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'Come on Gingka! It has been two days and I'm dying to see you open your eyes and smile' Said Kyoya leaning over Gingka's laying form.

Kyoya had just finished his training with the others and was exhausted. He's been training non-stop with his daggers until nobody was able to beat him in a fight, well except Hotaru since he was a pro and had years of experience behind his back. But he was getting there.

Who knew in two days -well almost two days- that Kyoya can become that good with daggers. Well, to put it fair he was Kyoya Tategami, and Kyoya Tategami never gives up until he beats all of his opponents and becomes the best. In those two days he never removed the two daggers from his hands and never gave up when he couldn't get it right like the way he wanted. And to top all that, he had to deal with Hotaru's teasing and laughing at him when he accidentally dropped one of them. He had to hear all the things that he might do to Gingka if he was ever alone with him. And after hearing that every single time he threw a dagger at him missing of course on purpose. And when everyone would ask why he did that? He would answer: "Just felt like it" And would go back to training smirking at the blonde (Hotaru).

Kyoya was now under the covers right next to Gingka. He rested his cheek in his hands slightly sitting up. He looked at Gingka's sleeping face and couldn't help but smile as he placed his hand on Gingka's soft cheek caressing it.

He removed his hand suddenly when he heard Gingka moaning meaning he was waking up. He then sat all the way and hovered over Gingka's face waiting for him to finally open his eyes.

When Gingka slowly opened his eyes, all he could see was a blur. So he had to flutter his eyelashes a couple of times to adjust his vision.

"Kyoya?" He asked softly after he could see clearly again. He was a bit surprised when he saw Kyoya hovering over his face.

"Gingka!" Kyoya said as he lifted Gingka suddenly up to slam him right into his chest. Gingka gasped at this and tried to hug back but stopped when he noticed that his arms were trapped in between Kyoya's arms. So he just laid his head on Kyoya's shoulder while Kyoya pulled him closer to him if that was even possible.

"You had me so worried" Said Kyoya squeezing Gingka a bit in the process. Ginkga was going to tell him that he was actually hurting him by hugging him that tight but he…...liked? the way he was being hugged by the older.

"Oh Gingka….. I missed you so much" Said Kyoya breaking the hug. Gingka looked at him and saw that he had really truly meant what he said. Gingka smiled and hugged Kyoya and rested his own head on Kyoya's chest listening to Kyoya's heartbeat which was speeding up.

Gingka then looked up and said: "I'm really sorry for worrying you like that, I should of-" But he was interrupted when he felt a finger on his lips. He looked down then looked back up at Kyoya who was smiling at him. He felt Kyoya slowly lay him down.

He tried to get up but Kyoya laid on him and rested his head next to Gingka's neck. Kyoya blushed at the position he literally put himself in but he just didn't feel like getting up from Gingka's body.

Gingka however was surprised when he felt Kyoya's warm breathing on his neck and he couldn't help but put his arms around Kyoya and look up at the dark ceiling while patting Kyoya's soft hair.

"Do you mind if we stayed like this?" Kyoya asked getting up a bit to look at Gingka's face only to be pulled back down by Gingka's arms and be hugged tightly again.

So they slept like that all night, breathing the other's scent, hearts against the other's chest hearing the peaceful sound of the heartbeat that was like a lullaby to both of them.

The sun streamed in the room and on the two sleeping figures on the bed who were still hugging each other in their sleep. Kyoya was still on top of Gingka and Gingka was still hugging him. Kyoya shifted a little bit causing him to wake up along with Gingka.

"Good morning" They said in unison making the other smile.

Gingka looked up seeing that it was still too early and nobody was really awake to be outside. He looked back down and noticed that Kyoya was staring at him.

"Is something wrong?" He asked confused.

Kyoya looked away with a blush and said: "Nothing"

Gingka decided to drop it there and decided to get up but with Kyoya still on him he really couldn't. He tried to carefully and politely push Kyoya off of him but Kyoya wouldn't budge. He sighed giving up and placed his hands on his sides.

"So how was your training?" Gingka asked suddenly.

