Cosmic Ultimania Biographies: EXE Limit Cut Addition

Author Notes: For the sake of not repeating to much from the Biographies of Vol 3 I'll just be covering everyone's life's after Volume Three. Between that and having not too many new characters introduced, major ones at least, I'm having both the protagonists and antagonists in one chapter.

Ben Auro: Full name is Benjamin Fei Auro, has blue eyes, light brown hair that is mostly normal length, and is six feet tall. Favorite hobbies besides fighting are history, painting, and the piano and favorite foods are pasta types, sweet types, and meat types. Age at the start of the story is twenty-five.

Born to a couple of average middle-class family members in the capital planet of Corneria, the male human known as Ben Auro spent most of his life growing up in the small suburb known as Transford Town.

However…after defeating Chaos Zannacross Necron and ending the Cosmic War Ben primarily lived on the Tri-Edge ship formerly belonging to his cousin Max Bruder alongside Lacus Raystar, Hiryuumon, Moz, and Max's former droid T3-X5. After the war the Tri-Edge was vastly upgraded to go from just a ship where a bounty hunter got from world to world to where lovers could live in comfort.

Nothing discloses real character like the use of power. It is easy for the weak to be gentle. Most people can bear adversity; but if you wish to know what a man really is give him power. This is the supreme test.

There is no greater test then being given ultimate power to shape the universe and everyone in it, and to Ben it made even defeating the devil with all of the evil in history powering him seem like a warmup.

After all the struggles Ben went through to fulfill his destiny, win over Lacus from Brad Fowltror and save the universe from the darkness, the man chosen to save the universe was just glad that the" hard part" was over. But it did not take long for him to realize he spoke to soon.

There are few things physically harder than beating the true devil merged with every evil being in the history of the universe. But one of the few tasks that might be mentally difficult is building a lasting peace across the entire universe for everyone.

For the first year or so it seemed ok, people were just happy to have survived Armageddon and after how horrible a war had just unfolded few wanted to even hint at doing anything to ruin the good will.

But what people consciously want does not always reflect their unconscious desires, and it was not long till Ben noticed that there were cracks in what he, Lacus and the others had worked so hard to realize.

It was nothing major, small arguments and disputes over who was the rightful owners of territory or artifacts from older eras. But Ben and the others saw that from these arguments people were getting impatient with being" nice". Slick talking leaders who were not evil enough to have joined Zannacross but were greedy enough to exploit people to gain elected and while not full of evil intent, did not really care about the consequences of their actions after winning.

Ben was an avid follower of history and knew that people could get hustled by schemers into voting to be taken over by fascists. But even so, he was shake to the core over the fact that only a few years after the entire universe had seen how Weil Zabi had lied to galaxies to secure power over the United Federation of Zeon, so many people had seemed to forgotten all of it and were eager to let many demagogues string them along.

The fact that so many people did not seem to care about the truth and just went with who said what they wanted to hear the most shook his faith in people being able to learn from his mistakes.

The owner of the Divine Mugen Nova had at first been reluctant to exploit his stardom, but quickly made use of it to do " damage" control and swiftly make it clear which leaders he endorses, and which ones he thought were just two timing rabble rising blowhards telling people what they wanted to hear to get the perks of power without caring about the aftermath.

Only those completely detached from sanity would dare to say that they knew more than the man who saved the universe that was without a doubt god's champion. But a handful did, and this was not enough to change anything on its own, but it was enough for Ben to noticed there was more of a growing undercurrent of impatient of all sorts, for things to be "better".

Such things might have been trivia in normal circumstances after a war, but the problem was this was supposed to be the "final" war that would lead things to paradise. People were grateful to be alive and not being attacked, but as time passed more and more people expected things to be better, including the angels.

However gentle they were to Ben, the angels made it clear again and again that to atone for the sins he committed under Darth Idious he had to succeed where previous heroes had failed, and guide society to a better tomorrow.

But the harder Ben tried, while he kept up a positive outlook to everyone but Lacus and Hiryuumon, despair took a greater and greater hold as he begun to truly realize how fickle and irrational most people were.

While having more than a little idea on human nature after fighting a universal war, after working with King Atem and the angels Ben became aware of the term" sadopopulism".

In essence, "'Sadopopulism' is the notion that you're doing half of populism. You promise people things, but then when you get power you have no intention of even trying to implement any policy on behalf of the people. Instead, you deliberately make the suffering worse for your critical constituency.

Ben had fought enough tyrants to have seen how repressed people were conditioned to think they deserved to be ruled, but it was one thing when repressed people went along with the only choice they had, but Ben, and all the other Enji quickly realized that even when conditions are ideal, people still will hate those that are different than them even when they have nothing to fear, purely because of their irrational fears in their head that no amount of logic could remove.

Sometimes people even preferred to be ruled by a tyrant merely because they could blame them for all of their own failings and not have to admit any failure

One could hope for the best…but Ben saw what happened the majority of the time people just acted on good faith…and it was society going down the road to unfreedom…to chaos.

The previous chosen ones that survived their battle with Zannacross, Serenity Van Houten and Siegfried tried to have faith in humans learning from their mistakes after the war, and as a reward Siegfried was betrayed and nearly killed, an act that made him bitter enough to join Zannacross and become Nightmare, while Serenity was marginalized and only was able to get token efforts passed for the rest of her life.

Ben never wanted to be like Kira, Weil, and all the other people who repressed the weak, but was finding more and more just how much of a burden leadership can be, double so when it was leadership over the entire universe.

He wanted to protect people and help them find happiness; truly, but how does a hero help people from themselves? What does a hero do when the majority of a people are deadest on an asinine path to ruin that will drag everyone around them with them?

Even with the ability to consult with the citizens heaven Ben had no success finding an answer. Even Kal-El the "Superman," known as one of the greatest hero's in history, could only keep things stable as long as he was alive, for even though the Legion of Superhero's that was inspired by him kept the universe in a good place, it to eroded as more and more forgot what the " Superman" stood for.

Others like Goku just tuned out entirely to most of what was going on outside his life and focused on fighting, while his son Gohan and the other" Z-Fighters" had the same approach as Superman and Wonder Woman.

Luke Skywalker and many others could not handle the pressure and broke down, a fate Ben wanted to avoid at all cost. After a few years of looking over things all Ben knew is that, something had to change.

To his shock the first angel, Iger Rassilon the "Master of Masters" agreed with him and shared some ideas on how to reform life in a way that would not be as aggressive as the methods of tyrants.

Ben consulted with King Atem, Lacus, the Lylat Subcommittee, Master Myers and many of the other Enji and the most intelligent people in the universe at a summit at Hollow Bastion, and came together with an idea to at last lead the entire universe peacefully to a better tomorrow.

First Ben and his comrades started wide spreading some of Kira and the Titans' unused projects like the Sybil System to be able to prevent more crimes from being committed.

Ben knew there was a risk of such things being abused but knew that like every tool it all depended on how it was used. After seeing that the use of the Psycho-Pass and GN particles was working, with all the powers that be content with how things were looking he prepared to go through with the operation that would make his dream of a kinder gentler world come true, the Homeostasis Matrix Connection, the plan that would lead to when , as Optimus Prime would say it," To where all would be one."

A speech his Grandfather had told him had stuck with him for most of his life.

"Thinking of you were ever you are-

We pray for our sorrows to end

and hope that our hearts will blend

now I will step forward to realize this wish-

There are many worlds

but they share the same sky

one sky one destiny-"

Ben's grandfather had told him this speech for years as a way to inspire hope for peace, for the hopes that the universe would be a kinder, gentler place then the society that for most of Ben's childhood shunned him for not fitting in with the whims of the " popular kids."

Such ideas are what Ben believed for most of his life, the ideas that heroes could guide everyone to a better future. The Homeostasis Matrix Axiom Connection was Ben's idea at last make his dream a reality.

For a good chunk of his life Ben had issues being understood by those around him. Many of the members of his family were also loners, many of his aunts and uncles died alone, failing to have ever made a strong enough connection to have been loved by anyone aside from family.

Ben was terrified of his life following in his relative's footsteps, terrified enough to risk it all to join the Enji and prove he was good enough to be loved. After winning the Cosmic Wars Ben thought that he had managed to prove that he was quite the opposite from his relatives, but still wanted to try and make it so that people would no longer have to suffer isolated, lonely lives.

Some of his relatives even directly said they wished no one would have to suffer like they did, further pushing him to see the Homeostasis Matrix Axiom Connection through.

The ability to be able to understand another's pain so that they would not be hurt by misunderstanding, the ability to experience what trauma people went through in the past so it would not be repeated, the ability to know when your ideas are wrong before others are harmed by them, to Ben that sounded like only good things.

Ben did not want to lock people in a life they hated, he truly thought this would do the opposite and make sure no one would be stuck in a life they hated. If something like this was around when Ben was growing up, maybe he would have not had to spend his childhood isolated, at least that's what he thought in his head.

He knew things had to work in practice and not just in theory and decided that the first person to test the project, the person that would make the ideal test, would be his own father Jack Auro.

Ben and Jack long did not see eye to eye, and even after the cosmic war, even after Ben saved the universe, even after all the new wealth they now had, little changed between them.

The Enji's relationship with his father had always been, complex. Ben was fully aware he could have had a worst father then someone who never hit him. But his father always used that as an excuse to justify whatever irrational delusion he did no matter how much his actions would affect Ben.

Even after gaining wealth Ben's father did not make many real new friends, just people who wanted to hear stories, and Ben was noticing more and more that a lot of those people were woman.

Just recently Ben found out a that his cousin Max's parents' marriage was all but a sham, that Max's dad had been having an affair with another woman for years, and this was going on since before Max joined the Enji, and might have even been part of the reason Max joined the Enji, out of disgust for his father.

As Ben heard from his uncle that he thought he "earned it" after putting up with Max's mother for years after she became detached and in her own world, he got even more alarmed when his own father starting saying the same things as Max's dad, that he" earned " more time with other woman after all he put up with.

It was then that Ben decided his father would be the first test subject for the Homeostasis Matrix Connection. After a long…combative talk Ben's dad reluctantly agreed after Ben made clear how fed up he was with his behavior.

And, it worked, after Jack Auro went through the treatment, he was more polite and considerate about how his actions effected his wife and the others around him. Since his father seemed happier to get along with others better everyone seemed happier, making Ben overjoyed that he might be able to pull off guiding the universe to a better tomorrow.

After more test subjects gave positive results Ben, Lacus, and the others were getting ready to go full throttle and Ben allowed himself to think he really was going to save the universe from its ultimate enemy, the delusional desires of the mass's that brought about the likes of Weil Zabi and Brad Fowltror and all the other villains in history.

But, as usual, just when things looked like they were going to come together things when from great to horrible nearly in an instant.

Ben still had a few surprises to stop when glitch's in the universe, what the angel's thought were side effects from the universe being put back together after Zannacross nearly remade all existence to his liking, such as the planet Faykreed 's sun suddenly going out of control.

But it soon became painfully clear the crises was not random when Ben made a planned trip to Deep Space Nine to reunite with the Justice Force, and found that he had a sudden audience with Beerus and Whis thanks to the mischief loving angel Q.

The God's of Destruction have been isolated for so long that Ben confused Beerus for another one of Doctor Wily's creations, but quickly learned the cat shaped deity was not bluffing about his status, and power.

Having given up his full power to stop Zannacross, Ben was nearly overwhelmed by the godly being, but with Lacus and the others he was able to surprise the God of Destruction. But the chance of an upset lead to an even greater upset, as out of nowhere an entire world fell out of a hole in the sky.

Ben was horrified to find that somehow all evil was not gone as odd pale woman named" Black Swans" were suddenly declaring the end of everything, and that some of her enforcers seemed like corrupt versions of Superman and Goku.

With so much chaos Ben hardly could get an idea on what was going on, till he and Lacus were suddenly attacked by a masked man who was calling himself the Chaotic Comedian.

As deadly as the new foe's attacks were, what was most disturbing was that the man in twisted jester attire sounded like Doug, and after Ben got a hit in, he saw a face that looked like his own teammate.

Ben could hardly have time to process it all before Ben and everyone else saw the scale of the new enemy, as the Beyonder suddenly smashed through into the universe and destroyed everything before Ben even had a chance to get his bearings.

The chosen hero was horrified as after everything he had done, out of no were a mad god had shattered the universe in an instant, only because Whis and the advent of Beerus's brother Champa, Valdos were able to use their power to rewind time.

This brought Ben before Cosmos and found out even the Ethereal Queen of Light was just as caught off guard by the Beyonder as the rest of her children before telling her champions about her first son and why he was not linked to Zannacross.

The ominous appearance of an enemy just as powerful as Zannacross, but maybe even more unstable and ruthless was a revelation that shocked everyone, but on a personal level as Ben returned to a week before the" Incursion" he was disturbed by the fact that Doug might have joined an enemy that was hellbent on destroying everyone in the universe.

While it was easy enough that the Beyonder created a clone of Doug like the other" Chrono Phantasma" the Beyonder seemed to create out of the Steller Memory of history, but recent events had given Ben much to fear about one of his best friends.

After the war Ben and Doug had drifted apart, Ben wanted to have Doug in working with him but Doug had insisted he wanted to do his own thing, and Ben respected his right to do what he wanted.

The two kept mostly in touch the first few years, but as Ben's job got more intense, he kept losing track of time as Doug got more distant, till the last year he hardly heard from him.

While Doug did answer the Enji's call as they amassed to stop the Beyonder, when the Silver Surfer brought the member of team 7 to him it was clear that Doug had changed, in more ways than just growing a beard.

But Ben was to distracted to dwell on it long as he found the Beyonder had indeed already replaced people of the universe with Chrono Phantasma agents, but thankfully Ben and the others was able to shut down the agents of the enemy at Spirius HQ before they could alert there master.

While diving into a dimension where the enemy had total control was logically a horrible idea, Ben was hell bent on not letting a mad god destroy everything he, Lacus and the others were striving for.

With a few more reinforcements the leader of the Justice Force dove into the Schwarzwelt vortex. While he and the others hoped the angel's blessings would shield them from the Beyonder's notice, it quickly proved futile to try and hide from someone who was an entire dimension.

But the Beyonder was to full of himself to take Ben as a threat to him and divided him and the others from each other to take part in the "Secret Wars" The Beyonder was conducting to choose his champions.

Ben found himself confronted by Chrono Phantasma of Superman, Iron Man, Batman, Captain America, and dozens of some of the most legendary hero's, and Mighty Number Nine.

Ben saw that the heroes were themselves, but there had become two groups of hero's, for the Beyonder had demanded a champion, and was eager to see the hero's break their morals in order to survive.

Ben saw how legendary heroes held up their ideals under pressure, and also saw how their values effected those around them, and what those values were not able to do, before being even more determined to live on to surpass the legends and remember what he was fighting for.

While it got a bit rocky when Superboy Prime revealed Ben had destroyed an entire world as Darth Idious, after expressing just how sorrowful he was at how much suffering his weakness caused he found most of the heroes were able to forgive him after seeing his sincere regret and admitting many of them had their own moments of weakness.

After rallying everyone to not give up, Ben and his allies stopped Mira and the Ultron-Sigma Chrono Phantasma before stopping Captain America and Iron Man from killing each other, and then taking down Superboy Prime after a vicious battle.

Ben was relived as he moved up to the center of Battle World and found out that Lacus, James, Hiryuumon and the rest of his friends had made it out ok as well. But not all was well, as Doug had changed.

The welder of the Divine Mugen Nova sword wanted to deal with his friend's issues at a time when the universe was not in danger, but to Doug, even with the Beyonder and Zamasu right in front of him his resentment at Ben, and everyone else could not be contained any longer after getting power from the Beyonder.

Ben's friend called him out on his plans, and revealed he knew about the Homeostasis Matrix Axiom Connection and demanded he explained to everyone just what he really wanted to do.

Ben had been planning things for years, and he had talked with countless people about it. However, the only person that he talked to about it that was not on board with it from the start and wanted the same things Ben did was his father, and he more or less forced his dad to go through with it.

Doug was the first person to so strongly disagree with his plan, and with how revved up he was Doug opposed the plan so strongly, that in his insanity he thought the universe was better off destroyed then see Ben's plan go through.

Thanks to the Beyonder giving his friend his power, Ben was shocked to see Doug was powerful enough to overpower him, all of his comrades and even his new Chrono Phantasma allies all at once after his rage unlocked the Ultra Instinct skill, a skill even Ben did not possess and was something only Goku had mastered.

Seeing that Doug once more was descending into a dark murderous fury that would consume the entire universe, Ben was determined to not fail his duty or his friend, and with Lacus's help he was able to sever Doug from his darkness using some of his newly mastered skills. It seemed to work, only for classic Auro luck to run its course as Doug's darkness became the Chaotic Comedian on his own, and nearly killed Ben.

Ben saw Master Yamamoto give up his life to stall the Chaotic Comedian, while Superman and much of the Chrono Phantasma that fought with him gave up their own lives to stall the Beyonder after pleading with Ben not to give up humanity.

Thanks to Cosmos intervening and attacking the Beyonder directly, they were able to escape to gather their full power. As Beerus lambasted Ben and the rest of the Enji for being hypocrites they all were summoned by the Master of master's himself to restore Ben and Lacus's full power.

The path to his full strength was a bumpy one, as in heaven he had a rough reunion with Max, forcing Ben to admit he had lost sight of things. But it just got worst as he then had to see Kira again in hell, who mocked his former apprentice for following in his footsteps and making the same conclusion about humanity's hopeless nature as he did, and that it was the natural conclusion of anyone who saw humanity's true nature for long.

What was even more upsetting was that Ben could only hardly rebuke Kira 's accusation that Ben was a puppet to others because he was not strong enough to go down a path, he made himself.

The chosen one had no time to waste arguing with the man who tortured him though and focused on extracting the energy from the original Divine Nova and Golden Imperia Crystal that were still keeping Zannacross sealed.

Despite Ben's dread, thanks to the God's of Destruction helping, Zannacross remained sealed even after sensing Ben. But to the hero's horror, they found that someone else was helping the Beyonder after all, and it was none other than Goku.

Ben had seen Goku as an inspiration for most of his life, as someone who came from humble backgrounds to be the underdog that defied fate to become a hero of justice. But Ben was shocked to learn from Beerus that the Goku he knew was, not the real Goku.

Because after fighting Beerus Goku had become so obsessed with finding stronger and stronger opponents that he even revived Frieza and did not care about how many people died as the cost for his fights as long as it did not affect his friends, and that it got so bad that Goku's memories had to be erased and his power had to be sealed before the Black Star Dragon Ball's were used to seal his power further.

In the end after Omega Shenrong was killed Goku was really sent to heaven early because they could not allow Goku alive any longer.

Ben quickly saw that Beerus was not exaggerating because he saw Goku at King Kai's planet trying to get one of the ZONE sphere's the Beyonder created to open a portal from heaven to the Beyonder's realm, already taking out his longtime friends to try and get the " Ultimate fight" at all costs.

While Ben and Goku had fought alongside each other against Zannacross, after that Goku's "seal" was eroded, causing his original toxic fight obsessed nature to seep out, making the Saiyan bitter. Despite Ben making clear what was at stake, Goku would not back down, so Ben had to challenge Goku to a fight.

While at first Ben's full power seemed to trump Goku's own top strength, the newly obsessed Goku drive for the ultimate fight caused him to reawaken his previously lost powers and merge Ultra Instinct with his Super Saiyan 4 form, giving Goku enough reaction time to counter Ben's attacks even at full power.

But Ben showed he cared more about doing his job right then saving the universe, as he let his friends help him overpower Goku.

As bitter as it was for Ben to have to nearly kill one of his long-time hero's, he quickly was confronted with some even more bitter surprises, as suddenly the majority of the God's of Destruction's, there attendants, and the Master of Masters attacked him!

Once more a person Ben had trusted had betrayed him. Ben thought that being the first angel there was no one he could trust more then Iger Rassilon, but the Master of Masters had taught Ben and Cosmos alike that no living being is completely without change unless there free will was completely repressed like a robot.

What mortified Ben and the others even more was that the first angel and the others were not brainwashed to serve the Beyonder or were replaced the Chrono Phantasma, they fought for him but not entirely for him, but for their own agenda.

The reason Whis and Valdos saved them all before only to betray them was that they wanted to fulfill their own dreams, to be free from the destiny Cosmos and Zannacross and installed on them.

The truth was the plan the Grand Priest told Ben was the path to true paradise, was a plan he truthfully thought as true hell, one where nothing would ever change, one that would in theory bring peace but make life meaningless.

As Ben furiously fought the man who betrayed him, Iger pointed out that Ben, Cosmos, Master Myers, and Atem all went for the easiest solution to bring harmony and deluded themselves into thinking everyone would like it in time.

He forced Ben to admit that he was so traumatized by Brad that he wanted to make it so that no one in the universe that acted like him even a little bit would be allowed to exist, and that it was not just Brad but aggressive people like him, the people Ben did not get along with growing up.

Ben had rationalized that most people like that were evil or savages that would make it impossible for a better world, but Iger made Ben admit he was falling to the same mindset that so many others had fallen to, and just wanted to make every one that would not agree with him be "phased" out because that would be paradise to him.

No matter how many ways he had rationalized his cause being for justice and leading to peace, no matter how many others did share his desires, the truth was there were countless others that had not and Ben had just thought they were selfish or on the verge of going" maverick" till Doug's defiance made him rethink things.

Ben had thought if he could pull things off there would be no need for more superhero's because everything would be perfect, but now he doubted if he was just deluding himself and he just wanted to impose his will on everyone, that he was the villain.

This doubt made Ben off guard long enough for Iger Rassilon to use his vast power to purge Ben of the angelic modifications done to his body, and then his very youth. Reduced to a normal century old man, even with most of his mind suddenly gone Ben's instincts to do the right thing propelled his now feeble broken body to make a futile last stand over begging for mercy, and thankfully with the help of Lacus, The Supreme Kai of Time, Champa, and Super Saiyan Four Ultra Instinct Gogeta, Ben was restored to before he was altered and was able to overpower and destroy the First Angel.

The cost was steep though as Beerus and Champa both died at the hands of the Sidereal angels they thought were their closest companions, while the rest had killed each other in the sudden schism between the oldest race of angels.

As traumatic as that was, Ben hardly had time to take it all in as the One Above All suddenly appeared before him and demanded a one on one chat, casually reminding everyone of his power as he casually dismissed Goku and Kira in rapid succession.

The Chosen one quickly chatted with the" True" god alone, before the " Source" revealed he did not share Cosmos's ideology, and unlike her did not think that a universe were every living thing was always happy as possible was the best state for it, for if nothing changed it would mean little difference then a dead universe.

