Tales of The Cosmic War Bonus Anniversary EXE Vol: The Secret War Beyond Good and Evil!

Chapter 201: Beyond the Veil of Happily Ever After.

"Is it true father, is the savior really coming here? Is that shooting star him?"

"The cosmic savior is not a star, son. For all his power he is still a human. He will arrive on Bajor like any human. That was just a shooting star so don't get excited. Odd...it was not time for a comet shower, but...I suppose many things have been out of order since Armageddon was prevented five years ago."

The two human like figures, with more ridges on their noise, making them of the Bajoran race, walked further up the hill top. The Bajoran child looked down and saw the many blast holes littered across the landscape. As he saw a ruined warship, a large black space ship, a Nova Crusher that use to belong to the demonic Zannacross Empire, suddenly split in half.

As a dust cloud burst forward the youth got flustered."Papa why is the savior making us wait? If he really cares about helping with all of his power we should not have to wait years!"

"I understand son but you have to be reasonable, for all of his power he is not god. He is helping every planet in the universe, and while he has the help of the angels, he chose to aide us as a mortal.

It may be frustrating at times son, but if he fixed all of our problems in a instant he would be no better then Chaos Zannacross Necron, the devil that the entire universe worked together to renounce. The savior wants to help us be able to live our lives to our full potential, so that are evolution is something we can take pride in, and not just be mindless slaves like Zannacross and his fanatics wanted."

The kid winced before he kicked a pebble off the cliff."Well, guess it would suck if you can't feel anything. I guess those Cardassians,the Skrulls, the Batarians, Ssi-ruuk, the Dominion, and those freaky demons all stopped attacking because of this hero right?"

"That's the gist of it son. More or less, after Zannacross was defeated every last one of his followers died with him. The rumors are every evil person that ever existed died with him to because of some magic. All I know is that a lot of people on Bajor vanished when Zannacross was defeated. All of those who had to much darkness in their hearts became demons during the eve of Armageddon, and became one with Zannacross.

Part of the reason this universal peace has lasted is that most of the wicked were left in the rapture. Now its on all of us who survived to show we can do better."

"I still remember how scary Zannacross was and I was just a baby! Guess its ok if the savior takes his time, with all the bad guys gone there is not that much to fear besides bad weather right? I can't wait till he comes to help us expand are space port so I can be a pilot! I'm going to join those Enji Knights so I can go to as many worlds as the savior! So..."

The youth was caught off as they felt a tremor that nearly knocked them off their feet. A light erupted behind the two and as the Bajoran's got back on their feet. As they turned around they saw that five metallic figures with red T shaped visors were towering over them. The Bajoran youth looked shocked before he realized their was a woman 5, 11 in height standing in the middle of the robotic figures.

The woman had pure albino white skin, long white hair that extended to her stomach, black colored eyes and was clad in black boots, black leather pants, and a sleeveless black top that left her shoulders and stomach exposed.

The boy could not help but notice how attractive this woman looked before he gulped. Oh wow, are you from another world lady? Did you come to take a vacation on Bajor?"

The right most robot had its visor glow with red energy before uttering a monotonousness,"Nuru ul sharur."

As the Bajoran's struggled to figure out what the robot was saying before the woman raised her eye brow before muttering,"Ki wassuru. Sharur?"

The older Bajoran was a lot more tense then his son, and got tenser as he noticed the woman had glowing spherical devices attached to her legs before he winced."I suppose theses days, I can give people the benefit of the doubt. Are you from another world? Did your ship malfunction? I'm Elim Garak...and no matter what you might have heard I swear I'm just a tailor. I don't understand your tongue, but my village is not far and we can help you if you need it."

The robots all started to move before the woman suddenly held her hand in the air. She then rotated the sphere device on her left leg before she smirked."Damiq."The lady suddenly cleared her throat before she flicked some hair out of her eyes."I do speak your language sir. Don't worry, we are precisely where we want to be. How kind of you to offer aide, but the truth is we don't have any need for your assistance. Yes, to be perfectly honest you can best help us by going home, and forgetting we were ever here. Can you do that for me?"

The woman's eyes suddenly glowed red before the two Bajoran's felt their minds go blank. The father suddenly stiffened before turning around."Come along son, we must go home now."

The son slowly nodded before the two walked down the hill. The woman watched them go and looked around before she closed her eyes."Just focus on redirecting the masses Alephs.

Attacking them will cause more trouble then its worth. It is needless to spend resources slaying a few, when focusing on our goal will lead to the destruction of it all. Now, instruct the Mapmakers to start the link right away."

The Alpehs nodded in unison before having beams of light come out of their visors. The lights combined to form a wall around them. One the wall was finished the lady leaned down."It would have been best to be unnoticed, but this encounter did give us some information. This universe, seems to be at peace thanks to a legendary hero. It would seem that this hero has a very beloved reputation."

Before the woman could go on another female voice, slightly younger then the first threw out a cold."If this savior's reputation is that legendary, then it will just be more crushing when the people see their champion fail, Yabbat Ummon Turru."

Yabbat looked up to see another woman descend from the same light that she appeared from. This woman had orange colored eyes, brown colored skin, and was clad in a white cape that covered her body. A large white hat was on her head and two balloon like bat creatures were flying around her, one colored white and one colored black.

As the new arrival landed she had a detached look on her face."After all my fellow Black Swan, no matter how many try and stand in the way of are task, they are powerless to advert the desire of the great will."

"Of course Ramlethal, no hero can save this universes from what is to come. Empires have collapsed. Kings have fallen. Men have perished. Worlds have ended... and that's just the beginning...everything dies. The wheel of the incursion is relentless, no matter how much this universe will defy it, they will be forced to except that the will of the one beyond, of Rabum Alal...is absolute.

But lets get to work. Towa and Saya are about to get into position, we must not be delayed a second more then need be. Their is no point humoring the insolence of the stubborn about what can't be changed, no matter what any one in this universe wishes, every single aspect of it is just in our way. No one can change destiny, not even this so called ultimate warrior of light, Ben Auro.

The reputation of this "ultimate hero" intrigues the master. For he is, quite curious to see if the title of ultimate hero is nothing more then a myth. After all, what makes a hero great? Is it the villains they defeat? The despair they overcome? Or is it merely the legacy the leave? After all, the history of this universe is littered with such " legendary hero's" who fail to truly have changed things."

As the Black Swan chuckled with amusement she heard footsteps and swerved her head around as three figures approached. All three figures were clad in black cloaks. The figure to the left had a large red S on his chest armor and curly black hair.

The rightmost figure was a male with large hair that was a noticeably dark shade of black with only four front spikes and three back ones sticking out of it. The man had a green earring on his right ear.

The middle figure had a eyeless mask over his face and was completely clad in black, and was grasping a cross shaped rod in his hand.

Yabbat saw the three figures just look out into space before she smirked." Hero's are adored so much in this universe, but even the greatest fail in the end.

And so this "ultimate warrior of light" will see that despite all the foe's he's vanquished so far, no matter how powerful he is, even if his supporters are everyone in the universe, this champion of justice will find out so painfully, that he's in the end he is as powerless to ward off destiny as the rest.

And to see that destiny through, its time to...oh?"

The white skinned woman grew silent as she and those around her heard a rustling sound, before five Bajoran's slowly walked out of a rock inside the barrier. Yabbat saw the four all had rifles and other machinery attached to them before she sighed." It seems we stumbled into hunters stalking some prey, only to become prey themselves? Well, this would be be a good reminder for us to not be careless. Still, the barrier is set up so not even the angels and their pet Enji can detect us in here.

Thus...its time to clean this place of filth without interruption."

The lead Bajoran hunter saw the various foreign individuals giving him cold looks and spoke in his native tongue. After a few moments the man with the wild black spiky hair chuckled and calmly walked up. He then extended his right hand in a welcoming gesture.

The head Bajoran recognized the gesture and shrugged to his friends before he walked up. But just as he prepared to shake the man's hand, the man in-front of him's grin widened, as a black aura of raw energy enshrouded him.

A instant later the man's extended hand became shrouded with purple energy in the shape of a blade, a blade that pierced the man in front of him right through the heart.

The other Bajoran's unleashed cries of shock and fury at the shock of their friend being killed, before they took out their Phaser plasma pistols and opened fire. As they did, the man in black with the mask swiftly raised his right hand. He used a power he had to will the incoming bursts of energy to freeze in mid air.

As the hunters gasped in shock, the masked man grasped his other hand before making a tugging gesture. A second later the left most Bajoran felt a invisible force smash him into the air, right for the man in black.

Just as the man yelled the masked man extended the cross like object before the red crystal in its center shined with light, and a blade of raw energy erupted to pierce the Bajoran through his heart.

As the hunter breathed his last and the masked man threw his victim off his Lightsaber, Yabbat once more sighed." Look at these hapless sheep. They have become so meek, because they truly thought that their savior had lead them to paradise.

But they are just the first to find out that the destiny they were told, amounts to nothing but a sweet sounding fantasy. But by the time we are done, that will be the final fantasy the people of this universe have.

After all, no matter how great a legend " heroes" leave. In the end, like how even the greatest constructs one day erode to water, time and more and become nothing more then,"

Before she could go on the three remaining Bajoran hunters fearfully walked back, but as they on instinct tried to escape, only for the center male to realize he hit something. As he thought he hit a rock he looked up to see the man with a S on his chest was so fast that in the blink of a eye he leaped behind him in a single bound.

The Bajoran saw the man with the S on his chest give a crude chuckle, before he suddenly grasped him by the head, and broke his neck. As the man with the broken neck fell to the ground as a dead man the white skinned woman's eyes only hardened." Yes, the hopes the masses have for their saviors are always betrayed."