Kyoya got up looking at Gingka and said: "I think I almost mastered it"

He saw Gingka's shocked expression then smile a very sweet and proud smile and said: "You see? I told you!"

"Yeah, you actually did" Kyoya replied back leaning closer to Gingka's face and kissed Gingka's forehead before slowly getting up.

Gingka laid there surprised at the other's actions and for once thought about it. 'Kyoya always did that, but why do I feel different this time?'

He snapped out of his thoughts when Kyoya said: "You coming?"

He nodded getting up and walked behind Kyoya to the kitchen. Gingka felt fully recovered and ready to do what he used to do. He was ready to go to the gym and train with Kyoya and the others.

"Gingka?" Came a voice,

He looked at Kyoya and said: "What?"

"Here" Gingka looked down and saw a plate with two pieces of toast and a glass of juice.

He looked back at Kyoya who nodded motioning with his head to sit and eat. So he pulled the chair and sat on it waiting until Kyoya did the same and they both started eating together.

"Since it's really early, do you want to go to the gym to train together?" asked Kyoya after swallowing the juice in one gulp.

"Yeah, that would be nice"

So they continued eating until they were done. Gingka then brought both dishes in the sink and washed them while Kyoya cleaned the table. When they both were done they decided to take turns showering.

"You ready?" Asked Kyoya looking at Gingka who nodded. They both left the apartment locking it behind them and headed to the gym. The walk was quiet and they both didn't say anything to the other. It's not that it was an awkward kind of silence, no no no no no, it was rather a kind of silence that you don't want to break because it was so peaceful.

When they reached the gym, they went inside and changed to their attire and went to the main gym.

"You ready?!" Yelled Gingka excitement visible in his voice.

"You bet I am!"

So the fight began, Gingka attacked first making Kyoya go into a defence stance waiting for the other to attack. Gingka smirked and swung his arm swinging the sword. His sword collided with Kyoya's crossed daggers and from the impact he got pushed back.

"I didn't really think you'd be this powerful when you said you almost mastered it, but I guess this proves it" Gingka commented.

Next, was Kyoya's turn to attack. He ran towards Gingka expecting him to go in defense mode like he did the first time himself, but Gingka ran to him attacking like he was now. Their weapons collided again making them both stumble back. Kyoya gritted his teeth and ran again making the same fight stance he made before, but Gingka seeing what was coming, stepped to the side and swung his sword on one of Kyoya's daggers successfully knocking it out of his hand.

"Never do the same attack twice" Gingka said seeing Kyoya's shocking expression.

"Okay…. Let's try something new"

Gingka tightened his hold on the sword while Kyoya ran to him again. Gingka thinking that it was the same attack as before, he swung his sword in attempt to hit Kyoya's dagger but Kyoya ran behind him. Gingka turned around but was pushed to the ground, when he tried to get up he saw Kyoya hold the point of the dagger to him with a smirk.

"I guess I win" Kyoya announced proudly.

"By cheating!" Gingka rolled his eyes and attempted to get up when Kyoya bent down and offered his hand to pull the redhead up. Gingka took it and Kyoya slowly pulled him up. Gingka was going to say how proud he was but stopped when he felt someone hug him suddenly. He gasped in surprise only to hear: "You're okay!"

He turned around seeing it was only Kenta so he calmed down and said: "Gosh Kenta! You scared the hell out of me"

"Oh sorry Gingka…..I didn't mean to" Apologised Kenta.

"It's okay" Gingka replied patting Kenta's hair making Kenta smile, the others awe and Kyoya and Hotaru jealous.

"Hey Gingka! Do you want to see me shoot my arrows?" Asked Kenta looking up.

"Sure!" Gingka replied. He started walking but a hand was placed on his shoulder stopping him.

"But Gingka you said we could train together" Kyoya said as Gingka turned around.

"I'll catch up with you when I'm done with Kenta, okay?" Gingka answered.

"Sure" Kyoya said sadly watching the love of his life walk away with a... kid!

"Ooooooh, would you look at that? Kyoya lost to a child" Hotaru teased.

"Oh shut up!" Said Kyoya walking away as well.

