It was time for Luan to act while she still had time. She put on a black hoodie and took Lynn's baseball bat, which she kept downstairs near the front door from an earlier game she had played in before. She also took Lincoln's 'new' bike and rode down towards an abandoned farm house. Once there, she saw Ronnie Anne who was calling out for Lincoln. She firmly grasped the baseball bat in her hand and snuck up to her. Once close enough, she swung hard and hit Ronnie Anne dead in the face. She instantly fell to the ground unconscious. Luan pulled Ronnie's seemingly lifeless body towards a nearby chair Luan had placed near the farm house and tied her down with some rope and taped up her mouth.

"I guess she's stuck in a bind." Luan laughed.

Eventually, Ronnie Anne awoke to new surroundings. Instead of being near a farm, she saw what seemed like a sewage treatment plant. She soon noticed she was tied down to a chair and her mouth was covered with tape. She heard footsteps from behind and turned to see that it was Luan.

"Oh, you're awake now. Guess I don't hit hard enough to get the job done, but it doesn't matter. You're not going anywhere. In about twenty minutes, high-pressure wastewater will be released through here, taking you along with it." She walked closer to Ronnie and placed her hand on Ronnie's hair. "If only you left my little Lincoln alone, everything would've been fine. You think that violence is going to win his heart? You know nothing! Lincoln needs someone to make him smile and laugh; that someone is me!" Luan smiled as she began thinking about Lincoln. "Holding him close as he giggled...Stroking his soft, white hair as he catches his breath from laughing too hard..." She brought her attention back to Ronnie Anne. "I did not become a great comedian just for you to take him away."

Ronnie Anne muffled as she tried to free herself from her bondage.

"You'd just be wasting your breath, you know. There's no one around to hear you for miles. But what the heck?" Luan pulled off the tape that was preventing Ronnie from speaking.

"Luan...You're...Not...Funny…" Ronnie Anne said with a sadistic smile on her face. Ronnie began to laugh louder and louder. "You're the only joke around here, Luan!" Luan gripped onto the baseball bat harder the more Ronnie laughed. "You and Lincoln?! Never!" Finally having heard enough, Luan slammed the baseball bat down Ronnie's throat, killing her instantly.

"Looks like she's got more wood in her mouth than George Washington." She started with a chuckle and gradually broke out into laughter. She stopped laughing, remembering the second part of her plan. "Lincoln...!"