Victor hurried downstairs with two pillows under each arm. He couldn't resist the urge to check the deadbolts on the front door for the tenth time as he passed it by. His protective provider instincts were at an all-time high, growing throughout the day as Yuuri's scent had become stronger. Every cell of his body was screaming at him to keep his mate safe. Memories of what had happened right before Yuuri's last heat kept replaying in his mind, causing him to growl every so often.

No one is taking him again. My Yuuri, my Omega. Victor glared suspiciously out the windows as he strode ahead to the heat room, on alert for any sign of danger to his husband. The empty street did little to mollify him. They're probably hiding in the trees or bushes, just waiting for me to let down my guard.

A little boy sped by on his bike and Victor snarled. It was ridiculous enough of a reaction to snap him out of the aggressive headspace he was caught in.

What the hell is wrong with me? Get it together Nikiforov! Victor berated himself as he reached the heat room and went inside. Yuuri immediately let out an eager noise and made grabby hands for the pillows Victor held. The needy sound went straight to the Alpha's groin, desire flaring through his body as Yuuri began to arrange the new pillows in his nest, oblivious to the effect on his mate.

Victor took a deep breath and soaked in the heavenly aroma of Yuuri's scent. It calmed and focused him, helping Victor relax with the knowledge that Yuuri was safe and sound. He threw all the bolts on the door and made sure it was secure before joining him.

"This is a spectacular nest, pryanichek," Victor murmured as he reached out to brush the back of his hand against the warmth of Yuuri's bright pink cheeks. The Omega's skin glistened slightly with a sheen of sweat that had developed over the last hour or so. He'd long since discarded his robe as he'd fussed with the nest, asking Victor twice for more pillows and blankets to make it just right.

"Really?" Yuuri smiled dazedly, eyes glossing over as he laid down and pulled Victor close. "I wanted it to be perfect," Yuuri explained with a soft yawn, burrowing closer against Victor. The scent of happy, content Omega was heavy in the air as they drifted off to sleep. Victor wasn't sure how much time passed, but when he woke again it was to the feeling of Yuuri's lips wrapped around him as he hungrily swallowed the Alpha's length down his throat.

"Yuuri, come here, let me get you ready." Victor guided Yuuri's body so the Omega was on top of him, facing his groin. It provided Victor the perfect opportunity to finger his slick-drenched hole open. Victor slid a single digit inside and found that his mate accepted it eagerly, hips pressing back to ask for more. Victor slipped a second and soon a third in, hand covered in slick as he prepared Yuuri.

"Vitya…" Yuuri whined softly sitting up to look over his shoulder at the Alpha. "I need you."

As soon as Victor's fingers slid from his clenching hole, Yuuri shuffled forward without another word and sunk down on Victor's cock. The sudden hot, plush grip of Yuuri's body elicited a low groan from Victor. As Yuuri continued his descent, Victor reached out to grab the other man's waist. His control was barely hanging on and the touch of Yuuri's warm skin beneath his fingertips helped anchor him. He let out a shuddering breath as Yuuri circled his hips, throwing his head back with a loud moan.

"Yuuri, you feel so good," Victor bit his lower lip as he watched his soaked length plunge into Yuuri's body again and again. Victor thrust up to meet Yuuri half-way. His hips slapped wetly against Yuuri's ass in a staccato rhythm; an intimate dance meant for just the two of them.

Victor groaned as his knot begin to swell, teetering on the edge of orgasm. Yuuri's fingers wrapped around his own straining length, bucking and whimpering as he stroked himself toward completion.

"God, yes…Vitya!" Yuuri cried out, slamming his hips down hard and grinding in circles as he pulsed around Victor's growing knot. The Alpha was stunned and breathless as his orgasm coursed through him, easily coaxed from his body by Yuuri's climax. His hips hitched upward as he sought to bury himself even deeper inside, knot squeezed and milked of every drop he could give his mate. Yuuri let out a relieved sigh, momentarily sated as he lay back on Victor's chest. The Alpha carefully rolled them on their sides so they could comfortably wait for his knot to go down or Yuuri's next wave of heat hit.

