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#1: Remember

SSAT words:

Tenet - motto, belief

Canvassed - to search an area / to poll (T:60, H:40)

Gaudy - bright, showy, but tasteless

Hamper - to obstruct/restrict

Potpourri - assortment, a mixture of

Onerous - something that requires lots of effort, difficult

Mitigate - make less severe, reduce

Onus - responsibility

Imperative - necessary, vital

Assuage - ease or satisfy

Danny sat in his chair, detention really is a boring thing. He was late to class, as usual, and this new gaudy grandma like teacher had given him two hours of detention! TWO WHOLE HOURS!

He sighed, bored out of his mind. It was a quiet sigh though, so that the teacher wouldn't hear him.

He was an hour in and had already finished all his homework, extra work, study sheets, and even studied for a bit. But, he stopped after ten minutes, Studying was really quite an onerous task.

Strangely, no ghosts had shown up the entire time. Leaving him with nothing to assuage his boredom.

He laid his head down and tried think of something fun when a sudden memory randomly appeared in his head.

"Remember the tenets of team phantom!" A female voice echoed in his ears.

A potpourri of flowers ranging from small, innocent dandelions to great roses that somehow grew to the size of a tree invaded his sight with the same subtlety.

Danny closed his eyes as he remembered that moment.

Danny was canvassing Amity park for malevolent ghosts, the Fenton thermos in his hand. This time, however, he had the addition of the Fenton phones in his ear, linking him up with Sam and Tucker.

Hey guys! He said

Danny, where are you! A feminine voice shouted. However, this voice was not Sam's, it was


Yes, Danny. Now, WHERE ARE YOU!

No need to shout. He replied, cringing from the sound.


Just performing my onus. He replied

Well, mom and dad just announced that they found out something imperative about Phantom. You better come home quick! Her voice turning back to screeching near the end.

Alright. Danny said turning serious, and to mitigate the situation, added, they're probably overreacting anyways.

He flew back home, only to get hampered by a…..fenton thermos?

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