Since he knew Ben was overwhelmed and mislead, he gave Ben a break and a chance to change, but only before giving him a chance to have clarity. Using his omnipotence, he allowed Ben to see the future his dream would create, and it was a one where everyone was content, because everyone was nearly a zombie.

Truly mortified at what his idea of paradise would lead to, The-One-Above-All warned Ben he must give up the idea of a fairy tale ending where the peaceful times will never end, but that it was still possible to guide people to a better tomorrow if he truly tried to reach out to people's desires, to everyone's desires .

After being dismissed by god Ben had a lot to take in, with little time to reflect as the final showdown with the Beyonder swiftly approached. Ben tried to reflect with Lacus about what he truly wanted but did not even have time for that as the Beyonder's Dimensional Generals struck faster than he expected and attacked his family.

With heaven and the angels weakened as a result of the Master of Master's betrayal the Chaotic Comedian, Mira, and the Black Swans Towa and Elphelt Valentine were able to get to Ben's father and Lacus's mother.

Ben had to face up to how he truly felt about his father when Mira and Towa not only undid the treatment done to him, but consumed him with darkness for the universe denouncing him, to the point that in his craze he brought Mira right before Ben and let the dimensional general absorb him.

Even though he was stronger than Mira, he was hesitating to kill his father, despite how much bad blood there was between father and son he still could not bring himself to kill his father. But his father felt the same way and showed Mira he had enough resolve to defy him long enough for Ben to split his father from the Dimensional General.

But the cost of saving his father was the Beyonder 's plan going off. Ben found that despite his efforts, the Incursion was unfolding once more. But this time Ben was ready, and despite all the doubts he had one thing had not changed one bit, his desire to protect the lives of everyone he cared about.

While the Beyonder attacked directly and also unleashed Chrono Phantasma of the likes of Galactus, the Anti-Monitor, the Reapers, The " Final Order" fleet and more to try and overwhelm the hero's with sheer size, Ben and his teammates showed how much they cared about living as they fought through everything the Beyonder threw at them, with the help of Max, other deceased warriors such as Goku and even Kira, they were able to break into the Beyonder's personal dimension once more, and found that there target was ready for them.

Despite everything that happened, the Beyonder was treating the fate of the universe as a game, as he still saw everyone in existence as just his game pieces to entertain him. But Ben was hell bent on making the mad deity's delusions end as he fought through everything from altered and enhanced copies of PAC-MAN to Jiren to get deeper into the Beyonder's newly restructured universe.

Just as he saw Lacus attacked by a fanatical Zamasu, Mira ambushed him, and sealed him into an isolated pocket reality, the "Verge of Chaos" to try and finish him.

Ben thought Mira was little more than mindless muscle in their previous battles, after absorbing Towa and being egged on by the Chaotic Comedian Mira 's third attempt was much more focused and vicious, having been given new powers by the Beyonder to be a match for Ben's. Mira also attacked Ben mentally, berating him as a hypocrite.

The member of Squad 7 was unraveled enough for Mira to get a hold on him and try and erase his very soul with his new power. But before his mind could be erased by nano-machines Ben's will to live caused him to break his hold. But this caused Ben to have another surprise, and that was that Mira had suddenly become Idious.

Withier it was his dark soul overwhelming the Dimensional General 's mind or that Mira was just mimicking him to further attack Ben mentally meant little, it felt real enough for Ben.

While Ben thought that he had overcame Idious in the Tower of Destiny, this clash showed to him he could not simply evolve past his failings, forcing Ben to admit he would have to fight his demons forever. To prove he was not just fighting for his ego Ben nearly killed himself to take down Idious, and it was only because Lacus was able to heal him in time.

Glad that he was able to overcome his personal demons before the moment of truth, Ben braced himself to confront the demon that posed the biggest threat to all life, the Beyonder. After he and his allies cut through the last Chrono Phantasma in their way, to settle things with the deranged first son of Cosmos and Zannacross, who even after all of this treated Ben's efforts as a game, seeing heroism itself as just a " fad" that he would end forever.

While the Beyonder had just as much power as Zannacross, and maybe even more chaotic, Ben forced the Beyonder to realize power alone, even the power of god does not make one the best fighter as with the help of the other defenders of the universe they were able to outwit the Beyonder to psych him out and take advantage of his lack of true battle experience to get through his attacks, and hurt him.

The Divine Mugen Nova had the power to sever the Beyonder's mind, and the leader of the "Wandenreich" realized that Ben was not joking as he was feeling true pain. Ben also saw that from feeling this pain, the Beyonder felt true fear, and was starting to realize that he was not as beyond the pain and fear that everyone else felt that he thought.

For a moment it looked like the Beyonder was starting to realize that everyone else in existence was not just game pieces for him to play with, and that he might even realize why people don't like getting hurt, and Ben realized that for all his power and insanity, in the end the Beyonder truly was nothing more than a child, a deranged child but one never the less, one that could be reasoned with.

But just as it looked like Ben and the others might be able to reason with their enemy, things took a turn for the worst as Ben found out that Doug did not finish the Chaotic Comedian off after all.

The last Dimensional General shocked everyone when he betrayed his master when he was weak, and then absorbed him into his body. Ben braced himself for Zannacross or some long lost time using demon such as Demigra or Kronika, but he and everyone else was shocked as the person who emerged was none other than Brad Fowltror.

While Ben thought he killed the man who had abused the woman he loved back on Earth Prime, and that because of the effects of the Juggernaut Project his soul was shattered and he could never be revived, it seems once more things were not as he thought, for the reality was that Brad's soul was just sent to an isolated section of hell. Zannacross was going to torment Brad's soul as a celebration of his new world but ended up using him to try and awaken the Beyonder in a last ditch attempt to win, only for it to backfire for everyone but Brad.

Ben was horrified to see that the man he hated most of all, now had the power of god, and truly wanted to destroy everything in existence to spite Ben and remake everything to be completely bound solely to his will, and that Ben no longer had the power to stop him.

The chosen one desperately wanted to stop Brad more than anything, but once more found that the man who killed his cousin seemed all but invincible, even more so then ever before.

Brad tried to break Ben's body and his resolve by rubbing it in that Ben was so traumatized by him that he wanted to "phase out" anyone like him in existence, and that in the end the two were more alike than Ben would ever admit, but that Ben wanted to pretend to be good while Brad was honest about what he was.

After all that happened Ben had his doubts but refused to let Brad get away with reducing everyone to his level, to make there being no point to morals, to anything but strength.

With all of his friends helping him and Cosmos descending to help Ben shocked Brad by weathering his savage onslaught and making him feel pain. Brad got furious at this and tried to go back to the dawn of the universe to erase everyone and everything so that it would only be him.

But Ben refused to let Brad get the last laugh, and with the help of everyone he was able to sever the Beyonder from Brad, and with the help of Lacus, was able to unleash every attack a hero made in the history of the universe at once to at last overwhelm Brad.

To ensure Brad would never come back, after feeling what it was like for the Master of Masters to age him, Ben " ended" Brad's very time, reducing him to a feeble mindless old man before killing him to ensure that no matter what, Brad's mind was gone forever, at last killing the man who took so much for him once and for all.

But Brad seemed to have gotten the last laugh after all, as everyone was still about to be consumed by the Big Bang.

Remembering how he nearly lost Lacus when they got out of Zannacross's collapsing dimension, and remembering the promise he made to her, he pushed her into the time portal just as it was about to close to keep his promise.

Thanks to Cosmos he endured the Big Bang and was sealed in a special barrier that would keep him in crystal status across the entire history of the universe so he could awaken in front of Lacus without losing his mind.

But even after all this, things were not over yet, because in the after math of Brad's rampage both the Zannacross and the Beyonder were free, and while frenzied, Zannacross still thought nothing of revenge and tried to take his son's power. But to his shock Cosmos and the Beyonder out witted Zannacross and forced him to give up his divinity alongside them to at last end things.

This left the universe without the god's that they were aware of, and only a chaotic anomaly of energy left. Such energy was about to cause the universe to be unstable, but Ben was shocked that Doug jumped forward and take action instead.

Ben thought his friend was taking responsibility for his actions, and maybe that was partially true. Yet, to his horror he saw Master Myers die, before Doug declared to the entire universe to" grow up" before he purposely reigned the realties, to shatter heaven.

Ben was horrified as Doug caused what would be later known as the" Death Stranding", an even that directly changed the afterlife, making it so that many mortals now were the ones in charge of death, turning death into just another thing controlled by the rich and destroying all hope of a better future.

For the next few months Ben was to overwhelmed dealing with just damage control to even think about anything else, anything else besides his marriage to Lacus.

As everything was falling apart, he wanted to prove to Lacus and the entire universe is love for her would not crumble along with everything else, and with how badly the universe's people were devastated everyone needed something inspiring.

And so, Ben and Lacus were at last married, and it was indeed one of the most wonderful weddings in recorded history, but even that could only do so much. More than anything Ben wanted to honor Cosmos and Master Myers, after all he saw the leader of the Enji more as his father then his own father.

But after Cosmos died and the Enji failed to bring about paradise, the after math of the Death Stranding broke the people's faith in the Enji, in the Lylat Kingdom, and even heroism itself, if not any big idea at all.

Ben could only watch as King Atem resigned and the Lylat Kingdom morphed into the Lylat Network, which was more of a service to help people and negotiate between people then a government, while the Enji were also turned in to the Savior Agents, in essence " heroes for hire" that had to obey the laws of whoever's property they were going on or be prepared to be seen as enemies.

All central authority had been destroyed, the Enji, if not heroism itself had lost support and at Ben's wedding he saw that it was all because of Doug.

Doug had survived after all, the One-Above-All allowed him to live and partially bend the universe to his desire, and his old teammate made it clear he had no regrets about forcing the universe to change.

While he did not seek violence or conquest, Ben had found that one of his best teammates now was someone who would do anything to keep his freedom, and was willing to cause chaos so that no force of order would ever be powerful enough to make him get in line again.

As badly as Ben wanted to make Doug answer for what he did, he did not want to ruin his wedding, and with Doug acquiring the power of Instant Transmission after absorbing some of Zannacross's essence, Ben was forced to witness that Doug would be causing chaos and Ben would have to accept it.

Right after that he was confronted by God himself, who made it clear to Ben that he more or less condoned Doug's actions, because unlike Cosmos he was nature itself, light, darkness, and everything in between.

Ben was horrified to find out that the" Source" was in some ways glad to not be bound by the absolutes of either Cosmos or Zannacross, and that in the end, there was no path to paradise in life, just an entertaining existence, and that he nearly allowed the Beyonder to erase everything out of dreading how boring a universe Ben's paradise would be.

" Chuck" did let Ben known it was still possible to guide the people to a better tomorrow, but it would have to be one based on a sincere understanding, not a false paradise brought by force, and that's why Ben and Lacus were allowed to keep their immortality and strength to see if they could see their task through.

Ben knew his destiny was not an easy one before, but after everything, it almost seemed like God had given Ben the role of Sisyphus. The cunning king of Corinth who was punished in Hades by having repeatedly to roll a huge stone up a hill only to have it roll down again as soon as he had brought it to the summit.

After all, all the major powers of the universe had seen the collapse of heaven as their right to prove they were the natural winners of the universe, nearly all ideas of lasting peace collapsed as it became a game of total dominance, and Ben quickly saw that many of the major powers copied the data Weil Zabi had on the clone he made of Ben and Ezan to create their own" Pure" champion so that no one could stop them.

Despite how overwhelming hopeless it looked; Ben pressed one. Even as centuries passed, even as more and more of his friends died, to the point where he only had a handful of people still with him from when he joined the Enji, Ben fought on.

Even if he had to transform Tri-Edge into Cathedral Elysium Terra, an entire planet sized ship he could control so he did not have to depend on any other group or race, he would keep fighting, keep ensuring people would have a symbol of peace.

Doug forced Ben to think over the fact that no one is a hero for everyone, and that in the end in his eyes Ben's just a champion for those too weak to stand for themselves and that those who were strong enough to shape life on their own would see Ben as a villain for trying to oppose his values on someone else, Ben had to keep thinking that justice meant something to someone, and as long as people were saved by his actions, he would keep fighting.

As much as people disgusted them were there reckless impulsive actions and repeat the same mistakes over and over again, Ben would honor his promise to Master Myers and the others that had faith with him till the end, and try and not become a villain no matter what.

Even as his universe might be linked to a "Multiverse" because of Doug's " equalizers" even as it became clear people would rather destroy heaven then have to see people they don't like as " equals", even as people once again formed organizations of pure greed such as the UND, even as forces he tried to create to help humanity such as the "YoRHa" androids were corrupted by Doug's forces, Ben would keep fighting.

No matter what, Ben would keep fighting so that one day, just maybe, people would be able to truly reach an understanding and reach a better tomorrow, if they can survive that long.

New moves in EXE: Aside from spars to keep in shape Ben did not push himself to hard after he beat Zannacross and so he did not learn many new moves. But he did try and practice further mastering his control over light to help people in various ways. Hence he was able to alter the energy of his sprit swords when in Bankai, such as turning them to energy blades of red sunlight to chip away Superboy Prime's power in there showdown.

Ben also mastered the skill to carve someone's "Darkness" out of them in the form of the Shinning Soul Cleave attack.

Also, in his showdown with Mira Ben realized he could not pretend the darkness in him did not exist and started to use dark based energy attacks as ways to combined light and darkness with his attacks.

Extra Author Notes AKA inspiration:

Well, it would have sure as hell been easier to have made Ben just stay the same and just want to take down whoever was causing more problems and have that be that. But I wanted to take a risk to show what the burdens of leadership and expectations would do to someone.

I wanted to show Ben had become so isolated and focused on " solving" how to unite people that he nearly lost sight of what it means to be free, alive, and all that, nearly like Doctor Manhattan in Watchmen and some others.

I did not want Ben to turn into Neo Kira, just someone who slowly lost sight of things as he became more and more focused on getting the job done "right" over the little details. As they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions as Ben found out the hard way over EXE.

I guess, I saw how so many superhero's in the comics had a phase where they got into an extreme path such as Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman, and the X-men( double so for the X-men after this current arc in Hickmen's run, god damn what have they done.)

I did have to rethink what is truly the best path for a hero to take, but at EXE's end despite it being centuries Ben's still determined to act as a hero no matter how much more difficult it may be.

In the end, I got a master's in history of genocide so in the time between Volume 3 and EXE I saw a lot more about the horrors of humanity and saw just how easily humans can do horrible things. Also been a substitute teacher since 2017 so I seen just how short sited and self-absorbed so many people can be, so, that might have contributed to my viewpoints to say the least.

Well, I know the path Ben took was not a path that everyone would like, but hopefully at least he did not degrade as much as Luke Skywalker in the Disney timeline who ended up a failure or Goku who is becoming more and more a thoughtless maniac, well, we will see.

James Elrond: Age 24. Red hair and hazel eyes

James always valued reason and intelligence, but after Zannacross was defeated he was determined to see that reason would never be lost to impulse again. After seeing his entire life how people were persecuted James vowed to honor Magneto's dream that persecution to the Elves and the "Homo Superior" mutants and all other minority groups would become a thing of the past. But the task was even more difficult when James realized the extent of people's innate racism.

While after Zannacross's fall the majority of the people in racist groups such as Blue Cosmos, Cerberus, the "U-Men" and others died, the people that passed the rapture still were hostile to those not part of their" Tribe" they just took less extreme actions.

While it was nothing lethal for the moment James saw that as the years passed people were starting to get vexed that things were not a utopia yet and were starting to fall back on old stereotypes and grudges.

James's wife Katie was wanting more and more to have a child, but the new Enji Master was determined to make the universe a place where his child would not have to face the persecution he did.

That's why he knew there were many logical problems to the Homeostasis Matrix Connection, the idea of not trying to solve the problems of the universe made the pros outweigh the cons to him and he fully supported Ben in seeing his plan through.

James's determination to see his dream realized pushed him to lead the Enji to survive the insanity of the Chrono Phantasma of Kylo Ren and the fury of the Chrono Phantasma of Darth Plagueis and all of his forces in the segment of Battleworld James was sent to.

His determination was even able to cause the Black Swan Ramathel to question herself.

But when he was reunited with Doug, and saw his former teammate's fury at finding out what his teammates planned to do. At first James thought Doug was just insane, after hearing reports at how Doug was causing trouble to "get back at the man" .

James did think his friend had wanted attention so badly he was willing to do whatever it took to still feel important. But after the two had more time to talk, Doug got James to open his eyes at how his intent to try and solve racism would not lead to a paradise, but a living hell were there was no value in life.

It was only a little while ago that James found out his wife was going to be pregnant, and the stress of becoming a father made the Quincy Wizard more focused to see the universe" Fixed". But Doug pointed out a simple question, if he had the chance for his child to obey him like a machine, would he want that to be his kid's life even if it meant his own would be easier?

James started to realize just how twisted his idea of a utopia had become, and was determined to atone for his part in almost pushing the universe to a state of total stagnation. The member of Squad 7 gave it his all during the final showdown with the Beyonder. When the Chrono Phantasma of Relius Clover suddenly trapped everyone in his ritual, and James only escaping being captured himself thanks to Ramathel, the Enji Master found himself having to fight Relius with his Erde Imperiex Aporia mecha that was forged after using all of his comrade bodies as batteries.

James realized Relius could have been the person he would have become, a cold person who only valued his experiments and his data. But where Relius used his own children as test subjects, James vowed to always put people first no matter how much he craved knowledge, because to him if the knowledge and data did not help people. James took a very irrational tactic and "bet his own life" to trump over Relius.

Even so…despite his new application for emotion, at the very end James was horrified that Doug would do such a reckless, thoughtless act and shatter heaven.

No matter how Doug tried to rationalize it, to James Doug had shattered everything he and the Enji worked for and pushed the universe in a direction to as far as a peaceful direction as it could get.

With the Lylat Kingdom and Enji Knights dissolved into weaker institutions, James could only gather all of the Homo Superior " Mutants" and the others who were persecuted for not bending to the will of the majorities around them and insure that the world of Krakoa would always be a sanctuary for his kind, and always be a place his Uncle and the others would be proud of.

Knowing what an uphill struggle Ben would have to face, James gathered all the data he could so that even after his time in life was done, his friend would have what he needed to see the mission through.

New Attacks in EXE: While James mostly retired from fighting after Zannacross's fall, the new Enji Master did work new spells to help restore the damage done to countless planets in the war.

As the Secret Wars broke out James was quickly forced to regain his battle instincts, and came up with new spells such as the Magnetic Okunenju Forest, which created an entire metallic Forrest to confuse Relius Clover and jam his mecha's targeting systems with the Chaff " pollen" it spread or the Schrödinger virus seed meant to poison and overwhelm its target's brain.

I know he did not display many new powers from his Quincy side but well, Uryū Ishida in Bleach, despite in theory being a major part of the final Bleach arc never really showed off anything new so, that limited things a tad for that side, thankfully Magneto has plenty of tricks lol.

Extra Authors Notes: James was always the hands-off member of Squad 7 and always got less focus, and while it's true he still had less focus then Ben, Doug, and the others I wanted to at least try and give him a worthwhile arc.

I know even in his solo arc the focus was also on the Star Wars cast but I wanted it to showcase that James is more of a behind the scenes guy, but one that can take action when its required, such as dealing with Darth Plagueis. I guess I wanted to show how people who get consumed by research can lose sight of things even with the best of intentions. I know

Ezan Zeon: Has sliver hair to the edge of his neck, has black eyes that can change to the eyes of the Sharingan, Rinnegan, and Rinne Sharingan. Born October 20th and at the time of EXE is twenty-six years old.

Despite the war being over the super elite soldier's days after the end of the Cosmic War were not peaceful thanks to the legacy of his stepfather. Garma Kaiba had given his" Son" genetic age decay to ensure he could control his son.

But Ansem Zeon was determined to make up for not being they're for his son, and used all of his resources, along with a little help from a Cetra to spare Ezan from an early death.

But the process still brought the son of Ansem Zeon to the verge of death, to the point that one of his Sharingan evolved into a Rinnegan. To Ezan it was like he was given yet another cruel joke.

He now had the same kind of powers as legends such as Xemnas, Madara Uchiha, and the Sage of Six Paths, and could now surpass his previous limits, only for there to be no need for a even more super elite warrior in a universe of peace.

Even so, the desire to beat his rival and refine his skills to better save people from accidents was enough for him to keep training with pride. And so it was a peaceful few years, and Ezan was starting to think this would just be how life would be as he helped the Enji keep order, till the Beyonder's sudden attack changed everything.

To say that Ezan's pride was damaged when he found out the Beyonder killed him and everyone he cared about in an instant before Ben, Lacus, Whis, and Valdos rewound time was putting it lightly.

Even if the Beyonder was the first son of Cosmos and Zannacross and had powers on par with the Shin Emperor of Darkness, Ezan would not let some deranged madman take away everything he held dear, and he was dead set on proving there was something he could do about it, hence Ezan giving it his all and making use of his the new powers from his Rinnegan to help the Enji find the Beyonder before it was to late.

But the sliver haired warrior found a conflict in this, because a part of him was happy to be useful again.

As Ezan, Aeris, Cloud, Squall, Lighting and the other Enji in his group landed in the segment of Battleworld the Beyonder sent the Neo-Highwind to Ezan saw among the Chrono Phantasma of Noctis Lucis Caelum and his " Kingsguard" the Class Zero students that were chosen to be Cosmos's champions in a previous era, and failed to fulfill their duty, perishing as a result.

Ezan also noticed a new enemy, one who had a Sharingan, and raved about Madara Uchiha, an old friend turned enemy of his father, a man who had the reputation of a legendary undefeated warrior.

After a few twists and turns Ezan confronted Madara, and found that he was like how Ezan was in the past, obsessed with being the strongest, driven to find ways to prove his skills, and quickly realized Madara was someone he could have become, someone who's life entirely revolved around power and the thrill of combat if he did not meet Aeris and the others.

As much as he had pride in his skills, Ezan was aware of how single-minded pride had driven warriors mad in the past, if not entire warrior races such as the Saiyans, the Krogan, the Kilgons and more.

This realization resolved Ezan to never give up his pride, but to not be obsessed with reaching an impossible state that only brings ruin, but to strive to be the best warrior as one can be at the moment to defend those that depended on him.

Madara scoffed at Ezan's idea of a true warrior, thinking he was a weak disgrace to the Uchiha clan and that only strength matters to a warrior. Madara pushed Ezan to his limit after not only transforming into his "Rikudo sage mode" , and with the help of Yūki Terumi was able to inject S cells, the cells in a Saiyan into his body, to surpass his limits and turn Super Saiyan.

With this power that even his original self-lacked Madara was able to overwhelm Ezan even in his Divine Joutei Sprit armor. Ezan was sure as hell not keen on blowing himself up to take down another enemy, among other things being only able to win as a suicide bomber is a poor track record for a super elite warrior, but was quickly running out of options.