Whichever came first.


"Victor?" Yuuri mumbled sleepily. "Is there any leftover katsudon?"

"Yes! Your mother made extra," Victor set aside his laptop and bounded up off the bed to get it. "I'll be right back."

"Thanks," Yuuri yawned, letting his body sink ever deeper into the fluffy pillows of their bed.

His heat had lasted just under four days this time and the Omega was pleased to say that all the training he'd done for competition had paid off in a way he'd never expected. His muscles were nowhere near as sore or fatigued as they had been after their first heat together.

I need to get back out on the ice, stay in top shape so I'm ready if I qualify for the Grand Prix Series. Yuuri glanced over at Victor's open laptop, the large ISU logo was the only thing clearly visible without his glasses on. He reached out and tugged it on his lap in curiosity. He zoomed in further to make the text of Mark's email large enough for him to read. A disbelieving smile spread across his face as he finally managed to make out the blurred words.

"I did it," Yuuri breathed out, eyes filling with tears as he let out a giddy laugh. He had been assigned to open slots for the Cup of China and Rostelecom Cup. Yuuri knew that he still had a long road ahead of him, but this was a sign that he was on the right course.

"I'm so proud of you," Victor murmured, a broad smile on his face as he walked into the room and sat on Yuuri's side of the bed. "Couldn't have asked for a better schedule either."

Yuuri nodded in agreement and set the laptop aside as Victor placed the bowl of steaming food on the nightstand. The Alpha helped his mate sit up a bit more, fluffing his pillows and leaning in for a quick kiss.

"Thank you for believing in me," Yuuri reached for Victor's free hand as the older man picked up the bowl with the other.

"Always," Victor whispered as he squeezed his hand.

"Let's visit the temple tomorrow," Yuuri suggested excitedly as Victor began to stir the food around.

"Yuuri, I don't think you'll be quite ready for that by then," Victor replied worriedly.

"It'll be fine," Yuuri assured him. Victor frowned and put the bowl in Yuuri's lap.

"Okay...well, if you can lift this and feed yourself, I'll agree with you."

"No problem," Yuuri replied as he picked it up. He lifted it about six inches before he felt like his arms were going to give out and his hands started to shake. Yuuri pouted as he set down the bowl with a huff. "Fine, I see what you mean."

"Don't worry," Victor smiled sympathetically as he picked up the bowl once more. "I bet the day after tomorrow we'll be able to make a short outing. In the meantime, it's important that you take the time to rest so that you can return to training without injuring yourself. You have a little over a month to prepare for the Cup of China and-"

"Alright, alright…I get it, coach," Yuuri interrupted with an amused smile as Victor steered a piece of pork into his mouth.

"I like taking care of you," Victor murmured, a soft smile on his face as he held up another bite.

"I like it, too," Yuuri replied shyly.


In the end, Yuuri decided to wait two more days before they left the house. He may have had an ulterior motive besides wanting to make sure that he had the strength and energy to do so without exhausting himself.

It was such a wonderful feeling to bask in Victor's attentive care after they'd been so focused on training for the last couple of months. Victor had always tended to dote upon him, but it was as if the behavior had been turned up a couple notches post heat. Yuuri knew that they wouldn't have the opportunity to indulge in quiet moments of rest in the next few months as competitions got further underway.

"This is nice," Yuuri turned his face upward, soaking in the sun and fresh air as they walked to the temple together. Victor let out a happy sigh and nodded in agreement.

"Yes, it's a beautiful d-" Victor stopped in his tracks and pulled Yuuri back as they started to turn the corner. "Damn it."

Yuuri peered around the corner with his mate to see a couple of paparazzi camped out in front of the temple. Yuuri grinned and tugged on Victor's hand, leading him back the way they'd come.

"I know another way in," Yuuri explained as they made their way down a small maze of alleys between buildings until they reached an unimpressive, but sturdy looking gate with a secure coded lock. Yuuri was pleased to find that his code still worked as he punched it in and the door swung open.

"Yuuri, you're so sneaky!" Victor teased as they shut it behind them and made their way along a shaded pathway.

