The weekend was amazing but it's now back to school. Great. I finished getting my books for today's class when i heard the most annoying voice on earth.

"Hey Allison"

"Brooke, we have been going to the same school since Pre-K. Call me Ally."

"I know but your whole name is Allison, so I call you Allison. Anyway we need to talk."she said as she flipped her hair.

"Listen if it's help with homework, you know I can't do that or my grades will drop."

"No Allison, I have Luke to help me with that. I have a little problem."

" Whatever it is an adult is way better choice than me." I leaned against my locker as I looked at her. After all these years she decides to ask me for help. This must be good.

"No silly my problem is with you." she narrowed her eyes at me and put her hand on her hip.


"Yes, someone saw you talking to MY Austin at MY party friday night."


"Okay?! Allison I understand you still hurt from Gavin cheating on you with Krissy but that doesn't mean you can go around playing with other girl's boyfriends." she gave a sorry look as if she cared.

" Brooke, number one that was a year ago. Two if you need a reality check because you maybe in a one sided relationship and I mean way one sided because Austin doesn't seem to know y'all are in a relationship."

"You don't know anything about him."

"Apparently you don't know the signs of when a guy is uninterested in you." I left her standing by my locker mouth wide open in shock as the bell rang.I have no time to stand around entertaining her.

" Ally you okay? We love your little new found wild side but don't mix it with your school life." Kira said as I sat down.

"Yea, Ally listen to the pro of bad mixing."

"Yea and we will make sure she goes to you when she is feeling lazy or looking for ways to get fired Trish." Kira snapped back at Trish. Trish started to say something but Cassidy stopped her.

"Hold it you two, there is a bigger matter at hand. Ally, tell us what happened?" Cassidy turns to face me. I took a long sigh and began telling them about my little chat with Brooke.


As i walked out of my third period class I hear someone call my name. I turned to see my worst nightmare….Brooke.

"Austin, I'm so upset right now.I should punish you for messing around with that thing Allison."

"Punish me? Brooke I need you to lay off the nail polish cause it's messing with your do you care about who I talk to anyone?"

"Cause we are together Austin." She gave me this duch look.

"We? In your sick little things you call dreams maybe but in real life no."

"Austin stop acting like you don't want me." She wraps her arms around my neck.

"I'm not acting. I would rather die single and alone than to be with you." I pushed her off me and started walking to my next class but stopped.

"Oh and Ally is a million times the girl you will ever be." Then I continued walking. She really needs to leave me alone, I hope she doesn't do anything to Ally. I walked into class and waited forfor Ms. Dolly to start teaching.

"Austin?" Dez pats my shoulder from behind me.

"Yea Dez"

"You good?"


"You always tap your foot when you pissed off."

"Not now okay?"

"Fine I'll wait til lunch."


We stopped talking after that and started paying attention to Ms. Dolly



"Ally, I love you but seriously if you don't kill her I will."

"Trish, let it go please."

After I told them what happened with Brooke, Trish was ready to kill her. Of course I hate Brooke with a passion but that's not a good enough reason to kill.

"Ally don't defend her." Kira said as she ate her sandwich.

"She isn't defending her Kira. She is just not dealing with Brooke's crazy ass."

"Thank you Cassidy." I swear sometimes Cassidy is the only who understands me.

"Right, Ally is too busy dealing with Gavin's drunken ass."

"CARRIE!" I'm shocked she actually said that out loud.

"What?" She gave me an innocence look.

"Really?" Kira said looking at Carrie

"It's the truth."


I shook my head at them and we all started laughing until i felt hands cover my eyes.

"Guess who" a voice whispers in my ear. I started to smile but when I smelled a unwanted scent of old spice. I knew it wasn't Austin.

"What Gavin?" i moved his hands off me.

"We need to talk." He sat in the space next to me.



"There is no us Gavin"

"Come on Ally" He takes my hand and holds it.

"No, Gavin we are over so move on."

"Ally, come on you know you miss this." He kissed my hand.

"Yea, I miss the guy who cheated on me."


"No Gavin, I'm done with you so leave." I moved my hand from his and turned away.

"Damn it Ally." He grabs me by the arms and forced me to look at him. Damn he is strong.

"Gavin let me go." His nails were digging into my skin,he pulled me closer. I looked towards the girls but them were trapped by the rest of Gavin's friends.