"Oh the things that I might do to Gingka if I ever was alone with him" Hotaru said loudly enough that only Kyoya hear it.

Kyoya gritted his teeth and tried to calm down before he really got mad and broke one of Hotaru's bones.

Hotaru's P.O.V

I love messing with Tategami. He gets upset easily when it comes to Gingka. I want him to feel helpless when Gingka becomes mine and only mine. I'm gonna make Gingka scream my name until he loses his voice. I want to see him moan and pant underneath me while I make a hot mess out of him. I want to screw him so hard that he won't be able to walk for the rest of his life. I want to release myself in him until my cum is more than his blood in his body.

I'm not kidding when I say or think that stuff. I am going to fuck him whether he likes it or not. He is going to become mine one way or another. And when he does become mine, I will fuck him every night. I am gonna fuck him till he passes out. And when he wakes up, I'll fuck him again.

But what stops me every single time from screwing him, is Tategami! Who does he think he is? He thinks that he can confess to Gingka and they live happily ever after. What an idiot! He has Gingka in a very trusting situation. In other words, Gingka trusts Kyoya not to make a move on him. What an idiot! Thinking that Gingka might actually love him. We'll just have to see about that.

Well, Tonight is going to be the night when I finally have my way with Gingka.

End of Hotaru's P.O.V

All the legendary were training hard all day until the sun was setting and they called it a day. Kyoya and Gingka however stayed saying they wanted to train more. So here they were, training and fighting each other while the rest were in their house resting and getting ready for bed.

"Kyoya! I'm gonna go get a drink from the locker rooms" Gingka yelled at the older teen.

"I'll be waiting for you here!"

So Gingka ran to the locker rooms after vainshing his sword in his bey. When he reached there, he got the bottle of water and drank it slowly not wanting to choke.

When he was done, he closed it and walked towards the door but stopped hearing a familiar voice.

"Hello Gingka! Would you like me to fuck you tonight?"

Gingka turned around and saw Hotaru leaning on a wall with a smirk. Gingka backed away and said: "What kind of question is that?"

"It's really simple my Gingka, you just have to answer it"

"How about no?" Gingka answered.

"Oh, we can't have that. Look Gingka, I am gonna fuck you if you like it or not. And if I rape you then so be it" Hotaru said slowly walking towards Gingka who was backing away until he hit a wall behind him.

"I told you... " Hotaru said putting his hand on Gingka's cheek caressing it.

"That you're mine!"

Gingka looked at him fear in his eyes as Hotaru grabbed his hands and pinned them on the wall while placing his knee in between Gingka's legs. He then held both of Gingka's hands in one hand while the other cupped Gingka's face. Gingka struggled hard to get himself away from the pervert in front of him but he knew that he had zero percent chance.

"I love this face of yours" Said Hotaru before placing his lips on Gingka's who was trying so hard to break the kiss and get away from him.

He felt Hotaru's tongue on his lips making him gasp giving access to Hotaru to forcefully enter his mouth. Gingka let out muffled noises as he was trying to escape the kiss.

When Hotaru broke the kiss, he smirked seeing Gingka's panting face. So he pulled Gingka suddenly and threw him on the floor pinning his wrists above his head.

He then slid a hand under Gingka's shirt pulling it up making Gingka struggle even more. He ran his hand over Gingka's soft creamy skin and stopped when he reached Gingka's nipples. He looked at Gingka who was trying to pull his wrists free. He then bent down and licked one of them then suddenly bit it making Gingka scream a bit.

"Quiet now Gingka or I'll have to make you"

But Gingka wasn't listening to him. In fact, he was debating whether or not to yell for help. He then felt himself being pulled up and his hands behind his back while he was being pushed to sit up against Hotaru's chest.

He then felt a hand pulling his pants down and that's when he started to call for help.

"Kyoya! Help m-" But he was stopped by a hand that was on his mouth with bruising force. Gingka noticing that his hands were now free, tried to pull the hands off his mouth.

Hotaru then continued to pull Gingka's pans down until they reached his thighs and smirked when he did so. He put his hand in Gingka's boxers making Gingka scream when he squeezed his privates.