"How do you think I snuck out of here to practice all those years?" Yuuri asked playfully as they hurried along to the main building's back entrance. He couldn't wait to see his family and give each of them a big hug.

"Hey bro!" Mari called out as they peeked into the kitchen. She smiled, a tray of food in her hands. "We're just finishing serving lunch and I think there are a few people in the dining area that would love to see you."

"I'll be right back," Yuuri told Victor as he followed Mari to the other room.

"Yuuri!" Sakura squealed excitedly as soon as he walked in the door, jumping up from her seat and running over to give him a hug. "I missed you so much!"

"Missed you too," Yuuri grinned. "Did you grow?"

"Yes, about an inch since the last time the doctor measured me," she proudly replied, taking a step back and straightening to her full 5'1" height to show him.

"I see…practically a giant now, little cherry blossom," Yuuri teased as he led her back to her seat to finish her meal. She pouted playfully and gently elbowed the other Omega.

"Hey, I'll take what I can get!" She replied with a shrug as she picked up her chopsticks. "So, are you staying long?"

"Just a little while to visit, then I need to head back to train in Saint Petersburg," he explained.

"Will we see you again before you go back to Russia?" She asked with a small, hopeful smile on her face.

"Of course," Yuuri assured her with a gentle pat on her back before he turned to leave the room. "I'll make sure to find you before then."

Yuuri made his way back to the kitchen with a smile on his face that only grew bigger at the sight of Victor next to his mother in front of the stove. He was stirring a sauce in one of the pots while she put a pan in the oven. Yuuri hung back in the doorway, watching as she checked to see how Victor was doing and nodded in approval.

"Good job, Vicchan. We'll have you making katsudon for Yuuri in no time!" His mother exclaimed. Yuuri chuckled as he came to join them.

"I've already gained back the weight I lost during my heat thanks to the katsudon you sent over," Yuuri informed her. "No more for me until I've won some competitions."

"Exactly! I'm sure you'll be eating lots of katsudon this season!" She replied with a proud smile on her face.

"Yes! That's the spirit!" Victor chimed in with a burst of laughter.


They spent a quiet afternoon with Yuuri's family. It was a fairly light chore day for the Yutopia caretakers, so they had more time than usual to enjoy one another's company. After dinner was served and all the Omegas had gone back to their living areas for the evening, they ate together as a family. Victor and Yuuri offered to help clean the kitchen, but were shooed away by the three Katsukis'.


"No buts," Toshiya interrupted with a smile. "Why don't you two enjoy the hot spring in the Alpha quarters. There are no guests staying there right now, so you won't be disturbing anyone."

"That actually sounds really good. Thanks Dad," Yuuri replied gratefully. His body was still a little weak and he knew from experience that the mineral baths were amazing when it came to rejuvenating sore limbs and muscles.

"Of course! I know it's helped after your heats in the past and we don't have anyone scheduled to visit for another week or two," Toshiyo assured them. "So, feel free to come over and have a soak anytime if you think it will help."

"Thank you so much!" Victor replied as he grabbed Yuuri's hand and they headed from the room.

"No sex in the onsen, little bro!" Mari yelled after them in Japanese, eliciting amused laughter from their parents. Yuuri mentally facepalmed as his cheeks turned bright pink.

"What did your sister say?" Victor asked as they walked toward the Alpha quarters. Victor smirked at the expression on Yuuri's face. "Do I even want to know?"

"No!" Yuuri squeaked out in embarrassment.

"I think I recognized the word for se-"

"Nope! Absolutely not!" Yuuri hurried on ahead, leaving his laughing husband scrambling to catch up to his retreating form.

"But Yuuri!" Victor pouted as he chased him into the washroom. Yuuri grinned and tossed a towel at him from one of the shelves.

"Undress and we can help wash each other before we get in, okay?" Yuuri suggested. Victor's jaw dropped as Yuuri began to strip down before him. His gaze possessively roamed over every inch of skin that Yuuri revealed.

"Hello? Earth to Victor?" Yuuri called out, startling the Alpha from his daze.