"No one can please Ally,so let's talk." He leaned towards my ear and kissed it.

"Gavin stop it."

"Make me but wait you can't." He laughed. At least he think this is funny.

"But I can."

Gavin and I turned to see Austin standing there with Brooke running behind him.

"AUSTIN, why did you push me away. I'm not done." She stood in front of him.

"I was done listening to your shit and busy watching that piece of shit." Austin said as he looked straight at Gavin.

"Ausin, why can't you leave her alone? Can't you see she is with someone?"

"Same reason you can't see that I'm not interested in you." His eyes never left me and Gavin.

"Look Moon you looks like you have your hands full with Brooke. I can handle Ally for you, she likes a lot of attention." Gavin smirked at Austin.

"It looks like she is uncomfortable to is the third time I have seen you two together and she looks like she is ready to run."


"So I think she isn't interested in you Gavin." Gavin lets go of me and stands up.

"Listen step off Moon." Gavin looks pissed off now.

" No how about you step off Young." Austin is just as pissed.

"Guys can we stop this please. Austin, you don't need her." Brooke pulls on Austin's shirt.

"Brooke move."

"Go Moon"

"Make me." Austin said as He stepped closer to Gavin then Gavin pushes Austin to the ground.

"AUSTIN!" his friends starts to go help him but he got up by himself. He nods his head and smirks at Gavin. Then there was a loud thump that caused the whole cafe to go silent. Austin punched Gavin straight in his eye, after that Gavin fights back, they start punching and tackling each other.



In middle of the fight the principle was called along with our parents. Our parents were pretty pissed that we got into a fight, we both were suspended for three days which is stupid because we come back on friday just to go home for two more days. My parents tooks everything but my phone and laptop because I need them for homework and emergencies. I'm grounded for two weeks, no band, no friends over,no going out and I have to work to the race track with my dad all day.


One week down, one to go. The three days out of school was easy to handle, I was able to think without someone in my face. I would text my friends when I'm bored or do some homework, Ally and I text all the time. At school we stay within the group so Gavin and Brooke don't mess with us as much. I'm in my room doing homework when i hear a knock on my door.

"Come in."

"Hey Austin" my mom walks and sat on my bed.

"Hey" I closed my laptop to give her my whole attention.

" How are you? I know your father has been kind of hard on you since the fight with Gavin."

"I'm fine mom."

"Austin, you can be honest with me."

"I know mom but I'm fine."

"Austin, please tell me the truth." she looks at me. The one thing I can't do with mom is hide my feelings. Unlike dad she pays attention to my emotions.

"Mom, you know Gavin never knows when to quit." I took a long sigh as she played with my hair.

"I know."

"No mom, you don't understand. Gavin will not quit, it's serious this time."

"How so Austin? You and Gavin are always at each other's throats."

"There is this girl named Ally. She is Gavin's ex and at Brooke's party he was all over her. She is trying to leave but he wouldn't let her go, so I stopped him. He is always trying to do something with her and she don't want to."

"Oh, well maybe he just wants her back."

"If he really wanted Ally, he would have never cheated on her. He is a jerk who likes control over everything and everyone around him."


"No, I trying to help Ally and he started with me. HE pushed me and I fought back. I always hold myself back when we argue, when he finally made the first move I took my chance. I always wanted to shut him up but I couldn't cause dad said you never fight with family."

"You really value his words, don't you."

"Dad's? Yeah, of course I do. I don't agree with what he says but I value his words." She smiled at me.

"He feels the way you do."

"He has a funny way of showing it."

" I know, you get your emotions from me. That's how I know what you feeling when you feel it."


"Yea, for example I know you like Ally."


"I saw the fire and passion in your eyes. When you were talking about her it's filled with care."

"I do like Ally but with Brooke and Gavin never leaving us alone I don't know."

"Don't give up Austin. You can find ways to be with her if you really care like I know you do."

"Thanks mom."

"No problem, the same goes for your dad too Austin."


"Please?" She gave me the puppy dog eyes.


"Thank you." She gets up and kisses my forehead before going to the door.

"Remember dinner at 6."


She smiles at me before leaving out. I don't understand why mom always throws dad into the mix too. I want a career in music, he wants me to run the race track I love the race track but I want to do something of my own.