"I would love to hear your screams but I don't want unwanted attention to interrupt us" Said Hotaru touching and feeling Gingka's thighs while Gingka struggled helplessly.

With Kyoya

"Where is Gingka? He should be back now" Said Kyoya dropping his daggers at his sides.

"Maybe I should check on him" He said then walked towards the gym lockers after putting seeing that his daggers vanished to green aura.

When he reached there, he slowly and quietly opened the door. He walked in and was finding it hard not to tremble in thought thinking about Hotaru's words that he kept on telling him if he ever got Gingka was alone.

And somehow he felt that it was happening now.

He walked further into the room only to say his worst nightmares come true.

He saw Gingka pinned on Hotaru's chest, squirming and struggling to get away from him. He also saw Hotaru's hand trying to cover Gingka's screams as he bit down on Gingka's neck.

After recovering from his shock, he ran towards them with a growl on his face and pulled Gingka away making him fall with a thud on the floor from Hotaru's touches startling both of them.

Gingka tried to get up but he found that his body wasn't listening to him. So he laid back down with a sigh pulling his pants back up.

"Do you have to interrupt us every single time?" Asked Hotaru getting up leaning his hand on the wall behind him.

"For your information, I can only interrupt you if he was cooperating with you, but he was struggling to get away from you…..so in other words he was not cooperating with you"

"Trying to be smart, are you?" Asked Hotaru with a smirk.

"At least I'm not trying to act dumb" Replied Kyoya with a smirk on his face as well.

"You know? You really are annoying"

"I try"

Hotaru growled and looked behind Kyoya at Gingka who was still on the ground. Their eyes met and he saw the fear in the redheads eyes when Hotaru smirked.

"You are so lucky to have him, Kyoya" He finally said looking back at Kyoya.

"What are you talking about?" Asked Kyoya confused looking at Gingka who was panting hard.

"You could have made a move on him a long time ago"

Kyoya gasped at the other's words and knew he was right. He could have confesses to Gingka a long time ago and make love to his lover. But he had to wait and wait thinking that it wasn't the right time to confess.

He looked behind at Gingka who gasped as well and tried to back away. He loved Gingka to no limits but that didn't mean that he would force himself on him like Hotaru and other people do.

"I'm not like you! You Pervert!" He yelled running to Hotaru punching suddenly in the face making a very noticeable bruise which was really painful. And the force of the attack made Hotaru's hit the wall behind him making him groan in pain.

Kyoya not caring one bit of if he really hurt Hotaru, ran to Gingka who looked at him surprisingly at what he just did to Hotaru.

Kyoya noticing this said: "He deserved it"

He then saw that Gingka was trying to get up so he put his arm behind Gingka's back and his other went under Gingka's knees and picked him up bridal style shocking the redhead at the sudden movement.

"Are you okay?" Asked Kyoya looking at Gingka who looked back at him.

"Yeah, You came before…."

Kyoya nodded understanding what Gingka was trying to say. He then walked to the door pushing it open with his shoulder and exited the gym.

When they were out he put Gingka down making sure he could stand up on his own before let go of him. He stood in front of him and lifted his chin up getting a better look at his eyes which were opened wide at the sudden movement.

"Are you sure you're okay?"

Gingka's eyes looked away but his head stayed in place since Kyoya was holding his chin.


Gingka looked back at Kyoya who was really concerned for the younger. Gingka then shook his head making Kyoya let go of him. Kyoya shocked at the redheads actions looked at the ground with sadness. But to his surprise, Gingka pulled him to a tight hug resting his cheek on Kyoya's chest listening to Kyoya's heartbeat.

Kyoya stood surprised at first but eventually hugged back pulling Gingka even closer to him making Gingka smile in response.



"Why do you always feel like this?" Asked Gingka.

Kyoya's heart skipped a beat before saying: "Like what?"

"Warm and safe?" Gingka answered.

Kyoya smiled and thought that this was the best time for fireworks to appear. He put his hand on Gingka's hair and said:

"You'll know eventually"