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"Honestly, I don't really care what you two are," Accelerator told Mikoto. "Just call him and bring him here."

"Why should I!?" Mikoto demanded.

"Because you owe me," Accelerator replied, smirking. "You know how much Evolution Stones are worth?"

"You gave them to me because you were caught being a huge jerk!"

"How does Mikoto know the world champion?" Kyoka whispered to Kuroko.

"I… don't know."

Kuroko could barely believe it. Mikoto didn't talk highly of Accelerator before when they saw his exposition match. At the time, she thought it was because Mikoto might have been a little jealous of his skill or just couldn't wait to face him, besides just his attitude. Now though, it had appeared Mikoto actually met Accelerator beforehand and he gave her Evolution Stones. Why was that? Did she beat him?

'Of course, she had to! Onee-sama is amazing and talented. What other outcome could there have been?'

Knowing Mikoto didn't tell her about meeting him did dampen Kuroko's spirits a little. She believed that they told each other everything that had happened to each other. There must be a reason she didn't. Kuroko's mouth remained shut as she didn't want to interrupt and just listened.

Mikoto's older sister wasn't so kind.

"Hang on!" Shizuku held up a hand. "Mikoto actually knows Accelerator?"

"We've met…" Mikoto spat out.

"She challenged me and I accepted," Accelerator's mirth wasn't hidden at all. "I forgot, how well did that work out for you?"

Mikoto's teeth grated as her hands made fists.

"Hah, thought so." Shizuku shook her head. "She can't even beat me." Her eyes fell on Accelerator. "Hey, since you battled her, battle me too."

"Hmm…" Accelerator looked thoughtful. He had heard of Shizuku since she had won a couple decently sized tournaments, but he didn't believe she was anywhere near his level yet. At best, she would be a warm-up, could maybe even knock a single Pokémon. A thought then crossed Accelerator's mind, something that seemed almost casual. Maybe he could use this to his advantage. "Okay, on one condition."

"Condition?" Shizuku and Mikoto replied in unison.

"Yes, it gets tiring accepting challenges from every random trainer I meet," Accelerator explained. "Most can't even last a minute or two. I need to see if you're worth facing."

"I've won plenty of tournaments." Shizuku reminded him, crossing her arms. "You scared?"

That comment got a laugh from the albino.

"It's just a small task," Accelerator assured her. "Just beat your sister's boyfriend in a one-on-one battle and I'll face you. Shoot, I'll even reserve a public arena with cameras. You can finally have the full battle with me that you wanted."

Shizuku's eyes widened and she turned around instantly.

"Okay, sis!" She pointed to Mikoto. "Call your boyfriend here!"

"He's not my boyfriend!" Mikoto shouted back. "And why should I?"

"Wow!" Chiyo appeared next to Mikoto in a blur. Excitement etched on the young girl's face. "That would be such a cool battle between your mentor and onee-san."

"See, even she wants it, now give him a call or I'll tell Accelerator here about the Birthday Party involving Mr. Mime."

"You wouldn't dare…" Mikoto's face paled.

"Huh, I kind of want to hear that now." Accelerator commented, mockingly.

The Misaka family now all remembered what happened on that fateful day. It was something that no one spoke of anymore, something that everyone silently agreed to never bring up ever again. So for Shizuku to even bring that up, fighting Accelerator must've been something that she was seriously itching to do.

"Now, now." Misuzu stepped forward and put a hand on her daughters. "There's no reason to fight. Shizuku, you promised to behave. Threatening your sister is not behaving." Shizuku looked away. "And you, Mr. Accelerator. I understand you're a champion, but at the same time, you have no right to demand anything from my daughter."

Accelerator glared back, completely unapologetic.


Mikoto flinched.

"Here it comes." Kyoka sighed and rubbed her face.

"Huh?" Kuroko whispered to Mikoto's twin, just now snapping back to reality after seeing Accelerator.

"Mom loves this kind of stuff."

"…this would be a great opportunity," Misuzu continued. "Mikoto, would it hurt to ask him if he's willing to come over and battle against Shizuku? You don't have to force him but if he's free, he might be willing to."

