanako's eyes glowed brightly as she watches her opponent. The fire began taking the form of a large fire dragon.

"I did not want to do this, but you left me with no choice. Now, surrender and you won't die."

DX-19 was shaking with fury at the sight of her children being incinerated, but she hissed something at the largest one that still stood beside her, "I may die but I will do so knowing that the armada will destroy your worlds and everyone you care about." She jumped onto the spider's back and it charged at Hanako.

Hanako motions her sword forward as her fire dragon attacks the spider and DX-19. The fire kills the spider and burns the woman, but she is still alive. However, her body is burned and left her on the ground. Hanako approaches her and puts her sword away.

"Agent M-8, call for the Captain of Squad 4 to help her injuries."

DX-19 lay there, barely able to breathe through the pain of her burned flesh and damaged lungs but her eyes fixed on Hanako with the promise that any respect the agent had for the Soul Reaper was long gone.

"Kill, me, bitch." she rasped.

Hanako shook her head. "I will not kill someone who cannot fight back or defend themselves. You can hate me and say whatever you want to me. It won't change anything. I will not kill you."

The Captain of Squad 4, Isane Kotetsu and a few of her squad members came into the room as they go to help heal the woman. Enough to get her to the infirmary and continue healing her.

Agent M-8 walks over to Hanako surprised with what she did. "Why didn't you kill her?"

Hanako turns towards Agent M-8 and replied. "I'm not my father. I'm not going to lie or hurt my enemies despite what they try to do to me. I'm also not my grandfather who followed the rules and would not hesitate to kill his enemies with little regard for others. I'm going to be better and will show mercy to my enemies, even if they try killing me."


Supergirl and her team see they are a minute away from arriving to New Mars. They received word that Earth II's military are ready to fight back against the enemy. At least to hold them back until backup arrives. Her team begins getting their suits ready for combat, while she too gets ready to get her suit on.

It was a similar outfit her cousin, Superman used to fight his clone after everyone thought he was dead. It was modified to help protect her body from any Kryptonite attacks and is filled with the sun's radiation. That way she won't run out of power during the fighting. She was told one of the captains of the Soul Society would assist her, but they haven't arrived yet.

"Think that suit will help keep you from getting shot down from the Forever Empire's attacks?" Angela asked as she puts her hood on.

"The suit will absorb most of the attacks, but if I do get hit too much then it will shock me awake," Supergirl replied as she takes off her cape seeing no point in wearing it during the fight. "I just hope Kat is right about what is coming. We'll need all the backup we can to stop the Forever Empire."

"Even with the Soul Society's help it's not enough?" John asked as he walks out of the changing room wearing a dark armor suit.

"The Soul Society is strong, but even they have their limits. Let's not forget the Forever Empire has weapons designed to fight them," said Angela recalling one of the information they found about the Forever Empire and the weapons they made before. "So, they'll need to be careful too."

"It will take a lot of their weapons to try taking them down, especially someone like Zaraki," said Supergirl as a small droid rolls into the room and informs them they are about to leave hyperspace. "All right, time to land on the planet and assist in the fighting."

They return to the cockpit where they see the ship coming out of hyperspace. They see the fleet of Earth II over the planet. Just as they are about to contact them, the alarm on the ship begins going off. They see the Forever Empire fleet has arrived out of hyperspace near where they are.

"Damn, too close!" Supergirl tries flying the ship away from the Forever Empire as they see their fighters coming out. Earth II's fighters also begin to come out as they fly towards the enemy. "They're going to need my help. Angela, fly the ship to the planet and assist the others."

Angela nods as she gets strap in and takes the controls. "Be careful, Kara."

Supergirl turns to her friends and nods. "I will and be careful too."

She goes to the airlock and presses the button as the door opens. She flies and heads to the fighting, while Angela flies the ship away from the fighting.

"John, I'm going to need your help. Can you fly?"

John sits next to her and begins taking the controls. "Yeah, why?"

Angela closed her eyes and uses her magic to shield the ship from getting shot at. "Just hurry and get us to the planet."


"The fleet is beginning its assault." Bravo One reported, "We have their forces engaged and are launching fighter squadrons."

Sierra pointed at the closest ship, "Prepare the main cannon. I will shed first blood in this battle."

"Main cannon now charging." Bravo Five confirmed from his console, "Twenty seconds."

"We've detected an enemy signature exiting the ship." Delta Three sounded less than impressed, "It's Supergirl. She's flying solo for this one."

With a vicious grin growing on her face Sierra pressed a switch on her command chair to open a channel, "This is Sierra, divert fighter squadrons to engage the enemy. Interceptor fleet, focus all firepower on Supergirl."

Her eyes turned to the holographic display of the battle. At present only a fifth of her fleet had emerged from hyperspace as their numbers were too great to all emerge at the same location together. The rest of her fleet would be arriving behind them and moving to support.

"We have a clear lock on the enemy ship." Bravo Five announced, "Awaiting your order."

