Five years.

it's been five years since nemesis was gone, five years since the world was safe again, five years since their friend left on a journey to strengthen his skills. They thought that they could manage to spend five years without their friend, they thought it would be easy, how silly of them. That they could actually live in BeyCity without their friend.

Their friend was not just any friend.

He was the center of their group, always knew what to say or do at any time he faced. His voice was like a song, you were trying to listen to what he was saying but caught yourself lost listening to his voice not what he was saying.

He was the one that would stay calm at a rough time.

He would always do everything he could to win fairly. He would do anything to make his friends happy.

On top of all of that he was the one that saved the world.

Even though all the legendary were their, and tried to help. All of their strength and their fighting to stop nemesis was all in vane. Yet he was the only one that stood up and walked towards nemesis without any hesitation.

The difference between them and he, was that he believed in himself, that he could beat the enemy even though it could cost him his life, yet he stood and battled till the end, till the dark sun became its normal fiery red ball.

The best thing about him that he never gave up, never said it was impossible, never said he was weak to do this or this was too much for him to handle.

As you all are eager to know what his name is, his name is Gingka Huggani which means galaxy. His eyes were a golden brown color which were always shining like their was gold in them. He wore (before he left on his journey), blue skinny jeans that fitted him perfectly, an orange shirt and a blue jacket that came down to his arm, he also wore a brown belt that he kept his bay in, and wore blue fingerless gloves. His hair was red and put up with a bandanna.

Leaving him was extremely hard, but they knew that he wanted this and he would come back after five years.

They tried to move on with their lives, like Tsubassa, he had become the director of WBBA.

And Kyoya became the chief at organizing battles which both of them were happy with their job, they always dreamed about becoming their dream job, and now they are what they always wanted.

Madoka finally owned B-pit. Ryo returned to Komo village. And the rest stayed in BeyCity so when Gingka comes back they all could greet him.