Mikoto shared a look with Kuroko. They both knew Touma well enough to guess what would happen. If he was told the truth, he probably wouldn't come. That would probably be the best bet and Mikoto could give him more information later as an apology. He really didn't deserve to get involved in family matters. Plus, if Shizuku couldn't face Accelerator alone, she shouldn't try to piggyback off Mikoto's friend and mentor.

"Fine!" Mikoto relented. "I'll give him a call, but I won't promise he'll come. He could be busy. You know, with his own life?" She pulled out her phone and began scrolling through her contacts until she found his. With a shaking finger, she pressed the call button and waited. The phone rang three times before being picked up.

"Hello, Misaka?"

"Hey," Mikoto said awkwardly, aware not only was Accelerator staring at her, but her own mother seemed amused by this. "Sorry for interrupting but… hey!"

Before Mikoto could finish talking, her mom swiped the phone from her hand.

"Kamijou-san?" Misuzu greeted. "My name is Misuzu Misaka, Mikoto's mother. How are you doing?" Mikoto couldn't hear what Touma was saying now. "Yeah, everything is fine. There is a little situation Mikoto kind of got herself into. It would really help us out if you could come and meet us. Where?" She looked around for the street names and passed them on. "You can be here in ten minutes? That would be splendid. Thank you so much, Kamijou-san. Afterward, I'll make sure to treat you for your assistance."

She hung up and passed the phone over.

"MOM!" Mikoto finally shrieked in horror. "What did you do?!"

"I simply asked him if he was able to help us," Misuzu answered. "It was kind of cute how worried he sounded."

"Quit embarrassing me!"

"You do a good job at embarrassing yourself." Accelerator pointed out. Shizuku couldn't resist snickering at that.

"This is what I meant, Shirai-san." Kyoka elaborated. "Mom wouldn't miss the opportunity to get Kamijou-san here to meet him."

"She's going to be disappointed," Kuroko groaned. "He's just so… normal and plain."

"Really?" Kyoka raised an eyebrow. "From what we saw during the tournament, he was quite a strong trainer."

"Yes, but his personality is just so… bland." Kuroko tried to elaborate. "Onee-sama needs someone more bold and special like her. There's no way those two could ever date."

"I get to see onee-san's boyfriend's face!" Chiyo cheered. "He must be really handsome if onee-san picked him!" Her Pichu tilted it's head at how excited it's trainer was.

"He's not my boyfriend!" Mikoto repeated for the umpteenth time. "Since mom called him here, you all need to knock it off."

"Don't care, I'm still going to call him that." Accelerator informed her.

"What is your problem?!"

"Now, now, Mikoto." Misuzu calmed her down by putting her hands on her shoulders. "Just relax. It's just a battle with your sister. There's nothing to be upset about."

"Except he's going to get the wrong idea and make this internship awkward."

Her words said one thing, but Mikoto's mind said another. She didn't actually dislike the thought, but if Touma didn't want to be in any kind of relationship, and from what she observed he didn't, he might want to drop the internship program. For now, Mikoto was fine with their current status as friends. Besides, it's not like she knew a lot about him. They were pretty different outside of being trainers.

"Hmmm." Misuzu eyed her daughter closely. Mikoto hated that. Her mother always seemed to be able to read her like a book. It didn't help that her cheeks burned at her previous thoughts. "You do have a point. Shizuku, be on your best behavior. Chiyo, avoid calling Kamijou-san Mikoto's boyfriend."

"Yes, Mom!" Chiyo agreed instantly. Kuroko loved how adorable and innocent that girl was.

"Fine, I just need to beat him in a quick fight anyways." Shizuku huffed.

"You might not find it so easy," Kuroko mumbled.

"Is Kamijou-san a really strong trainer?" Kyoka asked her quietly. "I wouldn't mind Shizuku losing, but she is a champion. It's not an amateur tournament like what he and Mikoto participated in."

"His Charmeleon evolved recently, and he has some… other interesting partners," Kuroko admitted, a sour taste in her mouth.

"And Accelerator-san," Misuzu continued. "Mikoto here is doing you a favor. A little respect should be warranted."

"Tsk." The albino clicked his tongue but didn't argue.

