Okay, okay, I'm tired of running away from this story. My life has had many ups and downs. This thing's four years old and I've been lacking in my writing. A whole lot honestly, but I'm gonna get back in the game and finish this story. And maybe finish my other ones as well. Anyway, onward to the story.

All the girls in the room laid their eyes on Lincoln who had just burst through the doors. Luan, felt her grip on the knife slowly loosen as she moved her eyes over his white, fluffy hair and within seconds, the knife was on the floor. Lincoln gathered himself, looking over to Luan who now had the knife laying a few inches away from her feet. Luan found herself in a tough spot to be in now. With her one-sided love behind her and her family on the other. It didn't seem like she had many options up her sleeve to get herself out of this.

"Luan..!," Lincoln said, wiping away stray tears that had started to form in each of his eyes, "You've run for long enough. You're caught!" Lincoln walked over to Luan who looked down at her little brother, unable to gather the strength to say anything.

"Lincoln, what're you talking about?" Lynn asked, somewhat intrigued as to what was going on. This wasn't the first time Lincoln chased Luan around after her pranks, but for whatever reason, this time felt a little different. "Listen, we can-." Before she could finish her, Leni shushed her, gaining an annoyed glare in response.

"Guys, keep it down. Lucy's trying to sleep." She shushed them all again, but what she thought was helping ended up waking Lucy from her slumber.

"Lincoln… what're you doing back here?" Lucy said whilst rubbing her eyes. "Oh and I see Luan is here with you as well."

Lincoln dropped his jaw and stormed over to Lucy. "Where the heck is Ronnie Anne? You were supposed to be with her!"

While everyone was talking amongst themselves, Luan managed to quickly pick up the knife without anyone noticing. She only had a split second to choose between either running out of the house or… she looked over to Lynn who was the closest out of everyone in the room; the one who caused her the most pain out of all of her family. Her mind went blank as her grip on the knife tightened around the knife.

In a fraction of a second, she rushed her blade into Lynn's side. For a moment, the entire room instantly froze and looked on at what Luan had just done. There were screams of panic and disgust from everyone, excluding Lucy of course. Lynn turned around to face her older sister who had driven the sharp object into her lower abdomen. She wanted to scream, but she couldn't for whatever reason. She was more confused than anything else, but the burning sensation rose quicker than she thought and she pushed Luan away, who slid the knife out from the force. She placed a hand on her wound and winced from the pain.

"Lynn… I… you deserve that after what you did with Lincoln back then! It should've been me! I should've been his first, but you took that away from me." Luan dropped the knife and tears started strolling down her cheeks. "You always have to be number one at everything, don't you!" Luan tried gathering herself but couldn't. She only cried harder and harder.

Leni shot up from the bed and quickly went to aid Lynn with bandages she kept on her since she had a habit of hurting herself one way or another, but the wound was too deep and wide for any of them to help, however she continued to try regardless. "Lynn, what is she talking about? What did you and Lincoln do?"

Lynn weakly turned over toward Lincoln who was staring back at her. Neither said a word, but they could read each other's eyes. In hindsight, it was partly their fault for what happened. Lynn knew how Luan felt about her, but did the deed with Lincoln anyway because Luan was right.

She indeed needed to be number one at… everything.

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