"Fire" Sierra hissed

Meanwhile as John could sense Sierra onboard one of the ships. He wasn't sure where, but he could sense something was wrong. He looks over to one of the ships to sense something is about to happen. He then realized the ship is about to hit them.

"Angela! They're about to fire on us!"

Angela realized this too and uses her magic to try shielding from the attack.

A gathering orb of energy collected at the main gun of the command ship leading the empire's fleet. With no warning beyond the large ball of light it discharged an immense green beam of energy at their ship. The entire vessel rocked under the power of the weapon and lights started flicking off as consoles exploded, sending glass and fragments around the room. Engines momentarily went offline as power was refocused on life-support and critical systems.

Angela was launched clear off her feet on impact and crashed into a wall before sliding to the ground with a grunt of pain. John unbuckles from his seat to check on her, while also receiving a message from the nearby ship.

He knew who it is though as the hologram of Sierra appeared. He turns to face her and was upset. "Why? Even after finding out the truth and who your real family is you're still willing to stand by his side? Kill everyone and burn this world. Just for him?"

Sierra didn't seem affected by his words, "I must do what I feel is best for the empire, John. All we need is the Board to die, once they are dead I will rule and the fighting can stop. But if I must bring the might of the empire to bear on this world then so be it." She turned her head to someone outside the hologram's range, "Launch the pods, board their ship and take John prisoner alive. Anyone else is to be terminated on sight." she looked back at him, "You can hate me for this, but at least you'll be alive to hate me."

John growls a little in anger refusing to let them hurt his friends. Angela opened her eyes as they began to glow red. Her magic began surrounding the ship as dark tendrils attack the pods destroying them. John saw this and turns to Angela not seeing her red eyes.

"Good work, but our ship is still damaged."

"Then, let's fix it," she uses her magic to fix the ship and cause it to fly away from Sierra's ship.

"You want to play rough?" Sierra grinned, "Alright then John, try this. All ships, fire at will."

The hologram vanished and there was a brief second of peace before a hailstorm of lasers pounded into the fleet from Earth. Mixed amongst the barrage was a shower of rockets that, upon impact, discharged pulses of energy to disrupt shields and defence systems.

Angela's eyes glowed brightly as she helps deflects the attacks and even fires a dark energy blast at Sierra's ship damaging it. This caused Angela though to pass out causing the shield to come down. The ship got hit and begins crashing to the ground. John grabs her and sets her on the seat, buckling her up, and tries to keep them from being killed.

As the ship continues flying to the ground, he knew there was no way he can save it. So he presses a button and ejects them both from the ship as their parachute activates. The two begin to land gently on the ground as their ship gets destroyed. John sighed in relief as he goes to check on his friend.

"Hey, you okay?"

Angela opens her eyes and groans as she rubs her head. "What happened?"

"You tell me," said John as he helps her up and sees the large ship that attacked them entering orbit. "Looks like you blew a hole in that ship."

Angela sees it and is surprised that she did that. She recalls hearing the voice in her head and her blacking out. "I…I did that?"


"Damage report," Sierra demanded.

Bravo One examined the readings, "Slight damage to the engines and long range weapons, apart from that we're fine, repair crews are already on it."

"What about John?" she asked, "What happened to his ship?"

"It's destroyed," Bravo Two pointed at her screen, "It crashed then exploded on impact, but I registered life-forms ejecting from the vessel before detonation."

Sierra closed her eyes thankfully for a brief moment before turning her attention to the fleet of ships from Earth II still standing between her and the planet, "Has the rest of the fleets arrived?"

"Yes, my lady." Bravo Four answered, "They are taking positions now, fighter squadrons are on their way to cover us."

Consulting the screen projected by her command chair Sierra felt her ship turn away from the planet to return to the safety of her forces eve as starfighter squadrons raced past to engage the enemy fleet, "How long until they are ready?"

Bravo One checked his monitor, "Two minutes, we can open a channel to broadcast it if you wish."

"Yes," Sierra nodded, "I want this planet to know the power they face and that if they do not surrender it will be used on them next, also, track John's landing area and deploy drones, I want to know exactly where he is."

Within seconds she watched a trio of cloaked drones launch at the surface, their small size and stealth cloaks allowing them to remain undetected by the Earth fleet. Upon impact they would deploy to search the area for specific bio-signs, John's bio-signs, they would track his progress and send continuous data back to the ship, if needed they could stun him until she could send a shuttle to pick him up.

"One minute until the fleet is in formation, my lady." Bravo One reminded her, "All fighter squadrons are pulling back."

Sierra fought off a sudden urge take a shuttle down to the planet and search for John herself, 'He will be safe there, for now' she reminded herself, 'Once I control the space around the planet I can flood the surface with troops and find, and capture him with ease.'

Deciding to enjoy the moment that was about to secure her orbital supremacy she settled back into her chair and ordered her servant droid to bring her a cup of tea.

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