Hi guys, This is a story about Tris didn't die because of David. I know there's a lot of Fanfiction about this, but I really had an idea about it. Please feel free to write any kinds of comments. Thanks ~EmandM6


I heard a loud sound of 'Bang' But there wasn't any sharp pain caused by the gunshot. What? I thought. Then I realized, David isn't a trained soldier! I laughed they turned to David who was not holding up the gun with trembling hands. He had shot a wall me behind me. Tobias would have screamed at me for risking my life but this is NOT risking my life. I wouldn't die. I am divergent. And I am going to go back to see Tobias. At least one more time. So I clenched my teeth and just like I did in dauntless training, I lifted my arm bending it. Then used my elbow to knock him to the face. David was surprised, he dropped his gun to the floor. I quickly grabbed the gun and closed my eyes, then fired once. Just like I did to Will but this time is different. I know by heart that David deserved it. But slight guilt formed upwards from my stomach. I breathed in deeply once, twice... then without looking at his wound I turned and ran out the door thinking, I need to find Tobias...Tobias... Then I banged it wasn't a wall I know by certain because it was warm and smelled like wind and safety. Tobias.


I came back from Chicago early. I knew something was wrong. This feeling in my stomach could mean only one thing. Tris is doing something that would somehow is risking her life. I rushed into the Breau of Genetic welfare. As soon as I got near to the room where Caleb should have died, I banged into a person. I cried "Aw!" then I saw the person's face. Tris. She is Ok. But she looks tired as if she had faced a lot of things. Then Caleb stepped out. Caleb who was supposed to be dead this could mean only one thing. Tris went in for Caleb.

-Time skips *Tobias took Tris to the hospital of Breau*-

I stared down at Tris's closed eyes. She looks pale and well... dead. The doctors the only ones who didn't get their stupid memories wiped had said that Tris will be awake soon. She is just tired fighting of serums. That she is sleeping right now. I know that Tris will be ok. Caleb is sitting next to me. Caleb you and I have a lot to talk about...

I dragged Caleb by his shirt out of Tris's hospital room. As soon as we are out, I started talking. "Why didn't you go in?!" Caleb finally looked up and said. "Tris had a gun pointed to my head. I..." I cut Caleb off then spat. "YOU SHOULD'VE!" I ran out of my words. I didn't know what to say. I knew that Tris wouldn't let anyone sacrifice for her. Especially to her Family. Caleb finally screamed back. "I KNOW! I TRIED BUT I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO THEN! NOW I AM SO GUILTY I FEEL LIKE I'M ABOUT TO EXPLODE! IF SHE DOESN'T WAKE UP, I'LL HAVE TO LIVE WITH GUILT FOR REST OF MY LIFE!" With that Caleb walked out of the hospital wiping his face and I went back to Tris.


I don't know where I am. Probably sleeping. But but, but, I need to see Tobias. Why is everything so dark? I know I have to wake up. So I pinched my cheek as hard as I can. Then I actually woke up. I opened my eyes.