The last two Bajoran's gave cries of horror as they shot the man with the S with their Phaser's. But the energy blasts just bounced off their target, before the taller man crossed his arms, and had his eyes glow red.

As he did, the white skinned woman's eyes flickered with sadistic delight." They never learn, no, they refuse to learn, to admit, that no matter how hard they prey, one day their faith in their champions will not save them. And...instead of salvation they will only get damnation!"

As she spoke the man with the S on his chest had twin beams of red energy erupted from his eyes, and hit the two Bajoran hunters with such intensity that the two men burned to ashes in seconds from the power of this heat vision. The sight caused Yabbat to cross her arms."For in the end every single hero's legend is eroded by reality's relentless march.

Then..when the myth fades, only the brutal truth about what such hero's true worth remains."

The woman named Ramlethal looked around to make sure there was no other people hiding before she nodded at the three men." That's a handful of redundancies erased, but its only the start.

The Master won't be content till every single soul, every single shred of this sham of existence is erased. So to do that its time you all fulfill your purpose as Dimensional Nihilo Generals.

Go to your targets, and push the great wheel of destiny one step closer to shattering all the lies so that existence shawl be how it should be. We must stick to the plan perfectly, till the time is right no one is to detect us.

But once we strike, the entire universe will realize that once something is caught in the blitzkrieg by our glorious Invisible Empire, that its impossible for the forces of the Wandenreich, the direct agents of Rabum Alal to lose! So now, its time for all that's unworthy to be in are master's presence to get just the fate they deserve.

Its time that mortals and angels alike comes to term with the fact that its future...is the past. "

The three men behind her all had a purple shape of energy that looked like a broken symbol of infinity sprout on their foreheads before the trio became shrouded with purple energy that blazed like wildfire as a purple and golden Heiligenschein or halo of raw energy formed around all three men's foreheads.

The masked man then took off to the south without a word as the other two men flew into the air in opposite directions faster then a speeding bullet.

The two Black Swans saw them go off before Ramathal pointed at the two corpses in front of her, before the two flying creatures that were circling around her dove at the dead bodies, and devoured their bodies with a single gulp.

The two mysterious woman insured nothing else was left to surprise them before going proceeding with seeing their ominous desire become reality.

As they did, for the moment they were unaware that those that had the best chances of interfering with their objecting were currently busy helping others in need in a galaxy far away.

The planet Faykreed had till recently been classified by the galactic Lylat Kingdom as a world with relatively low levels of advancement. The planet was isolated from most of the universe till it was discovered by the forces of the Zannacross Empire.

After being saved by Enji Knights and other Lylat forces Faykreed gladly joined the universal government. It went well for Faykreed citizens, till the present moment when the planet's star suddenly became a supernova far faster then anyone, especially the people of Faykreed, expected.

Fidel Camuze, a twenty three year old male who was one of the world's strongest warriors was frantically trying to figure out a way to save the people he cared about. But even though Faykreed is a world were people can use magic, or as they call in on their world, Signeturgy, to Fidel and everyone else on the planet's dismay, no spell seemed to be able to stop the star from getting closer to burning the planet.

Fidel saw his childhood friend the pink haired woman Miki Sauvester, run up he grasped his fist tightly."Miki! Victor, Relia, Floire, does anyone have a way to stop the sun?"

"No one can figure out what's going on Fidel!" Miki answered tensely."All they know is that this is no illusion! The Lylat soldiers are saying the only way to live is to escape the planet before the sun burns everything!"

"No, their has to be some way to stop this! I know we can't just beat back the sun into order damn it, but I can't just stand back and let Sthal die! Damn it, we trusted the Lylat Kingdom! Was everything they talked about just lies? Was this all...huh?"

Fidel and everyone around him felt a tremor before the swordsmen saw that the effects of the supernova caused a tremor so intense that the cliff above his village cracked, before a large bolder broke off to head right for his village.

Fidel was caught off guard with the sudden turn of events. However, as thoughts of if this was the end crossed his mind, he got his answer when suddenly a flash of blue light blinded him.

Moments later a crescent shaped blue wave of energy raced above him form the left to collide in to the rock fragment, and carve it into pieces. Fidel, Miki, and the others in the area stared in shock at the outcome.

As they tried to deduce just what happened a calm male voice cut in with a reassuring,"Sorry you feel fate's giving you a bad hand sir. Don't worry, it looks bad now but your world's not out of luck yet, I promise."

Fidel saw that the man who spoke was calmly walking up to him. The man had brown hair to his neck and a little of his hair covering his blue eyes. He wore white pants, a white coat with an emblem on it, gloves, and a black and gold shirt underneath the coat. In the man's left hand was a golden colored sword.

Fidel widened his eyes at this man's sudden appearance, then saw that this swordsman had a medal attached to the upper part of his shirt, and as he saw that the medal was large, and looked like a gold purple with a small platinum cross in the middle before he blurted out."Wait, I saw that badge in the news! That's the badge of the ultimate champion of light! You, your Ben Auro, the savior!"

"You got it." Ben threw out strongly as he gave a thumbs up." Sorry for a awkward hello but seems things are really tense at the moment man. Don't worry. Your planet's going to be fine, I'm going to see to that."

Fidel saw Ben look in the direction of supernova before he raised a eyebrow."How? If your the one who defeated the god of all evil I guess I can see you being able to handle a star. But no offense, I don't see how your going to save the planet from here!"

"Things are not what they seem, but I promise I got this. Just sit back and put on some sunglasses if you have them, might get a bit bright before its over. For one thing, I may be here but the real me is about to do more to directly push the star back."

"The real you? The hell are you talking about?"

"Oh right, guess this world never heard of Shadow Clones. Um...to sum it up this me is a magic body double that I cast to help more people around your world. Don't worry we are all linked and stuff, real me is just about to take the direct approach.

I would say were to look but, that would most likely cause some really nasty eye problems so just hang tight. But hey if you trained to feel magical energy you can feel the real me powering up really soon."

Fidel looked at Ben like he was crazy, before he went over his training and sensed for magic around him. He then realized that Ben, or Ben's shadow clone doppelganger was telling the truth, as he felt a massive amount of energy above him. Realizing Ben was telling the truth Fidel just grasped his fist tightly."So, this is the power of the legendary hero? Amazing."

The real Ben was using his power to directly fly past the atmosphere and head directly for the supernova. With his energy and a spell he had cast on himself he was able to shield himself from the effects of space, and with sunglasses on his face he was able to look directly at what was threatening Faykreed before he stopped. He gauged the speed of the supernova before activating a transmitter on his ear."

Moz, Donny, we don't seem to have much time here so give me all you got. Stars don't just die like this so what's the deal?"

"First you insisted on degrading my name from TX-45 to Donatello on your whim, only to degrade my name even further? For how crass your cousin could be Max knew better. But to answer your question the star seems to be unstable because its very core was altered, or corrupted.

The Tri-Edge has been able to scan the star and found the very area of space around its core was corrupted, its likely another area effected by a unforeseen aftereffect of the cosmic rebirth. Miss Raystar assures you she can handle it, but she needs more time to gather the energy required for the spell."

Ben grasped his fist tightly before retorting with a collected,"I'll give her all the time she needs. Just keep a close eye on the planet encase my shadow clones miss something."

Suddenly a young bubbly voice cut in with,"Don't worry Ben, Hiryuumon is checking things just in case kupo!"

"Heh, thanks Moz. Alright, better focus on saving the day eh? After how far the people of Faykreed have come so far since the end of the war, I'm not about to let a freak accident take away their hope! Shin,ryu,ken,HA!"

Ben put his hands together before a aura of blue magical energy surged around his body. Ben focused for a few seconds before he poured energy into his hands. He swiftly unleashed the energy as a blue energy beam shaped like a drill that he fired directly at the super nova.

The dragon power wave swiftly grew in size, and to the amazement of everyone in Faykreed, Ben's attack was powerful enough to push the supernova back.

The man who saved the universe focused to not let the star go out of control before he narrowed his eyes."I don't sense any energy behind the star, at the very least its just a glitched star out of control. Still, if I push back to hard I might mess up the planet, but I can't do this all day."

Just as Ben was figuring out just what to do a calm sincere female voice cut in with,"Don't worry Ben, I'll be ready in a few moment. Just please try and keep the star back while I focus on restoring it to normal."

"You got it Lacus, go for it!"

Ben just grinned as he focused his energy to have the super nova be pushed back more. A few seconds later a light as bright as the supernova shined through the entire area of space. Suddenly massive walls of pure white energy materialized around the star.

The massive energy crashed around the magical walls, but those walls did not falter. Ben cut off his Shinryukenha beam as he saw the holy walls of energy condense. He saw a shinning light above the wall and flew in that direction.

A few moments later he smiled as he saw the source of the light was a woman with long brown hair that was tied up in a pony tail at the moment with a little covering her right eye. She was clad in a white and pink armor like bodysuit, with a light blue shawl covering her body.

As the woman saw Ben approaching she smiled brightly and flashed her blue eyes brightly.

She was Lacus Raystar, the woman that was both Ben's best friend and lover. Lacus winked as Ben arrived before the savior of the universe muttered a casual,"What's the take on this out of control star Lacus? Think you can reign it in or should we ask the fleet for help?"

"Don't worry, I'll be able to restore the star shortly." Lacus responded in a demure tone as she looked at the star with focus. Small walls of light energy acted as lenses before she had the holy aura of energy surging around her body shine brighter."I can feel it now, the core of the star was corrupted when the universe was restored by the Supreme Being. It took me longer then I first thought, but my magic should restore it to normal just about, now."

Lacus's entire body glowed with radiant light before a surge of energy shot into the star. To the amazement of everyone still on Faykreed the supernova suddenly receded. Moments later the star returned to normal. Fidel blinked in shock before he looked around to make sure what he was seeing was real."The star, its back to normal?"