Eventually, they saw a familiar-looking boy heading down the street toward them. He really got here quickly, as the ten minutes he asked for didn't pass yet. Accelerator had sort of found himself a shaded location to avoid being seen by random passersby. Mikoto at least was grateful for that tiny bit of consideration, then realized it was more for him to avoid being bothered than making sure a crowd didn't show up to watch her. He only walked out when Touma drew close.

Instantly, Touma stopped, his eyes widened, and he took a step back.

'He's going to run,' Mikoto thought, sharing a look with Kuroko.

'He's going to run,' Kuroko agreed silently.

'Is he going to run?' Kyoka thought.

"You better not run!" Accelerator warned, touching a Pokeball on his belt.

"Hello, Kamijou-san!" Misuzu called out, stepping up and shaking his hand. "I'm Misuzu Misaka, we talked on the phone. I heard so much about you." She quickly introduced the rest of the family.

"Nice to meet you," Touma replied. "Misaka did mention that her family would be in town." His eyes traveled to Mikoto, who was looking embarrassed, as he rubbed the back of his head. "So… what's the trouble that you needed me for?" His eyes then darted toward Accelerator, knowing he had something to do with it.

"Mikoto and Shizuku had a practice battle earlier," Misuzu explained to him. "The resulting fight caused Accelerator-san here to take notice. Shizuku is actually a professional trainer and a champion in a few other locations. Naturally, she wanted to face the world champion."

"I can see that." The boy admitted, not looking confused at that information.

Mikoto smiled as she heard that. He knew about her dream and any professional trainer was obviously shooting for the top. Accelerator being the world champ was the top of the mountain for them. Even if Touma didn't want to be a champion, the fact the boy understood people's dreams meant a lot to her.

"Accelerator-san has decided to stop accepting random challenges and wanted to see her fight first to make sure she is capable of providing a challenge," Misuzu continued. "For some reason, he suggested she fight you first."

The blood from Touma's face vanished as his skin turned white.

That fact he didn't say 'why' told them all he knew more than they did. Well, he knew the same as Mikoto at least. Kuroko's eyes narrowed slightly as her mind began to race. Mikoto could just imagine her friend trying to understand why Accelerator wanted Shizuku to fight him specifically. Their conversation the night after Touma tied in a fight with Accelerator suddenly ran through Mikoto's mind and she couldn't help chuckling.

'If only Kuroko knew what she said.'

"So hurry up and battle me," Shizuku told him. "I'll make it quick."

"Uh… I don't know…" Touma mumbled. "If it's not really an emergency, I kind of had other plans…"

Shizuku's eyes narrowed as she saw the boy cowering. It wouldn't be the first time weak trainers tried to run away. Strong trainers always wanted to improve their skills and would jump for a battle. If she pushed too hard, he would probably run away. Luckily, there was a secret weapon. Scooting over to Chiyo, she pushed the girl forward with a hand on her back.

Chiyo knew this strategy and Shizuku usually rewarded her with treats if she played along.

"Pleeeease?" Chiyo begged with wide puppy eyes. "I would really like to see Onee-san's mentor battle. Shizuku has been really mean lately and needs someone to beat her."

"Hey!" Shizuku wanted to thump her younger sister's head but restrained herself.

"I… guess I can." Touma glanced over at Mikoto quickly, who was actually grinning. She wasn't in any danger so the boy relaxed. "One quick match."

"Sorry about this," Mikoto whispered as he passed her. "I'll explain everything later." Touma shrugged in response and took his place on the field. She did find it funny how easy her younger sister could manipulate people.

Accelerator was leaning against a wall, more interested in this fight than he should have been. He held a grudge as he nearly lost to a no-named trainer. That guy wasn't a normal person and he was going to observe his style a little bit more before crushing him. What kind of idiot uses a Ditto and then actually uses it efficiently? He was an enigma, someone who should be easily defeated without breaking a sweat.

"Good luck, Kamijou-san!" Chiyo called out as she headed toward the bench.

"What about me?" Shizuku demanded, taking her spot on the other side of the field.

"You always tell us you don't need luck." Kyoka pointed out, causing Kuroko and Mikoto to snicker and Shizuku to scowl at her younger sister.