But Ezan proved to Madara that being obsessed with strength does not always lead to be the strongest as Madara's apprentice, Obito Uchiha, realized the extent of Madara's lies, and gave up his life to spite Madara, and transfer his energy into Ezan.

This allowed Ben's rival to gain access to Obito's phase power, and with Aeris transferring her and many of the other's energy into her boyfriend, Ezan was able to surpass his own limits, have his Rinnegan evolve into the " Rinne Sharingan" and force Madara to learn the hard way who the best Uchiha truly was.

As prideful as Ezan was of his victory, he had little time to relish it as he and his group reunited with the rest only to find things had taken a turn for the worst. While Doug had mocked Ezan for being " hustled" in the past, now Doug was the one who had embraced the Beyonder 's power to realize his own ends, and called out the Enji for thinking there Homeostasis Axiom Matrix Project was an act of good.

Ezan himself knew in general that the Enji were trying to find a way to make a breakthrough on the cycle of hatred but could not help but have doubts of his own. Raised by Garma Kaiba to be a super soldier, and not given an option for anything else, to feel anything else caused Ezan to wonder if a life where your destiny was already laid out for you was as ideal as he once thought.

But while he had his misgivings, he knew Ben, Lacus and the others were truly devout to finding a path to peace, and at the very least his comrades deserved to attempt things, while Doug only seemed to be consumed with his rage in a worst way then Ezan himself was a few years ago.

Ezan gave it his all to keep the universe alive, fighting Doug, then Goku, then the rouge God's of Destruction, and being one of the first ones to dive into the Beyonder's reality a second time.

With his evolved powers Ezan was able to cut through enemies as formable as Chronoa Phantasma's of Jiren and Cunber, enemies that were powerful enough to push Goku to the ropes on his strongest.

But while Ezan's eyes guided him to victory over one enemy after another, his eyes could not see his own weak spot. For a moment he thought Aeris was captured by the enemy, and in that one moment the Chaotic Comedian revealed he wore Ezan's lover 's face to distract Ezan long enough to rip his eyes off.

With Doug's darkness unchained from his other emotions Ezan nearly got ripped apart before Doug, Max, and the others intervened.

Thankfully Aqua was able to heal Ezan in time, and while the incident was not a proud moment for the super elite warrior, it proved he was human as the rest.

Ezan rebounded and helped Ben and the others put the pressure on the Beyonder all he could. The sliver haired man was as horrified as everyone to find out Brad was behind everything, and even more horrified to see in the aftermath Doug shattering heaven and changing the very nature of the universe.

Despite his entire purpose in life revolving around combat, Ben's rival was somber at the fact that all the Enji worked for seemed to have been destroyed by Doug's thoughtless act and that chaos and war seemed to be the destiny of the universe over peace.

After seeing how Aeris lost her Minerva powers and was nearly crippled after what Doug did, Ezan was as determined as Ben to make Doug answer for his crimes. No matter what it took, Ezan vowed his blade would never get dull, and he would never stray from walking the twilight road to dawn, no matter how many twists that road would have.

New moves in EXE: Well, I suppose for a good chunk of the moves Ezan gained from the Rinnegan might as well just look up the Rinnegan moves from Naruto on Wikipedia lol.

But, for more , mostly original moves we have the Shin-Divine Joutei, which is Ezan's sprit armor of light and darkness turning golden and being able to phase through physical matter after taking in the power of Obito's soul and the extra energy Aeris provided him.

The Kamui Tachyon Shuriken attack is when he opens his palm and fires a purple energy sphere shaped like a Shuriken. When it reach's its target if its evaded it splits into four smaller projectiles and can phase into a target, being able to bypass most defenses an enemy could have and make it a rather easy way to kill someone.

Extra Authors Notes: I know in EXE Ezan got the Dragon Ball treatment as a rival as was well, not very rivalry to Ben. But, figured releases for the sake of it would not be fun and honestly in EXE Doug and Ezan switched the roles of where they were in Ben's life.

Between all the new stuff that happened to Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super, Sasuke in the later parts of Naruto and a few of my own ideas I had I had enough ideas for stuff for my rival guy to have stuff to do, though sadly waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 did not help get more ideas from Riku…good grief even AFTER ReMind while he got a few new lines Riku hardly got to do much, that new Keyblade neutered him good, hopefully he will give up the keychain keyblade for a slicker one in 4…whenever the hell that comes out.

Er, I digress, but to be back on topic I wanted to look at the classic "what does a warrior do when he's no longer needed" topic that everything from Gundam Wing Endless Waltz to a lot of others.

Hiryuumon: Has black eyes, and a scaly set of purple reddish skin. Has the shape of a humanoid wingless dragon. Age=?

Things were always simple to Hiryuumon, during the war it was help Ben fight, and after the war it was helping Ben, Lacus and Moz take care of errands and remember the right lines so he would get extra snacks.

Even when the Beyonder showed up things were still simple to the Digimon, fight more seriously than he had since Zannacross to make sure all the hard work and studying he did on cool things like the legacy of Richard Zilos was not for nothing, Moz still owned him a few snacks after all.

Even when he and Lacus got split up from Ben and the others it was still mostly simple, work with Kirby, Trunks, and the other Enji to keep Lacus safe. However, for Ben's Digimon partner things suddenly became more complicated than it had been in his entire life, or at least, the life he was aware of.

When Hiryuumon helped Trunks, Kirby and their new allies the Gourment Hunters find a key they needed on a giant cake shaped island, but what looked like a fun time turned into an event that shook Hiryuumon even worst then when he became Helldramon.

Hiryuumon fought a dragon human hybrid Acnologia, a battle hungry villain, called the Digimon by the name of Daigo Hyōga, and said he was an ally. Ben's Digimon partner at first thought that his enemy was just insane, which was not too farfetched since the Beyonder had recreated people from all over history.

But as he left Acnologia to Trunks and fought the crazed Dark Raguel Knightmon the enemy Digimon injured him enough to eat an exotic food, which gave him visions of his life, visions he did not expect, visions of who he was before he was Hiryuumon.

Hiryuumon found out Acnologia was not wrong, he really was Daigo Hyōga, one of the friends of the chosen one before Ben, Seiya Leingod. Daigo grew up in the world of Giedi Prime, a repressive world where the majority long suffered under the greedy thumbs of the Harkonnen family.

Daigo ran into Seiya and was inspired by his defiance before the two escaped the world to make a living for themselves.

Daigo spent many years being the pilot of the Spry Eagle as he, Seiya and their future friend Kamina traveled from world to world living in the moment. It was chaotic, but Daigo enjoyed this freedom, till after a few years they stumbled into Earth Prime and Seiya awoke Serenity.

Daigo always wanted to make it big, but after here bigger and bigger forces were taking notice of his crew, and most of it was negative. While Seiya and the others were seen as heroes for their actions, Daigo's dreams of getting fame and respect were not panning out as he thought, because everyone just saw him as just the pilot Seiya and the others decided to keep around.

Daigo was lanky, awkward, and not very "slick" for public stuff. And while he was a respectable pilot, he did not have the supernatural skills of his teammates, making many in the public mock him. While Seiya defended him, as time went on, he forgot Daigo more and more, leaving him isolated, isolated enough for Seiya's enemies to notice him.

Acnologia and his master, Fou-Lu, emperor of the "Endless Fou Empire" reached out to Daigo to give him a chance to have real power and be part of the superior dragon race. Daigo was so disgruntled and hungry for respect that he agreed, even when it was revealed that Fou-Lu was allying with the Zannacross 's demonic agents Daigo did not care because to him, humanity never did squat to him and even his friends threw him aside.

That's why he betrayed Seiya and let Serenity and Kisara get captured, he let his home world of Giedi Prime be destroyed, all so he could go through the ritual that would turn him into " Getter-Shinryu" the so called strongest dragon.

At last Daigo had the power to demand the attention he thought he deserved, but as the power rush worn on he realized what he did to Seyia, and the despair eat at him enough for Seiya to strike him down.

This seemed like the sad end of Daigo Hyōga, but later on Gabriele Celeste, Alcor, Ganthet, and some of the other angels had descended to the area and could sense the aguish in Daigo's soul.

Realizing how much Daigo lamented his betrayal, the angels agreed to give Daigo a chance at redemption, by using the Soul Infinity Gem to restructure Daigo's soul, and place it in a shrine on the world later known as Mobius so that if the universe was in such a crises that required a chosen hero on the caliber of Seiya, Daigo would be reborn as a dragon to help this new chosen hero as his partner, to help him in the way he failed to help Seiya and the others he betrayed.

The angels did not expect that planet Mobius would go through the" Digital Shift" phenomena, the result of the world's energy melding with energies and networks from other worlds mixing in chaotic ways. Resulting in which the shrine, and Daigo's soul would be half-digitized as well.

After the shrine was experimented on by Doctor Robotnik and other Digimon experts that were contracted by the Zeon Federation such as Akihiro Kurata and Akemi Suedou the angels were worried that they would have to intervene, but by chance their new chosen one Ben Auro found the shrine, and awakened Daigo's soul, and the mutation from the Digital Shift turned him into Hiryuumon, a heroic Digimon that wanted to be the best friend he could to his partner, the angels were relieved that their own test was not upended by selfish humans.

Hiryuumon had an entire lifetime of memories crash into him. The fact that he was a traitor to his previous" boss" and that as a punishment the angels remade him to be a servant to Ben to atone hurt the Digimon more than any blow he suffered in either of his lives, and this weakened him enough for Dark Raguel Knightmon to forcefully " DigiXros" with both him and an equally distraught Kirby into Shinryudramon Malefic Mode. Consumed with raw anger, Shinryudramon attacked Trunks and flew all the way to Lacus, in his crazed state all he could think of was revenge for being reconfigured into a servant.

But despite how bitter he felt, even with Dark Raguel Knightmon pushing him, he could not bring himself to hurt Lacus, and remembered his vow to make up for his mistakes caused him to resist long enough for Lacus to heal him.

A newly determined Hiryuumon helped Lacus take down Acacia and Ragyō so he, Lacus and the others could reunite with Ben, but upon seeing him and Doug again, and Doug revealing he knew about the Homeostasis Axiom Matrix connection brought conflict Hiryuumon never felt before.

While the Digimon was newly bitter over being controlled to act one way, he also realized it allowed him to atone for his mistakes as Daigo and wondered if Ben's plan would let everyone that made mistakes like him be happier. Hiryuumon was not sure but knew that Doug's path would kill everyone and sided firmly with Ben.

After finding out alongside Ben that the Masters of Masters gave Ben, Lacus, Master Myers, King Atem and all the others a plan he did not believe in because he was just setting everyone up to divided them to try and take out Cosmos and all of her defenders.

While the angels made Hiryuumon be reconfigured because they saw it was the best way to atone, now the first angel and many of the other oldest celestial ones were willing to destroy the entire universe to at last break free of the task's they were supposed to have, to say they were not practicing what they preached.

After Hiryuumon saw that the One-Above-All directly was telling Ben his idea was flawed, the Digimon did not know what the answer to this was, but knew he had to figure out what he truly was, and told Ben and Lacus he wanted to go out on his own to find his own identity and see if he could evolve not into a higher Digimon level, but to a person that he is on his own.

Little did Hiryuumon realize he would have to change one way or another. As Ben, Lacus and many of the others got whisked away to the Beyonder's "Bonus" game in the final showdown, Hiryuumon was confronted by the Chrono Phantasma of many evil dragons of the past.

While some like the" Dragon Lord" were woefully out of his league he found the formable Fou-Lu, who was an even match for Shinryudramon after revealing he had been assimilating many Digimon during Battle world, and transformed into Omnimon Alter-B.

While Shinryudramon was slowly pushing his enemy through in his "Judgment Mode" Fou-Lu resorted to an act of desperation and tried to destroy everything around him.

To ensure he would not fail his friends Shinryudramon got help from the Celestial one of the Velvet Room, Philemon, and was able to surpass his limits thanks to Philemon linking his soul to the soul of Seiya and the rest of his old team.

Happy to at last make up with his old friends, Shinryudramon transformed to his gigantic Superior Judgment Mode. In this state he was able to crush Fou-Lu, help James take down Relius Clover, and hold back an entire collapsing dimension long enough for his friends to open the way out for him.

While Shinryudramon was powerful enough to help Ben and the others win through the Beyonder, and then Brad's savage onslaught, it came at a price.

Shinryudramon did not tell anyone to make them worry but the cost of using the Superior Judgment mode was that it was exchanging all the power of his life for one battle, and his body would end when his life did.

Hiryuumon had no regrets, but got a break because since Doctor Robotnik was one of the ones that originally worked on him, he was able to use the Veda system installed on the Neo-Highwind to transfer the Digimon's consciousness into the ship's computer, and later on transfer it back in a new body.

Hiryuumon could have gotten his old body back but requested one more like how he used to look.

Now Hiryuumon had both of his lives as one, he had the human body he had as Daigo, but he now was a "Bio-Hybrid" who could turn back to Shinryudramon after a DNA charge.

Despite regaining his human life, he still saw himself as Ben's partner, and knew his friend would need his help more than ever after Doug's act hurt Ben so deeply. With his unnatural body he would be one of the few friends Ben had that would be able to stick with him across the centuries, and would give it his all to make sure he would both be his own person and be the pal Ben would need.

New Unique Attacks for EXE: Well everything in Superior Judgment Mode is new, it seems that the Mode Change modes Digimon get like Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, Gallantmon Crimson Mode, Shine Greymon Burst Mode, UlforceVeedramon Future Mode are now officially a " Ultra" level so Superior Judgment mode is "Plus Ultra" level lol. His new attacks like the Infinite Verus Flare are mostly the same as previous attacks, just bigger.

Extra Authors Notes: Well, I'd be lying if I said that I always had this backstory planned for Hiryuumon back in the original trilogy, and also did not think of it till EXE had taken off, but hopefully Hiryuumon's revelation was a worthy addition, just wish I thought of it a tad earlier so people like Fou-Lu could have been added earlier, well, maybe a revision down the line will change that.

ALSO wish I thought of stuff from Cyber Sleuth and Hacker's Memory before I reached the end but well, would have been impossible for it to be truly smooth sans a full rewrite as Cyber Sleuth came out a decade after I thought of Cosmic Wars lol.

In the end, I did not want to just torture Hiryuumon but show how even with good intentions trying to play with people's memories for their own good can cause harm, but also do good when it leads them to being a better person, kind of like what happened with Zero after Doctor Cain caused him to " restart" or Darth Raven in the Knights of the Old Republic Star Wars game…long as Disney does not recon that to….don't do it Disney, whatever this " High Republic " is don't just wreck more of the old timeline with a sledgehammer for no reason…you ruined enough as it is so just leave us something.

Any who, I image Daigo as a bit of the character "Hammer" from Xenogears as a human, a lanky human that was like, a younger Kramer from Seinfeld lol.

I know before I said Hiryuumon was reborn as the Super Saiyan Zalde that had fought alongside Seiya, but the story is that that was the public story told, Daigo was purposely forgotten by history. He did see Zalde fight before he betrayed Seiya and took his memories as his own to see himself as a better person then he was.

Well, I know it was drastic but, even with all that hope the drama had purpose and was not just melodramatic for the sake of it,( Glares at Digimon LAST EVOLUTION) Thanks for ruining Digimon just to be edgy Toei…( Face palms)

Grand Master Rodimus Myers: Has brown eyes, and currently has white hair though it was once red. Usually dons golden and white battle armor that can be adjusted for his current situation and can best be described as a cross of how the Warrior of Light in Dissida looks mixed with how Colonel from Megaman Battle Network 5 and 6 looks like. Blood type is AB

Age has a way of causing even the strongest trees to waver, even when that tree is the Grand Master of the Enji Knights.

After the Cosmic War's conclusion Myers was realizing he was reaching the end of his natural lifespan and was at many crossroads. He could try and enhance his life beyond its natural limits or pass on peacefully to the "next dimension".

But while with the war over passing on to the next generation seemed like the natural thing to do he had a few things he wanted to try and see through personally before he could officially pass on with no regrets.

One thing was, he did not want to lose his best with his old friend Gouken over who could last longer, and another, he wanted to make sure the universe had officially entered a new era so he could have fully realized his task of guiding humanity to an age of marvels. That is why he wanted to make sure he did not just win another war, but truly have guided the universe to a new era.

However, he, like Ben and so many of the other Enji were seeing that humanity was relapsing to the same sins, and even with all the people who's hearts had more darkness then light were gone, those that remained still had darkness in them.

Myers had been around for quite a while, but still held out the hopes that humans could change if they made a breakthrough.

However, to his dismay even after going through a universal war so many people just would not give up their old habits, give up their old stereotypes, making Myers worried about how futile humanity being able to change really was.

Myers, along with Ben, Lacus, King Atem and the others were told by the Masters of Master's that the only way for humanity to change would be a more hands on approach, the Homeostasis Axiom Matrix Connection.

Myers was then faced with an issue he had been avoiding for most of his life, he had left the dirty work to others to keep his own hands clean.

As he reflected upon his lifetime of heroics he realized in his early days Craft, Gandowan, and Garland took care of the " unsavory" things needed to get things done, and that Garland had turned to the darkness after being Myers's shadow for so long, and as a result Myers had to kill his old friend, allowing to still be the pure hero because his former friend did the sinful work till it drove him clean.

After looking over his time in the Enji, he realized he looked away too much because he did not want to admit Kira and Xehamaru both turned to the dark side, and that they took the extreme actions because Myers did not want to take the unheroic path. Once more others went to the shadows because Myers refused to get his hands dirty, and because of that he lost his family.

It was because of this Myers decided to take more proactive measures to build a better future, even if it was not as honorable as he would have liked. Myers still believed in the good in people, but as his time was ending, he wondered if an extra push was needed to lead to a better future.

If a push was needed to make everyone happier, maybe that would make up for some people having to go along with a plan they might not agree with, like a kid getting his shots, that's what Myers told himself again and again at least.

Things seemed to be going well as the early testing of the Homeostasis Axiom Matrix Connection.

But just as Myers thought he could at last move on without any regrets, seemly out of no were the Beyonder attacked, and it was only because of time travel was everything not destroyed in moments.

Myers was more than a little disturbed at this "surprise", and for the first time he was not willing to rush into action. While he had been at peak physical condition for over a hundred years, after Zannacross was defeated the warrior of light at last thought he could relax, a result that made him rusty when the Beyonder appeared.

That's why he stayed behind to rally the other Enji as he entrusted Ben, Lacus, and the rest to deal with Battle-World.

The leader of the Enji Knights was overjoyed that his comrades returned, but disturbed that Yamamoto, one of his oldest friends, had died at the hands of Doug's dark side.

Doug confronted Myers about how someone who's championed freedom and justice all his life would be "down" with a plan that would force everyone down one path, no matter how much good it might do.

Myers admitted it betrayed some of his ideas, but that he had to have faith that the greater good would be worth the cost, and realized he was sounding like Kira.

Doug called out why no one just could have faith in the good in people, making Myers wonder if he was making a mistake.

His doubts only multiplied when he followed Ben to hell to see him regain his full power, and had to see his son again, now acting as the chained warren of Hell, and the guard of the Source Wall.

Kira delighted in forcing his father to confront his own hypocrisy, and that his desire to remain "pure" drove him to this state. The fact that Myers could not firmly rebuttal Kira torn at him even more.

Yet even that was nothing to finding out that the Master of Masters had lied to them all, and the path that he was told would lead to paradise instead was a plan to leave damnation, and expose how easily the light would compromise there morals for a " lasting peace" championing order over freedom.

Myers was shaken to the core that some of the oldest beings of the light had renounced everything he believed in. But while he admitted he had made a horrible judgment call, he still refused to think that Iger Rassilon and the God's of Destruction that joined him had the right to destroy the entire universe for their freedom, and shocked the God of Destruction Belmond when using his Oversoul power, he was able to gain additional power from his comrades in heaven and injure the traitor to heaven.

Thanks to the unexpected reunion with his son, Myers and his comrades were able to survive this brutal betrayal, though Myers was now even more torn up as things he believed in for all of his life were up in the air. The Grand Master did not have time to find an answer as the Beyonder's endgame approached, and he quickly led what would be his final mission.

The stress quickly tore at Myers, and the bizarre cartoonish enemies' chaotic attacks unnerved him even more. But when the dogmatic Thanatos descended to try and pass his twisted judgment on everyone, Myers dug down and used all of his power to overcome the sadistic enemy. He had to burn all his soul to pull it off, and it seemed this is where the legend of Rodimus Myers met his end.

However thanks to the resolve of his comrades they were able to bring Myers back to the ship, and at this point the combined powers of Doctor Fate, Doctor Strange and the powers of King Atem's Millennium Puzzle, Myers was able to come back from the brink of death once more to help the Enji just as it was revealed that the true mastermind behind this was Brad, the man who dissed the ideas of the Enji more than any other enemy sans Zannacross himself.

Myers lead one last charge and saw Ben and Lacus at last end the abomination of a man, but the cost was steeper them Myers ever could have foreseen. Like her chosen ones, Cosmos put duty before family for most of her existence, but seeing how much damage her original sin had caused, she put her family first and with the help of the Beyonder she was able to defuse the divinity from herself, the Beyonder and Zannacross and reincarnate as mortals so they could have normal happiness.

After spending his entire life trying to see Cosmos's dream's become reality, he saw the Ethereal Queen of Light tell everyone to give up that dream and find their own paradise.

Myers had little time to reflect just on her intent as the after math of her death was the dimensional anomaly left in their wake that could shatter the very universe.

Myers saw Doug was prepared to own up to his mistakes and give up his life to stop what was started because of his weakness. But Myers tried to knock out Doug with the Vulcan nerve pinch to take his place because in his eyes, he failed Doug by not being able to help him in his time in crises and the least he could do was die in his place.

Furthermore, the truth was that Myers felt like he had failed Cosmos, and everyone, and if he was a better champion of the light Cosmos would not have died.

The leader of the Enji Knights was determined to make his last act set things right, but sadly he only realized to late that his body could not match his will this time.

Already pushing his body past his limit, as much as he tried his despair at how things have turned out, plus Cosmos no longer around to watch over him meant sadly, his last effort was in vain. Myers died in frustration, as Doug took over, and went against Myers's wish's by stopping the multi-phasic temporal inversion by causing the dimensions to align improperly, shattering heaven.

Doug respected Myers highly, but saw how the man spent his life chasing a dream that however noble, Doug saw as a foolish fantasy, and he would make it the final fantasy.

Myers spent his entire life trying to help people and was indeed a hero, his only faults was that he refused to see things how they really were one to many times, right till the end.

Extra Authors Notes: Well, aside from expanding the use of Oversoul Myers did not get many new attacks, though I was inspired by how World of Final Fantasy summoned heroes for that last use of it lol.