His friend Miki cried out in joy before she hugged Fidel."Its a miracle, we're safe!"

Fidel saw Ben's shadow clone looking relived before he smirked."Its not a miracle Miki, its just the work of a hero. Ben Auro, I admit I was not sold at first if you were the real deal but, hard to deny your skills when you saved us from are own sun. Thank you, my world and everyone on it is safe because of you."

Ben's clone saw Fidel extend his hand and eagerly shook it."Thanks, I'm just glad I was at the right place at the right time. I can't take all the credit though, my girlfriend Lacus Raystar is the one who restored the star back to normal with her magic. I hope she and I can thank you properly soon. We just got to make sure everything is ok for your planet."

Fidel looked around before taking a deep breath."Well, as far as I can see my village might have seen better days but its nothing we can't rebuild."

Miki looked around before she face swiftly shifted to a frown."Wait, everything is not fine just yet Fidel! I can't find Relia anywhere! I hope she is, huh? No!"

Everyone heard a scream before a house that was on fire because of the havoc, and saw one of the houses collapse. Before Fidel and the others could act suddenly another youthful male voice cried out,"Don't worry, its ok I got her!"

The group saw a purple dragon the size of a large dog run out of the collapsing building with a young girl in his claws. The Ben Shadow Clone saw Fidel looked alarmed before he smirked."Great job Hiryuumon! Don't worry guys, that dragon's my best friend! Also, to be more precise its my digimon pal Hiryuumon, not a dragon. I mean he's a dragon type Digimon but, details matter and all."

"Thanks boss!" Hiryuumon eagerly blurted out before he put the girl in his claws down."I saw things were harry around here and figured I got your back! Er...at least your clone's back. Good thing I smelled this girls scent in the house! After all we been through this fire was nothing! Er, still kind of itchy though. So, just give me a sec."

Hiryuumon quickly put the girl down before diving into the ground to put the fire on his tail out. Fidel saw the dragon digimon stop drop and roll before he raised a eyebrow."Oh, um well thanks I guess, any friend of the savior is a friend of ours. You ok Relia?"

The young mage coughed a bit before responding with a shaky,"I think so Fidel, this guy saved me before the fire could consume me."

Ben's clone then gave thumbs up."Awesome, looks like we got through this as good as you can in a thing like this! Watch over things here Hiryuumon the real me will be here with Lacus soon enough."

Ben's clone suddenly dissolved before Hiryuumon waved."You can count on it Ben I'll sniff out anything fishy! Speaking of fish you guys have any? We skipped lunch when things were getting bad here."

Suddenly a bunch of giant pink bunnies, natives wild-stock of the planet ran past Hiryuumon. The Digimon saw the rabbits were running around screaming in terror before he licked his lips."Oh is it rabbit season here? They are not the kind of rabbits I had before but I'm always open for new food!"

As Fidel and his friends awkwardly tried to explain to the Digimon partner that those rabbits were not on the menu, Ben and Lacus made sure the crises was truly over. Ben watched Lacus eye the barrier around Faykreed's sun carefully for a few moments before he raised a eyebrow."How is it looking Lacus? Can we call it a day?"

Lacus took a deep breath before she smiled softly."I'd have the Tri-Edge keep monitoring it for a little while longer. However, the energy feels completely normal so it should be safe to say the crises is over."

"Well if you think we are in the clear then I can relax. Way to show that star who's boss Lacus, you were amazing out their!"

Ben quickly hugged Lacus passionately before the woman with angelically powers giggled in response."Thanks Ben, I'm just glad I was able to pull it off. Even after all the time's passed, outside of training this is the first time I pushed my magic this hard since stabilizing the universe after Zannacross was defeated.

But, I guess all our training was worthwhile. Thanks for helping me get back to this point. Just a few years ago it took a while just to muster the energy to keep my body solid."

"It was never a bother at all Lacus, not in the slightest. Don't ever worry about that. I may not have known how long it would take for you to recover but I never cared, I'll always be here to help you."

The two then kissed passionately and after Lacus withdrew she grasped Ben warmly."Heh...I think at this point there is no doubt to the depths of your faith. Still, I'm always grateful for how committed you are, how real it is. Its what allowed me to be able to..."

Lacus winced suddenly as Ben realized her grip felt weaker. He held her tighter as worry racked his spine."You ok Lacus? Oh no, you did not push your self to hard did you? Sorry, I should not have left it all to you I..."

"Don't get worked up cowboy,"Lacus teased as she put a finger on Ben's lips."I'm just tired that's all, its because of you that the super nova was pushed back enough for me to be able to box it in to properly restore it. Its been a while since I had to push myself this hard, but it was worth it.

That being said, would it be ok if we join the others on the planet pronto? I know your aura barrier can protect me to but, I'd just feel more secure catching my breath around air to breath."

"You got it. If you need to take it easy the rest of the day I understand. I'm sure everyone will be fine with you needing to rest after you saved them from their own sun and all."

"Heh, thanks for the other sweetheart...but just because I might need to lay down for a while it does not mean I'm going to go back on what I agreed on. I'm sure people are worried about nearly being killed by their own star, I want to do what I can to calm them.

I know the people of this world are still uneasy and want them to know that what they were told about the Lylat Kingdom and everything else was not a con. At least...I want them to know I take it seriously."

"Heh...I'd like to think that saving them from their own out of control star would get most people to see your intentions are legit but I guess it is good to go the extra mile. I know it feels overwhelming at times, but just don't forget its not forever and we don't have to carry the weight of the direction of the universes ourselves, we just have to show everyone what the most awesome duo in the entire universe looks like to be inspired and help them along the way."

"Ah well...I guess in some ways its like a grand tour pop idols make, just with a bit more substance to their tours. Thanks again Ben, I admit at times I get worried but everyone from Master Myers to Cosmos and the eldest of the celestial ones seem impressed with what we done, and I intend to honor all my promises no matter how long it takes.

I still intend to honor my promise to you forever darling. Ah right, we better get back soon. I'd rather not have Hiryuumon be the one debriefing everyone in the planet."

"Right, last time he had to explain things when he was hungry, it took a lot of smoothing over. Hang on tight, here we go!"

The two kiss again before flying for planet Faykreed like a shooting star. As they did, they were unaware that at least a few of the celestial ones were not quite as fond of them as they hoped.

In the vastness of heaven a extremely powerful celestial one was sleeping in a isolated pocket dimension that existed entirely just for him.

This realm was populated by a small planet covered in trees with a giant tree in the center with a temple. The temple for the moment seemed tranquil, till a explosion rocked the small planet with enough force to cause all the birds to go flying.

Inside the temple a male went to investigate the source of the noise and walked inside a large circular room with purple crystalline floors. This man was a thin humanoid with teal skin, white hair, and rather effeminate features.

He held a long scepter with a gem that floated above it that he held it in his right hand. Around his neck was a large light blue ring.

His attire consisted of a maroon robe, a black cuirass with white and orange diamond decorations and topped with a blue sash. He also wore black high-heeled shoes with white spats.

The male heard another man snoring, before he saw large pillar sized hourglasses rotating. He then saw the smoke from the explosion he heard and coughed before muttering a flustered,"Lord Beerus its time, time to wake up."

The man saw the smoke clear, and saw that the man he was addressing was still sleeping in the central pillar. This man looked like a thin, hairless purple humanoid cat that was the size of a human with long ears wearing a blue and gold attire.

This Beerus just had his catty ears twitch upon being called to wake up. This act just caused the man who called him to grimace."Don't fall asleep now, your the one who set the alarm clocks to go off now. The more you..."

Before the man could go on more of the hourglass's around Beerus ran out of sand, and promptly exploded in Beerus's face. This just caused the feline life-form to yawn."Fine Whis, I'm up!

"I just don't want you to sleep fifteenth years to late, again. Kai forbid you do a little more work!"

"Whatever I'm awake, just don't even dare sing again."

Beerus yawned some more before rolling over and falling in Whis's direction. Beerus then licked his hands in a cat like manner before Whis just chuckled."Well glad you awoke without to much hassle, Champa would not take it well if you overslept your get together."

"Bah...I did not wake up on time for that fatso Whis. To be honest, I was having a rather fun dream. I really am getting restless theses days, I had a dream I was fighting Zannacross himself. First I thought I was just reliving the glory days but then the dream had me fighting with Goku, Vegeta and the rest of their pals. It was fun, I could cut loose."

Whis raised a eyebrow before his face grew coy."Oh my, you really don't remember? This is lazy even for you!"

"Shut up your the one who remembers things for me! Don't get on my case for not showering, I did that a century ago."

"Not what I'm talking about destroyer of nose's. Beerus, those dreams were not dreams, we really did fight Zannacross in heaven. Fact is we were kind of killed, shortly before Cosmos was killed.

Then it seems things got so bad the Supreme being had everyone good, or at least mostly good fight everyone that was ever evil so that the chosen one could stop Zannacross and save all that there is, including you."

"Wait, what!? Whis this is not a funny joke! What war?"

"This is what happens when you sleep for fifty years, you snooze through wars that decide the fate of the universal! You just happened to sleep through Zannacross's servants unleashing a cosmic war that ended up with his revival. Just be grateful the chosen one was able to live up to his destiny or you would have died in your sleep."

"Chosen one? Cosmos really went through with that? This bum's an ancestor of Goku or Kal-El, or Seyia Leingod or something?"

"Not quite. He got a lot of his power from the sword Seyia used, but he was just a normal human that had a lot of good teachers and was able to reach the levels of power as Goku, and even you, with the help of Cosmos. He is a human named Ben Auro, he was born on what is currently named Corneria, the capital planet of the Lylat Kingdom, what is passing as the government of the entire universes of the mortal realm. "

"Piff...now I know your joking Whis, you really think I'd by those idiot humans being able to be united for any length longer then it took me to destroy a planet? This sounds as half baked as things imbeciles like Zamasu would rant about with utopias."