"This will be a one on one match," Misuzu declared. "Since Kamijou-san was asked to participate last minute, it's only fair for Shizuku to reveal her choice first as a handicap."

"Fine by me." Shizuku didn't look fazed at all and tossed out a Pokeball.

When the red light faded, a dark purple, bipedal Pokémon with a roundish body appeared. It had red eyes, a wide mouth that was curled into a sinister grin, and pointed ears. On its back were numerous spikes and it had smaller spikes on top of its head, similar to tufty fur. The arms and legs were short with three digits on both its hands and feet. It also has a stubby tail.

"Gengar!" The Pokémon called out in a way that almost sounded like it was laughing. A huge tongue fell out of its mouth.

Kuroko pulled out her Pokédex, as everyone else there had plenty of experience with that Pokémon.

"Gengar, the Shadow Pokémon. Gengar can pass through dimensions and appear almost anywhere. Since Gengar absorbs any warmth around it, the temperature suddenly drops wherever it appears."

"Wow," Kuroko muttered to Mikoto. "A ghost-type. Those are tricky."

"Yeah…" Mikoto clamped her hands together tightly. "That Gengar is really fast and causes no end of problems for Shizuku's opponents. I hope he'll be okay."

"Wouldn't expect anything else from a champion," Touma muttered, reaching for the ball on his belt. "Guess I'll go with-…"

Before his hand touched one of his pokeballs, a completely different one opened up and red light flooded toward the battlefield, revealing a very familiar headbutt-loving Pokémon.


"Oh, come on!" Touma yelled indignantly.

"Ramp, rampard!"

"I wasn't going to choose you today!" Touma reprimanded. "You had your exercise this morning. Besides, Gengar's a ghost-type, you can't headbutt it!"

Rampardos froze and slowly turned around. Mikoto couldn't help laughing into her hand as she saw its head tilt in confusion. She could literally imagine the thoughts in Rampardos' mind at being told that. To that Pokémon, those words made no sense.

"What's funny?" Chiyo asked, noticing Kuroko was trying not to laugh too.

"Rampardos is… a Pokémon that loves the move headbutt, like way too much," Mikoto explained. "Even if it would be better to use another move, it hates doing that."

"Like you and electric-types!" Chiyo realized.

"…Yes…" Mikoto grudgingly admitted, glaring at Kyoka who had quickly stifled a snort. Shinx nudged her leg and she reached down to scratch its head.

"So just go back and let me get someone else out," Touma told Rampardos. That order caused the dinosaur to turn around and slap him in the face with its tail. "I warned you there would be a Pokémon you can't headbutt! Don't blame me!"

"Can we get started already?!" Shizuku yelled, finally getting impatient.

Accelerator was almost amused at this. The fact Rampardos was a rare Pokémon did attract his attention. Though, the way they acted, it wasn't so much a fight because they disliked each other, but a difference of opinion. The guy had a connection with his Pokémon that made him a troublesome opponent.

"Fine!" Touma relented. "You can go, but when you realize Headbutt doesn't work, you'll have to do something else."

"Ram!" Rampardos agreed, moving out onto the battlefield.

"Okay, so now that both contestants are ready," Misuzu announced, looking highly amused. "Let's begin!"


Instantly, Rampardos charged forward, lowering its head to deliver a powerful Headbutt. Mikoto had seen countless times how strong it was and wished her sisters could too. This time, it wouldn't work. Headbutt was a normal-type attack and Gengar was a ghost-type. There was only one result and Mikoto looked away.

Rampardos passed right through Gengar.

"Rampardos?" Rampardos turned around confused. It was sure its attack hit. "Pardos?"

"Gengar, gengar, gengaaaarrrr!" Gengar had grabbed its stomach and was laughing.

Rampardos snorted and charged again, but its effort was all in vain. Ghosts just let normal-types pass right through them.

"Really?" Shizuku asked, raising an eyebrow. "You're just going to let it attack uselessly?" Touma shrugged back. What was he supposed to do? Mikoto was the only other person who knew how stubborn his Pokémon could be. "Fine, if you won't take this seriously, I'm just going to finish this quickly. Don't blame me if your partner gets hurt. Gengar, Night Shade!"

