It was quiet. Peacefully so. In a branch on tree within a forest, an owl watched as the creatures of the night began to move, eager to find food.

Only to be surprised when a tiny silver thing flew through the air, followed by three boys on motorcycles, all holding nets.

"I'm gonna catch it," remarked one of the boys.

"No you're not, Andrew," replied another.

As the boys raced through, the failed to notice the section of the forest they were in was much brighter than the rest.

Nor did they here the sound of leaves crunching behind them.

After a few minutes of chasing, one of the boys, Andrew, finally snagged the drone in his net. He soon drove out to a clearing, accompanied by his two companions.

In the clearing were a trio of girls, one of whom was holding a remote. The one holding the remote looked impressed at Andrew, obviously taking pleasure from the fact that he was the one who caught the drone. The other boys received glares of disapproval from the pther girls, though their expressions soon softened.

"Well," remarked the girl with the remote," I believe that is the third time my man has caught this drone."

"Stop rubbing it in, Monica," replied one of the other two.

"Oh really? Then do you want to have a fourth round?"

Before they could get an answer, however, they herd a growl coming from the forest. Turning toward the source of the sound, the teens could only see blackness.

Nervous, the teens quickly took out flash lights and began slowly approaching the sound.

"Go away!" shouted Andrew, trying to intimidate whatever made the noise.

He received a loud bellow in response, before hearing the sound of crunching leaves, which grew fainter over time.

Monica turned toward her boyfriend.

"Great job, tiger," she told him

Andrew could only smile at this.

Then another growl filled the air.

Andrew turned around, clearly angry whatever had growled, ruining his moment.

Only for a large beast to jump right at him, knocking him down. The creature proceeded to use the opportunity to begin mauling the boy.

The remaining teens screamed and made a break for it, except for Monica, who shined her flashlight at the beast's eyes.

Agitated, the beast snarled at her, giving her a nice view of its jaws.

Along with the two long, knife-like teeth inside of them.

Surprised, Monica responded by throwing her flashlight at the beast, which surprised it and caused it to lose its grip on her man.

Then it turned toward Monica, snarled, and pounced at the now screaming girl.


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