Penelope Garcia was determined to get out of the BAU. She was sick of being bombarded by the tall, dark and, extremely sexy Luke Alvez, the newest member of the team. She walked to elevator and hit her hand on the button 7 times before it opened up she checked her surrounding and made a run for it. When she got into the elevator she took a deep breath and smiled, glad to be alone, but then she saw a hand stopping the door and she let out and annoyed sigh .Luke Alvez put his hand over the door and stopped the doors from closing. He looked over and saw the beautiful Penelope shooting daggers in his direction He wanted nothing more than to get to know her, Are you stalking me or something ?" she asked him, dryly. No I happen to be getting off work just like you. He said sarcastically Penelope stared him down, "Damn he is fine." she thought to herself. "Penelope can I ask you a question"? Luke said with uncertainty in his voice. "I'm pretty sure you were going to ask me anyway so why not!" she snapped. Ok then, How come you don't like me". "I do like youuu, not like you like you, but I like you." She said blushing... Well you sure do have a funny way of showing it," he told her. Whatever." "I get it you don't like change, but how do you think I feel I had to pack up and move 2,943 miles from home. But I'm trying to adjust. You've been throwing daggers at me since we met. "Maybe if you would stop forcing it on me I would try to get to know you," she told him. "I've tried talking to you and you go out of your way to ignore me I just don't get it you. He was tired of her procrastinating he really wanted to get to know her and hopefully take her out on a date if she would let him. What are afraid of Miss Penelope Garcia?" "You are the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Your outfits are out of this world, your laugh is so sexy I just loving hearing it and I only met you a month ago, I would love to get to know you better and to hopefully take you out on a date "He said staring at her." The elevator opened, and she stood there staring at him as well. Luke let out a defeated sighed and started to walk out he turn around to face her and said "Just give me a call if you change your mind" Before she knew what was happening she pulled him to her lips. The kiss surprised Penelope he was actually kissing her back, Luke quickly took control of the kiss she felt herself opening her lips to allow him in. His kiss became more impassioned, and she couldn't help but follow. She found herself against the wall of the elevator with her body pressed up against his. She tingled all over. The kiss ended, but he didn't let go of he. She had certainly had fantasies about this, "I have imagined this since I met you" she told him. "I'm sorry Luke." I really just don't like change. Maybe change is good for you, you know. "Yes I know." What are you doing tonight he asked. "Hopefully you." She winked and walked out the elevator. Luke looked stunned. Penelope was already out to the parking garage by the time Luke got his self together. She yelled call me before hoping into her car and pulling off. _THE END_