Victor's azure-hued eyes widened as he gazed upon the golden gate of the Omega temple, sparkling in the morning rays under its covering of snow. It was the most renown of its kind in the world. The Alpha breathed deeply, but picked up only the scent of incense wafting from within. A small smirk curled at the corner of his mouth.

Of course, they wouldn't allow that heavenly aroma to escape. It would drive every Alpha mad. They'd be breaking down the doors. He chuckled softly.

Victor strode forward determinedly, his dog Makkachin following loyally as he made his way to the entry. The Russian grasped the large gleaming door knocker and gave it a good loud bang against the heavy ornate doors.

Besides, everyone knows that these Omegas are so perfectly trained, exceptional in every way, pure and untouched…their scent control is beyond reproach.

A kindly looking older Beta male peered out and smiled, taking in his appearance and Makka before turning to the gatekeepers to open them wide.

"You must be Victor." He stated, a pleased expression on his face as he bowed and encouraged the younger foreigner to enter. "We are very honored to have you here sir. Your fifth World Championship-"

Victor waved him off, not wanting to hear his status lauded and cheered for the umpteenth time as they continued forward. Yes, this was a great gift from the host country of Japan to the World Champion skater. To be honest, the Alpha hadn't even been aware of the additional 'prize' until he was visited at his hotel room by someone from the Japanese government as he was preparing to leave the next day after the competition. They congratulated him before handing him an ornate box and bowing, then walking away…

"What in the world…" The skater sat down on the couch of his hotel room with a curious smile on his face and unlatched the lid of the intricately carved cherrywood box. Inside lay a scroll sealed with gold wax. He opened the scroll and began to read…

"Oh…" Victor blinked, and read it again to make sure he wasn't misunderstanding anything.

Mr. Victor Nikiforov

Congratulations on winning your fifth gold medal at the World Figure Skating Championships in Tokyo, Japan.

As per the agreement to host this year's Championships, the Japanese people are proud to provide you with the high honor of allowing you to select an Omega to take as your own from the highly regarded Yutopia temple in Kyushu prefecture.

All transportation will be provided at your convenience. Please contact us using the enclosed information to make arrangements.

The Alpha slumped back into the couch, stunned for a long while as he absorbed this information. He finally sat up and rolled up the 'gift', placing it back inside the box. Victor had no illusions as to the message woven within the text if you read between the lines…there were clear insinuations being made in the very official letter.

The Japanese obviously wouldn't take kindly to him outright refusing the 'high honor', no matter how much he might hesitate at the idea of selecting a mate that way. The Alpha grimaced. He'd always been supportive of Omega rights, but Russia and Japan were much less progressive than Western countries at this point. In all his travels, he'd been most disappointed by the perspective on the worth of Omegas that he'd found in the areas closest to home.

Breeder, slut, arm-candy, bimbo…all horrible, and unfortunately, common ways to describe an Omega in more closeminded company. Victor sighed and leaned forward to close the lid on the box before picking it up. He stood and headed into his room to finish packing.

I'll have to at least visit the temple and politely decline, if just to avoid an international incident accusing me of snubbing their offer. He decided this was his best course of action as his fingers traced the detailed woodwork of the box repeatedly.

But, hey, who knows? Maybe I'll… He gnawed at his lip, trying to deny the all too familiar urges surging forward, feelings that he'd been denying in recent years as he entered his late 20's, in his prime as an Alpha.

Something that practically screamed at him at an instinctual level…

To claim…

To mate…

To bond…

The Alpha's breath hitched at the thought of finding an Omega that matched him so perfectly, complemented him in a way no other could. Someone he could care for, adore and dote upon. He smiled sadly as he opened the box once more and pulled out the scroll before sliding the box in his luggage.

Who am I kidding? He thought as he dialed the phone number to arrange transportation to Yutopia.

I've traveled the world, met so many people…so many Omegas during that time as well…

Wouldn't I have met them by now if they were out there? He thought, waiting patiently as the phone rang.

No, this will just be a courtesy…then I'll go back to Russia…alone.


"Yuri!" The young Omega startled and tumbled from bed at the sound of his mother's voice from their home inside the Yutopia temple. Their family had been caretakers of the beautiful youths that came to be cared for, trained and protected until they came of age to be mated for generations.