"Right, sorry," Victor replied apologetically as he immediately began to shed his clothing. "I was a little, uh…distracted."

"I could tell," Yuuri teased. He took their clothes after they'd both undressed and put them in the nearby cubbies before gesturing to a wooden stool at one of the wash stations for Victor to sit down.

Throughout Yuuri's life, washing and bathing in the onsen had been an ingrained part of everyone's routine, but doing this with Victor felt so…intimate. As Yuuri helped Victor wash his back and shampoo his hair, a joyous warmth spread through his body. He found it deeply satisfying to take care of his mate in such a manner.

"My turn?" Victor asked with a pleased smile, glancing over his shoulder at the Omega after he'd been rinsed off. Yuuri nodded shyly and traded places with Victor on the stool, washing the rest of his body while Victor took care of cleaning his back. Yuuri sighed contentedly as Victor's hands moved to his hair, strong fingers massaging his scalp.

"That's nice," Yuuri whispered, as Victor rinsed his hair and body with clean water. The Alpha placed a soft kiss on Yuuri's shoulder, and then another, laying a trail of kisses all the way up Yuuri's neck. Victor nuzzled the bond mark on Yuuri's throat and the younger man couldn't help the happy, little mewl he let out in response.

"Ready to go in?" Victor asked. Yuuri opened heavy-lidded eyes and nodded, letting Victor help him to his feet. Their fingers entwined as they walked out to the hot spring and Yuuri felt the love in his heart reflected back from Victor across the bond they shared. As they sat down in the steaming water, Yuuri leaned against his mate, shoulder to shoulder as they continued to hold hands.

It was the quiet and soothing remedy that Yuuri hadn't known he needed. It was the perfect thing to counteract the stress of recent weeks with the paparazzi and last-minute competition preparation. The familiar smell of the onsen and the presence of his husband at his side made all his worries fade to nothing, dispersing like the steam that rose from the water around them.

"I wish we could stay like this forever," Yuuri murmured as he leaned his head back on the edge of the hot spring.

"How about until the Cup of China?"

"Huh?" Yuuri lifted his head and turned toward his mate. Victor simply smiled and reached out to run his fingers through Yuuri's damp strands.

"There is a rink here, after all," Victor replied with a grin. "And I've heard that a world-class figure skater did a lot of his training there in the past, so that's good enough for me."

"Really?" Yuuri asked hopefully. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, well I do have to learn to make katsudon from your mother before your next win after all," Victor beamed happily. "Plus, it does seem a bit calmer here compared to Saint Petersburg in regard to the media."

"Okay, but we'll have to go back after China," Yuuri explained. "I need to refill my suppressant prescription and give it to Yurio."

"It'll work out perfectly," Victor replied with a nod of agreement.

"Thank you for suggesting this Victor," Yuuri murmured as he leaned in to kiss his husband. It wasn't long before the kiss deepened and Yuuri's arms were wrapped around Victor's neck, pulling him ever closer.

"I'm happy that you're happy, Yuuri," Victor breathed out as their lips parted, eyes filled with desire as he looked at the Omega and pouted slightly. "Is there really no sex in the onsen?"

"What?! You understood that?" Yuuri exclaimed.

"Of course," Victor proudly declared. "It was in the must-know Japanese phrase book that Chris sent me as a wedding gift."

"I'm looking forward to seeing him at the Cup of China," Yuuri muttered thoughtfully as he recalled the kind and affectionate Alpha he'd skated against in juniors.

"Me too, it'll be fun for both of us to catch up with him," Victor replied as he stole another kiss from Yuuri, and another, and…

"There might be a rule about no sex in the onsen," Yuuri murmured softly against Victor's lips. "But there isn't one against making out."

Yuuri climbed into Victor's lap with a smirk. Victor groaned as he slid his arms around Yuuri's body, holding him close.

"You're going to drive me crazy, pryanichek," Victor mumbled as he began to kiss and nibble along Yuuri's neck. The younger man's head fell back with a happy sigh as he gazed up into the clear, starry sky and lost himself in the touch of his mate's hands upon his body.