"I know it sounds like a fantasy, but this is the truth. Guess after all the years humans and all the others got their act together. Or at least, enough got their act together to keep the idiots from ruining everything. Well, for now at least, Cosmos is happy at least."

"Damn it Whis now I know your just screwing with me! I'm warning you your going to regret it if you don't knock it off!"

"Did I say I was lying? Here, these are the official memories of Ben Auro fighting to save the universes, from Cosmos herself."

Whis then put his scepter into the air, before it glowed green. A sphere of energy appeared before it showed Ben fighting a creature of pure darkness, a Necrocalcous, monsters of pure darkness that served as the foot-soldiers of the Zannacross Empire. Whis showed Beerus Ben's first mission as a Enji Knight where he fought along side his friends Doug Fitter and James Elrond in the newly formed team 7.

Beerus then saw recordings of how Ben found the legendary Star Sword, fought those who allied with Zannacross including Bowser the King of Koopas, the mad scientist Doctor Ivo Robotnik, Ganondorf the self proclaimed king of evil, the mad mechanical being Sigma, the cold swordsmen spawn of Jenova with the title of the One Winged Angel Sephiroth, and many others.

Beerus also saw how Ben unlocked more of the power of the Star Sword during the fight with Xehamaru, the former pupil of the leader of the Enji Knights Grand Master Myers, saw how Ben was beaten the first time he fought his cousin Max and realized the man he saw as his mentor was also the ruthless bounty hunter Janus.

He viewed how Kira Myers, son of Master Myers nearly broke Ben's mind and broke him enough for a second personality of darkness to form, one that was named Darth Idious.

He saw how Ben's friends worked to brake him free, he saw how Kira ended up being a traitor, how Ben fought to save his friends from Kira, how Max helped Ben after showing everyone the extent of Kira's treachery and how they fought Kira together.

Beerus watched how Ben and Max teamed up to fight one of Zannacross's seven demon lords, Xiza, before he could kill billions with the galactic ring weapon Halo, before Max was cruelly killed before Ben's eyes.

The cat like being observed Ben's many vicious battles with Brad Fowltror, the man who was Lacus's boyfriend for a very long time, and the one who killed Max and so many others purely for his own savage ambitions.

Beerus saw Ben beat his main rival Ezan Zeon to win the Enji Budokai, saw Ben unleash his true power to kill Brad once and for all and saw how Ben battled with Chaos Zannacross Necron himself, before taking down his elite henchmen and at last taking down the embodiment of all evil to save the entirety of existence.

As Beerus watched all of Ben's moments he had breakfast, and as the replay of Ben's fights finished Beerus just burped."I'll give you that you have not put this much effort in to one of your stunts in centuries Whis, but give me a break! You really think someone as puny as this so called kid saved all reality? C'mon he looks more spineless then Goku's kid!"

"Tactless as always Beerus. Your not one to talk, most would not peg you as a God of Destruction till the moment you well, destroyed them."

"Whatever, I'll believe it when I see if he can deliver in person! This so called savior that's surpassed the power of a god did not sacrifice himself to win did he? Wait that's better, I can beat him even harder if he has a undead body!"

"He nearly super died but he just managed to avoid being absolutely destroyed. He is still alive and kicking with his girlfriend Lacus Raystar, they are still fighting the good fight and helping worlds that were wrecked by the war recover and all that. Oh, I just had a lovely idea. You remember Q right?"

"Was...he the idiot who spent half his time running around as a pony?"

"Not...quite. But anyway I had lunch with Q just the other day and he talked about going to a party this Ben was going to be at. I think he was going to attend the party that was being held at this, Deep Space Nine station. Well, the place's d├ęcor might be on the drab side but, you never cared about that anyway."

"Well, guess it has been a while since I traveled around the mortal realm since the restriction. Might as well see what's changed, at least I'll get some food out of it either way. This savior better live up to your hype Whis! I have been inactive so long, I don't want to fight chumps! I want to fight someone who really has the power on the level of a Super Sayain God! I want to fight someone that can make me get a good workout!"

Beerus then got excited and punched the ground, his strength being so massive that the punch caused the entire plantation split in two. Whis cringed as everything began falling apart before he lashed out with a sour,"Oh for Cosmos's sake I just cleaned the place. Just save your energy for Ben Auro, I assure you that he might not look like it right away, but the man has a knack for surprising those who underestimated him. But first things first, take a shower so you don't beat him with your stench."

Whis casually waved his wand to have the damage Beerus caused to the planet be undone with his power. As the being with the title of God of Destruction begrudgingly went to clean up, the man who he dismissed was currently proving his legitimacy to more people.

When he and Lacus landed he caught up with Hiryuumon and Fidel and the others. The two Enji Knights helped those who's homes were damaged by the sun's outburst, and Lacus happily healed those that were injured.

The two met with many of the leaders of the world and had a formal dinner before the two and Hiryuumon had to get ready to go. The group had dinner at the Santeroule castle and were escorted outside by Fidel, Miki, and their friends, the blond haired leader of the King's Chosen, the swordsmen Victor Oakvillle,

Emmerson T. Kenny, the Captain of the Charles D. Goale, the Lyalt Cruiser stationed to over see the world and the rest of the solar system, along with his lieutenant the green haired woman Head Science Officer Anne Patriceani, and the elegant green haired mage the woman Fiore Brunelli, the head magic researcher from the Royal Institute of Signetary Studies.

Fiore saw Ben hugging a child before she formed a pout."Aw, you Enji Knights have to leave so soon? I really want to know all about the magic you can do. Especially your holy magic Lacus, I would love to replicate it one day."

"I'll give as many notes as you want Miss Brunelli, I'm afraid some of my spells are rather hard to replicate."Lacus threw out playfully as she winked."Sorry we can't help out more but, I'm afraid others are counting on us to. If you want to learn more about the types of magic throughout the universe the Enji Knights will be happy to let you look at their archives."

Victor chuckled before throwing out a sturdy,"Trying to recruit us for the Enji Knights even now are you? I guess old habits die hard. I'm flattered you think we are worthy, but no offense, but are the Enji Knights not more then a mere formality with the war over and the forces of darkness truly eradicated?"

Ben chuckled before responding with a wry,"True the Enji are not quite as active as they were during the war. But even if all the forces of darkness are gone, the Enji still have a place in the universe. Those with skills can still use them to help people who are in danger from natural disasters and all that jazz."

"Wait, is a Jazz a good thing or a bad thing?"

"Er, depends on your taste of music I guess. Anyway, don't want to force you to do something you don't want to do. Just want you to know you guys do seem like you could be a good fit if you give it a chance."

Fidel looked at his sword before taking a deep breath."Well, I have more questions but, I admit it sounds fun. After we stopped General Alma and the forces he had from that Zannacross Empire I was just worried about being around to protect my world. But now that the war is over, it would be nice to see other worlds. I'll think it over."

Ben nodded before giving a thumbs up."That's all I ask. Sorry our visit was cut short, based on how things go hopefully we will be back, some time in the next decade based on how things go. Ah their they are. Guess Moz is getting impatient."

Everyone saw a light before they saw a ship descend, a ship with many attachments linked to it. Its Ben's spaceship the Tri-Edge, his cousin Max's former ship that also can transform into a Gundam.

As the ship landed Fidel and the others looked at it in awe."Wow, that ship looks way cooler then the Charles D. Goale! Is this the kind of ships Enji Knights use to fly around space?"

Ben looked at his current home with pride as memories of Max flashed through his head."Far as I'm aware this is a one of a kind ship for now Fidel. This is the Tri-Edge, a ship I customized to be the home for me, Lacus and the others. Its a jack of all trades, just like me."

Ben was about to go on when the Tri-Edge's hanger door split open. As the boarding blank rolled down a creature the size of a house cat with white fur, small bat like wings, a cute red nose, and a pon-pon on its head. Its a member of the Moogle race, and its one of Ben's oldest friends, Moz.

Moz flew right up to Ben before mewing out,"Hey guys don't want to be rude to your guests but are you ready Kubo? Its just, you got a few calls while you were out and all, I got your mom on line one Ben and Miss Terra on line two."

Ben petted Moz fondly before he grinned."Ah, guess we were suppose to chat before things got messy. Sorry guys, nothing personal but got a deadline to keep. If your star or any other part of the area gets wonky let us know and we will be back as soon as we can."

Emmerson saluted as he formed a slick grin."Don't worry, this little star glitch was a pain but the "Blue Marvel" has sent us a update so are ships can detect the Neutronium class ISO-8 particles that have been detected all over after the Universe was reformed.

It seems to be part of what has been causing all of the cosmic glitches like with the sun here. Its a pain to detect its erratic isometric lattices at the quantum level, but I swear I'll make sure Annie works double time with the rest of the crew on the Charles D. Goale keeps a tight eye on things so we don't have to drag you around to bail us out."

"At ease Emmerson, everyone gets bad luck now and then, trust me I know. Not a bother to me at all, always happy to lend a hand. Just let us know if there is anything wrong with the Star's reaction to the GN particle infusion."


Fidel was about to say something before he glanced up at his world's sun, and noticed for a moment that it was redder then he remembered." Hey guys, maybe I'm still tense but is the sun looking different to anyone or is it just me?"

Ben saw Victor and some of the others looking alarmed before he just grinned." No worries Fidel, its just reacting to some of the things we are doing to make sure things work as good as they can be."

"Huh? What you mean sir?"

"Heh, have to admit it requires a lot of explaining of super high tech stuff Fidel. But trust me, its us giving your world top of the line stuff to help make things go smoother. Still working things out, but if it all goes to plan, it will make a lot of things work better for all the good people like you across the entire universe."

