Percia sat on her new mount watching the meandering line of people continue to move forward to this Helms Deep place. She knew Aragorn hated the idea as did Gimli, but she could understand the logic behind this move. There were too many non-fighters and not enough safe places for them to hide to protect them. She herself was wishing for a large army of half-bloods to stand with her against these monsters. While they were not as formidable as the ones back home, they were much harder for the average fighter here in Arda. Worse they seemed to be lacking said fighters from what she could see. Apparently Eomer had most of them with him, after he was banished while the king was trapped in Saruman's spell.

Watching some of the children run by, she wondered how Bilbo was doing. She knew he was strong, stronger than he gave himself credit for. However, he was alone and that scared her. No one was there to watch his back, to bring him to the present when he got lost in memories. Gods know what that blasted ring was whispering to him. She had warned him again and again not to let it get into his head but she knew the seductive power such things had. Evil never played fair, often waving the one thing you wanted most in your face making you believe it would help you obtain it. Those were lies of course however it was so hard to resist them. Hopefully Bilbo would keep his guard up and not fall for such things.

At least the twins were relatively safe according to Gandalf. These Ents supposedly would make sure they were cared for. Still, they had each other and the two of them would bring more trouble to any enemy than the enemy expected so they should be fine.

She was broken from her thoughts by Gimli falling from his horse. Eowyn, Theoden's niece was helping him up, laughing the whole time. She rolled her eyes and nudged her horse onwards. That girl was going to be a problem for her friend. Then again the man had some issues when it came to his love life. By the gods it was like watching one of those dramas the Aphrodite cabin loved so much. He was so full of angst about it too, that Percia wanted to slap him upside the head. Honestly if he loved Arwen he should fight for her. Frankly his sacrifice of letting her go to be with her people was sickening. She had a choice too, if she wanted to stay she would stay end of story. Him trying to take the choice from her to be 'honorable' was shit in her opinion. Honestly, the chauvinistic actions of this world grated her something fierce. If Thalia or Artemis were here, these men would learn a whole new meaning to female empowerment.

She had been getting many looks from the men here as it was. She openly carried a sword and she was readily involved in the planning. King Theoden had tried to make her leave, but Aragorn and Gandalf had backed her, so he let it go. She knew he hadn't liked it, since his niece took that to mean she should be able to fight as well. Truthfully Percia was all for it, she wanted to fight? Power to her. However, that was not Percia's battle, Eowyn would have to cross that bridge on her own.

'Ugh! Bad smell!' Her horse grumbled and shifted as if to get away.

"Bad smell? Where," she demanded. It was no secret that the enemy was still out there and they could easily be caught with how slow this caravan was moving.

'Do we have too?'

"Yes, let's go," she ordered not in the mood to put up with insubordination.

Soon she was in a full gallop passing Legolas. She could see two of Theoden's captains ahead, as well as the large warg creeping up on them from above.

"Get down," she screamed, pulling water from her flask and throwing it like an arrow towards the creature. It just barely managed to knock it off course from the soldier. The orc tried to make up for it, but a well place arrow stopped him.

"A scout," she heard Legolas yell, no doubt warning the others.

She could distantly hear screaming from the caravan, but she was more focused on ending the warg.

"Thank you milady," the soldier stated shakily still a bit shocked from the save.

"Don't worry about it," she informed him bluntly. "We're about to get more where that came from."

Indeed she could already see over a dozen wargs and riders coming at them from the outcrop. She prepared her sword and her horse, behind her she could hear the sounds of multiple horses joining them.


Percia let the battle take her, focusing on the enemy. She moved easily with her horse weaving in and out of the maelstrom with ease. It reminded her a bit of when she battled on Blackjack. Gods she missed her friend. Having the ability to fly would have also helped greatly.

All around she could hear men and orcs crying out. Some in pain others in rage. Soon enough the orcs and wargs were dead and only the wounded remained. Percia jumped into helping those that were injured. Easily healing the minor wounds, much to the surprise of the men. A few she would have to wait until they reached their destination but she bound their wounds for the ride and helped others get them on their horses. There were more dead than she expected however she forced herself not to think of that, for it would bring up bad memories.

Once the majority of the men were taken care of she turned to find Aragorn and the others. Her eyes landed on Legolas taking in his desolated disposition.

"What?" She looked around and saw Gimli however she did not spy Aragorn. She locked eyes with Legolas once more. "No."

"He went over the cliff," the elf informed her gently.

"No!" She moved to go to the cliff herself. She would not believe it unless she saw his body. Her brother in all but blood was not dead! He was not!

"Percia," Legolas called gently, even as he gripped her arm and forced her not to go to the side of the cliff. He pulled her in for a hug despite her trying to break free.

"He's not gone," she croaked.

"He went over the cliff into the river below," he advised calmly, though she could hear the pain in his own tone.

"Did you see a body?"

"No, the river was moving too fast…"

"Then I won't believe until there's a body or a month has passed," she stated definitively, pushing back from him to stare into his eyes. "He's come back from worse, I will not give up hope so soon."

She could tell from his expression he did not quite agree however he just nodded and allowed her to have her hope. Good move, she would have socked him had he tried to argue.

Mounting her horse she followed the others, making sure to stay closer to those with the severe wounds to keep an eye on them. A few tried to offer condolences for her friend that she silenced with a well-placed glare. She especially ignored the sad glances Gimli threw her way. If he wasn't careful she would tie his beard in knots while he slept.

The daylight hours were coming towards an end when they made it to the Keep of Helms Deep. She could see why the people of Rohan felt it was a good place to hole up. However, she remembered enough about historic battles from her various classes to see where there were weaknesses. She would deal with those in the next few days.

For now she followed the wounded into the hall and started directing those inside to get her the herbs and clean water. She focused on healing the men now that she had the time and fresher water.

Aragorn was going to be fine. She was not going to lose any more family. She wasn't…