Welp…I did not want to make Master Myers evil, just wanted to show that as death's door was approaching his judgment wavered more, as it does to countless people as they start to worry about the end…I seen it plenty of times in real life sadly.

I wanted to keep Myers as a hero, just one who picked an uneasy choice over a desperation to make a dream come true and it sadly not working out, hopefully it came across the way I hoped.

Lacus Anastacia Raystar: Women with bright blue eyes and long brown hair. Age twenty-five at the start of EXE, normal height is 5;6 and weight is 110 lbs.

The Duchess of the Raystar family's life had been one traumatic roller-coaster form the moment the Blue Eyes White Dragon entered her body. She spent years dreaming she could be free of the burden of a Jinchūrik, but when she did find that freedom, death nearly followed if not for the mercy of the One-Above-All.

But after spending years trying to run away from her duty, after realizing the extent of the damage she caused by running away, she wanted to make up for all the suffering she caused, and realized there was a inner peace she did not realize she had, after all after keeping dimensions from collapsing playing politics seemed like child's play.

It took a while before Lacus even had enough energy to spend more than a few hours outside of the Star Sword, but after a few years her body was able to stabilize and return to normal. Sadly, the mental scars were even harder to heal from.

She had already turned to Brad Fowltror in the first place because she was traumatized over killing her friend Allen, and the guilt was only worst after she realized Brad was the one who pushed her to that in the first place, not to mention her guilt over Max's death, all the other people she killed when the Blue-Eyes White Dragon went on its rampages and all the other people that died because she did not see Brad for who he was for far so long.

Needless to say there was hundreds of nights when Lacus woke up screaming and Ben had to remind her the danger was over. But Ben never got frustrated once, after everything he had been through, he was just glad she was still alive to get over things. Sometimes he tried to calm her down with a corny joke, sometimes he just let her cry and sometimes he needed to eat something first but while Lacus went to therapists as well he never tried to " tag" out helping her get through what she had to feel better.

While being with Ben was without a doubt slower paced then being Brad's girlfriend, after all she been through, she truly loved being with Ben and was happy with him.

At times she still felt overwhelmed with the responsibility she had but, Ben, Moz, and Hiryuumon did their best to make sure she was happy at the end of the day and she saw her other friends and family when she could.

As Lacus slowly was able to come to terms with her past and heal from both her physical and mental scars, she was able to focus on the future. Not just her own, but how to best truly help the people of the universe. After how much she suffered because of Brad, she wanted to do as much as possible to make sure that no woman ever had to suffer at the whims of a man just because he had more power.

However, the more she looked into the history of men and woman, the more worried she became at how hard it was to fix such an issue. Lacus was already aware just how many planets across the universe had cultures were men abused woman, were the relationship between the two sexes were far from equal.

But what despaired her most was when she realized how so many worlds across history, including Earth Prime, all but destroyed themselves because when men saw that woman were rising up to them in status, when they realized what equality truly meant and what they could no longer do.

Thus many were so outraged at being denied there" Privilege" that they elected leaders that only had to say they would make things" Great" again, aka return the status quo to when they had all the power, and they would let them get away with anything, even causing society to collapse as long as they could go back to treating woman like servants in the ruins.

Lacus begun to worry just how much society across the universe was dominated by the impulsive rage of men, and how to be able to move forward from that, but the answers eluded her.

She knew using force would just make men resentful, but her, Ben and all the others found that so many would resist furiously at having to be told what to do. Just as she was worrying the answer was impossible, she and Ben were given a solution by the Master of Masters, an idea that would become the Homeostasis Matrix Axiom Connection.

Ben did have doubts about a plan that would rob some of their freedom, but Lacus encouraged him after she was hopeful it would be a way so that all men would understand the pain they caused woman across history so that the inequality would at last end.

To her, even if some would not like it, it was fair so that those who suffered would at last have their justice, so that the suffering she went through, and all other woman and others who suffered could be a thing of the past.

Having hope that she could live up to what was expected of her and atone for her sin, Lacus did her tasks with renewed vigor. Even interacting with cultures that offended her personal beliefs such as the Ferengi and others was not too tough on her as long as she reminded herself that it was for the sake of peace and as long as she did not compromise on what she believed in.

While Lacus still felt pressure at living up to everyone's expectations, with Ben at her side it did not overwhelm her like before and she was even starting to feel like things were going to work out, till Beerus and Whis appeared before her.

The God of Destruction was not the first person to dismiss her in her life, but his outright dismissiveness to everything she was trying to do did rattle her, pushing her to defend her honor and fight Beerus alongside Ben, Hiryuumon and the members of the Justice Force.

But just as it looked like she was able to prove Beerus wrong, the fight was interrupted when the Beyonder's forces launched the Incursion. Lacus could feel the souls of nearly everyone in the universe dying, including those she cared for, and if not for the help of the angels that would have devastated her.

But the determination to make the Beyonder answer for what he was going to do in the future drove her on. While she did not have quite as much endurance as she did when the Blue-Eyes White Dragon inside her, she refused to just see Ben and the others off and fought hard to get a way into Battle World.

She went on board the Wave-Rider ship with Hiryuumon and Kirby to fill in Trunks, Sarah Lance and Rip Hunter so that the Time Patrol Agents were up to date, but she was not expecting the Beyonder to attack so soon and was separated by Ben as she landed on the vicious Gourment World.

As worried as she was about Ben and the others she knew between Hiryuumon, her longtime friend Terra, Collette, and Yuna, and her more recent allies Milla Maxwell, Muzét and the Enji from the world of Desolation or " Wasteland", Velvet Crowe, Eleanor Hume, and Magillanica Lou Mayvin or Magilou, along with Trunks and all of his Super Saiyan power, she felt confident she could weather through anything short of the Beyonder himself.

But she quickly realized what she was in for as her group encountered the fearsome glutinous Midora, who was powerful enough to even make the power of an Super Saiyan Two look weak. Despite this Lacus pushed on and used her skills to hurt Midora from the inside, badly enough to retreat.

Lacus expected much as she entered Battle-World, but she did not expect to run into a world with building sized food populated by a world that seemed to be governed by the bizarre Honnouji Academy. While not sure who to trust, she saw there were groups opposing those the Beyonder championed such as Toriko and the Gourment Hunters, Ryūko Matoi and others who used " Life-Fiber" outfits to give them superpowers, and people who could call forth various sprits called" Personas" in various groups that had banded together such as SEES agents, the Phantom Thieves, Mirage Masters and more.

Lacus was not sure who she could trust, when she saw how cruel those like Android 21 were being she knew at the very least which side she wanted to be on at the moment.

While launching a full front assault might have speed things up, with her energy reserves still limited she decided to play along with the odd plan of the "Nudist Beach" resistant group to draw out the enemies and took part in the Naturals Election P-1 Ultimax Climax tournament they were having in the ominous Tartarus tower to draw out one of the ones that seemed to be the Beyonder's chosen, Director Ragyō Kiryūin.

Since the enemy had the power to manipulate clothing, and since the men were away on another mission Lacus fought naked, partially to protest a lifetime of social norms that made her suffer over the years.

She seemed to be in a league of her own, till Ragyō revealed she had special reserve fighters, two-woman Saiyans from the world of Sadala, Caulifla and Kale.

Even naked she was able to hold her own against the two-woman Saiyans, even as Kale entered a Broly like berserk Super Saiyan state with a bit of trickery she was able to subdue her opponent.

But just when Lacus was starting to be confident in herself Ragyō and Android 21 had a nasty surprise, the Chrono Phantasma of none other than the Blue Eyes White Dragon.

Lacus was not expecting to ever see the monster that was inside her again, and what calm she tried to keep was torn to shreds when Ragyō used the Chaos Form Fiber cocoon to make the Blue-Eyes White Dragon even stronger as it transformed to the Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX dragon.

The Chrono Phantasma was at the point where Kisara was pure rage, and Lacus feared she was on the verge of her nightmares destroying her and everyone she cared about. Just as it looked like that would be the case she and the allies around her fell through a rift in reality, and wound up in the Velvet Room, where she found the Supreme Kai of Dreams, Philemon, along with her aides welcoming her.

Philemon's power over the subconsciousness of all realms allowed her a small link into the Beyonder's realm. While she could not do much to fight the Beyonder directly, she did allow Lacus to awaken a new power, using the power of Geass to command souls. She warned Lacus she might not be strong enough against the Beyonder without once more using the power of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, but that did not mean she had to go back to how she use to be.

Newly determined, Lacus left the Velvet Room to see her friends were being attacked by none other than Shinryudramon, who now was suddenly merged with Kirby. While the angelic Enji was confused at what had happened, she knew that her friends needed her help, and risked being devoured by her friends to free them.

Having faith in her power, she confronted the Blue Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon and with her new Geass power, she was able to reach out to reunite with the original Kisara 's soul to overtake the Chrono Phantasma in front of her, and once more merging with the Celestial beast, but this time on her terms, having the dragon's power as a Persona.

She showed off she was now the master of her domain when Kale and Caulifla came back for a round two and used the artificial Potara earrings Android 21 gave them to fuse into Kefla. The fused Saiyan was not lacking power, but Lacus showed she was not just a " frail flower" either when she utilized her new Persona Armatization power to merge with the soul of the Blue Eyes White Dragon vie the power of Geass, and unleash a fury even the fused Saiyan could not withstand.

Lacus quickly helped her friends deal with the savage Acacia, not letting his cannibalistic nature phase her as she used her divine magic to weaken him. But little did she know that this just caused Ragyō to take over his body to try and win Battle world herself.

Ragyō tried to reach out to Lacus and the other woman to help her dream of a universe free of men, but while Lacus, Velvet and many of the other woman had been wronged by men, they did not want all men to just vanish either.

Lacus knew as much as anyone how cruel men could be, but did not think the answer was to just reverse the injustice, to make men hate woman as much as woman could hate how men wronged them, but to find a way for both sex's to be truly equal so everyone could be happy.

To Ragyō's shock, Lacus's determination, along with everyone from Kirby to her children and the others working together was able to overpower the rainbow haired woman's rage.

Lacus soon reunited with Ben, overjoyed that he and the others were safe. But that joyous moment was cut short as Doug showed just how bitter he had become, for his rage nearly reminded Lacus of Brad's.

Between Doug's outburst and Velvet's reaction to the Homeostasis Axiom Matrix Connection Lacus realized her plan to get everyone to understand each other was closer to what Artorius 's "reason" then she realized. She had little time to think it over as Doug's anger exploded, and she was personally attacked by Zamasu.

Lacus showed she would not let the rough Kai push her around no matter how many transformations he sprung out and was able to endure Zamasu long enough to help Doug. Lacus remembered how Doug had called out how she was acting back on Venom, and tried to return the favor, using her magic to force Doug to reveal what he truly wanted admis all of his rage, getting him to come to his senses. After a few more explosive twists Lacus and the others escaped, only to be brought back to the Master of Masters so she and Ben could regain their full power.

Lacus thought she would feel more calm after regaining the Golden Imperia Crystal, but only felt more uneasy then ever as first she and Ben saw Goku had gone mad with battle lust, but that after barely defeating Goku she was brutally betrayed by the Master of Masters, Whis, and many of the God's of Destruction.

Just before they encountered Goku Lacus had asked Whis how he and Beerus had spent so many years together without hating each other. While she still loved Ben with all of her heart, and she seen her parents keep the love going after many years, she still was worried about keeping a marriage healthy till the end of time.

At the time Whis told her that people reach an understanding, but suddenly he revealed he hated being forced to be with Beerus so much that he was willing to break the entire universe to be free.

Despite regaining her full power, to her horror since Whis was a class of angel that had mastered holy magic so much that when he transformed into his Vishnu-Whis state with his Tenseigan eyes he was able to break through her even more powerful attacks.

Even with the likes of Vegeta at his full power helping her nothing could seem to break Whis's assault, till Beerus sacrificed himself to take Whis down in a suicide attack as a way to atone driving Whis to such lengths.

Lacus grimly helped Ben and the others take down the Masters of Masters, but the victor was hollow as the One-Above-All declared that he did not agree with Cosmos's view's of paradise and that everyone easily got tricked by the Grand Priest because they accepted the best solution they wanted to hear, not the most realistic one.

Lacus had to reflect on many things she had thought was right, but had little time to come to many conclusions as she soon had to fight none other than her own mother.

She, Ben, and the others had even less time to prepare for the final battle then they did for Zannacross as the Chaotic Comedian lead a ruthless assault, and the Black Swans turned her own mother into a monster.

Jane Raystar long was envious of Lacus, wishing she was the chosen one instead, and instead using her child to live out her dreams in her place.

But when she heard that the grand plan to paradise was a sham, her entire lifetime of dreaming of having the child that saved the universe broke something inside her, making her disgruntled at everything, allowing Elphelt Valentine to merge with her mother.

Despite the many arguments Lacus had with her mother, she did not want to see Jane die, and used all of her power to break her free from the Beyonder. Lacus dove in to the Beyonder's realm once more with renewed determination to make the mad deity answer for his actions.

She soon found herself confronted by Zamasu once more but refused to put up with his demented rantings anymore. Despite his immortality being enough that even with Kira's help he would not die, Lacus noticed his obsession and tricked him into thinking she submitted to him, and forced him to reveal to himself his motives were impure, causing his resolve to fracture before she at last erased him.

After seeing that Ben, Doug, and the others got through their own battles Lacus used her holy magic to shield her comrades from the Beyonder's wrath. She forced the Beyonder to realize he could not be denied as she used her magic to jam his power to see the future and neglect his other attacks.

Just as it seemed like everyone had the power to stop the Beyonder, and that he might realize what he was doing was wrong, things took a turn for the worst as the Chaotic Comedian returned, and shocked everyone by having the weakened Beyonder merge with him.

And to Lacus's horror the person behind this, behind everything was her former abusive boyfriend, Brad Fowltror. The man she use to thought she loved had played everyone as a mere phantom to have revenge on everyone, and with the Beyonder 's power at his command Brad was all too eager to make Lacus suffer for denying him what he thought he deserved, and that he was going to destroy everything she cared about in revenge.

Brad quickly showed he was not lying, ruthlessly killing Yuna, Tidus and Muzét in rapid succession. He was all too eager to kill more and more till Lacus had nothing left, till she, Ben and the others at last found out his weakness's, and while it took everyone from the Beyonder himself and Lacus unleashing every attack a hero unleashed in history in a special magic spell, Lacus was able to at last free herself from Brad's grasp once and for all, personally seeing the man who tormented her dying for real.

Despite this it still was a bittersweet victory as she saw Cosmos die to give her, the Beyonder and Zannacross a new life free of the burdens that drove her family to such bitter ends.

As tragic as that was, Lacus then saw Master Myers die trying to prevent the realities from collapsing, only for Doug to finish what he stared, and change the very fabric of the universe as a result.

To her horror Lacus saw many of her friends lose their magic as divine power across the universe fractured. Her Golden Imperial Crystal shattered as well, but in a last act Cosmos's lingering will caused Lacus to absorb the power of the relic for herself, making her the nearest thing to Cosmos in the universe.

Lacus had so much to take in, her role as being the most powerful divine being now, how to guide a universe that nearly lost faith in everything, and so much more. But first she had to figure where she stood, and she wanted to make one thing clear, despite everything that changed her love for Ben did not, and so she accepted Ben's marriage proposal.

Many have the theory that happy families are al alike; and every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

For a marriage to be a happy one, many say a marriage must succeed in many different respects: sexual attraction, agreement about money, child discipline, religion, in-laws, and other vital issues. Failure in any one of those essential respects can doom a marriage even if it has all the other ingredients needed for happiness.

Lacus knew Ben was far from flawless, but Ben met all of those major requirements, and after everything there was no one in the universe that understood her more than him. Lacus never saw her as a leader, she was not even comfortable when her mother made her head of her high school's prom.

But despite this with Cosmos gone and the authority of the Lylat Kingdom and the Enji Knights shattered, it was up to Ben and Lacus to be the ultimate power couple of light to be a beacon of hope for the entire universe. She did not know if she could succeed where Cosmos failed, but for the sake of everyone who believed in her she would try as hard as she could.

New attacks in EXE: Persona Armatization. Lacus gained the power of Geass from Philemon, which granted her the power to call upon Persona's, the manifestation of pepole's souls. Using her Geass, she's able to go through Aramtization the "divine reliance transformation" with a Persona to gain more power.

It's through this that she's able to drawn upon the power of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon without having to once more become a Jinchūrik. She's also able to call about various other abilities vie this method, such as when she drew upon Don Slime's Persona to help her defeat Zamasu.

Her Godly Berserk Sixty-Four Strike Fury Divination attack is a attack she can only use when using the Persona Armatization with the Blue Eyes White Dragon, where she utilizes her extra arms to attack with savage claw strikes and precise palm strikes in unison for an overwhelming combo.

The Divine Perdition Flare Burst attack is an energy blast that combines both the energies of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon and her angelic powers. Once regaining the Golden Imperia Crystal she is able to unleash even more powerful variations of those moves.

At the dawn of time by linking with Cosmos Lacus was able to use the Ultimate Legacy Persona Unison, to reach out to every heroic person in history and unleash the Universal Chronal Judgment spell, an attack where someone feels every attack a hero ever existence in the universe in one blow, it was the spell that finally broke Brad Fowltror once and for all.

Extra Authors Notes: Lacus was a delicate case for EXE. I wanted to show that Ben and Lacus were truly in love and not devolve into endless bickering like the CW super hero shows and others, more or less I wanted to show Ben and Lacus's love was real. Of course, I wanted to make her more than just one of those gals that can't function on their own, while still being loving, it's a tricky balance.

I wanted her to have her own agenda, hence her pushing for woman's rights across the universe, and her arc in EXE was about her having more faith in herself. As over the top as Kill la Kill was I thought it and Persona felt like a good fit in showing how to embrace one's true self, being confident both in her body and her beliefs.

Her pushing the Homeostasis Axiom Matrix Connection was not to show her turning evil but showed how the trauma Brad left on her was deep enough for her to truly think that if all life could just be peacefully patched of its errors it would make everyone happy.

It's another way of showing how people have to be careful before realizing that their trauma can lead them to cause the same trauma to others.

Max Bruder/ Janus the Terror of Death: Black eyes, brown curly hair to his neck, height is 184 cm age is ageless as he is still dead.

Max had come to terms with his death but was not at peace enough to start a new life so he did what he did best, fight. He had plenty of people to fight in heaven to figure things out he could not figure out in life. He chatted with Ben when his cousin came to heaven to get advice from the angels but was the last person to give advice about universal peace.

The former ace Enji was not going to say he knew more than the angels but was getting more and more concern that some of the angels were setting Ben up for a fall. While he held his tongue, after Max saw that Ben and the others took part in the Secret Wars he made sure he was there to greet Ben and Doug, and torn into both of them for losing their ways and forgetting what's important.

Max made sure he tagged along for Ben's current trip to the afterlife, and that lead to a reunion with his former teammate Kira. Max had been keeping a eye on the man who betrayed him to make sure he did not pull anything when they went to go through The Labyrinth of Amala in hell to get what they needed to stop the Beyonder.

Even dead and extremely bound to the Muken Prison in the core of hell, Max still thought there were good chances Kira was manipulating things to his advantage. To his shock it was not Kira who was the puppet master, but the Master of Masters and the rough God's of Destruction behind everything.

Max showed the traitors to heaven he won't not roll over for anyone, and even begrudgery fought alongside Kira once more to help Ben take down Iger Rassilon.

As his cousin prepared for the final battle back at the mortal realm, Max did his part to rally those he could count on in heaven. Since dying Max had been playing" war games" with others that he called the Diamond Dogs, and just as the Beyonder launched his " Final Order" Max rejoined his cousins side with some extra back up from those like Cable," Hell-Boy" Constantine and others.

Max proved he was not just deadweight as he helped Ben and the others take down the Chrono Phantasma of the Mazinger ZERO Jigoku (Hell) Mode Conga, the Anti-Monitor and Jiren.

When the Chaotic Comedian confronted everyone Max showed Doug's darkside just how determined he was to be able to help his friends as he risked his very soul, to use the Soulfire potion that the Beyonder gave him as a cruel joke in his game that would kill someone that was still alive, and risked oblivion to take out the Dante sword the angel Rodin gave him to unleash the " Sin Devil Trigger" and turn into a demonic form that nearly closed the gap with the others.

It was not enough to defeat the Chaotic Comedian, but it did damage him enough for Doug to unleash his true power and let Max fight to the end. As horrible as it was that Brad Fowltror was behind everything, Max at least enjoyed that he could pay his killer back for what he did to him, and this time see Brad's demise in person.

Despite everything Max was glad he took part in the final battle, because if he stayed behind, he could have been erased like the billions of others when Doug took it upon himself to shatter heaven.

Max agreed with Doug about a lot of things, but while Max enjoyed freedom quite a lot, he did not think any one man had the right to reshape the state of existence to his whim like Doug did, and after seeing how Doug was at Ben's wedding he made it clear that he respected Doug's path, but would never betray his cousin again.

Thanks to how depleted the forces of the light were in the outcome of what would later be known as the " Death Stranding," Max easily got the exalted spot as a Time Patrol agent, making use of his days as a bounty hunter to now hunt anomalies across time. Max also saw it as a way so he could still help Ben, and make sure the stress of the situation did not break him.

No matter how the universe would change, Max swore he would be there for his cousin no matter what.

New Attacks in EXE: Sin Devil Trigger. Using the Demon Sword" Dante" Max is able to for a short time become a demon looking like how he used to as Janus.

In this form his new attacks are Tekken Tachikaze, a rapid barrage of punches that each leave an explosion upon impact, Sin Sturm Und Drang, a upgraded variation of the move he use to use as Janus where he spins rapidly like a top, and in this version has three blades spin at once, Ombra Crusher, a barrage of homing energy blasts, Sin Blazing Judgment, a stronger slashing attack, and Sekiha Majin Kizan Tenkyoken, a new stronger upgrade to his ultimate energy blasts that now launches homing attacks to pin down and weaken a target before the main blast consumes them.

Extra Authors Notes: I wanted to give Max more than a throw away cameo so I figured out a few ideas like the role reversal with him and Kira, forming his own group in the afterlife and getting a power up to be able to help out more.

Thankfully Devil May Cry 5 came out at just the right time for a new idea to have Max become a true Soul Reaper.

Aqua Trian: Has black eyes and short blue hair. Blood type is B, and height is about 161cm.

Aqua had lost a lot in her time with the Enji, and after the Cosmic War wanted to turn things in a better direction, but found it was a lot harder than she thought. She was drawn to Doug because of how she reminded him of Max, but quickly found out he was even more different then she expected.

Aqua and Doug both agreed on a transport business at the start, but the different priorities they had put them at odds more and more. Aqua wanted to run a respectable business but while Doug wanted to make enough cash to pay the bills, he never had any plans for expansion, he would rather mess around then play the elites games to have his freedom, caring more to have the respect of the common people like him then the elite.

