Mostly based on a comic written by JumpJump

Pretty much is nearly the same because I was retarded back then and didn't know any better about three years ago

It was a normal summer day in the Loud House. The twins were fighting, Lori was constantly texting Bobby, Luan was busy setting up her pranks and punchlines, and so forth. Somehow, there was a contest to see how much of a "rock and roll" fanatic you could be in a hotel room, so Luna thought it'd be a great idea to cause five thousand dollars of damage to a hotel room in under an hour with just an air guitar. She unsurprisingly won and got to take up to six friends to get to travel with Mick Swagger on his summer tour, but their parents refused to let her go. But today was a little different. Lori had the great idea to keep Luan, Lynn, Lucy, and Leni at the house while Mom and Dad took the others. Lincoln didn't know why'd she throw away her summer break like that, but it didn't really seem like she minded it. On top of that, their parents let Lori get a car—when they get back of course. Lincoln thought that he'd be able to visit Ronnie Ann now that it was over summer break. No one to make fun of him for going out with her. Everything seemed perfect.

"Ya know, have a lot less people around the house makes it a little more peaceful." Lincoln said while reading a magazine. "Then again, it feels a little odd since it's usually a full house." Suddenly, there was a knock at his door. Lincoln looked up to see Luna walk in.

"Hey, Linc. How's it going?"

"Pretty good. Thanks for asking. Wait, you're not planning a prank or some kind of joke are you?"

"Nah, not unless you want me to."

"Hmm… Could you go to Lynn's room and do a small prank on her for me. She needs to know what happens when you use my comics as paper footballs." Lincoln went back to reading his comic and Luan left the room.

"Hey, Luan! I have something to show you!" Luan shouted. Lynn opened her room door and sighed.

"What is it, Luan? These soccer balls aren't going to kick themselves out the window."

Luan pulled Lynn out of her room and laughed. She tossed a banana peel in the doorway and brought her attention back to Lynn. "Hey, I've got a joke for ya. Why'd the tomato turn red?"

"I don't know. Allergies or something?"

Luan giggled a bit. "Because it saw the salad dressing." She burst out with laughter while Lynn stared. "Get it?"

"Yeah… I get it." She went to go back into her room, but ended up tripping on the banana peel.

Luan laughed once more. "See? That joke didn't quite 'fall flat' like you did." Luan walked back into Lincoln's room and saw him laughing.

"Thanks, Luan. I knew that'd be funny. Hey, you even used my gag when I was your assistant."

"Yeah, I couldn't help it."

"Oh snap! I forgot I had to meet Ronnie Ann soon! See ya later, Luan!" Lincoln made his way out the door and out the house.

"Oh, that's too bad. You'll be getting something else..."