The hero of Faykreed saw Ben's passion before he looked on in awe." Wow, you really are the legendary hero sir! I hope it works out."

"I do to man. But, that means I have a lot to do so better get to it."

Fidel smiled before he extended his hand."I understand. Thanks sir, its been a honor to meet you. I'm glad I could see for myself the power of the savior and see its for real."

Ben struggled not to blush as the two swordsmen shook hands."Ah no meed to call me sir, makes me feel old. Despite what I did I'm no god, Ben is fine."

"Good to know. May the force of light be with you Ben."

"Heh. You to Fidel."

Lacus gave her own farewells before throwing out a friendly,"Best of luck with your world, no matter how hard it gets don't give up! Trust me, sometimes the moments that are the hardest are the most rewarding."

Many cried out Lacus's name fondly and the two waved before heading for the Tri-Edge. Hiryuumon also waved while eating some food, and the four quickly got on board the Tri-Edge. With one last wave they went on-board, and the ship quickly took off to leave Faykreed.

As Ben saw the ship leave the atmosphere he grinned."Well, that may have gotten out of control but, least we were able to make it in time. Guess it did help us look cool right?"

Lacus yawned before taking off her shawl."Well your the only one who saw me in action Ben but, no big deal. I'm glad I was able to heal so many people and bring them happiness. At least the extra effort made them even more inspired.

Well, at least they seem more inspired then the people on Kahje, the Zygons, and Caladan. I don't know, maybe it was because we gave them a fresh reason to have faith in us. I guess, its hard to tell really, years of giving good impressions from world and world and no way to know if it will really change anything."

Ben chuckled and took off his shirt before he patted Lacus on the shoulder."Well if we could see the future it would make things easy. But don't worry, long as we make a small difference there is a possibility for hope. Trust me I have experience with that."

Lacus threw back a playful wink in response as she unzipped her body suit."Oh I'm well aware of that sweetheart. That being said, now that its done I'm taking a shower before calling Terra back. Care to join me?"

"Heh, sounds like a plan to me."

Hiryuumon burped before wagging his tail."Hey boss when you guys are done want to watch that third Zilos movie? That Greymont is nearly as cool as a dragon as me!"

"Heh, we will get back to Zilos sooner or later Hiryuumon but one thing at a time. First don't you have to finish up your book on the history of Earth Prime?"

"Oh come on Ben why do I have to do homework?"

Lacus smirked as she wagged her finger at the Digimon to throw out a playful."Don't be that way Hiryuumon, you have to stuff yourself with more then food once and a while. Me and Ben may be the ones doing most of the diplomacy but it would not hurt if you could help out at least a little bit. At least, know enough to not blurt out as much awkward things in key moments."

"I get that Lacus but, what does reading about Earth Prime's history have to do with that? I mean that planet's been deep fried since before the Star Sword was made! Besides it does not make sense, Earth Prime only had humans living on it right? Why did a orange skinned guy cause everything to fall apart? Was this like some alien dude Zannacross sent to mess things up? Is, he like, a giant Oompa Loompa's that we meet on that chocolate planet?"

Ben laughed at his digimon parther's confusion before he kicked off his shoes and petted him on the head."No, the man who kicked off Earth Prime was no alien Hiryuumon, just a guy so self absorbed he tanned himself orange. He was one of the worst examples of a human being in the entire history of humanity.

Like Weil Zabi he was driven by greed and did not give a damn about saying lie after lie to give himself power. However he had no special powers, as horrible as he was, he only got elected because people were to lazy to argue with his" Alternate Facts" and let him grasp power.

It was not just him that caused Earth Prime to slowly spiral to chaos. As we know more about what happened in Earth Prime and how the world war that killed just about everyone but Serenity broke out, it seems mostly that to many people just thought it was to hard to do what was needed to be done to make things work.

It was to time consuming, to difficult. To many just wanted the easy answer, so they stopped thinking and elected whoever would tell them what they wanted to hear...consequences be dammed. To many people stopped thinking, and became consumed with hate, and Earth Prime blew itself apart soon after.

They been restoring Earth Prime to be more livable since the war is over and the Tower of Destiny does not have to be hidden anymore. I want to make sure the people of Earth Prime don't suffer the same fate, that no world suffers a fate like that, a fate where people watch helplessly as mobs of people destroyed everything because they were to consumed with rage to think of anything else.

I'll prove Zannacross, Kira, and all the others that they were wrong about how hopeless humanity is, that history is not fated to repeat itself! As long as I live, I won't let mindless idiots drag down everyone around them ever again, and thanks to Cosmos we have quite the long life span to see that out."

Lacus kicked off her own shoes and kissed Ben on the cheek."I see you got fired up after being in action after so long Ben, that's always nice. Still, I hope it works out to. Still...you think its working so far? I mean, I just don't know if we have been doing what we were suppose to do.

I mean we've been helping world after world for about five years now.

I don't regret anything we done to save people and restore their planets. But, honestly Ben, I worry we are not doing enough. I mean, for all the people we save and people we encourage really enough to evolve life for the better?"

"Don't get to anxious about it Lacus."Ben responded softly as he gently touched her cheek with his right hand. He softly unhooked her bra before rubbing her shoulders to comfort her."Trust someone who could have gotten a A in anxiety in high school, its stubborn but you can't let it control you. We don't have to fix everyone's problems with the snap of a finger, or even as spell. We just have to show everyone the path to a better tomorrow and make sure they don't go astray.

Its felt overwhelming at times to me to Lacus, but I don't feel as overwhelming knowing we have each other as we help guide the universe down the golden tomorrow."

The two kissed again before Lacus embraced Ben deeply."Thanks Ben, your right."

Hiryuumon laughed before he looked at some of the books Ben had on one of the table." I know the job the angels gave you seems in ways even harder then beating Zannacross Boss, but its not like they are not helping! After all they did help give you ideas on how it could work. I mean its still really confusing to me but this, um, project, Homo...no, Hungo Axis um, Marshmallow?"

Ben laughed before he pet the Digimon fondly." I know your craving dessert man, but that last part was Matrix Hiryuumon, not marshmallow.

I know their is a lot of steps to the plan and if just one goes wrong it can all crash faster then one of those jenga games eh? Still, when you add it all up, long as it goes right the project that the angels put together is the best path for truly evolving society. That being said...best not to think about it all at once. Heh, its like the pressure from final exams that never ends eh?"

"Heh, something like that." Lacus threw out playfully."I guess I just fear its getting all to routine, its nice to get to meet so many people. But as nice as it is, most of them have been acquaintances all the same. I guess, I just miss my friends and family at times."

"Lacus, I know you been pushing yourself lately, don't feel like you have to push yourself to hard for my sake." Ben said softly as he grasped his lover's shoulders."Its been since the holidays since we saw family, I'm sure King Atem and Master Myers will understand if we need some down time. I promise, I'll do what I can to make sure we have enough time, that you never feel overwhelmed."

"Thanks Ben, I know you keep your word."

The two prepared to kiss again before a lanky droid, the robot that once belonged to Ben's cousin Max, TX-35 walked in."Sir its perfectly acceptable if you want to take a break from your never ending job. However if that's your intent should I contact your appointments to notify them of a change of plans?

You should be aware that Constable Odo on the Deep Space Nine space station wants to know the details for your arrival. It seems even in this peaceful time this Odo wants to be on top of things so it would be prudent to let him know in advance if he should cancel his preparations."

Ben looked excited before responding with a eager,"Nah we are still on board for that Donatello. The vacation will come enough in advanced, not about to just vanish on people.

Besides, did not want to miss on this, its a reunion with some of the Justice Force! Er, sorry not many of your friends will be their Lacus. I mean, we can ask if any Enji are in the area."

Lacus smirked before leaning forward."Its ok, I know your excited to see them, with any luck I'll see Terra, Yuna, Collete and a few of the others next month. But Ben if your going to have a reunion with the Justice Force we got to get you cleaned pronto. C'mon, if we have enough time then I'll show you a new move I learned from the ladies on Faykreed."

"Is that so? Well if that's the case then what we we waiting for? Make sure Hiryuumon studies Moz, I'll quiz him when we are done. Though, don't worry, not about to rush this."

Ben and Lacus playfully stripped each other of all they were still wearing before heading to the shower. As they left Moz landed on Hiryuumon 's head."I hope Yoshi, Kirby, and the others can make it to the event Kupo! This is going to be fun!"

The moogle then went about getting things ready in a cheerful manner, being unaware that the people who are awaiting them are much more anxious about the appointment.

The location was once a mining station called Terok Nor, owned by the Cardassian race, but during the Cosmic War the Cardassian's were driven out by the Lylat army.

It was renamed as the space station Deep Space Nine and put under the command of Lylat Commander Benjamin Sisko. Sisko was able to successfully lead his forces to victory over those who were ailed with the Zannacross Empire like the Prefect of Bajor, Gul Dukat.

At the moment Sisko was making sure everyone on his station was ready to greet Ben and Lacus, and as the tall bald black male with a beard in a red Lylat military uniform walked to the station's landing bay he pressed his badge to start a automatic recording program before uttering a stoic,"Captains log Lylat Star-date L916. The sensors have detected that Enji Knight Ben Auro 's personal ship the Tri-Edge has been spotted exiting hyper space.

We have authenticated its code and pilots Bellri Zenam in the YG 111 Gundam G-Self and Mikazuki Augus in the AWS G 8 Gundam Barbatos Lupis are escorting the Tri-Edge to ensure protocol. Several of the savior's allies have arrived on Deep Space Nine earlier in the day.

Even after all we been through its, been a interesting day. The individual known as Sonic the Hedgehog has caused Worf to be irate with his brash manner and the native from Popstar, Kirby seems to have trouble distinguishing what is food.

