Chapter Fourteen: As if Orcs weren't Bad Enough

Was it wrong to say she missed Orcs? Dodging another sword and stabbing the offender she dicked and rolled from another enemy. Really what were these things? Yeah Azog and Bolg had been large and rather grotesque, but nothing like this. All of these guys were huge, like orcs on steroids… Huh, maybe they found a way to juice?

Regardless, they were bigger and way stronger than normal orcs. Smelled worse too, which was a feat. Apparently their biggest common denominator was the ability to show up in mass.

They had been looking for their two wayward friends when they stumbled upon a large group of these creatures. Aragorn was already battling them, and more were coming so they had jumped into the fray. Gimli was enjoying himself far too much in her opinion. Legolas too now that she thought of it. Surprisingly the majority of the beasts seemed to be working to get past them. Did they know about Bilbo? Had they been sent specifically for him? Gods that would not be good.

Finally the last of this group were taken care of. Percia could estimate a good fifty in numbers. Did the bad guys have some kind of monster factory they didn't know about?

"Where's Bilbo," Percia demanded once she caught her breath. If anything happened to her friend…

"I told him to run," Aragorn assured her.

"That's great, but where," she pushed angrily. So sue her, she had just fought giant evil wrestler looking things, she was not in her happy place! "And are there more of these… what are these even?"

"Uruk-Hai," Legolas spat angrily. "They are an evil abomination that are created through dark magic."

"Saruman likely created these for the purpose of capturing Bilbo," Aragorn stated grimly. "They are far stronger than the average Orc and smarter."

"Oh good," she drawled sarcastically.

"These foul creatures still fall easily to an axe as any orc," Gimli stated haughtily.

Percia considered saying something really biting but the sound of a horn blasting in the air stopped her. What in Hades was that?

"The horn of Gondor!" Well thank you Legolas.

"Boromir," Aragorn breathed worriedly before taking off at a dead run.

Ugh, this was so NOT what she wanted to be doing today. Still she took off after her friend, Legolas easily passing her, because of his stupidly long legs! On the way they ran into more of those Uruk things.

Once again it became a dance of duck, swing, stab, turn, roll, etc., etc. It was actually very easy to fall into such movements, thanks to her many years at the camp and her travels here in Arda. Fighting had become as simple as breathing to her, and no she did not think it was a good thing. Really, if she had to choose something to be good at it would be painting or riding or even cooking (which she totally sucked at, as Bilbo would tell you, verbosely).

When Rip Tide sliced through the neck of one of her enemies she got sprayed with black blood. Ugh, why were these things so gross? At least the monsters on her world had golden blood. While admittedly still gross, it was way better than the black gooey stuff that came out of these foes. She would feel so gross until she finally got the chance to scrub it off, which was looking to be a very long time from now. She could just imagine what the girls from Aphrodite's cabin would say.

After what felt like hours, but truly was mere minutes they had finished off the Uruks in the area. Following the rest of the bodies they came upon Aragorn and Boromir, the latter looking horrid with multiple arrows sticking out of him. The worst was very close to his heart and had likely nicked the organ. Aragorn was trying to bind the wounds but Boromir wasn't having it.

"Leave it," he cried out. "It is over… The world of men will fall and all will come to darkness and my city will be in ruin… Aragorn…"

"I do not know what strength is in my blood," Aragorn stated morosely. "But I swear to you… I will not let the White City fall, nor your people fail…"

"None of us will," Percia growled irritably. "Move over scruffy." She pushed Aragorn out of the way, kneeling before Boromir with water in her hands.

"It is too late Lady Percia," Boromir groaned out.

"You have a little brother do you not," she stated more than asked. Already she could feel the water working on the worst of the wounds, allowing her to pull the arrow from his body and heal the damage done.

"Aye," he grunted, biting back a groan of pain as the fist arrow left him.

"Then you do him a disservice by giving up on him," she told him pertly. "I have a little brother too, though only in age, he's twice my height for sure. I have an older brother as well, kind of an ass, but I still love him." As she spoke she continued to work, focusing her powers on his heart especially. It had definitely suffered a nick, but it was healing well. Thank the gods these arrows weren't Mordor shafts, like the one that had hit Kili all those years ago. "I know they are strong and can defend themselves and our people, but if I knew there was a threat they might be facing and they might need me, I would work as hard as I could to make sure I got to them. It's not easy, and sometimes it seems like everything will fail." Here she caught his eyes to show him she understood his despair. "But as long as we have those we love around to fight for, they are worth our efforts to keep going."

The last arrow came out and she worked to take his tunic off, with Aragorn's help. Boromir just stared in shock as his skin was reveled to have mere scars instead of the fatal wounds he knew would end him.

"Can he continue on," Aragorn asked her, pleased her abilities were able to help Boromir. He knew he was a good man, if a bit misguided, but he certainly could not judge.

"Not yet, while he is healed, the trauma was great and his body needs a few days to recover," she warned. "While I can heal the body, it still needs a chance to catch up to the magic. He's pushed his reserves far so rest will be the best medicine for him. Once he has his strength he will be good to go…"

"Then you will have to leave me," Boromir stated firmly. When Percia went to argue he cut her off. "No, they took the little ones. They are in immanent danger and you cannot waste time waiting on me. I am grateful that you saved my life, and you are right, I should not have given up hope when there are still those counting on me. I will rest and continue on to Gondor, that way I can at least give you some aid on this side of Mordor."

"We should move him closer to the river and the boats," Legolas suggested. "There he will have more natural cover and fresh water."

The decision was a good one and with the help of Legolas and Aragorn they moved their young friend to the shore line, making sure to find the best defensible position and further up from the carnage to keep any from finding his position. Percia made sure to shift some of the bags contents around for what they would need and leaving him a bit more, as they needed to move with greater speed.

She knew the two men shared some words, what they were though was beyond her. Still Boromir looked far better because of it, so she figured it was good. They had all agreed that it was best to let Bilbo go on his own. Percia knew her Hobbit was way better equipped for such a journey than any other would be. He at least had experience and she had drilled survival skills into his hard head after the quest to Erebor. Truthfully, after Lorien and whatever he saw in that mirror it was clear, to her at least, that he was contemplating leaving on his own. When they met again she'd throttle him, but she would respect his choice.

"Take it easy and do NOT do anything stupid or ridiculously brave," she informed Boromir as she placed the last of the supplies by him.

"I give you my word, milady," he promised cheekily, his whole continence seeming to brighten now that he was away from the ring. This is why such things deserved to be destroyed. She despised when evil messed with a person's mind.

"Cheeky brat," she huffed, but grasped his arm in the typical farewell shake.

Standing she turned to the others, finding them fastening the last of the gear they could carry to their persons. All of them had a determined air to them. Aragorn checked them all over one last time before sliding his last knife into its sheath.

"Let's hunt some orc."