Aqua tried to meet Doug halfway but as the years went on Doug became more and more withdrawn, taking jobs at night to avoid even being up on most normal days to avoid dealing with the" elites".

As Doug became more and more easily triggered to fits of rage from anything, Aqua confined with Axel more and more. She did not want to leave Doug, but Doug was making it all but impossible for her.

She still hoped she could reach out to Doug, but in the original timeline Doug's anger was so great that when he saw Aqua and Axel were together he held it up inside till the Beyonder reached out to Doug, and he let his rage kill Aqua and Axel both before becoming the Chaotic Comedian.

As time rewound Aqua saw Doug in Battle-World lashing out at his enemies with glee, eager to have someone he can punch again, someone he could kill.

Her efforts to reach out to Doug did not seem to be working, and she saw Doug's rage consume him more and more as he killed Dio and took the power the Beyonder gave the vampire for himself. History was nearly going to repeat itself, but this time Ben, Lacus and the others were with Aqua, and together they forced Doug's rage to simmer down.

When Aqua forced Doug to show if he really wanted to kill her, he resisted enough for Lacus and Ben to attack his darkness. Aqua was shocked, and overjoyed that what Doug wanted most of all was a kid of his own, and after realizing he felt like he was not good enough to be a father she at last understood what was eating at Doug.

After escaping Battle-World and dealing with the betrayal of the angels, Aqua and Doug at last talked truthfully for the first time in months, if not years. The two were on the right path again, though they were tested when upon the final battle Aqua was separated by the others and ambushed by the Chaotic Comedian.

Doug's darkside showed how dark he could get by forcing Aqua to go berserk with darkness, and attack everyone while laughing madly.

The Chaotic Comedian thought he was helping Aqua be her " true self" by causing her to give up everything to become a creature of chaos, but the Enji Knight showed the true nature of her heart as she resisted long enough for Doug to knock the corrupting energy out of her with his fist.

As chaotic a ride as it got, she was able to hang on till the end. She was relived to find out that part of the reason that Doug had become so angry, was because that anger was not his own, but Brad, for Brad was in his head, all as part of his ultimate revenge on everyone that wronged him.

Aqua was glad to see the man that abused her meet a gruesome end, but in the after math was horrified that despite everything, she ended up losing Doug after all, or at least it seemed that way at first.

Later on, Doug came before her, now going by Victor Makishima. While it looked like a suicidal act to atone, Doug's true intent was to change the universe so that he would no longer be judged.

For what he did Doug would be seen as one of the biggest heathens in the history of the universe, but Aqua could not help but still be attracted to his passion, for his love of freedom no matter the cost.

That's why she helped sneak Doug into Ben's wedding so they could chat, and why she helped him escape. Being with Doug might make her an enemy to the whole universe, but she was willing to risk the cost of that to follow her heart.

No matter what would happen, she would proudly raise Doug's child no matter how often they would have to be on the run, and do what she could to help keep the Doug's ideas, and his followers that would be his " Equalizers" alive.

New moves in EXE: White Haze Punishment: Aqua increases the area of influence of her ability to reach the temperature of absolute zero. Upon release, a pillar of cold mist rises up into the air from where Aqua is and covers a wide area in her vicinity.

Anything within the area of influence of the mist is frozen. Once frozen solid, victims crumble away within seconds. Physical contact with Aqua herself causes other people to begin freezing solid due to how cold her body is.

Shikai Hyōketsu (Four World Freeze): Aqua can freeze all matter in front of him after four seconds of building up her power. Additionally, anything that she freezes will have all of its functions and abilities negated, only beings as powerful as the Beyonder can neglect this.

True-Ice Kamui: Aqua covers herself in an ice armor she describes as "unholy" that allows her to freeze absolutely anything, including those who are immune to extreme cold, and even other kinds of ice.

When corrupted by the Chaotic Comedian she has four spider like legs come out of her armor to give her ways to attack many enemies at once.

Extra Authors Notes: Well, would not have worked to just mirror Kingdom Hearts 3 with how drastic the situation went but hope I balanced Aqua well in EXE between being loyal to Doug but also having her own identity and starting to break away from Doug after years of his erratic outbursts.

After how toxic the relationship Lacus and Brad had, I hoped despite its flaws the relationship Doug and Aqua had did not come off as toxic in the end, just two flawed people who knew all the ways things could go wrong but were willing to take a risk to make it work to hold on to what they believed in.

Updates on other major players in EXE: Well, here's a short spiel for those who are still important to Cosmic Wars but don't have enough for a full one, here we go.

Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi: The heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom remained mostly unchanged, if a bit fatter. There were plenty of Mario games in between the original trilogy and EXE but as we know most Mario games are not very story based.

Still, between the RPG's and Odyssey was able to figure out a few things to add and give Luigi some time to cover his demons thanks to bits and pieces from everything from Dream Team to Super Paper Mario.

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, and Doctor Robotnik: The cast from Mobius got more sluggish after years of peace, but as Sonic saw how others were out pacing him and saw Lilac passion for adventure was like his own in his younger years it renewed the " Mojo" in him.

For Robotnik he had to show everyone he was serious about atoning for his crimes. Despite the doubts that those like Knuckles had the " Master of Robotics" was indeed grateful from being spared the rapture and wanted to truly help humanity move forward, though his ideas might not be what the people accepted as the best way for progress.

While there have been Sonic games out in the past decade, between Lost World and Forces, Sonic did not quite have a lot of, strong things to draw on, though the Indie Freedom Planet game felt like the most Sonic like game in years, aside from Sonic Mania hence why I had the focus be on them, let's hope Freedom Planet Two does not drop the ball.

Link: The Hero of Time, Winds, Twilight, and more had to confront his legacy and realize it impacted more people then he realized when he was confronted by the Chrono Phantasma of Cia, the agent of the Tri-Force that went mad over her obsession with Link.

Well, between Skyward Sword, Link Between Dimensions, Breath of the Wild and Hyrule Warriors we were not lacking in Zelda games, figured focusing on Cia would be the best way to get a new angle on Link's legacy, since not like to much talking was going on in Breath of the Wild.

Samus: The Bounty Hunter glad in Chozo armor got to learn a bit more about the Chozo and how they use to be the Blue Nitro and…got to kill Ridely clones at Starkiller base. Yah…sadly the only real new Metroid game in between the trilogy and EXE was a remake of Two, poor Metroid needs some love already.

Fox Mccloud and the Star Fox Team: Fox got to, blow up part of Star Killer base with the chicken Walker mode and help take down Serpent Terror in the first part of the final battle.

Yah…sadly it's not been a good few years, if decades for Team Star Fox with their only big game in a while being that Zero remake, a remake were Shigeru Miyamoto seemed to just throw in every crazy idea he could think of…even if it was good for the gameplay or not…sigh.

Megaman X, Zero, Axl, Megaman Classic, and Protoman: The Blue Bomber and his friends helped Mighty Number Nine be confident about himself, and helped him get through the onslaught of Ultron-Sigma to free Trinity inside of it and ensure the ghosts of the past did not haunt the future anymore.

Sigh, sadly it's been over all a rather bleak time for the Blue Bomber the past decade with only new things for X was stuff like Marvel VS capcom 4.

Would have tried something with xover if it was more than random Cell Phone nonsense, oh well.

Yah we did get Megaman 11 but, nice as that was not too much to add plot wise aside from a handful of new Robot Masters. Well, just hope 11 did well enough for a X9, just get back the X8/ Command Mission actors Capcom!

Kirby: Kirby thought he was just going to have another adventure till he found out he really was a span of Majin Buu that got transformed into Void Termina by Android 21, and that his mother was a revenge obsessed mad scientist. Despite all of this, Kirby did not want his past to define him and with Trunk's help was able to defeat his own mad mother.

I know there is no way in hell Kirby being Majin Buu's son will ever be cannon but I mean, it fits so well, and it's the only cannon way to explain that Kirby Majin Buu Death battle lol. Also seemed to tie into a lot of the ways the Kirby games seem to keep hinting at Kirby and Dark Matter having some relation and its one of the ways to have fun in a cross over so I went with it lol.

Cloud Strife: The former member of AVALANCHE was enjoying adjusting to being a family man when he found out about the Incursions. Despite his skills not being as sharp as they were in the war, Cloud quickly regained his fighting sprit when he saw just how much was at stake. The man with Mako blue eyes was not on top of his demons as much as he thought when Yuki Terumi brought Cloud's deepest fears to light.

But even if Sephiroth's shadow still hung over him he was determined to fight for the future, not be bound by the past, and so he helped Kakashi defeated the vengeful Obito Uchiha and with the help of everyone was able to defeat Terumi even after he took on Sephiroth 's aspects to become Safer Susanoo.

Well, I was hoping stuff like Kingdom Hearts 3 and Dissdia NT would give more stuff for Cloud to show off but sadly, did not work out that much. Well, we have the remake coming out, let's hope that's not a total train wreck.

Kira Myers/ Darth Judicar: Has black eyes, age thirty-five, and has short brown hair with a hint of redness to it.

The traitor of the Enji had much to reflect on upon his death. While being spared total deletion for his role in defeating Zannacross, the angels were not about to trust the man who betrayed the Enji Knights with too much power. Thus, while he was given the role of warden of hell, the revised role had very few perks as Kira 's judgments could be overruled by King Yamma and the others.

And so Kira mostly watched with detachment as he saw life move on from the war. The son of Master Myers took great pleasure in seeing his father, Ben, and all the others start to pick up some of his methods despite condemning him so strongly after they realized just how truly difficult it was to keep people safe, from themselves.

But while Kira was amused at Ben pushing for things like the Psyco Pass system, and that the Homeostasis Matrix Axiom Connection was his solution, even he did not guess the truth, that the Master of Masters purposely mislead Ben, Cosmos, his father and everyone else purely to launch their own insurrection on heaven.

Kira was even more amused when the God of Destruction Belmond broke him out of hell and gave him the powers of a God of Destruction to serve as his sword of justice. While it's true Kira badly wanted to end the rule of god, Belmond severely misjudged Kira's heart's desire as the clown like deity found out Kira wanted no one to be above him, before he got vaporized.

Kira quickly found out that the One-Above All's power was not a exaggeration as he was unconscious before he could even begin to scheme, and woke up once more being made to serve those he previous tried to kill in the final battle with the Beyonder. As much as Kira disliked Ben, Max, and all the others he loathed "pretenders" even more and thus begrudgery helped Lacus defeat Zamasu and took part in the final showdown with the Beyonder.

The former head of the Titans was disgusted to see that the source of all of this conflict came from Brad, and by chance he managed to more perfectly absorb the power of god then he vie sheer luck. Kira was hell bent on making Brad see power was not everything, and did all he could to help Ben win.

Kira was just as shocked as the others to see Cosmos willingly give up godhood to have her, Zannacross, and the Beyonder reincarnate as mortals to have a normal life. Kira had long ago stopped seeing Myers as his father, but could not help but feel bitterness at his father dying to try and put the universe back together.

To his shock Doug did what he long sought, bring judgment to the angels. Kira could only laugh that a man who acted on impulse brought a deeper cosmic revolution then even he dreamed of, but to say he had bad timing was an understatement as this joyous outburst was brought by Ben stabbing him and sending him back to imprisonment.

Even being newly sealed, Kira could only snicker as he once more judged the damned, being one of the few remaining beings being able to judge souls as the very nature of the underworld had changed and mortals had seized control of a good chunk of the afterlife. Despite once more being immobilized, Kira would watch on with amusement to see if his former apprentices would ultimately walk down his path after all.

New attacks in EXE: Most of Kira's attacks are the same as before since sadly Kubo NEVER gave Aizen a Bankai but, he did gain the use of Haikai with his moves and regained some of the moves he unleashed when he was merged with Zannacross.

Extra Authors Notes: Well, I did not want to make Kira go down the" horrible person that warms up and is pardoned for everything" like Orochimaru in Naruto or Frieza mostly is in Dragon Ball Z, so the path that they did with Aizen mostly worked, showing Kira was flexible but still not sorry for what he did.

Beerus/ Ira: Beerus had seen a lot in his long life, he was one of the oldest beings in the universe after all. Goku was someone who brought him more amusement then any other, but when the Saiyan 's lust for combat risked bringing the entire universe to ruin Beerus had to cut off all ties with the fight lover.

After that Beerus resumed his job with reluctance, but when Zannacross commanded him and the others to serve as part of his army, he refused out of pride. While killing was his job, he took pleasure in only killing who he wanted to, no matter how lazy he was about it.

The God's of Destruction siding with Cosmos helped Seiya win the war, but when the war was over Cosmos asked the God's of Destruction to retire to decrease the amounts of suffering in the universe and not fuel the darkness so much.

Beerus spent millions of years mostly watching in his personal realm eating. The feline deity slept so frequently that he missed the entire Cosmic War, though he did fight Zannacross when sleepwalking.

That's why when he woke up and found out that Zannacross had been defeated he was, amused. Even after seeing Ben Auro's fights being replayed he refused to believe there was a mere human who could surpass Goku, and so decided to see for himself what" All the hype was about."

While Ben was not able to beat Beerus since he had given up his full power earlier, Beerus had to admit the human knew how to work as a team better than Goku ever did. Before they could finish their fight the Beyonder "crashed the Party". Beerus was shocked to find out that there was an even greater destroyer before he existed and was mortified that the Beyonder could destroy Champa in an instant.

Despite his outrage at the turn of events, Beerus waited as Ben, Lacus and the others dived into Battle-World to be the final defense, but was shocked when Cosmos herself descended to hit the Beyonder hard enough to get Ben and the rest of the Enji to escape.

The feline deity was even more amused that Ben and the rest of the hero's thought that their Homeostasis Matrix Axiom Connection would lead to paradise, but was even more shocked to hear that they got the idea primarily from the Grand Priest, the man who in essence was his father.

Beerus went along for the ride and was amused to see Ben and Goku fight. However, all amusement ended when he saw Ben was attacked by Haikai spheres, and that his fellow God's of Destruction were declaring revolution. All hopes that this was a joke ended when Whis stabbed him through the chest.

For countless lifetime's Beerus took Whis for granted, he assumed things would always remain the same because that was Whis's role. However, Whis kept the resentment he held for billions of years repressed. Maybe it would have remained repressed if Zannacross's defeat did not erode his mental blocks, but that's how it was, and as it was Whis was so determined to be free from Beerus that he would destroy the universe.

Beerus realized he had taken Whis for granted, and to make up for the universe being endangered by his neglect he gave up his own life to take Whis down with him in a kamikaze Haikai explosion. While Beerus had spent most of the universe caring mostly about his own pleasures since he thought most grand ideas were just facades, in the end the guilty he felt caused his last act to be a noble one.

Extra Authors Notes: I admit when Battle of Gods came out I hated Beerus, thought he was a lame creation that was far from an epic return to Dragon Ball and in the next movie he just seemed like a way to cheapen Frieza. But, as Super progressed as we got into the Goku Black arc he gained more to him, and it was clear even he underestimated the depths of Goku's obsession.

That's why I gave Beerus a major role in the story, the role of a powerful outsider. Just wish at some point we get to see what happens when Beerus fights at full power.

Doug Fitter/ Chaotic Comedian/ Victor Makishima. At the start of the story has blond hair and green eyed. His birthday is on July 13th. Favorite food is pizza. He enjoys socializing, and helping those in need, and REALLY loves putting loudmouth idiots in their place, but loves most of all his freedom. Is twenty-five at the start of EXE.

In some ways Doug made the best out of the Team 7 after the Cosmic Wars. Unlike Ben, Lacus, James, Cloud, and Ezan he had no obligations but to his own prosperity, and he sought out to make his plans for the Zodiac Pinion with Aqua, Axel and the others in his crew take off.

But while it looked like Doug made out the best in the surface, things are sometimes drastically different underneath the surface. No one expected Doug's boiling feelings would alter the very core of the universe, but that's how life works.

With the skills and magic Doug's crew commanded the member of Squad 7 without a doubt was able to make a profit out of speedy deliveries. Yet because of Doug's flippant attitude he earned few tips to say the least.

Unlike the rest of his squad Doug did not take part in many interviews after the Cosmic War, and more and more saw Doug as non-essential to the team. Despite being teammates with the savior of the universe, Doug being casual about his behavior won him fans of course, but not those in power.

Thus Doug saw his business not really make much progress as a result. Doug did not really need that much more money, but the lack of respect started to eat at him, the fact that even if he was one of the top fighters in the entire universe he still was treated badly because he did not " get in line" ate at him.

On its own it would be nothing, but the fact that Aqua and Axel did want respect and grow made Doug even more isolated.

Even this on its own would not affect him to much if not for other factors. Right after the war Doug got in touch with his brother after finding out he had a child and was shocked to find that nearly everyone on his side of the family died in the showdown with Zannacross. Every one of them turned into Necrocalcous and were promptly erased when the god of darkness fell.

They were just listed by the government as part of the sinners and with how isolated they already were, most of them did not even get graves to them.

Truth be told Doug hardly spoke with that side of the family for years as aside from his brother he was not on good terms with most of them. But even if Doug was not fond of them for years of abuse and neglect, the fact that they died like they were trash struck a chord with Doug, because he felt in the end they were the same, treated by society as disposable for a game that was rigged.

Seeing how the " good" people of the universe were treating anyone who got purged in the rapture as sinners who got what they deserve it made Doug even more bitter about people in general, making him withdraw from society to the point that he started sleeping during the day to work in night and avoid dealing with most people.

Gouken repeatedly asked Doug to lead his dojo when he retired but Doug refused every time. Unlike those like Ryu, Liu Kang, Kyo Kusanagi, Akira Yuki, Jin Kazama and other ace martial artists that trained under the master of the Hado no Chikara and Shotokan arts, despite his instincts for fighting Doug never was a devout follower of the lifestyle of the martial artist.

He always wanted to fight, but the thrill to him was not just for self-improvement like some of the others but being strong enough to keep his freedom. He was not someone who wanted to be a master fighter like some of his comrades like Ezan or like Gouken's rough brother Akuma, he purely wanted to be strong enough to win and keep being free. That's why he had no desire to teach what he did not fully believe in himself, and most of all he did not want to be burdened with being someone's teacher.

The more jobs Doug did, the more the member of Squad 7 saw that even the people that were supposed to have more light in their heart then darkness were taking advantage of people, making profits out of other people's loss.

They were not killing or torturing people, just taking advantage of the privilege they already had to keep the advantage, and since it seemed" fair" most people saw it as a " fair" deal it was not breaking the law.

But to Doug that did not make it right, and he started to see the privilege of the elite as one big joke. He started to take jobs where he delivered relics and other noteworthy materials from people that originally owned the items, even if the current owners " legally" owned the property as a way of being a " equalizer" to those who got a bad hand at life.

This won him the respect of common people but caused ripples of tension in a universe that was supposed to be at peace. The other Enji tried to be diplomatic about things but Doug would not apologize, feeling he was right and that the others were too worried about keeping the peace to make things more equal for all.

Doug was asked by Ben, James, and Cloud to join their efforts to guide the universe to a better tomorrow many times but turned them down each time. Doug wanted them to succeed but was never an ideal person and mostly just acted to what he saw in front of him, living for the moment and not some grand ideal.

Doug personally thought utopia was just a sweet sounding word, but did not mind if his pals could make things better. However, Doug wondered if Ben, Master Myers and the majority of the Enji Knights were losing sight of things and were overreaching.

While his friends were getting upset that people were already falling back on their base instincts and voting for loudmouthed leaders that just told them what they wanted to hear, consequences be damned, Doug just shrugged it off as that being how life worked and to just deal with it as it came over obsessing for a perfection that can't exist more than a moment.

Doug saw how Ben, James, and the others were dreaming of a new era of " Newtypes" " Homo Superiors and other evolved people to make a better future that would not make the mistakes people acted and asked Ben outright if he wanted to do the same thing Kira, Xemnas, Zannacross and so many of the other villains wanted to do, and Ben joked about him not killing anyone, that it would be a peaceful transition.

Ben more or less admitted he hated Brad so much that he wanted to make sure no one could ever become like him, a maverick to society again. Ben had every right to hate Brad after how much he did to him, but Doug realized Ben had been bullied by people like Brad for most of his life and truly thought that humanity would be better off if people like Brad were just " patched out" like they were just virus's.

Doug could not help but think back to how his own family was erased like nothing and wondered more and more how rigged the game that life was, and talked to his fellow Enji even less afterworlds.

Doug started talking to Ben's dad more because the two could relate to not feeling like they belonged anymore, till suddenly one day Jack Auro said he felt a lot happier and talked about after Ben helped him things were looking up.

After a few favors he owned Doug found out about the Homeostasis Axiom Matrix, and found out just how his own teammates seemed to think only by controlling every aspect of a person's life could there be peace, having no trust at all in the common man.

While other Enji like Zidane Tribal, Yuri Lowell, and others like Sonic and Logan the " Wolverine" also thought freedom was important, after seeing such a horrible war nearly every one of them thought that some risk's had to be taken to change things so that such a war could not ever happen again.

Maybe it's because Doug at the moment only really cared about himself, but to Doug war breaking out again was a small price to pay for a free universe, no amount of lives saved was not worth making the universe a place where living had no value.

But because just about everyone was excited to end war or make progress, few would seriously say Ben's plan was a better idea, at best there would have to be changes but it was nearly total consensus that something had to be done.

Doug became to be so disgruntled that he hardly talked at all to anyone, just laughing at the pain of others, feeling that no one understood him to the point that he could only talk to a vision of Brad while drunk, thinking that he was unwanted by society.

At this time he knew Aqua and Axel were getting closer, and in the state he was in he cared more about Aqua just being upfront about her disgust then the fact that he might losing her, not having any value in love in his current state.

It seemed like it was just going to be another basic job to the Spirius Corporation, but as he landed the Zodiac Pinion on Rieze Maxia he found himself suddenly transported to the Beyonder. Here his feelings of resentment exploded, and when Aqua and Axel confessed their feelings Doug just laughed and killed them both.

He fully became the Chaotic Comedian, and if time was not reversed he would have laughed as everyone in the universe died.

Though thanks to Whis and Valdos time was rewound, being around his fellow Enji only changed Doug's mood slightly. Even knowing there was an enemy that wanted to destroy the universe, Doug just was eager for something to fight, and unleashed his rage at the Chrono Phantasma.

When he was confronted by the " Mad Dog" Azrael, he was sick of enemies that thought he was like them and enjoyed a good fight, and showed he just enjoyed shutting his enemies up by killing Azrael with a unsportsmen like blast through the throat.