Black beams surrounded by reddish-purple light fired out of Gengar's eyes, making zigzag patterns in midair. Rampardos turned around and braced itself as the dark energy collided against its head. An explosion followed, pushing Rampardos back and creating a small dust cloud. Rampardos gritted its teeth and charged forward, lowering its head.

Once again, the attack was useless and it went right through the ghost.

"Why isn't the ape doing anything?" Kuroko demanded.

"Ape?" Kyoko and Chiyo repeated confused.

"I'm not sure," Mikoto ignored Kuroko's outburst. She was trying to understand too. Touma was just standing there with his arms crossed as Rampardos continued to try to Headbutt Gengar. "Rampardos had to have known by now that Headbutt wouldn't work. He may like the move, but he's not stupid. Is he trying to prove something?"

Gengar kept firing Night Shade beams, but Rampardos was running around, dodging most of them. Mikoto was actually kind of impressed and if she ignored the fact it kept using an ineffective move, the battle was pretty high tier. Her sister wasn't a champion for nothing, so Mikoto saw what was coming before the command came.

"Lick!" Shizuku ordered and Mikoto recognized the irritation in her tone.

'It's the same tone she uses on me because I only want to use electric-types.'

Gengar flew through the air at high speed and appeared to the right of Rampardos. Its large tongue flicked out and smacked Rampardos across the face. Rampardos flinched and stepped back, shaking its head to get the slobber off. Its body seemed to stiffen up. Lick had an annoying secondary affect.

"Perfect, now that it's paralyzed…" Shizuku started to say. "Wait, what?"

Rampardos once again charged trying to hit Gengar with an attack that would not affect them. It hadn't slowed down at all.

"Right, Mold Breaker." Kuroko chuckled. "Forgot about that. Onee-sama's Pikachu couldn't paralyze him either."

"Whatever," Shizuku overheard her. "It's not like nothing is going to change. Rampardos won't do anything. Gengar, Ice Punch! See if we can freeze it in place!"

Gengar flickered and vanished, causing Rampardos to slide to a stop and look around frantically. Then, just as fast as it disappeared, the ghost reappeared right behind Rampardos. Its right hand was glowing blue as a punch was delivered. The dinosaur was knocked back and fell down on the ground, but quickly scrambled back to its feet. No ice appeared on it, so the Frozen status didn't affect it.

"Rampardos!" Rampardos turned around to Touma. "Ram, Rampardos!"

"I told you Headbutt wouldn't work!" Touma reminded his partner. "Are you ready to try something else?"

Rampardos shook its head.


Accelerator raised an eyebrow as he watched this ridiculousness. He wasn't stupid though and saw how Rampardos was still full of energy after being hit multiple times. Its defense was either ridiculously high, or it was incredibly strong. Too early to tell for sure.

"Ram par."

"That's not going to work and you know it!"

"Dos, Rampar!"

"No, headbutting harder doesn't mean you can hit a ghost!"

Rampardos started kicking dirt at Touma, so Touma started kicking it back at him. Shizuku and Accelerator just gaped at the stupidity before them. Misuzu was trying not to laugh as she was the judge. Kuroko and Kyoka were facepalming. Mikoto was torn between laughing and sighing. Enough training with Touma's Pokémon caused her to have a pretty strong grasp of their antics.

They did almost get stampeded by a herd of Rhyhorns when they first met.

"Gengar, gar!" Gengar was at least being entertained as it rolled on the ground laughing.

"Ram!" Rampardos kicked a large amount of dirt into Touma's face.

"I know!" Chiyo cried out. "They are teaching Rampardos Mud Slap!"

Everyone near her snorted before they could stop themselves.

"Ugh… fine." Touma rubbed his nose. "One time, to prove it won't work." Rampardos moved closer and nudged him with his head. "Yes, I'll seriously try."

"Rampar!" Rampardos seemed to be in a much better mood as it stomped out back onto the field.

"Are you finally going to take this seriously?" Accelerator called out.

"I've been serious, but Rampardos wants to prove me wrong," Touma sighed. "We reached an agreement."

"Oh, no." Mikoto moaned and covered her face.

"What's wrong?" Kyoka asked her.

"This is either going to work out perfectly or go horribly wrong."