That being said they are all pleasant enough and seem excited to reunite with their friend. Even I am curious to see the man who defeated Chaos Zannacross Necron in person. That's why we made every effort to give the best impression. Ah, their you are Jadzia. How are things looking "old man"?"

A beautiful woman with brown spots on her head, spots that indicate parts of the Trill Symbiotic bonded with her body, walked up to Sisko."Even Odo can't find anything to fuss over Benjamin, I think we are as ready as we will ever be to receive a universal savior."

"Good, then lets lay down the welcoming mat."Sisko uttered stoically as he put his hands behind his back."Tell everyone that its time."

As Sisko walked to greet Ben with his staff, the hero was just arriving at his destination despite all he had seen since he joined the Enji Knights he was still impressed at seeing the station that was over a kilometer in diameter long get closer.

It was composed of a broad outer docking ring; an inner habitat ring containing residential apartments; and a central core containing the promenade, the fusion reactors and the operations center, known as "Ops". Three sets of docking pylons sweep up and down equidistantly around the docking ring, defining an almost spherical shape.

Ben quickly saw two giant white colored mobile suits, customized Gundam units, fly up to escort the Tri-Edge and Ben directed his ship to smoothly dock with Deep Space Nine.

Ben, Lacus, Hiryuumon, and Moz soon exited the Tri-Edge to see dozens of people their to greet him. The nearest were a bunch of men and woman completely clad in sliver Spartan IV body armor. The central soldier walked up before calmly declaring,"Jameson Locke of the Fireteam Oris here to oversea the area Enji Master Auro. All stations are secure. Welcome aboard."

"At ease soldier, thanks for the effort."Ben proudly said as he saluted the soldiers."I can see you guys went the extra mile. I can't wait to give my thanks to your leader for making such a effort."

Sisko chuckled before walking up."You won't have to wait long. I'm General Benjamin Sisko, and I assure you everyone on Deep Space Nine is honored for the savior Ben Auro and the angel Lacus Raystar to grace this station with your presence."

Ben eagerly shook Sisko's hand before proudly responding with,"Always a honor to meet another man named Ben, nine times out of ten you know you met someone you can trust. And even besides that, this may be the first time we met but I heard you did a hell of a job leading this area through the war. Glad you were able to make it through the war in one piece."

"I don't know about one piece, but I suppose I made it through mostly intact. I could say the same to you. I heard all you two been through, and I'm glad today is not a tribute to your memory. I suppose that's the primary reason for the upcoming event. I suppose we still have some time before the ceremonial matters, if you would like I can give you a tour of Deep Space Nine."

Lacus smiled warmly before shaking Sisko's hand."That would be lovely, let me know if anyone needs any treatment, I'll be happy to help."

Sisko chuckled before throwing out a wry,"Thanks for the offer, but despite how legendary your healing magic is, are chief medical officer Doctor Julian Bashir runs a tight shift so please just focus on relaxing for now. Major Kira Neyers will be giving you the tour."

Ben and Lacus both flinched upon hearing the name Kira, when suddenly a woman with short red hair walked in front of him. Ben quickly noticed the woman had ridges above her nose, indicating she was Bajoran, before the woman snickered."Before you ask yes, I'm aware I have the same name as the son of the Grand Master of the Enji who betrayed the Lylat Kingdom and personally made your life's a living hell. Just wanted you to know that's been pointed out many times by tourists the past few years.

That being said, hope you enjoy your visit."

Lacus smiled as she shook Kira's hand."I'm sure we will, thank you for your hospitality. How are things going in the station?"

"Well a lot less stressful to say the least,"Kira responded coley."but, we have more things to do then pat ourselves on the back theses days. The war is over, but even if not many of the" heavy hitters" in the Zannacross Empire took part in the war around here, the fighting still got bad enough to leave a lot of wreckage.

Even if all the "evil" people are dead, they still left some stuff behind, including mines, lots of mines. The Gundam pilots have their work cut out for them."

Ben looked worried before throwing out a careful,"Is that so? Sorry its been taking so long, we will be happy to help take care of any remanding mines."

Before Kira could respond a man with a slightly stretched face came up to salute Ben."Chief of Security Odo here. The offer is appreciated but the mine situation is under control, we have ways to detect them before any ship would stumble into them. The real issue is the wormhole has been acting erratically ever since Chaos Zannacross Necron was defeated.

During the war the Changling's, my kin, would use the wormhole to send their Jem'Hadar soldiers and others from across the Gamma Quadrant of the universe to attack.

After the war, after the universe was restored the wormhole has been erratic. Nothing, to risky so far, just unclear what could happen. In any case its nothing that requires your services so please enjoy your tour."

Ben looked around to see what other ships were docked before responding with a polite."Thank you Chief. I just have one question before the tour starts. Any noticeable ships from other world land on the station? And if not you know when they are going to arrive? Just, wanted to know when some friends were going to arrive."

Odo frowned and was about to answer, when suddenly a cocky male voice interrupted him."C'mon man, you think someone like me would be late for this? Get out of here!"

Everyone felt a gust of wind suddenly fly past them. Ben saw Odo and Sisko blink, and just grinned before he swerved around so fast it looked like a blur. The Enji Knight found a hand greet his own, a white gloved hand belonging to a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog with sharp green eyes, spiky quills, red sneakers, and a face full of attitude. Ben grinned instantly at the sight of the face in-front of him, because it was one of the many good friends he met during the Cosmic War, Sonic the Hedgehog, the hero of planet Mobius.

Ben saw Sonic's shocked look and just chuckled."Sonic, great to see you man. Hate to say it but I was expecting you to try and sneak up on me so I was prepared. Still, glad to see your still as fast as ever."

Sonic wagged his finger before jabbing back with,"You seriously think I would have gotten lax on what makes me well...me? Hah, just glad your not have gotten flabby since last time dude."

"Heh, well you know I got a image to keep up and all. Still, glad you guys made it."

Another jolly voice cut in with,"But of course we have a made it, its a me, Mario!"

Ben glanced to the right to see many of his friends enter the room. From the left entered a pudgy man in a red shirt and blue overalls. He had a red hat with a M on his head, and a mustache. He was Mario, the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. To his right was his younger, taller brother Luigi.

To the right of Luigi was a jolly green dinosaur named Yoshi. To the right of Yoshi was a small round adorable pink individual named Kirby, the hero of planet Popstar, who despite his size has had the largest appetite of anyone Ben knows.

To the right of Kirby was a man in a green tunic with pointy ears. He was Link, the champion of the people of Hyrule.

To the right of Link was a attractive woman with blond hair wearing a blue and orange jacket and green pants. She was Samus Aran, the legendary bounty hunter that nearly single handily took out the vicious Space Pirates, and neutralized the Metriod and X Parasites and also took down the threat of the Phazon.

To the right of Samus was a man clad in blue armor with a blue helmet with a red gem on the helmet. While looking like a man he is a highly advanced robot that was called Reploids, Megaman X.

Behind X was a man clad in red armor with long blond hair. He was Zero, the number one member of the Maverick Hunters with the ranking of SA, and also the ultimate creation of the mad scientist Doctor Albert Wily.

To his right was another man clad in black and red armor, also had a helmet on his head, and had twin energy pistols equipped on his sides. He was Axl, a reploid who was a next generation model who in-fact was also made by Doctor Wily purely to force Zero to return to his original purpose.

Despite the different shapes and sizes of the individuals in-front of Ben and Lacus, they all shared being close friends with the Enji, and every one of them were members of the Justice Force, a special unit of the Enji Knights.

Ben saw all the happy faces and just tried to contain his composure."Mario, everyone, its great to see you! Damn it, after how emotional are good bye was I swore I would hold it together. Its just, really has set in that five years have gone by already."

Samus smirked before flicking her pony tail out of her eyes."Tell me about it kid. Glad you, Lacus, Moz, and Hiryuumon are looking well. This cosmic goodwill tour seems to be doing well for you."

Lacus went over to Samus to hug her."Thanks, it has its good times and bad but I guess after all we been through, its nothing we can't handle."

Yoshi went up to lick Lacus fondly with his tong."Yoshi knew nothing would beat the best team in all space! But Yoshi still glad to see you guys again! Hey Hiryuumon ready for another eating contest!?"

The two reptilian pals quickly high five each other before the Digimon responded with a chipper."You bet Yoshi! I been preparing for this, this time I'm going to out eat both you and Kirby!"

Kirby suddenly jumped on Hiryuumon's head before responding with a playful,"We will see about that, I had plenty of time to train my tummy with all the people that have come to challenge me to eating contests the past few years! For some reason people keep thinking its a joke or something, I think Dedede does that on purpose to win bets or something."

Ben chuckled as he shook Link's hand."Heh, looks like you guys have been busy. Sorry I have not been in touch as much as I would have liked, last few years have moved so fast that I had to remind myself at time its been five years already. Guess you guys have been up to all kinds of adventures eh?"

Ben saw Mario and Luigi look at each other awkwardly for a moment before Luigi threw out a clumsy chuckle."Well...to be honest Ben its been a kick impressing tourists and being honored from one planet to the next. But, aside from some really crazy interviews to impress a few reporters now and then, we have not had a solid adventure since we all fought Zannacross."

"That's a right Ben, even Bowser at last a stopped trying to capture Peach since he's got a girlfriend now. The worst he did was cause a mess when he dive-bombed into the Color Fountain on Prism Island when he wanted a rainbow shell.

I think, even someone as thick headed as Bowser realized how a lucky he was to be spared. Its a nice to have some peace for once, but I guess its so peaceful my jumping is out of practice."

Ben saw Mario looked a little more out of weight then he remembered before he just grinned."Well, hopefully you won't need to pull out your A game any time soon Mario. What about you guys?"