When the deceptive " Bedman" used his magic to read Doug's memories like an open book and make Doug remember he let one of his mom's dates die and did not call anyone to save him as he choked on his own vomit because he hated him, Doug sneered at his enemy, the man that's true nature was the deity of dreams Hypnos,

Doug showed the elite follower of darkness that knowledge was not everything when you don't have the instincts to pull it off, as even when Hypnos was reading his mind Doug's instincts overwhelmed his opponent, crippling him before being ruthlessly killed.

After a final push Doug at last helped his new allies the Joestar family confront the head of the enemies in this part of Battle World, Dio Brando.

While the vampire claimed that he and Doug were alike since they both came from poor families only to seize power, Doug sneered at the thought that they should work together.

For one thing, Doug was not going to trust a man who backstabbed his way to power over anything, and he saw a vital difference. Dio wanted to be on top of society, Doug just wanted to be free from what he thought was one big joke. This also gave Doug the clarity to realize this is why he and Ben, despite all they had in common, had very different priorities.

Ben always wanted to prove himself to win over Lacus and gain the respect of the society that shunned him to prove he was not useless.

Doug never really cared what society thought of him, he just wanted the power to not have to play by their rules. Doug saw what happened to his dad and most of his family when they did not play by the rule's god gave, and wished he could have the power to not be bound by the very rules of the universe.

The Beyonder noticed Doug's bitter outbursts, and after seeing him outwit Dio even with all the powers his Dimensional Nihilo General gained after evolving to his "Dio Over Heaven state" caused him to freeze time to speak with Doug directly.

Doug, realizing that the Beyonder truly would fulfill his promise as long as he got what he wanted, and realized this might be the only chance a common man like him could flip the table so to speak on the rules of the universe, agreed, causing the Beyonder to do the Auswählen ritual to transfer the Vollständig, the essence of his power that he gave to Dio, to Doug.

Doug gained the equivalent of the Super Saiyan God transformation as a result and instantly killed Dio alongside Jotaro Joestar. His allies such as Link, Mario, Yuri and the other hero's that joined him for the mission were not sure what to make of Doug's transformation, but the member of Squad 7 firmly told them to relax, and that he was just doing what was needed to have an ace in the hole for fighting the enemy.

However, as everyone rejoined Ben and the others, Doug's façade of playing it cool shattered as the rage he kept at bay for over a year exploded. Even with Zamasu and the Beyonder in front of him, he was angrier at his friends for treating him as not as important, for not taking his view seriously. To Doug, no matter what intentions Ben, James, and the others had, any peace that was built by robbing freedom was a joke.

To Doug this just proved that all bonds were shams, and that it would be better if everyone was just alone, to be free of a world of lies.

The Beyonder vowed he would let each of his champions remake a pocket reality shaped by their will, their "reason", and for Doug his reason became the "world of true freedom, of absolute independence. Free of all those lies like love and bonds, the reason of Musubi."

No matter how hypocritical or illogical it seemed to the people that were his friends, to Doug at the moment, the perfect world was one where he never needed to rely or interact with anyone else ever again. At least, that's what he told himself over and over as his rage consumed him.

After being given the Beyonder 's power, Doug's desire to be seen as more than a side kick was brutally granted as he was able to fight off Ben, Ezan, the Chrono Phantasma of Superman, the Hulk, Toriko, Jotaro, and the majority of his allies all at once.

That was because the Beyonder's enhancements allowed him to break the" Shell" of his limits that normally would take life times, allowing him to unleash a variation of the Ultra Instinct transformation, a power that even Goku took a life time of training to obtain.

All but gone mad with the power rush he was having, for a bit Doug looked like he was once again willingly going to end the universe, till Aqua stood before him. While it looked like there was a chance Doug would have history repeat itself, Ben and Lacus forced the influence pushing Doug's darker impulses at bay, and with the help of the Phantom Thief Persona users were able to create a " Palace" that showed Doug's true desires. And it was not to see everyone dead, but to be a father.

Doug had felt so ashamed of his lack of respect and his personal issues that he felt after seeing his family history he did not deserve to be a father and was resentful enough to hate everything around him. But after Aqua revealed she did not think it was too late as long as Doug wanted to make his dream came true, he was able to subdue his darkness with the help of his friends.

Subdue, but not destroy, for while Ben thought his Shinning Soul Cleave slash purged Doug of his darkness, that darkness was so strong that in the Beyonder's realm it took the shape of the Chaotic Comedian all on his own.

Doug was nearly killed by the manifestation of his hatred till Yamamoto sacrificed himself to stall the enemies so the Enji and their new allies could escape.

Doug felt a lot calmed after the Chaotic Comedian became his own person, he still opposed Ben but was now civil about it and admitted wanting to destroy the entire universe was a tad of an overreaction.

He was truly somber when he caught up with Max in heaven, and the older man made it clear how sore he was with how Doug was treating Aqua. Doug admitted he had far less reason to stay isolated then Max's own reasons and wanted to hold on to what he had and was just scared he already lost everything.

Doug showed he had moved on as he helped Ben take down an all but mad Goku and did not falter when the Master of master's and God's of Destruction declared their rebellion against heaven's mandate.

The member of Squad 7 was amused that the first angel shared his ideology of a stagnant utopia being more of a hell then hell but was not going to roll over for anyone and helped take down the divine traitors.

While Ben was having a chat with the One Above All Doug and Aqua had a tense talk, and despite everything Doug was willing to do what it took to make things work.

His next tense talk when he got back to the Radiant Gardens and found Gouken waiting for him. His former master did not chew him out as much as he thought, and mostly warned Doug that everything depended on Doug's state of mind.

He had no new moves or power ups to teach his student, mastering the Ultra Instinct would all be about mastering his emotions.

Doug caught up with his mentor but wish he did not blow him off for so long, for when the Beyonder's agents launched a cruel surprise attack to use Ben's dad and Lacus 's mother as unwilling agents to kick off the Incursion. As Doug was fighting the Chaotic Comedian took advantage of the chaos to go for a lethal blow, only for Gouken to take the blow in his place.

While Gouken was almost happy to die in battle over dying a bit later because of some moment of seniority, Doug was still devastated that his own dark soul killed the man who gave him a chance to be a hero.

But Doug had no time to mourn as the Beyonder unleashed his end game. But even when his agents of his "Final Order" were all planet destroying doomsday monsters, Doug was hell bent on getting even. He fought through the Beyonder's agents no matter how bizarre or powerful they got.

Despite all the deadly enemies he fought, it was only when he got split up from Aqua that he got worried. But remembering Gouken's last words he kept his cool as he blazed through the hellish section of Battle-World the Beyonder threw him, Ezan, Max, and the rest of his group in.

His worst fears came true as he confronted the Chaotic Comedian again, and saw he got to Aqua first, making her berserk with some infusion of dark energy.

While the Chaotic Comedian bragged that the hellish primal world around Doug was his hearts true desire, a world where the weak could not get by on lies and only those with the killer instincts could thrive.

Despite his beef with society Doug knew only a fool thought only about himself, and he was tired of being a fool. His desire to not be a slave to any other's whims, even his own darkness, caused him to at last be able to merge the Fist of Nothingness, the apex of Gouken's training, with the Ultra Instinct.

This surge of power allowed him to truly overcome his demons and smash the Chaotic Comedian right out of the park. But it turned out his dark half had the last laugh yet. Doug held his own against the Beyonder to help Ben and Lacus turn the tide, but just when it looked like the end was in sight the Chaotic Comedian returned and shocked everyone by betraying his master.

Doug felt relived and horrified all at once when he found out the manifestation of his darkness, was not purely his own thoughts after all, but none other than Brad Fowltror.

When Doug was talking to Brad when drunk, it really was Brad. Thanks to merging with the Beyonder Brad reached out to Doug, because he knew unlike Lacus, Ezan, or James or most of the others, Doug was isolated enough from the others that they would not notice or care as much if he went rough.

Doug long ago conceded that he and Brad had more in common than the others wanted to admit, they both grew up in rough homes that made then distrust authority and only respect their own power.

But Doug never wanted to dominate others, he just wanted the power to defend what he cared about, and the fact that Brad twisted him and made him hurt everyone he cared about just as a tool to hurt Ben, Lacus, and everyone else really pissed him off.

Despite being in his head for so long, Brad still underestimated Doug enough for the martial artist to trick Brad to hurt himself with his new strength. Despite Brad becoming the size of a universe, Doug held on to help Ben and Lacus take down the embodiment of human sin once and for all.

However, it was not quite over yet. Doug saw Cosmos sacrifice herself to have her, Zannacross and the Beyonder be reborn to have a chance at normal lives but saw what was left in their wake quite differently then everyone around him.

Doug was serious about wanting to take responsibility to shut down Brad's last scream of fury, the anti-time eruption that could rupture the universe. If anyone else was going to die, it would be him. That's why he was dismayed that Myers tried to stop him and was sincerely remorseful that the other man who helped him be a better person died in vain.

However, even though Myers's last wish was to honor Cosmos's own last wish, Doug could not see it through. The other reason Doug volunteered to be the one to stop the anti-time eruption was that he knew this was likely the only chance he would ever have to see his other dream realized.

Doug wanting to kill everyone was because Brad was messing with his head, but Doug was truly disgusted with what he saw as a rigged universe where those with undeserved privilege dedicated how people should act. As noble as Myers's dream was, Doug saw just how many people had died across history for the sake of sweat sounding but unrealistic utopias.

Doug was sick of it all, and truly thought a somber but realistic world was better, that a world where everyone was forced to see things for how they were would be better than one where people sacrificed everything for a fantasy.

That's why, acting solely on his desires, Doug caused the dimensions to align incorrectly, shattering heaven as a result. While Doug did have regrets at tricking his friends, he was relieved when the One-Above-All appeared before him and revealed that he approved of Doug's choice, that God would allow him to fracture heaven for he did not share Cosmos's desires and thought the angels needed to be humbled.

Doug did not even really think he was going to get out alive, but the " Source" showed him mercy, and in the end he was able to shape the Universe to his Reason after all, and one common man who had no special destiny from either the light or darkness caused the cosmic metamorphosis that's ecumenical transfiguration altered the balance of the universe in a grander scale then either Cosmos or Zannacross attempted.

The-One-Above-All kept his word and Doug survived, though it was instantly clear that most in the universe wished Doug died a horrible death for what he did.

Doug's act would later be called the Death Stranding, because it indeed shattered heaven, erasing most of the souls resting there with only a fraction of the angels surviving, also causing so many mortals magic to fracture.

Doug did not intend for the nature of death to now be in the hands of whatever rich tycoon that was in the area, nor did he wish for the universe to be consumed by "BT's, invisible monsters that would appear randomly across the universe and cause enough mindless chaos to cause misery to spread from world to world.

But no matter how many of his friends now recoiled with disgust just by hearing his name, Doug had no regrets.

Doug saw the collapse of any one order as a good thing, now anyone strong enough could live as they saw fit with no force having the authority to make them confirm. It would bring conflict and despair, but that was just part of life and he hoped the entire universe would just deal with it instead of trying to hide behind illusions.

Knowing a good chunk of the universe would never forgive him for what he did, Doug let everyone think he was dead, and took up the name of Victor Makishima to live as a man who would simply spread freedom and knock down anyone who refused to change or would let others change.

After he saw how he changed the universe Doug appeared before Ben at his wedding, trying as best as he could to his outraged friends that he truly did not want to fight his former allies, but would never go down the path of anyone but his own's ever again. Another side effect of being right next to the dimensions when they reigned is that he got a fragment of Zannacross's discarded power.

This did not transform Doug into what Zannacross was, but like Kira he was no longer human, in essence in mortal and got a few new abilities like an Instant Transmission spell and aspects of the Omega Effect that high ranking deities of the darkness like Darksied had, and Doug suddenly found himself as one of the most powerful beings in the new universe.

But Doug made it clear he did not want to rule like Zannacross, for all the power he had he found leadership as a burden. He just wanted the power to be free and to see others be free to.

That's when the former member of Squad 7 made it clear he would not just roll over for anyone ever again, and had found enough former Enji to agree to be his fellow" Equalizers" to shake up those trying to keep a status quo, no matter how chaotic that process would be.

Doug knew this would put him at odds with Ben and most of his other allies for the rest of their lives, but he made it clear he valued freedom more than anything. Doug did not care if the universe would forever hate his old name, he made it clear wealth and even public popularity did not matter much, as long as he had the freedom to eat, drink, and sleep when he wanted to and deal with the people he wanted to while having a few others to mess around with, nothing else mattered.

Doug left Ben at his wedding knowing full well how Ben felt about betrayal, and in some ways this betrayal was even worst then the others and knew this could be a grudge that would linger for life times, but Doug had no desire to be Ben's enemy.

He would go to whatever it took to keep his freedom, even breaking open a path to another universe if Ben tried to impose order on his, but he did not want Ben to suffer. He purely wanted to keep knocking down everyone's ideas of utopia in hopes everyone would give up and "keep it real" so they could laugh on how stupid it all was.

He saw it as god and the angels forcing their children, humans, to keep trying to act like how they wanted to and not respect them as they are, so Doug did all of this so that everyone would stop trying to be what they were not, and accept what people really were and deal with how life really was.

Despite now having to be on the run and hated by most of the universe, Doug was at peace and content with how things were, being true to himself meant everything else was trivial in his eyes.

Of course, viewpoints change in time. Doug seemed intent on being a family man and doing what it took to spread his ideas across the universe, but time will tell what having such power will do to a man who bows to know one. No matter what, it's clear that Doug will always stay true to himself, for better or for worst.

New attacks to EXE: Not counting the attacks the Chaotic Comedian used, some of the new moves Doug learned after merging Ultra Instinct with the art of the Fist of Nothingness he learned the Jinsei San Shingi Spirit Wave Shoryuken, a move that uppercuts corruption out of person's soul, inspired by moves from Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters, Street Fighter 5 and Yu Yu Hakkusho all at once.

Mystic Rengeki Shoryuken is a more powerful variation of his preferred punching attack, as his aura now transforms into clones of himself to make the impact not just one devastating blow but several.

Sanjuu no White Haze Kudan is a variation of Sanjuu no Kiwami but uses his new mastery with Ultra Instinct to infuse an elemental magic combo to the blow. He can also use fire, lighting, poison and other elements for attacks like this.

Denjin Maseko is Doug's new ultimate attack, a silver and platinum version of Maseko that's even more powerful.

While Doug gained the Omega Effect just as the story ended, aside from a boost in strength this allows Doug to fire beams that can warp people away, change one's substance, and if he really wants to, break down a person's atoms.

Extra Authors Notes: Welp, it sure would have been easier to just have Doug keep his role, but while Goofy might never have changed as his role in Kingdom Hearts, I wanted to aim to higher heights then Goofy. I first was inspired after seeing Time Breaker Bardock and the other allies turned evil in the Xenoverse games but wanted to do more than just merely take the plot of Xenoverse and mix it with some Marvel comic events.

I was inspired by those like Chang Wufei from Gundam Wing Endless Waltz, guys who could only be at peace while fighting. Ezan might have seemed like a better fit for that but I wanted to show Ezan, despite what he was groomed to be was more at peace with the post war world then Doug, I wanted to show the bitterness a man with no place in society can have.

I also was inspired by how Ranga the Bloodedge was in the end of Blazblue Central Fiction, how he broke everyone's dreams and changed the world to make it "fair" sort of. Doug did not erase his very memory like Ranga did in Central Fiction, but in ways he changed the world more drastically then Ranga did.

I was inspired by the ending to Final Fantasy Tactics, with Doug being like Ramza in that game while Ben was like Delita, with how Ben came out better in most ways, but Doug was more at peace.

I wanted Doug to not precisely become evil, but just become so obsessed about his pride and beliefs that he was willing to forsake everything to not cave on what's important to him. I was motivated by seeing how people in real life were willing to do horrible things, endorse horrible people as long as they thought they could" Win again".

I thought it would make for some good emotional moments for the story, hopefully that was the case. Should also say that, Doug Fitter is inspired by a close friend of mine but, this is not a replaying of how things with our friendship went in real life. I was inspired by real life events when I wrote some of Doug's character development, but it did not come from that friendship, but from other people I knew around me that depressed me with their descent into angry and radical ideas, more like taking some aspects of what I seen and mixing it all together in one nasty blender. I know that can seem like I'm giving off the wrong impression, and I'm sorry if it came across that way.

Since I have a lot less original antagonists in EXE I'll fit them in this page as well. And with that

EXE Antagonists bios

Ramathel Valentine: Ramathel was created with the same function as all of the other Black Swans, purely to be the voice of Rabum Alai's will with a bit of personality to it. Ramathel had no plans to go against her purpose as she saw the Incursion through without a shred of remorse.

However, after time was rewound, she encountered the Enji earlier when Battle-World was still taking place, and intercepted James and his group onboard the Great-Fox when they were trying to help Luke Skywalker.

The Black Swan saw James and the others as interlopers that must die for interfering in her master's game, but to her shock despite her power James quickly subdued him, but spared her, mostly to gather intel on the enemy over an act of mercy. Still, Ramathel was curious by the curiosity of her master's enemies.

She was programed to see her enemy's wills as nonsense, but maybe the Beyonder put too much curiosity in his creation by mistake but glitch or not, she wanted to see the conclusion to her enemy's thesis.

That's why when Darth Plagueis freed her from James's binding she did not assist him to see who logically would win, and that's why she also warped the Enji out of Star-Killer base before it exploded to insure" the game was not spoiled".

She could pass off her actions as merely not wanting to have her master's mood ruined, but she had to prove where she stood when the Enji were trying to escape Battle-World and the Beyonder ordered his Black Swans to follow them while he dealt with the Chrono Phantasma that betrayed him.

Ramathel, along with her fellow Black Swan Stella proved they believed more in the Enji as they betrayed Yabbat and Elphelt Valentine.

The Enji still were not sure what to make of Ramathel, so she patiently endured under close watch, unaware of the Enji's brutal battle in heaven, but did help the Enji uncover her former followers plot in time before they could go through the Incursion in earnest.

Ramathel proved she was willing to stick to her choice to the end when she helped James escape from being caught in the trap of Relius Clover like all of his comrades, and helped him take down the mad scientist , even having to kill her fellow Black Swan to see things through.

While her history with her master was one of a pawn obeying a unhinged master that would destroy her on a whim like he did to her " leader" Sanctus Maximus Populi Ariels, Joel, and many others, she still felt an ounce of dismay at finding out her master was being manipulate by Brad Fowltror, who unlike the Beyonder was completely aware of what pain and life meant, and not one ounce remorseful for any pain he caused anyone.

That's why as everyone fought Brad, as the madman tried to destroy the entire history of the universe to make all history revolve around him, Ramathel let James shoot into her nearly universe sized target to pinpoint the essence of her creator within Brad, and help draw it out. With the help of the others, including Cosmos, she was able to succeed in freeing the Beyonder from Brad, playing a part in Brad's final destruction.

Ramathel was pleased that the Beyonder chose to help Cosmos purge the divinity out of himself, Cosmos, and Zannacross to be free of the burdens of godhood and be happy without burdens. That's why she tracked down the reincarnated Cosmos and the Beyonder on Elicoor II and acted as the reborn" Able's nanny, to ensure that the reborn" Sophia" would not ever regret her choice.

The rest of the named Black Swans:

Yabbat Ummon Turru: The "Original" Black Swan from Jonathan Hickmen's Avenger's comic run. Even if Rabum Alal was Doctor Doom in that version, it was easy enough to alter her loyalty.

Her Parasite Eve form was made up by me but felt like a way to bring good closure to Ramathel, better than her just losing to Starlord and Groot in the Neo Secret Wars event I suppose lol.

Towa: Nearly entirely the same as she is in the Xenoverse games aside from her changed loyalty, she played the part role I suppose.

Elphelt Valentine: While she also turned good in Guilty Gear Xrd, for EXE I based her off of the previous" Valentine" that looked a lot like her and was the final boss of Guilty Gear Overture.

Sanctus Maximus Populi Ariels: The official leader of the Black Swans that is quickly killed off after displeasing the Beyonder, mostly a joke at how the Guilty Gear games hyped her up so much only for her to not be a real boss battle or playable fighter.

Airy: The demon hiding as a fairy from Bravery Default felt like an ideal Black Swan as long as the Beyonder replaced Ouruboros. Heh, could not resist the perfect chance to troll Link with his stance on Fairies.

Luna/Stella: Well, felt like a way to give Luna more to do then the pitiful amount she did in Final Fantasy 15 and also rip at how much of a convoluted mess Final Fantasy 15/ Versus 13 ended up being. Ugh, and it seems Tetsuya Nomura still wants to show his true version based on everything after beating Yozora in the Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC. Well, I can't judge to harshly, if the book agents/ publishers butcher my Zilos series badly to make it "marketable" and it fails I would want a second shot to…we will see.

Joie: Mostly the same as from Toriko, just kept her around a tad longer so the Beyonder could end her personally.

Extra's Authors Notes: The Black Swans from Marvel and the Valentines introduced in the later Guilty Gear games had so much in common it seemed natural to combined them for EXE. I had Ramathel be one of the other envoys from the start because it seemed natural based on how the events of Guilty Gear Xrd played out.

Mostly followed her progression from Guilty Gear Xrd of learning enough about human emotions to change sides, just instead of Ky's son winning her over with a puppy it was more of a long game of curiosity. Was not a major role but a way to mix things up a bit nevertheless.

Whis: From the start of his existence as a Chirithy, Whis's entire existence was to watch over the one known as Ira to make sure he did not get carried away with purging corruption. When he evolved into Beerus, a God of Destruction, and Whis became a Sidereal class angel, bound to forever clean up Beerus's mistakes.

This gave Whis an extreme amount of power, with even the power to rewind time for a short while, but all of it revolved around his master. The Sidereal was given spells and techniques to not let this bother him, but at times could be exasperated at Beerus being so lazy. Because of this his attention would drift to Goku and other strong-willed warriors over the years to give him some variety, but one way or another the others would leave, and he would be stuck with the same routine.

Whis was proud that Beerus defied Zannacross, but after the war Beerus's job was retired and so Whis's life became even more stagnant. Whis was able to freely move about heaven and interact with those like his sister Valdos, but still had little to do. Still, those like Galactus were able to make peace with retirement and so he thought he had as well. However, the after math of Ben defeating Zannacross changed something in him. Him and many of the other Sidereal angels had changed when they briefly merged with Ben along all the others who merged to take down Zeed Zannacross.

When they regained their own bodies, an unexpected glitch eroded the spell that made them at peace with their life, making millions of years of bitterness surge into his mind. Realizing he hated this peace more than anything, Whis realized the one he saw as his father, the Master of master's also shared this desire, and plotted to force the universe to change. Beerus was still asleep at this time but Whis knew his" lord" long enough to know that despite how grouchy he could be Beerus would not want to cause a stir, if for nothing else then laziness.

