When Megamind picked her up for a Christmas party, Roxanne noticed that her boyfriend was a little grumpy. "What's the matter?" She asked.

"It's the music!" he said, slamming his hand on the steering wheel. "I turned on the radio to my favorite station to listen to some cool rock, and instead I hear these songs that are unfamiliar, and they don't play anything else! It's like that on every station! What is this cheerful music?"

Roxanne laughed being reminded once again that this was basically the first time in his life Megamind was paying attention to the Christmas season. "It's Christmas music! It's all part of the Christmas season! I'm surprised you haven't heard it before!"

Megamind thought about this. "Well, I don't like it! I want to listen to my rock music!"

"Come on Megamind! It won't be so bad once you get used to it!" Roxanne said. "I actually love Christmas music, and I look forward to hearing it again every year!"

Megamind glanced at her. "You do?"

Roxanne nodded "Yep!"

Megamind didn't say anything else about it, but seemed very thoughtful.

A few days later it was Christmas eve, and Roxanne had plans to go to the lair to celebrate that night. She had work that day, but ended up getting off sooner than expected, so she decided to go to the lair early.

When she got there, no one seemed to be around. She hoped they hadn't been called away for hero work. As she walked further into the lair, she noticed she heard singing. "Who's singing?" She thought, "It isn't Minion." She followed the sound, which led her to the bathroom door, where she stopped to listen. Megamind was singing in the shower! And he wasn't singing "cool rock songs," He was singing Christmas carols!

Roxanne sat on the ground and listened as he sang hooly jooly Christmas, Chesnoots roasting on an open fire, and sly-bells. Finally, she heard the water shut off, but Megamind kept singing. With his next song Roxanne atomatically joined in, but she didn't notice.

"Baby it's cold outside."

"I've got to go away"

Baby it's cold outside."

"This evening has been"

"been hoping that you'd drop in"

"so very nice"

"I'll hold your hands there just like ice"

They kept singing till they got to the unison part, which Roxanne sang extra loud.

"Baby it's cold outside!"

Megamind got quiet "Roxanne?" He asked from the other side of the door.

Roxanne was suddenly very embarrassed. "uh… Hi" she said.

"waaah!" Came Megamind's voice, along with a crash. Apparently, he hadn't actually expected Roxanne to be there. "How long have you been out there?" he asked.

"Quite a while." She said.

"Oh." Megamind sounded really embarresed.

"You have a nice singing voice, by the way." Roxanne said.

"Really?" Megamind asked, as he opened the door and emerged, wearing his "evil" pajamas. Roxanne had told him it was a tradition in her to wear special pajamas on Christmas eve, and these ones were his favorite.

"Yeah, really." She said.

"Well… you do too." Megamind's cheeks were very purple.

"Thanks." Roxanne looked up at him, and smiled. "I thought you didn't like Christmas songs!"

"Well, you said you liked them so much, so I thought I should…" he trailed off,

"You learned Christmas songs for me?" Roxanne asked.

"Well, yes, I suppose." He said.

Roxanne threw her arms around him "that's so sweet!"

Megamind didn't think he had done anything that great, but he returned the hug. "Merry Christmas Roxanne."