CH. 1 Austin's POV

"Hey Austin!" I hear as I closed my locker, I turned to see my best friend Dez running towards me.

" Dez you are so going to pay big time for this one!" Trent yells running after Dez with blue dye all over his shirt and damn he is pissed. Dez ducks behind me and tries to use me as a human shield.

" Ok, hold on Trent. What happened this time?" I hold Trent back which was easier than trying to stop myself from laughing.

" It's not funny Austin" Trent says while he straightened himself out as I finish laughing.

" Alright but for real, what happened?" I asked

" Ask the dumb dick behind you."

" HEY, I'm not a dumb dick. I thought the dye pack would keep my stuff safe." Dez crosses his arm in defense.

"From what?!"

"I don't know..giant mole people"

"Dez that is ridiculous"

"But it's real."

" So you put the shit in my locker!?" Shit, Trent is really losing his nerve now.

" Yea I didn't want to mess my stuff up" There it goes, I moved out the way as Trent launched for Dez but Dez invitations he hall… and it continues.

Shaking my head as I walk to my homeroom before the bell rings, I can't afford another detention. My mom and dad would kill me.

"Sup Austin" Elliot nods to me as I sat down.

"Sup Elli" I nod back as Trent, Dez and Dallas walk into class. Trent seems to have calm down a bit.

" Austin, you said that you would keep Dez out of trouble man" Dallas said as he sat down looking extra tried.

" I said I would keep him out of trouble but he got himself into that one."

" I guess but for real Dez you have issues up there man" Dallas turns behind him and pats Dez on the head.

"Alright class today's lesson is…" Mr. Morris says as he writes the topic of today on the board.

Hours later...LUNCH

" Yo I heard there is a party at Brooke's house tonight. You think she would want some live entertainment?" Trent sits down and starts eating.

" Of course she would, she would love that. Right Austin?" Elliot pats my shoulder.

" Suck it Elli" I said as I took another bit of my sandwich.

"Nah man Brooke can do that for you." The guys start laughing their asses off as I put Elliot into a headlock.

"Alright man chill, let me go" Elliot tries to free himself but I only tighten my grip. After a good minute I let him go and we sit back down.

"Anyway, Trent you have a point about Brooke and her party. Which we are performing tonight according to the note I found in my locker this morning. " I pulled out the note from my pocket and put it on the table.

" You are invited to my party. Be there at 9 o'clock tonight and bring your friends too.- Love B" Dallas reads out loud.

" Dude 'bring your friends too' is not the same as come perform."

"When it comes to Brooke there is never a direct answer man." I remind Dallas.

Whenever Brooke decides to do something, she never makes anything clear. I remember one time Brooke invited us to perform, it turned out she wanted a one man show starring me. I never trusted Brooke after that and I still don't but we need the practice if we plan on making it in the music business.

"We'll meet at my house after school to practice for the party" I told them and they all nod in agreement as the bell rings and we leave for class.

Ally's POV

" GIRLS!" we all turn to see Kira running after us. I laugh.

"Kira, you didn't have to run you know. We stopped for you."

" I know but I have some news and it's good news too." she says flipping her hair back and straightening out her clothes.

"Did Mrs. Holland give you more time on your English paper?" I asked

"No, I wish."

"Did Tyler finally ask you out?" Cassidy asked

"No and I'm over him. He is so last year."

"Did unicorns visit you last night?" Carrie questions

"No Carrie and unicorns are not real."

" They are real if you just believe." Carrie has some wild thoughts.

" Anything you want Carrie and did Brooke finally drop dead from all her STDs?" We all start laughing, leave it to Trish to ask the smart ass questions.

"Very funny Trish but you were the closest. Brooke is having a party tonight at her house and everyone is invited." Kira reached in her bag and pulled out an invitation.

"Ok, three questions. Number one how did you get a invitation, two since when do we go to any of Brooke's parties and how sure are you that everyone is invited?" I asked cause when it comes to Brooke, she is questionable.

"One it was in my locker, two since we have nothing to do tonight and invitations are only to drum up people to come."

"Kira has a point Ally." Piper points out

"Ok fine but do we have to go to her party?" I question this because Brooke's parties seem to get pretty out of hand.

"Ally we really don't have anything to do tonight, it's Friday. It could be fun, if it makes you feel better we all can stay together and we don't drink anything there we could bring our own drinks and keep them in the car."

Trish puts her hands on my shoulders, making me looking at her. She is begging me with her big brown eyes and as usual they work on me every time.

I sigh. " Fine, Kira what time is the party tonight? We can get ready at my house and you guys can sleep over there since my parents aren't home."

My parents have their monthly meets with the music company in Georgia which takes the whole weekend for them. Kira pulls me into a bone crushing hug with Cassidy and Carrie following her.

"Girls I need air to breathe, you know that right?" I muffled out from between them.

"Sorry." They all stop hugging me and back up to give me some space.

I take deep breath and straighten out my clothes then glanced at my watch.

"Ok now that everything is set, we need to get to class or the only party we will be going to is Mr Baker's detention party."

I realized my watch was a little slower than the school time and we all needed to be on the other side of the school in less than five minutes. We all run to our next class as fast as our legs could carry us.