So Whis plotted to risk the end of everything for the chance to be free. While the Beyonder was part of the plan, he was no ally, and he and Valdos had to rewind time to ensure the universe was not destroyed to quickly. Whis was able to fool Cosmos, Beerus and everyone else partly because he truly was amused at Ben and Lacus and their devotion to justice.

After spending countless lifetimes living to serve one task he found it amusing that Cosmos's champions best idea for peace was to rob everyone of freedom. While it was an idea the Grand Priest gave the Enji to distract them, to him and the other Sideral it showed how hollow Cosmos's ideas were, and all the more reason to be emancipated from her ideology.

After insuring Goku was given a ZONE sphere so that the battle craving Saiyan would try and go to any lengths to get his next rush, Whis saw Ben and Goku, the two biggest mortal threats weaken each other.

Seeing the pieces at last be at place, after Belmond and the other rouge God of Destructions made their move Whis at last showed his true nature to Beerus vie stabbing him through the chest.

Whis at last showed the bitterness he had for billions of years, and for the first time showed his true power, Vishnu-Whis, and revealed his Tenseigan eyes, powers he previously only sowed to his kin. Whis felt pity for Lacus, and admitted maybe the love Ben and her had could last since they were not forced into a unending partnership like he and Beerus, but would not back down for anyone.

Whis thought he predicted everyone's reactions, but did not expect Beerus was so hell bent on getting even at Whis that he would kill himself to take down the one who betrayed him with a point blank Haikai sphere.

While outraged all of his plotting had amounted to nothing, Whis could not help but feel an ounce of pride that at last Beerus had showed regal refinement, even if it was too little too late.

Extra Authors Notes: Whis interests me in Dragon Ball, though mostly its for all the ways his story can go. I really hope before Super ends Whis shows what he can do in a serious fight as just endlessly going on about food has gotten old as we go from one Super arc after another. Even so, Whis in EXE showed a good example of the dangers of the backlash of those being burdened with an unwanted fate.

Jack Auro: Age sixty-three at the time of sixty-three, nearly bald, has a mustache.

A man obsessed with keeping the status quo, Ben's father has been a source of anxiety, stress and shame for him for most of his life, and one of the reasons Ben was willing to risk his life to join the Enji and try and become a hero. Jack did not mind being wrong for once as he quickly enjoyed the perks of being the father of the man who saved the universe.

He was all too happy to get attention and not have to worry about money any more, but to Ben's dismay, his issues with his erratic temper quickly resurfaced when he did not get as many perks as he thought he would, and that his family was not instantly made a noble house like the Raystar family.

While Ben stressed that he did not want to appear to be abusing his privilege and that there were protocols for such things Ben's father thought he was just trying to keep him down.

Already stressed with the task of building a lasting peace for the universe, having to deal with his father's delusions irritating him even more than usual, double so after finding out how Max's father cheated on his mother for years, and that his own father was saying the same excuses he heard Max's mother say her husband made.

While Jack swore he just meant he liked having people to talk to, it was not clear if he was just making excuses, and a fed up Ben decided to make his dad the very reluctant first test subject of the Homeostasis Matrix Axiom project. For a while it worked as Jack was a lot more pleasant to be around with, and maybe it would have kept working out if not for the treatment being undone when the Black Swans gave Jack a tainted Donut.

As Jack's mind snapped back to before, his rage consumed him. He was bitter enough at the fact that nearly everyone preferred the new him that for a while he just wanted everyone to suffer, letting Mira consume him.

For a while Jack did enjoy being able to force his son to listen to him, but as the rage wore off he proved while he was a lazy and thoughtless person at times, he was not evil, and resisted Mira long enough for Ben to divide the two, proving to Mira that power levels were not everything.

While many would judge Ben harshly for failing to bring about paradise, Ben's dad would always support his choices, even if he was grouchy about it.

Extra Authors Notes: I was a bit inspired by Jack from Resident Evil 7 with the deranged father bits. I suppose I wanted to show that despite everything Ben's issues with his father still were not resolved, and it took a drastic turn for the two to see eye to eye and at last understand each other on more than a superficial level.

Jane Caleb Raystar: Has emerald green eyes, fiery red hair, and at the start of the EXE is forty-five.

Jane always wanted to be a star, and while she made it to high society when she married Erich Organa Raystar, she quickly realized she was always seen as an accessory to Erich. She tried to break out on her own but never quite made it, forcing her to decide to live on through her children. Her expectations were vastly surpassed when she found out Lacus was chosen by heaven to lead humanity to a new age, caused her to be an even more extreme "helicopter" parent to her second daughter.

While she merely wanted to see her child succeed, her overbearing approach helped push Lacus to Brad, an act she only lamented when she realized how truly deranged her child's boyfriend really was.

While she was overjoyed that Lacus was able to pull through, when she found out that Lacus would not likely be leading humanity to utopia after all she was devastated that it seemed like all her hopes of her child being the one to lead humanity to paradise would amount to nothing.

She might have gotten over this bitter feeling in time, but the Black Swans used their magic to magnify the resentment in her heart, allowing Elphelt Valentine to take control of her mind and force a fusion to become a " Fortissim" demon.

Lacus saw the depths of her mother's anger, but even as her mother's pettiness had become so extreme that she was trying to kill her and everyone around her, she could not kill her mother, and used her power to break her out of the Black Swans' grip.

Jane's bitterness and anger was sincere, but in the end it was not enough to keep the love and pride she had for her child and she was able to resist Elphelt Valentine's influence enough for Lacus to free her.

While Jane had shown her daughter her most petty bitter thoughts, the two were able to come to terms and while in the aftermath of the Secret Wars the universe would be even more chaotic, the relationship between Lacus and Jane would not be part of that chaos.

Extra Authors Notes: All the way back from the Cosmic Wars trilogy I wondered about having Jane go all the way and have Lacus have to kill her and decided not to. In EXE well, decided to toy with the idea again to say the least.

While it was sudden, I wanted Lacus and Jane's relationship, which seemed smooth after winning the Cosmic War, like in some relationships, a sudden reversal led to the underlying tension to explode, with a bit of a dark magical boost. Even so, Lacus killing her mother would be character derailment I suppose so, still wanted it to be a positive end, just a bumpy ride to get there.

Iger Rassilon, the First Angel known as the Grand Priest, the Master of Masters and more.

The only one who had been more in the light then Iger Rassilon was Cosmos herself. But it's because he was in heaven since its conception that he saw so clearly the flaws of the "mandate of heaven." Iger was one of the first angels, the first life forms created by Cosmos and Zannacross to have the precise purpose of being lesser, to serve there will. Iger 's very existence was to ensure order was maintained in the universe.

That's why he was able to think and strategizes better than the other first-generation angels and lead them to disable the Beyonder from the inside so Cosmos and Zannacross could seal him away.

From their Iger, despite being one of the earliest denizens of the light, preferred to stay in the shadows, in the sense that he rarely publicly took charge, even to his fellow angels aside from the Foretellers.

The " Master of Masters" preferred to just be seen as a instrument of order rather than a person of ego, hence he did not make any public appearance in either of the wars with Zannacross, preferring to let the others like Gabrile Celeste and the others fulfill his will.

Iger seemed content to do as he was made to do, till Zannacross was defeated. When the universe was restored Iger soon found himself having a desire he never felt before in his long life. He saw what Cosmos's desire was for the future of the universe and realized he did not agree with her path.

While her desires may have been that of the light, the man with the title of "Master of Masters" of magic and holy energy found out he was more on the Ultraviolet, unseen light of the spectrum.

In essence he realized Cosmos wanted to see everyone happy, but that was only the superficial desire of the universe, and that neglecting the true subconscious nature of people's will would lead to just as much suffering as the path Zannacross intended for the universe.

Iger was one of the few angels that was fully aware of the one above Cosmos, the One-Above-All. The Grand Priest theorized that in the end Cosmos and Zannacross both presumed that the natural law was settled forever. However, that was an error born out of their own arrogance. Cosmos had always had the best intentions, for she was indeed the embodiment of light and hope.

However, these noble intentions can cause contradictions that can, and have caused paradox's that have caused just as much suffering as the acts of the most wicked beings in history.

One such that goodness and light is the natural, preferred state of the universe. It is true that many wish for goodness, sanctity, and the like to be the dominate force, it's this constant wish that has empowered Cosmos and the angels since the dawn of history.

However it is also a fact that for as much as people wish it, the truth is that between chaos and order, light and darkness, good and evil, or even balance, personal wishes aside the universe does not have to be in any one state as long as it exists.

Iger saw how strongly Cosmos wanted it so that people's natural desire was for the universe to always be a utopia of light, but had saw that people's true desires counteracted this. His proof of this was him noticing the return of the Beyonder. Instead of notifying Cosmos, he consulted with the God's of Destruction and their Aides about how to break from Cosmos's will and reshape the nature of the universe, and their own purpose in life.

And so the Master of Masters started his plan by introducing to Ben, Lacus, and the others the Homeostasis's Matrix Axiom Connection. Seeing how even Cosmos had agreed without hesitation that this could be the best path to a peaceful universe caused Iger to see without a doubt that most of the forces of light were caught up with a lasting peace over caring about just how exciting, and fulfilling that life would be.

Iger did not serve the Beyonder, but he did position things to make it easier for the Beyonder to act without Cosmos and the other angels knowing till it was ideal for him, so that all the pieces could be in place. That's why he ensured that the Beyonder did not destroy the universe till he was ready to move, and by drawing things out allowed Cosmos to weaken herself so the Master of Masters could weaken her, Ben, and Goku all at once to give his plan the best odds for success.

But his plans still had wild cards, such as which of the God's of Destruction and other senior angels would side with his rebellion or be loyal to Cosmos, and in the end the wildcards did not fall in his favor as Champa, the Supreme Kai of Time and enough of the others helped Ben and Lacus so that their power combined with everyone from Super Saiyan Four Ultra Instinct Gogeta, to Kira and more combined there power to overcome the first angel.

While the Master's of Master's rebellion ended in failure, in the end he would get the last laugh as shortly after that Cosmos would willingly give up her ambitions to have a normal life with her son, showing that however twisted his methods were, it would seem the First Angel was on to something after all.

Authors Notes: Well, Iger Rassilon is the result of when you have multiple curious characters going on that's mysteries are not resolved so you throw them in a blender, AKA mixing together aspects of the Grand Priest from Dragon Ball Super, the Master of Masters, and Ichibē Hyōsube the head of Squad Zero in Bleach. All three of those men had things that were not resolved as of the time of this writing, if the Grand Priest is the one controlling Zeno in Dragon Ball and what his agenda really is, just what the hell is really up with the Master of Masters in Kingdom Hearts And what Squad 0's true agenda really was in Bleach.

I had him primarily look like the Grand Priest because well, Master of Masters just looks like a hooded dude." . ( He must be using a spell to get people to trust him, why would people ever trust a guy who's always mocking others and never shows his face?)

I know that Iger Rassilon came and went rather fast, it would have been hard for him to be introduced earlier without keeping true to his personality, and keeping him for the later part of the final battle would have taken away from Zamasu.

I know him being the one who gave Ben all of his ideas made Ben make look like a follower, but it was to show Ben still relied on others to do the thinking for him because he and Lacus were to overwhelmed by their task, going for any answer that someone brought to them that sounded good.

As a result in the five hundred years since Brad's death Ben and Lacus more or less ran with their own plans for better or worse, after all, after the first century there was only a few people left they could trust.

The Beyonder/ Rabum Alal: The sum total of an entire universe officially classified as the Beyond-Realm. The being known as an infinite-dimensional entity. Having names ranging from U-DO, Volthoom, Adam Kadmon, and more, the name that might matter most is that he's the first true son of Cosmos and Zannacross, the beyond-dimensional scion of both light and darkness, and unlike all mortals, angels and demons after him had the same powers of both Cosmos and Zannacross, with only the One-Above-All having more power.

But for all of the power the Beyonder possessed, it had no experience. It felt good being the center of its parents attention, but when Cosmos and Zannacross then created other things the Beyonder saw it was not getting attention and lashed out like a angry toddler, a toddler with the power to shatter dimensions like a toddler can break plates.

Cosmos and Zannacross were still not fully experienced with feelings themselves at this point in time, but they knew that their first child would destroy everything else, and while they tried to reason that its feelings were not based on but as they tried to get there scion to submit they realized the more pure power they threw out, the Beyonder responded in kind and they realized such escalation could risk their own deaths.

But they realized if they created newer children that could escape the Beyonder's notice they could strike before he could notice and make him "sleep". The plan worked, as the Beyonder did not even grasp what the angels were before they attacked him from inside, allowing his parents to strike him and in essence leave him "brain dead" before they sealed him in the Beyond-Dimension, meant to be sealed away for ever.

And so the Beyonder was comatose as the universe went by, and the plan was for it to stay that way, till in an act of desperation Zannacross tried to break into the Beyond-Dimension to gain the extra power he needed to defeat Ben Auro and the others.

This act of desperation failed the Shin-Emperor, as diverting his energy caused his ultimate defeat. However, it did succeed in causing a backlash of energy to cause the Beyonder to awaken.

Despite the billions of years that had passed the Beyonder still had the same state of mind that it had before it was forced into a coma, the only difference is that he awoke knowing he was wronged, and a sense of fury pulsed through his mind to get revenge on Cosmos, Zannacross, and everything that they dared replace there" Perfect child" with.

The Beyonder slowly regained his strength, and first was able to peer into the mortal universe from his own. Not knowing the meaning of time, the Beyonder had enough power to look through all time periods at once. Seeing countless people and times at once, some even just being movies instead of real people, caused the Beyonder much confusion at first, but saw that his parents picked them over him and so he wanted to destroy them all.

Knowing that if Cosmos and Zannacross could create he could to, the Beyonder slowly created objects with his power. Frustrated at still being confused, the Beyonder took the Steller Memory of the universe to recreate people from history to help explain things to him. After the first thousand or so destroyed Chrono Phantasma the Beyonder was able to grasp more and more about the mortals that replaced him.

The first scion of light and darkness saw the fact that mortals died as proof of their inferiority and thought everything that his parents created had to be destroyed. But he did not just want to destroy everything, he wanted to create a better universe with better creations that would not" fail "as much as failures did.

To pull this off the Beyonder decided to play a game with his creations to see which ones would get the best results, and thus created Battle World, using Steller memory to forge together a miniature galaxy composed of fragments of worlds that had existed in the universe and slammed them together, with the winners of each world having the right to gain the title of " Dimensional Nihilo Generals" the ones worthy of being strong enough to open the path for the Beyonder to step into his parents universe.

The Beyonder remembered well that his parents had outside help stopping him last time, and wanted to ensure that her parent's champions would suffer. He was able to grasp that Zannacross was now defeated and Cosmos's current champions were Ben Auro and Lacus Raystar. By this time the Beyonder was getting advice from the Chrono Phantasma he created, and Zamasu, the luman sage Balder, Kirei Kotomine, Sanctus Maximus Populi Ariels and the others won the Beyonder over to the idea that it was not enough to just kill Ben and Lacus, to make Cosmos hurt the most they had to suffer.

That's why as Battle-World was reaching its final stage the Chrono Phantasma agents he sent to his parents' universe were able to lure in a unexpected guest, Doug Fitter, Aqua Trian and Axel.

The Beyonder was happy his target took the bait, and after showing Doug the two both loathed the current universe and wanted to shatter it, with a little prodding Doug was willing to become his Dimensional General, and descended into darkness enough to become the Chaotic Comedian.

To the Beyonder's glee his ambush worked out as planned, and the Invisible Empire launched its Incursion before the forces of the universe realized what was going on. But just as the Beyonder was going to remake all of existence in how he thought his Wandenreich should be, time suddenly rewound. The one from beyond the universe still was not grasping time and was not even aware his victory was snatched from him, but did suddenly notice that Cosmos's "Puppets" were in his dimension without his knowledge.

While the Beyonder had the power to kill the majority of his intruders in an instant, despite his annoyance he was so confident in his power that he wanted the intruders to suffer for their insolence.

To his outrage his generals all lost to the Enji, though once more he enticed Doug with their shared hatred. The Beyonder thought all the disruptions were worthwhile to see Doug kill his friends in front of him as a testament of who's power and ideology was superior.

But the Beyonder's outrage grew as Ben and Lacus broke Doug's fury and severed him from his darkness. While said darkness was strong enough to become his own life form Master Yamamoto gave up his life long enough to stall the Chaotic Comedian and Zamasu, while the Chrono Phantasma of the X-men, the Justice League, the Advengers all sacrificed themselves so that the Enji could escape.

The Beyonder's fury killed everyone around him, but Cosmos herself appeared just as the Beyonder tried to burst between the dimensions, and hit him with a blast powerful enough to shatter every object in his Beyond Realm, but not kill him.

While this only made Cosmos's son even more angry, but as he rebuilt his personal reality one atom at a time he wanted to not just kill Cosmos, but make her subjects realize how much of a failure she truly was. That's why he took delight in the Enji killing the Master of Masters and the God's of Destruction, proving how even the most" holy" members of heaven were hypocrites.

He went with the Chaotic Comedians plan to have Ben's father and Lacus 's mother be corrupted and bring forth the Incursion Ritual to drag Ben and Lacus to.

When the Incursion went off again, the Beyonder showed how confident he was by making doomsday into a grand sadistic gameshow. But his annoyance grew as Ben, Lacus and the others were able to take down his avatar in the mortal universe and the Chrono Phantasma of his "Final Order" and broke through into the Beyond Dimension once more. But as they arrived the Beyonder still treated everything as a sadistic game, declaring their arrival was just kicking off the Plana Legio Prix to celebrate the end of humanity.

He showed his ideal world, the kingdom of Magicant, with each layer embodying humanities true nature, with each layer getting more brutal and sadistic. But despite throwing everything he could think of he saw Mira, Zamasu, the Chaotic Comedian and the rest of his forces lose, before he was faced to face with the Enji for the final battle of the universe.

The Beyonder was sincerely baffled the Enji would defend their imperfect system over his idea of changing the rules of life and death so that the popular and loved would never die while the unwanted would die quickly. The fact that Cosmos's champions nearly universal renounced his idea, saying that no matter how much of history he observed he still had no idea what it meant to truly live outraged the self-proclaimed true ultimate god.

While he thought that mortals that dared to say they knew then god only deserved to suffer horribly, to his shock he could not have his way with Ben and co. Despite being able to alter the environment to his whims in many unlivable ways, despite being able to see the future and neglect any attack that hit him more than once, because of his lack of nuance he was not able to truly understand things, and combining all of their powers the Beyonder found his efforts failed one after another.

Even after unleashing an attack at Ben that was every attack he could think of at once, Ben's will power, combined with his friends' power and spells, was able to push through the Aesir Ragnarok spell to impale him.

To the Beyonder's horror the combined power of the Divine Mugen Nova and the Golden Imperial Crystal was enough to slowly sever his mind from his body.

The first son of Cosmos and Zannacross realized he could no longer think soon, that he was not that much different than the mortals he saw as merely fancy toys as he thought, and now that he understood the context of things, he felt true fear.

This fear was enough to make him rethink everything, but admis the confusion the rage he felt since he woke up kept telling him that all that mattered was revenge, and then another voice outside his head told him to not go soft, the Chaotic Comedian.

His last and most recently created Dimensional General seemed to survive to come help his master, only to suddenly punch him through the chest, and the Chaotic Comedian revealed to everyone's shock that he was the boss, not the follower, before absorbing the Beyonder into himself.

The Beyonder awoke from his coma not even really understanding emotions, never realizing the rageful voice in his head that woke him up and drove him to get back on everyone was not his own thoughts, but the soul of Brad Fowltror that Zannacross forced into the Beyonder 's reality.

The Beyonder was being manipulated from the very start, and for all of his godly power Brad saw him just as a tool for his revenge. As Brad gleefully used his new power to make everyone around him suffer, now it was the Beyonder's turn to watch in the corner of Brad's mind like a shadow.

Realizing what it means to be powerless and repressed by someone stronger, the Beyonder realized why people would hate evil people so much, and that's why when Ramathel and Cosmos reached out to him, he fought back against Brad, helping leading to the man who tricked him's ultimate and finale demise.

By pure chance, thanks to Brad's mad desperation the Beyonder was free, and Zannacross was hastily free as well. Zannacross at once tried to manipulate his first son to help him gain revenge on Cosmos to rule over all the inferior beings.

But to his shock the Beyonder no longer really wanted to rule, not enjoying it after realizing how much work it was and just wanted to be happy and be loved. That's why he did the Auswählen ritual on himself, Cosmos, and Zannacross to sever their divinity and be reborn as mortals.

Reborn as Able, the Beyonder lost nearly everything but had his mother's love and being able to experience that pure love was enough to him.

Unique Attacks: Aside from all of his reality altering powers Aesir Ragnarök is his ultimate attack, an attack that traps its target in a pocket dimension where they are tortured and attacked in every thinkable way at once.

Extra Authors Notes: While the Beyonder's look is obviously based off of how he was in the comics and his tv show appearances like the Secret Wars in the 90's Spiderman show, the version of him in my story also took a lot of inspiration of him from Yhwach, Bleach's final villain, for how there were a lot of similarities with Yhwach's hatred for his father the Soul King and him seeing the current world as a fraudish unnatural one and how the Beyonder saw the universe created by Cosmos and Zannacross.

I also was partially inspired by the villain Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki from Naruto as well, the same behavior of seeing god and mortals as completely different and that mortals were just toys for their superiors.

Also a tad inspired by Prometheus from Jump Force, though I admit that was near the end since the game only came out when I was at the final arc.

Another person I was inspired by was King Joffrey I Baratheon, for the Beyonder to have the same kind of childish, unrelenting fury for all that would deny him.

While Zannacross was the ultimate lawful evil villain, the devil who saw and judged all of history, the Beyonder was the ultimate chaotic evil, a villain who instead knew nothing but his own whims and barely even understood anything, treating existence as a demented game where it was his right to always win.

From the start of thinking of EXE the Beyonder seemed like the ideal candidate for a possible villain that could rival Zannacross in power, after reconning that he fought Zannacross before the Axis of time in volume 3 lol.

The Secret Wars was one of the first big crossover events in fiction so, it seemed natural for a story about crossovers in fiction to cover it I guess.

Oh yes, and it's true that the Beyonder was also inspired by real life dictators, some more than others.

Some, might have gave me more material just because of how overwhelming in your face that one individual can be, but the Beyonder was mostly supposed to reflect all the populist two faced blowhard in the world today.

Let's put it this way, in a world where your powerless as know nothing two faced traitors are pushing the world to ruin, it's a great stress reliver to see a personification of that person get thrashed, however little that does to change things in the real world.

Well, hopefully it did the intended effect of making his insanity and evil feel genuine to make the tense things successfully tense.

For the bad guys that were not around enough to get a full topic, here's a list of the minor villains.