Sonic winced before crossing his arms and keeping up a cool face."I still love running even when its just for fun man! Been doing plenty of racing across galaxies so between helping Tails with his new projects and, helping Knuckles and Shadow have social lives, its been busy enough."

Link looked at the Master Sword sheathed in his back before he closed his eyes."Aye, I've been working with Zelda to ensure Hyrule is not overwhelmed with fully integrating to modern society. I been also training lads how to use swords and other tools. Even if times will hopefully be peaceful, I hope the skills can help them in the future."

Samus sighed before adding,"So your helping kids Link? That's nice. I sort of still do bounty hunting but when the universes is purged of people who are dominated by the evil in their heart, not, to many bounties to find. That being said, I have been able to make a living tracking down wild beasts so, I'm still a hunter at least."

X looked happy as he walked up."I'm glad I at last can do what I wanted to do since before Sigma went Maverick. We, along with Doctor Light and Megaman have been working to help synthetic life all over space to build a understanding between organic and inorganic life. We managed to successfully get the Geth and the Quarians to reach a new understanding and we are planning to work to help the Phalanx next.

Between what we have done and what you guys have done Ben, I really feel like we are making a difference."

Zero grasped his Z-Saber before throwing out a brash,"Thankfully robots don't get rusty with their skills, though I have had enough spars to see some action the past few years. What's been up with the rest of your squad? We seen James every now and then. Seems being a Enji Master suits him well."

Lacus looked joyous as a surge of happy memories flew through her mind." James does seem quite happy as a Enji Master, and as a married man. I am glad things went smoothly since his wedding."

Ben nodded before proudly adding,"Cloud sensi and Tifa are doing well, we talked vie hologram when Tiffany turned four."

Axl chuckled before throwing out a coy,"What about Doug, Ben? That dude's been doing his own odd job thing with Aqua and Axel since the war's been over right?"

Ben's eyes got a little more clouded before he looked down."When I last talked to Doug he was doing well. I admit, that's been a year ago now. He, seems to be doing well with his business if he is to busy to respond.

We worked together helping the planet Jakku two years ago, and that's the last time we hanged out in person. After that we made a few calls but, he must be doing well as he keeps getting busier and busier."

Lacus grasped Ben's hand before adding,"We talked to Aqua a few times as well, their seems to be a, misunderstanding over just what it means between them for the business to do well. But, hopefully it will work out. I guess, like all of us he has been trying to find his place in a changed world. I never thought Doug would have a harder time then Ezan though.

I guess, Ezan is just glad that they were able to counteract the accelerated life cycle Garma Kaiba gave him. With Aries and Ansem's help he's been devoted to making use of his life.

I know how difficult it can be to figure out were you belong in the world, I do hope Doug is able to figure it out. I guess, me and Ben have been doing all we can to help as many people as possible have the chance to figure out were they really belong. I hope we have made a difference."

"Trust me Lacus, you may have not changed everything in a instant, but a small chance is just as important." X uttered confidently. As Lacus smiled in response Sisko cleared his throat and stepped forward."I may not have the foresight of the Celestial Ones, but as a outsider to your group I'll just say never doubt how much of a effect your actions had on the citizens of the universe.

Cliche as it may be, your bravery inspired everyone in the universe to show them that there is a better world. I don't know if that inspiration will be everlasting, but its still having a powerful effect all over, and that's something worth celebrating."

Before Ben or the others could respond a new cocky male voice cut in with,"That's a understatement dear Sisko. However, for such a big occasion you need someone that can really party and I can surely provide that."

Ben glanced to the right to see a man in a red Lylat uniform that he did not notice before. While the man seemed like a normal human with short black hair and black eyes, as the man sprouted a grin full of mischief, Ben noticed Sisko look agitated before the commander of Deep Space Nine stiffed out."No, out of all the times to show up you picked now Q?"

Ben raised a eyebrow before muttering a baffled,"Q? Is this guy like, your quartermaster for your intelligence division or something?"

As Q laughed in response Sisko grimaced."Not quite Ben. Q is more or less, one of the higher ranked celestial ones with formidable magic that can even alter reality. Our history has been, a aggravated one, as he is what you might call, a troll."

Q pouted in response before quipped back a dry,"Me, a troll? Tell me everyone do I look like a troll to you?"

Sisko took a deep breath before responding with a quiet,"Your timing is as horrible as ever Q, this is something to important to be ruined by your antics. If you don't leave I'll."

Q raised a eyebrow before cutting in with a smarmy,"You will what, punch me like last time? Just because your not smart enough to see my wisdom it does not mean that's what it is? Did my prodding not force you, Picard and all the others to think things clearly?

Besides, I have no intention of disrespecting the legendary savior that saved all there is. After all, I to would have died if not for Ben and Lacus and for that I have my sincere thanks. Its a honor to meet you two."

Lacus saw Q politely extend his hand before she shook it."Thank you, that's kind of you."

"Ah, your as lovely as they say. You have my word I have no games to play today."

Suddenly a man with brown skin and ridges on his forehead, a Lylat officer of the Klingon race, Commander Worf, ran in to the area. As soon as he saw Q he snarled."I knew it was you! Q, what you are doing stop it right now!"

As Ben and the others looked confused Q just snickered,"Oh Worfy after all theses years you still have such a short fuse? Poor Jadzia must be so repressed, you really should act better since your so lucky to have her as a bride."

Worf just snarled but before his rage could seep through Sisko cleared his throat."Worf, what are you talking about? Is the energy related to our new guests?"

Worf quickly realized Ben, Lacus, and the members of the Justice Force were all looking at him before he winced. He quickly saluted Ben."My apologizes for a undignified introduction Enji Knights. I have great respect for the number one warrior.

It was not them Commander, while the energy of Ben Auro and Lacus Raystar were indeed massive, theses two landed normally on Deep Space Nine. I, and O,Brien notice additional energy readings appear suddenly. Readings that were so high it overloaded the stations sensors. Q, would fit those parameters if he so chooses."

Q saw a lot of dirty looks were being thrown his way before he responded with a defensive,"Hold on I swear this is not me! I met it when I said I was not hear to cause trouble. But, I can not say the same for, my guests. As you are aware I'm not fond of fisticuffs's, my tag along however, revels in it. I intended to come solo but, others wanted to see for them self, the power of the legendary hero."

Ben raised a eyebrow before responding with a curious,"What are you talking about? You mean, someone like you?"

Before Q could respond Ben suddenly felt a massive amount of pressure weighing down on him. Ben began to feel the air turn heavy before he heard a voice shout out a hostile,"BANG!"

Ben instantly dashed back, and everyone saw that Beerus and Whis were suddenly standing right behind Lacus. Ben's friends realize the two came out of no where and Link and Zero grasped their blades on instinct before Zero blurted out,"The hell did they come from? Are, they holograms?"

X saw Beerus, and the aggressive look in his eyes before he tensed up."They are solid alight Zero, not sure if they warped here or something but the power levels from those two are nearly overwhelming."

Sonic winced before muttering,"So fast I did not see him coming? Only a angel can pull that alright, or a demon."

Beerus saw Ben's confused look and just laughed crassly,"What's with that frozen doe look? So much for legendary reflexes, if I wanted to you would have just died!"

Ben tried not to let Beerus's jab get to him as he took a deep breath."So you say. So, I take it you two are Celestial Ones like Q? I, never saw one looking like a cat before."

"Please do I look like I'm in the same like as Q here? Do I really have to give my name like a commoner?"

Whis saw more people giving Beerus dirty looks before he sighed."Could you dial it down a notch or two? Don't want to give the hero's hear the impression that your a villain. More importantly you don't want to give Cosmos the impression your being a villain after I spent all that time insuring you would behave eh?"

"Give it a rest Whis! I'm just not going to let commoners show disrespect, to a God of Destruction!"

Zero raised a eyebrow before groaning out,"Are you kidding me? You better not be telling me Doctor Wily had another revenge plan that just woke up!"

As Beerus eyed Zero Axl just chuckled."C'mon Zero, after all the time the doc spent nearly a century ranting about you being his ultimate creation I don't think he would have made a second one, especially not one that looks like some weird cat! Does look like he could be one odd maverick though!"

Beerus instantly had anger flash across his eyes before he sneered out,"Whis, you did not tell me that humans dared to think they could make machines in my image!"

Whis just sighed before he walked up to Ben and bowed."Lets start this over. Greetings everyone, I'm Whis, I'm a angel that's main job is to be a attendant for this guy. And this esteemed individual would be Beerus, the Celestial One with the job of God of Destruction. You see, Beerus is one of the older types of celestial ones, that's purpose was to eradicate planets that were failing to evolve properly."

Lacus gasped in horror as she stepped back,"Your saying, this man massacred entire civilizations? He was a agent of Zannacross?"

Beerus grimaced before snapping out,"Zannacross was my first...boss if that's what you mean, but don't get the wrong idea! He was a lousy boss so I sided with Cosmos. Never figured someone like you would have stopped him though."

Whis chuckled before adding,"Beerus is the kind of life form that can casually sleep for centuries you see. He missed the entire cosmic war so, I'm bringing him up to speed. Don't worry about Lord Beerus, its true he killed millions in the past but it was out of duty, when their was a different way to doing things in the universe.

For a time planned out eradication of civilizations seemed like a way to bring balance, but as you might have guessed, Cosmos realized over time that when the likes of Beerus,Galactus, Champa, and the other God of Destruction caused millions of deaths, and that the despair spread feelings of darkness all over the universe, that their roles were causing more harm then good.

Zannacross, fiercely disapproved with this and I suppose that was one of the things that led to Zannacross moving to overthrow Cosmos.

Even if Zannacross was the one giving Beerus his assignments, it did not mean the God's of Destruction were automatically loyal to him like he presumed. In fact, Beerus and most of the others were even willing to give up the reason they existed for the over all good of the universe."