The young man slid on his glasses before haphazardly throwing on his white robes and wrapping a gold-hued obi around his waist. He quickly hurried downstairs, heading to the kitchen to assist his mother and sister with serving breakfast to their charges. He smiled, despite his tiredness. He loved Yutopia, his family, and the beautiful tranquillity of their home.

"Here, take this out to them," His mother said with a smile as Yuri bounded into the room. The twenty-three-year-old Omega took the tray and made his way out to the small dining room where a gathering of young men and women in their teens were at various stages of enjoying their morning meals.

"Hi Yuri," One of the youngest Omegas named Sakura waved shyly at him as he placed her food before her. The older male grinned and ruffled her hair, causing the girl to stick her tongue out and pout briefly before smiling in return.

"How are you today little cherry blossom?" He teased. She clapped her hands excitedly and pointed to the windows.

"Have you seen outside? It got even colder overnight…and it snowed! I bet the shallow pond is frozen thick enough after a week of this cold…" She trailed off, a hopeful look in her large eyes as Yuri knelt next to her after handing out the rest of the dishes to her table mates.

"Sakura…I'm not sure I'll have the time-" The young woman's wide eyes filled with a silent plea as she gave a slight sniffle.

"Please Yuri?" She begged.

Oh god…what am I supposed to do when she gives me that face? Yuri felt his heart melt for the little Omega that he'd soon come to think of as a little sister during her short time here. Even though he knew he had a ton of things to do that day…

"I'll see what my dad says, okay?" He murmured softly, giving her a reassuring smile. "Maybe I can get away for a bit." He didn't want to make any promises, but he knew as soon as he saw the Omega's face light up, beaming as she practically bounced in her seat, that he would be taking her skating on the pond that day.

He couldn't help the thrill that flared through his own body at the thought of being out on the ice. The young Omega loved skating.

Although he was largely self-taught for the better part of the last decade, since having to stop in his mid-teens upon presenting as an Omega so he could devote most his time and efforts to the temple and support his family's work. Yuri still found time to sneak away occasionally to Ice Castle Hatsetsu to skate. Yuko, his old rink mate was always kind enough to let him skate after hours when no one else was around to complain about an Omega being "let off their leash" or some other such nonsense.

Yuri relished the late Autumn, Winter and early Spring days when cold weather froze over the large, but shallow pond within the temple's grounds, allowing him the privacy and freedom to skate to his heart's content.

As the young Omega carried the now empty tray to the kitchen, his heart was lighter than it had been upon waking. He hurried to find his father and make plans to have some of his responsibilities taken care of early in the day so he could test the ice and then take Sakura skating.

The sun shone down on the beauty of Yutopia that morning, illuminating the inner courtyard as if blessing all of them within the walls. The young man's eyes landed upon his father as he led a taller man with silvery hair from the golden gates. Yuri's cinnamon-hued irises couldn't help admiring the man's lithe, but muscular and well-built form.

He was clearly an Alpha, something that Yuri could tell even at first glance, as the man moved through the temple grounds. Yuri bit his lip and shook off the surge of lust that made him blush brightly, deciding to save those wicked thoughts for a later time when he was alone and could give them the attention they surely deserved…

Instead, he started forward to catch up and ask about the schedule rearrangement. He stopped in his tracks as the guest turned his head to smile and laugh at something his father had said. His dog running to catch up with him.

Oh wow…he looks just like my old dog-

He watched the poodle bound up to the man eagerly.

T-that's Victor Nikiforov… His breath caught in his throat as he soaked in the sight of the gorgeous Alpha's face.

But why is he here? Yuri wondered as he took a step back into the shadows of one of the shrine buildings. His eyes widened as he watched his father lead the man to the rooms reserved for VIPs that were…

He's here to find an Omega? Yuri's eyes narrowed in contempt, mouth twisting bitterly as he scowled. I thought you were different Victor…I thought you might even respect us. The raven haired young man pinched his brow and took a deep calming breath.

I can handle this.

So what if my childhood skating idol has shown up trolling for an Omega mate? He felt his stomach twist with some indefinable emotion as he stepped from the shadows and sought his father once more.

After all…

He was one of the temple's Omega caretakers and he couldn't shirk his responsibilities. Yuri sighed softly, his eyes drifting in the direction of the pond before facing toward the VIP quarters once more.

His own desires, as usual, would have to wait.

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