Dimensional Nihilo Generals:

Mira: Mostly the same as he was in Xenoverse one and two, I did not want to make his final encounter just be a cut and paste of Xenoverse 2's final battle so as he was the Beyonder's pure original creation and proof of him making superior things to his parents giving Mira even more pride.

When his pride was damaged not only by losing to Ben but his father being able to resist him he was confused about the power of the strength of one's soul, and after absorbing Towa tried to break Ben's mind by showing him he's just a puppet, but went mad and became Idious after trying unsuccessfully to take over Ben's soul.

Even this failed to beat Ben, making Mira's last moments wondering how humans del with something so difficult as feeling emotions.

Superboy Prime: Mostly unchanged from how he acted in DC Comics like Infinity Crises and other events like the Legion of 3 worlds part of Final Crises. Would be more satisfying to take him down then an evil Superman like the Justice Lord version or the one from Injustice.

DIO Brando: Mostly unchanged from how he was in Jojo, just got his World Over Heaven Stand with a few extra powers obtained by absorbing the Dark-Triforce and the Chrono Phantasma of the demon Demise, causing his final form to look a lot like Demise in this version.

Kylo Ren and Darth Plagueis: Well, now that Episode Nine's out my take on Ren and Snoke is going to look, VERY un cannon but to be fair, did not think they would just, revive Palpatine and make Ren be a total tool…I like my version better.

God damn it Disney I thought of ways to make Palpatine coming back in the old EU timeline for years in a way that makes sense but then you just do it in the most lazy way possible, and now Star Wars is all about Mandalorian and its shameless Baby Yoda gimmick…C'mon you know it's a shameless gimmick if you just think about it for ten ( Gets trampled by hoards of Mando fans) Ahem…moving on.

Madara Uchiha: Since Volume 3 ended before Naruto did I missed a few things, and since Madara could be a decent foil for Ezan I threw him and Obito in, along with Kakashi, because no need to be weighed down by all the Sasuke drama, Ezan would be annoyed at the poser ruining the mood and all. I gave Madara the " S-Cells" mostly to not make him a push over to Ezan, and because there was no way I wanted to throw in Kabuya Otsutsuki lol.

Yuki Terumi: I know I had Hazama fight Doug in Venom already but, he's such a good villain that I felt might as well used the new stuff with Blazblue again since he would be a far stronger opponent for Cloud, Squall and the other senior Enji then Ardyn would have. I did not want to fall back to Sephiroth again so having Terumi exploit Cloud's fears and have some of Sephiroth's moves as "Safer Susanoo" to once again show how much of a impact Sephiroth had without it being too much Déjà vu.

Midora: Mostly the same as he was in Toriko, only he just died after Neo/ Acacia was beaten instead of being killed by the Beyonder.

Ragyō Kiryūin: Personality was mostly the same, figured she was a kind of enemy Lacus had not dealt with yet and seemed like it would be fun, had her take over for Acacia because it felt like a more thematic showdown for Lacus over the Gourment Demon.

Zamasu: Mostly the same, his increased contempt for woman was Brad's hate for Lacus seeping into his mind.

Brad Fowltror: Has black eyes, and has a shaven head with only a bit of black hair to be seen. Height is 200 center matters and weight, in his base power is 180 kilograms. After his transformation his skin his pale white with cracked skin showing pitch black in those segments. One eye has the symbol of the Time-Breakers while the other eye has the symbol of Zannacross.

What made Brad Fowltror so amusing to Zannacross and the others was that he could have easily become a hero. When his dad escaped going down with the rest of his group in the mob after becoming an informant, he could have easily been inspired to be a hero. But unlike Ben being inspired by justice, he got infuriated at justice getting in the way of his "good times."

Merely because he lost the perks he had because his father was a member of the local mob, he loathed all agents of the law so much that he wished he could break every agent of justice in the universe so that no one could deny him " his fun."

That's because every evil act Brad caused could have been avoided, but he charged in eagerly nearly every chance he got, because he reveled in being a thug, a bully, a monster. He was a true psychopath who would let the universe burn as long as he was on top.

Brad was angry when he got caught or things did not work out, but he never once thought twice about what he did, he never cared about anyone he hurt, even Lacus or his family, because it was always their fault, it was never his fault.

Even as karma at last caught up to him, even as Lacus at last completely broke away from him and Ben killed him, he died thinking he was perfect, and that the universe was wrong for denying him what he deserved.

While it seemed like his final act would be that of delusional rage, a twist of fate gave him a second act. Ravxen/ Zannacross was not lying when he said his soul was destroyed as the cost of the Juggernaut Project, but matter can't be destroyed, just changed.

Brad's soul did indeed not go to hell, because of the contract Brad made with Zannacross, his soul went straight to the deepest layer of hell were Zannacross would torment him purposely till he shattered him at his leisure.

The Shin Emperor of Darkness's plan was to showcase Brad's soul as proof of humanity's damnation before shattering him after a "good show". But Brad got the last laugh after all. Zannacross absorbed every soul in hell, aside from Brad because the personal hell was a separate pocket dimension, and in desperation for enough power to overcome Ben used Brad's soul as a hook, to hastily reel in the soul of the Beyonder.

Brad did not have the power to resist the god of darkness, but he latched on long enough to hang on as Zannacross was defeated, and did not go down with every other villain in the history of the universe, the God of Darkness himself.

This left Brad's soul trapped in the Beyond Realm, and for a while Brad was not even sure if he went anywhere, after a while he saw energy was moving around him. For a while it seemed like it was raw energy, till Brad started to hear noises. Despite everything he still did not feel remorse for one second, endlessly cursing Ben, Lacus, God, and everyone else.

As a soul all he could do was yell, but after a while someone yelled back, the Beyonder. Brad realized the area changing around him was not random, it was the Beyonder slowly waking up. Even if Brad did not comprehend the inner details, he instantly knew this was his shot at revenge on the entire universe that rejected him. Brad quickly grasped he was just a mere cog in the machine of god, but grasped that for all his power, the Beyonder was oblivious to most things.

Just like how his wicked instincts caused him to be able to gauge how to manipulate Kevin Winnicot to get him to the Juggernaut Project to gain power. It was also because of his instincts that he knew Lacus could give him various power even if he did not know the details, and manipulated her for years to think she needed him and use her power and wealth to get what he wanted.

And once more, to the bane of all life, Brad's instincts told him that if he sucked it up and restrained himself, it could give him the ultimate comeback and give him everything he wanted.

So he, with tremendous effort pretended just to be the Beyonder's anger, and got to be inside his head as the Beyonder rebuilt himself. Brad nudged the Beyonder to observer the main universe, being a whisper in his head and making sure to come off like the Beyonder was thinking his own ideas.

Brad was the one who gave the Beyonder the idea, and hunger not just for revenge, but to make Cosmos suffer. Brad let the Beyonder play his games and create his Chrono Phantasma to see just what his new "Roommate" could do and what he could influence without the Beyonder noticing. It became clear the Beyonder could not just destroy the universe by willing it and that he had to form a bridge of energy between the Beyonder Realm and the main universe to be able to effect it.

But remembering how Zannacross was able to have influence over things while still being sealed, Brad hustled the Beyonder, and was delighted to see he could influence some people in the main universe. He was able to lure those like Harrison Wells, Bisley Karcsi Bakur and others to start to infiltrate the main universe. But Brad did not just want to control just anyone, he wanted to make Ben and Lacus suffer.

As badly as he wanted to make Lacus suffer, he knew if he went after her the entire universe would be after him so he restrained himself and went for someone that was still close to Ben but would not have the angel's attention, Doug.

Doug was already bitter and resentful for not being respected enough and his family dying without hardly anyone caring. Brad was able to slowly appear before Doug, whispering to him ideas about how everyone was against him.

Brad was happy that he was slowly turning one of Ben's closest friends against him, but he did not just want to make Ben suffer, he wanted to make the angels and everyone in the universe who picked Ben over him suffer to, he wanted to see all of society to burn in chaos.

That's why he tried to influence those in heaven as well. Though Cosmos herself was to powerful, Brad was able to have the Beyonder probe the Master of Masters, and while it was not much he was able to give the First Angel the inception of an idea that Cosmos's ideas were flawed and out of synch with reality, slowly pushing him to turn against the Ethereal Queen of Light.

Brad was also able to get into the heads of Whis, Goku, and more causing them to think of new ideas of rebellion, delighting Brad as he pushed to "rock the boat" as much as he could. Brad wanted to not just destroy everything, but make everyone have despair in everything, to make people want him to win.

Brad's insanity and hate only magnified since he died, and he not only wanted to be above everyone else, he wanted to break people so utterly that they could not even comprehend anything else, like how he had Lacus under his thumb for so long.

Brad hated hero's getting in his way so much that he wanted to make people not ever believe in heroism or justice ever again.

Brad still wanted people around after he made a new universe, to him it was "no fun" being the " Apex Predator" if there was no prey, he just wanted to torture everyone so bad that no one would dare to think they were anything but prey. As the old saying goes, a single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.

And another way to look at it is, one horrible event is traumatic enough to shape one's life, but if it's so frequent that its everyday, it's just part of life, even if its brutal murder.

Brad's ideal world was a hellish world of chaos, a universe were people did not even have time to think, where people who could not " deal" with the natural chaos would just be ripped apart and only the" natural winners" would be happy, with the losers only having suffering and fear awaiting them.

If he could make everyone from the angels to the Enji to the Lylat Government look like lying hypocrites, if everyone looked as bad as him, no one could judge him, and everything but strength would be meaningless, thus he was not really wrong after all, everyone else would just have been lying because they were weak losers. So hungry for revenge he could almost taste it, this desire pushed Brad to keep to "the script" as he manipulated the Beyonder, Doug, and everyone else to kick things off.

He kept getting deeper into Doug's mind, getting him more and more "in synch" with his desires, before luring Doug, Aqua, and Axel over to a job that wound them up in the Beyond Dimension, causing Doug's anger to explode.

To at last have more wiggle room Brad exerted half of his soul to merge with Doug's, becoming a twisted fusion of the two's hatred, the Chaotic Comedian.

With Brad's rage fulling Doug, he made the member of Squad 7 kill his own lover and friend, and promptly had him fight Ben and Lacus before taking part in the destruction of the entire universe. Victory was in Brad's grasp, till time travel took it out of his hands.

He was not aware of this aside from the instinct of having something to be angry about, but as the Enji suddenly arrived during" Battle-World" Brad just saw it as a chance to get his "payback" earlier than planned.

When he saw Doug fighting Dio he made sure that the Beyonder was motivated to intervene and once more latch directly into Doug's mind, though, it was not as absolute a process as in the first timeline.

Brad was all too eager to have Doug rip apart all of his friends as the opening act to his revenge party, but this time Ben and Lacus's combined power was able to cause Doug to fight the darkness inside him, before Ben severed Doug's darkness with his power.

But while Doug was conflicted, Brad did not have one ounce of doubt in his mind, and the hate he had for Ben, Lacus, and all the others was so strong that with the help of the Beyonder's power he was able to have the darkness in Doug's heart become his own body. It was not entirely his own and some of Doug's thoughts and mannerisms still lingered in his head but Brad at last had his own body again.

He instantly used it to brutally kill Master Yamamoto for daring to stall him, and while Cosmos's blast stalled him and the Beyonder enough for a "time out." Brad just saw it as a half time show as he delighted that his manipulations paid off as the Master of master's and many of the God's of Destruction and Servitor angels betrayed Cosmos and tried to kill Ben and co.

Even though Ben's group prevailed, Brad enjoyed the thought of heaven itself being exposed as hypocritical to the universe, that people were losing faith in morals, virtue, and all the things people used as an excuse to deny him from what he thought he deserved. And with heaven's power weakened Brad, alongside Mira and some of the Black Swans were able to reach out to Ben's father and Lacus's mother.

After already being denied Brad wanted the couple to suffer as much as possible as their own parents undid everything they worked for. While Ben and Lacus were able to save their parents, Brad did manage to kill Gouken to spite Doug, and cause the ZONE sphere to start the Incursion anyway.

As the Beyonder begun his "Final Order" Brad prepared his own endgame. He egged on Mira and Zamasu to make sure they were as fanatically revved up as they could to do their part, and made sure the Beyonder divided Ben's group.

He gleefully tormented Aqua alone and tried to make her his slave to further make Doug suffer.

But while he figured Aqua would be easier to control without any angel influence, to his shock she showed that women can still defy him even without angelic influence as she and Doug broke out of his control, before Doug shocked him further and unleashed the twin powers of the mastered Fist of Nothingness and Ultra Instinct to overwhelm him so bad that he needed to use the " Equalizer " Vollständig to survive. But even that helped Brad as it put him out of everyone's radar as they fought the Beyonder.

Brad held back to see the Beyonder look weakened before he stepped in, pretended to want to help the Beyonder before at last making his move. With part of him outside the Beyonder, and the other side within, in his weakened state Brad was able to make a power grab to isolate the Beyonder from his own body.

Because Zannacross installed Brad into the Beyonder's body before he could awaken, Brad was like a Trojan horse that slowly infested the Beyonder from within, making it a far more effective way to steal the power of" God" then Kira's method.

At last Brad was purely himself again, and only moments after pulling off his scheme, he unleashed his new power with such force that he eradicated every inch of the Beyonder's realm, destroying everything but the Enji and their allies to purge everything that " was not his". The psychopath was ecstatic that Ben and Lacus at full power could not even phase him, that the combined power of the strongest warriors of the universe could not dent him, that at last he had the power he thought he " deserved".

But despite Brad's rage exploding to new cruel lengths as he shattered entire dimensions such as the Phantom Zone and killed those like Tidus, Muzét, and Yuna to make those that denied him his will suffer, Ben, Lacus, Doug, and all the others refused to submit to him regardless of how much godly power he had.

While Brad had unlimited strength, he rushed into things without barely understanding the nuance of godhood, and even divinity could not help him from his opponent's taking advantages of him not thinking things through and having his invincible body hit himself, causing him pain.

Outraged like no other that Ben, Lacus, and the rest could still defy him, the sight of Cosmos and everyone in the universe defying him, and Cosmos making him feel what" true godhood" was like by feeling the will of every living things at once made Brad loose the last fragments of sanity, and decide to make everyone pay for defying him by using his new power to go back in time, to before the Big Bang went off.

Brad wanted to corrupt the very birth of the universe to try and kill the entire history of life and control every single aspect of existence in a mad attempt to out due Cosmos and Zannacross in godly control.

But even this was not enough to get away with what he did, as by combining their powers, the Enji helped Ramathel get inside Brad and awaken the Beyonder, causing his grip on divine power to loosen.

Brad got so desperate to win that he used all of the strength he had left to rip another hole in reality to rip Zannacross out of his seal and get pay back on him by absorbing him and all of his power, only for Ben, Lacus, and Cosmos to rupture him.

Despite one brutal last stand, Lacus fully shattered her former boyfriend's control by with the help of Cosmos using special magic to make Brad go through every single attack a heroic person unleashed before her present.

Brad was so stubborn that even that did not completely finish him, but Ben made Brad face reality the hard way by not just killing him, but severing all of Brad's " Time", in essence shattering his mind and soul so that there was no will left for any kind of body to come back from.

Despite all of his cruelty, despite all of his treachery and rage, Brad's comeback tour was ending in failure and there was nothing Brad could do about it.

But to the very end Brad felt nothing but outrage and hate for all that denied him. In his very last moment he had all the rage he had left go into the Big Bang.

While it seemed to amount to nothing, this rage built up into a left a tachyon pulse that slowly grew in the universe, till at the present it was ready to burst, and shatter all and space and time as one last burst of rage.

While did this did not give Brad victory, in the end he did get the last laugh, because Doug ended up neutralizing the Tachyon Pulse, by shattering heaven in the process. Brad was stopped, but the damage he left was greater than even Zannacross because his death also lead to the death of Cosmos, Master Myers, and so many more. Furthermore, this event that would be known as the "Death Stranding" changed the very nature of death, leading mortals to control a good chunk of the afterlife, making death another business.

To top it off, the fact that instead of paradise the universe went down the path of devastation and despair broke the faith most people had in the Lylat Kingdom, the Enji, and just about any group or idea that was not power. Brad ruined the idea of a hero, of believing in anything but power, so in the end while he did not rule the universe, he shaped the universe for centuries with a wound that it might not be able to recover.

From the start Brad's motives were simple, rule over as much as possible. But his savagery was able to go on for so long because so many people underestimated him, dismissing his simple nature. But Brad showed how civilization as a whole liked to look the other way to its base, primal impulses till they could no longer be hidden.

Throughout history civilizations fell time and again when the savage nature of man shattered the illusion people had about how things worked. Only by truly understanding people, even their most savage nature, can people hope to truly move on to a better tomorrow. If people can pull that off remains to be seen, only time will tell.

New attacks in EXE: Final Hell Knuckle, as Chaotic Comedian it's a variation of Doug's Final Shoryuken Heaven.

Nihilist Burst: A dark variation of Doug's Maseko blast. Hell's Punchline, a punch that unleashes a shockwave that can rupture the very fabric of time and space to damage someone no matter what defensive measures they use.

Gelos Legion: a spell that unleashes a barrage of deranged souls that can take the shape of deranged laughing versions of the deceased to overwhelm a target.

Death's Punchline is a more powerful version of the Nihilist Burst attack, a massive skull shaped projectile meant to destroy planets.

When he regained his own form Brad again did not use named attacks, though he obtained the power to shatter the very fabric of a reality with his attacks, his hands now having the power to be that whatever his right palm touches when it does a swiping motion with its arm is erased from this universe, be it physical matters or space itself.

In addition, whatever he strikes leave's his energy behind, swallowing even the air itself and thus leaving vacuums in the paths of trajectory it takes.

Said paths filled with Brad's energy remain as imperceptible as a normal vacuum, thus being nigh impossible to avoid, are at first stationary, and instantaneously eat into everything that touches them on an atomic level, leaving not a single atom behind in the area eaten away causing large gaping holes reminiscent of bite wounds in Brads prey at the areas of contact, acting like invisible snare traps.

Extra Authors Notes: I planned for Brad to be the final enemy from the moment I started writing EXE. I know many complaints I got for Volume 3 was that despite sort of being around as Ravxen , Zannacross was not a very personal final enemy so, figured might as well switch it around this time with the " Ultimate" villain comeback. Hopefully with the Beyonder being unstable it was enough to hide that Brad was the one behind it all till the end. I know Brad's direct showing was not long, but even I was sick of him at this point and felt it would be best for him to not overstay his "welcome".

Well, not too many new inspirations for Brad aside from maybe real-life dictators such as Vladimir Putin, Jair Bolsonaro, Bashar al-Assad, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and others in their thuggish nature. The nature of a thug who is only sorry about being caught, who sees being denied what he wants as the only justification he needs to erode and destroy all in his path and seek to bring down everyone around them so that no one dares to think anything can be better.

While Brad was a bit of a, personal creation of mine, at this point he's also the personification of humanity's sin and how influential such sinful people can be. After all, we like to think we would renounce the devil if we saw him, but these days its sadly clear so many people seem so easily drawn to the devil's tune so to speak. Well, we will see.

Alright, all that's left is the major themes of EXE.

What is True Justice?

Maybe it's a tad overdone at this point, but the debate over what it means to truly do the right thing. It's true that Ben's plan could amount to tyranny rather easily. But at the same time, if you had the power to prevent what you knew would be a horrible thing even if others would not agree with it, would you do it? Is freedom the end all be all even if that freedom leads to the suffering of countless others who don't agree with that choice?

To say it's a tricky subject is an understatement, but while it would be easy to just not even try and stick to the Superman way of " one step at a time" I had Ben and Doug and the others go about there flawed ideas of justice. Well, hopefully it was worth the uncomfortable parts.

What is the value of a hero in society?

Might seem like it's just the last question but I guess it's more of, what is a hero to society? It's tricky since well, superhero's as of yet don't exist in reality and we just assume things.

Superhero's have been an ideal for oh, around eighty-two years or so, a dream, a fantasy. But if Superman was real, would we worship him or fear him like shows like Watchmen imply.

Its, a reflection that how Superhero's and the like were seen to be able to live in society, but recently, a lot more media have shown that superhero's and super powered orders such as the Jedi might always be mistrusted by society.

It's just, it's an age in the real world were people don't seem to have faith in any order, the Church is trusted less and less each year, the Boy Scouts are on the verge of bankruptcy and more.

If groups such as that have so little trust, it would take the world to be a very different place for them to trust groups that could be even more of a threat so to speak, the fact that in so many media words Star Trek is in a spot where the idealistic setting it use to have seems to have been eroded , at least in Picard, to the Jedi not even hinting at coming back in Episode Nine, to others that so many stories can't seem to even humor the ideas that use to exist.

In EXE Ben and most of the other Enji saw that if nothing was done the universe seemed to head to the path to relapse to their delusional sinful nature, and while it was flawed it was the risk that it might have lead to a lasting peace.

But their fears made their nightmare come true as in the aftermath of the Death Stranding people embraced power over justice. In the end, Superman's path where he could not change everything but had things balanced seemed to be the best path after all, so far.

Of course, this is just my opinion, maybe it would work out, if superpowers become a thing guess we will see.

What is required for happyness

Another question with no easy answer. Ben tried to get the best answer by utilizing the knowlage of some of the oldest beings in the universe. But even with the combined wisdom of the angels and others like the Kree's Suprime Intellgence, to the Foretellers Librarian, to Querl Dox/ Brainiac 5 from the pepole of Colu, to the wisdom of the Chozo, the Namek's and more to come up with the ideal formula to make a socity where everyone felt wanted and could feel safe.

Ben, Lacus and the others thought that the lack of freedom was a worthwhile trade off so that pepole would not have to suffer in chaos, but Doug thought the value of the happyiness of one making one's own happyiness was to important for any trade off. Both Ben and Doug's paths had trade offs, both had supporters, both had ways to make it sound ideal, and ways that it could sound horrible.

In the end the problem was that it was down to what aspects of life made pepole happy, and trying to force everyone to only care about one aspect of life out of any other would be a act of repression. While in ways it comes down to a never ending cycle of who has the power to shape everything around them to there ideal state of happyiness, at the very least a setting where everyone has the chance to realize their own ideal happyness would seem like the best path, its all about what one thinks is " true happyness", Doug bet everything that only authentic choices could lead to real happyiness, time will tell if that's truley what pepole will value the most.

Well, that seems to be it, the true end to my work on Cosmic Wars EXE and maybe this fanfic series as a whole.

Well hope this guide was useful to at least someone. Now EXE is fully complete, time to get things to work with my Zilos book. At least things with the book agency seem to be working out and Zilos at last might be close to getting pub(Finds out the guy I thought was a book agent seems likely to be a fraud after all and I'm back to square one) I wish I was joking…Oh…well…god damn it humanity.

Till next time everyone…hopefully.