Ben saw Beerus licking himself like a cat before he cleared his throat."I see, well...thanks for fighting for what was right. Anyway, I'm Ben Auro, the one Cosmos chose to save the universe. Its, nice to meet you."

"I came here because I know who you are."Beerus retorted in a catty tone."I came here because I wanted to see if Whis was just making stuff up. I suppose you do look like the videos. Still, some one like you does not look like anything special, especially not someone who defeated Zannacross."

Ben remained confident as he subtly put his right hand over the award King Atem gave him."I suppose as they say, appearances can be deceiving. I guess I did a lot but it was hardly a solo effort. I could have never have pulled it off without the help of my friends, most of all the love of my life, Lacus Raystar."

Beerus glanced at Lacus before he chuckled."Oh that's right, you said their was a third being chosen to be that Antitype Apostle bloodline thing? Well there is still a universes so I guess it worked out. Still...she looks rather scrawny."

Lacus put up a polite smile as she retorted with a diplomatic,"I know I don't look like I'm up to the job at times but, I promise my dedication to making a new better world with Ben and everyone else is sincere."

Beerus merely looked around the area before snickering."You know how many times I heard you humans talk about making a better world over the years sweetheart? I may have been sleeping for a while but I see their are still plenty of war machines? They may be mere toys to someone like me but even so why do you still need soldiers and weapons if everyone is lovey dovey?"

"Well, there are still a lot of useful things that those kinds of things can do." Ben answered with a uneasy chuckle."I mean, it would not be fair to all of the people that fought so hard to be left with nothing to do right? I mean, someone like you must understand what its like to find a new purpose in life right Mister Beerus? I can understand you have doubts, but, if you would like I could fill in the details about how we plan to make the universe a better place over dinner, we were about to head their anyway for the event."

"That's Lord Beerus!" The purple cat hissed out,"Even to someone like you, I won't take being talked to like that! My job may have been axed long ago but I'm still one of the oldest most powerful beings in existence, and that sure as hell deserves respect! Still, finding out just what your about is why I came to this toy in the first place. Event eh, I take it this event will have a feast befitting someone of my status?"

Sisko nodded before adding a diplomatic,"Deep Space Nine is already prepped to deal with life forms from all over the universe. As long as you tell us the details on what you want, we can make it."

Everyone was tense for a few seconds before Beerus licked his lips."I suppose my breakfast is just being digested now so what the hell, show me just how much you mortals were able to evolve your cookery after all this time! Oh right, and bring peace and all that. Alright then so are you just going to be posturing or is their any substance to this thingy?"

Sisko looked at his staff before clearing his throat."But of course, this way everyone."

"Well, I guess if this universe really is at peace then this is going to be the most fun I can find in the mortal realm. Lets do this Whis."

Q chuckled before slapping Ben on the back."Oh this is going to be much funner then I thought! You can thank me later for bringing some spice to your dull static lives heroes."

Q saw Sisko giving him a dirty look before he just walked forward. Ben and Lacus saw Whis and Beerus talking to each other before Lacus leaned up to Ben."Q and Whis seem ok enough but, that Beerus guy seems a tad, grouchy to say the least."

Ben saw the man with the title of God of Destruction's cat like ears twitch, before Beerus glanced at him, and snickered. Ben then smirked before squeezing his girlfriend's hand tightly."Maybe, after seeing some of the older celestial ones like the Royal Knights, the"Fal'Cie", and some of the others its not to odd that their were other angels with aggressive behavior.

Could be worst I guess. Think of it this way Lacus, if we are able to sell him what we are doing maybe it will impress the others enough for Gabriel Celeste, and Master Myers to approve giving us some more time off? I know you had a long day but, up for another challenge?"

Lacus saw Ben's confidence and giggled."You just see this as another obstacle to overcome eh? I really am proud, of how far your confidence is Ben. Don't worry, I'll try to be civil about it but old era angel or no, I'm not fond of him being dismissive of me and what we are trying to do. Lets do it Ben."

The two slapped each other a high five before Ben pumped his fist."Heh, if Beerus really is as old as he says I can understand why he might be skeptical about what we are trying to do. But, that just means he is another person on my long list of people I proved wrong! After how hard we've come to reach this point, no one is going to tear it down now."

Ben and Lacus braced each other fondly as they went with Hiryuumon and Moz back to the members of the Justice Force to catch up with their friends. As they went in to Deep Space Nine with the others, little did they realize that their were forces lurking out of sight, working to shatter everything Ben, Lacus and the others have been working on.

At around the same time on a moon more Alpeh androids are walking around carrying a large black sphere. They stop as a woman stepped in-front of them. This woman had long white hair, light blue skin, and purple eyes.

The left side of her hair is longer than the other and hanged in front of her chest. She had a golden infinity hair accessory that covers the back and both sides of her head.

She wore old earrings and wore a red and black skin tight body suit that has a v shaped hole around her stomach that was missing the bottom half, exposing the bottom of her breasts. She wore a a white open leg cape that is jagged at the bottom, and red and black high heels and carried a brown staff that had two golden points on each side.

The blue skinned woman merely tapped her staff on the ground."Well my fellow Black Swans, are we ready to begin?"

Two pillars of light appeared, before two woman appeared in front of the lights, one being the pale woman that altered the minds of the Bajorans. Another had her features covered by a cloak.

Yabbat just closed her eyes before responding with a cold,"The mapmakers are nearly done with their task, the link is on the verge of being established on Bajor . What about your units Saya?"

The other woman giggled before responding with a casual,"Things are aligned on Rieze Maxia as well. If you have things ready to go on Corneria dear Towa, we can kick this off at last."

The blue haired woman looked ecstatic as her eyes widened with mad ambition."The ritual will begin in moments. It will take a bit of time yet, but once it gets started no being in existence can stop this false reality from getting in the way!"

Before she could go on a male voice quipped out a sarcastic,"Aw, not time to celebrate yet? Damn, got my drink ready to toast and everything!"

Towa looked around to see the voice came from a bulky man clad in black body armor. The man's fists were covered in blood red gauntlets, and the man's face was covered by a elaborate jester mask, that's left side was white and looked like a smile, while the right half was pitch black and was shaped in a deranged frown. A large black cowboy like hat covered the upper part of his head.

Towa saw the masked man casually strolling up to her before she frowned."Chaotic Comedian, you were told to wait on the other side with Mira and the other group of Dimensional Nihilo Generals till the next phase were you not?"

The Chaotic Comedian merely snickered before he leaned back and looked at the giant sphere she had set up."I heard yah the last time dame, but I was bored so I wanted to get a nice look at the show before it takes off! You Black Swans keep saying theses tin cans will make sure that not one damn sucker in this entire dimension can see us and I just wanted to make sure you knew what you were talking about so that this thing we got going on goes off the way we want it!"

While the masked man's eyes were covered by glowing red lenses, she could still feel how intense he was looking at her before she sighed."Well, we are on the moon of this universes capital are we not? And yet no one, no angel, none of those so called heroes, the Enji Knights, no one are aware doomsday is looming right above them. And it will stay that way, as long as we don't go out side the barriers the Alphs are projecting."

The masked male swerved around and looked up to see a blue and green planet in the distance. The planet was in six thousand, four hundred and sixty four radius. This was Corneria, the capital planet of the Lylat Republic, and the place were Ben, Lacus, and billions of others grew up.

The Chaotic Comedian saw various space ships flying around the planet, some even flying around the moon, before he cracked his neck."The boss man is the only one that can tell me what to do Swan, you'd be keen on remembering that. Just glad everything is doing what its suppose to do. I'm going to stick around to see it all take off.

Heh, its going to be a riot seeing all the saps wake up and smell the music, right till they see the killer punchline! Tsc...so the people in this here universes think they are in some golden age paradise eh? All these morons got their heads in their own little echo chambers they don't see what a joke all their little dreams and ideals really are!

But all of this, all of this is just one giant joke, and no matter how much power they think they have I tell you what, I'm going to enjoy seeing every last one of them see how much of a joke their dreams really are! Especially their so called savior! So get a move on it Swans, I waited long enough to show every single idiot in this universe that when the joke ends, all that's real is that everything dies!"

Authors notes: ( Pokes head out) Hey everyone, people are still here right? Well, hopefully someone is. Anyway, so yah, I'm back. I know I know, when I finished Cosmic Wars I said coming back would be selling out as much as Dragon Ball GT sold out.

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Ah, for now, some old fasion who is who lol. Black Swan and her robot toys are from a recent Marvel event, they were all from the writer Jonathan Hickman. In case you have not read them, I don't want to spoil things but, things got rather dire for the Marvel Heros, so dire that things ended rather poorly.

Lets just say, if you have in fact read those events, there will be more then a few changes from how things ended, for one Ben and co won't be as passively inept as the Marvel Hero's mostly ended up being in that arc. Another thing is that, the identity of Rabum Ala will not be who it was in the Marvel events, AKA not Doctor Doom.

Ramlethal is the final boss of Guilty Gear Xrd, I'm changing a few things like the roles of the Black Swans as you might have gathered.

Meanwhile Towa is from Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Beerus and Whis are from the recent movies and Dragon Ball Super. Heh, at first I hated Beerus because I thought he was a lame bad guy, but after seeing how he's been done and seen he is not a true villain I respected him enough to see he could be useful in this new Cosmic Wars Volume.

Everyone on Deep Space Nine is from the Star Trek show that shares that name.

For those who watched Deep Space nine in my timeline Jadzia lived more or less because, I'm much more of a fan of her then her replacment, poor Worf needed a break lol.

Everyone from planet Faykreed is from Star Ocean 5 Integrity and Fairness.

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Lastly, the Chaotic Comedian is my own made up creation, I'll just say for now he is more then a minor character in this, hope you stick around to see what I mean.

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