"Oh… yeah…." Kuroko realized too. "Why do we have to go through this again?"

Kyoka was still confused as she looked between the two, before eventually turning back to the fight.

Mikoto raised her own head and watched Touma carefully. The boy looked tired and exasperated, but his eyes didn't seem to have given up. If anything, he was humoring Rampardos. Yet, when Rampardos took its position once more, the atmosphere changed. Touma also stepped forward and his expression turned serious. It seemed like while he was going along with his Pokémon's desires, he was still going to take it seriously because they were bonded as partners.

The hairs on Mikoto's neck stood up.

She wasn't the only one. Kuroko, Kyoka, Chiyo, and even Accelerator leaned forward. They could sense the change too. Shizuku's eyes narrowed as she prepared for whatever was about to come.


Touma shouted loudly with force as he called out to his Pokémon. He held out his hand as he talked. The tone in his voice was completely different. Mikoto's hand made a fist as she prepared for something amazing.

"…Headbutt it harder!"

The onlookers all fell down, smashing into the ground with a series of bangs.

"ARE YOU STUPID!?" Kuroko thundered.

"What the hell are you playing at?!" Shizuku demanded as Gengar began to laugh again.

Misuzu and Accelerator didn't laugh when they noticed something. Rampardos had lowered its head and scratched the ground with its foot. They both had that feeling that something big was about to happen. Mikoto also felt something weird as Rampardos threw back its head and roared.


It bent its head down and charged. The movement didn't change but the air of determination to land at least one clean hit on the ghost was definitely there. Gengar wasn't afraid at all and just laughed at the attempt, its tongue flopping around. Rampardos kept moving forward, every step pushing off the ground with strong deliberate force. Touma's gaze hardened as Mikoto watched. Then she saw the glow.

Rampardos' skull glowed blue and became surrounded in a light blue reflective shield. Its normal red eyes were now also glowing blue. Shizuku realized the danger far too late.

"Gengar!" She yelled in a panic. "Dod-…!"

The girl was far too late.


Gengar never got to finish its sentence as Rampardos' head slammed into its stomach. The effect was almost comical in nature, though Mikoto did flinch as she imagined what that Pokémon felt being Headbutt like that. Gengar's eyes bulged out of its head, its tongue shot out, and then the poor ghost flew backward at shocking speed, passing Shizuku, and slamming into the brick wall. Slumping down to the ground, it didn't rise. Eyes spinning, Gengar probably wasn't getting up anytime soon.

"Gengar is unable to battle!" Misuzu announced, holding out her arm toward Touma. "The winner is Rampardos!"

"Yes!" Mikoto cheered with Chiyo. Both of them wanted their mean older sister to lose as a taste of humility. Kyoka clapped politely, while Kuroko just gasped at them.

"Rampardos!" Rampardos held its head up and roared in excitement, before turning around and smirking at Touma. "Dos."

"Ugh… fine!" Touma threw his hands up into the air. "You win. Headbutt is the answer to everything!"

"Pardos!" His partner sounded pleased with that response.

"Hang on one minute!" Shizuku demanded. "What was that? How did you Headbutt a ghost-type?!"

"Can't even tell that?" Accelerator scoffed. "And you call yourself a champion?" Shizuku gritted her teeth. "It was Zen Headbutt, though the way he called it seemed to confuse you." He wasn't sure if Touma did that on purpose or not to mess with the girl. That guy didn't seem to be the type to try sneaky schemes like that. Accelerator had fought opponents who used codes with their Pokémon to delay his reaction in the past.

They didn't work of course.

"Zen Headbutt?" Chiyo asked.

"It's a Psychic-type move where a Pokémon focuses its willpower to its head and rams its foe," Her mom explained. "It's a pretty powerful attack and can also cause flinching. With Gengar's low defense, it's no wonder this was a one-hit KO."

"Because Gengar is also a poison-type!" Kuroko realized. "And Psychic attacks are super effective against poison."


"Great job!" Mikoto called out to Touma and then turned to look smugly at her sister, who had come over to them looking disgruntled. "He'll teach me a few things and then I'll be beating you soon."

"Dream on, brat." Shizuku muttered.

Mikoto scoffed and walked over to Touma, who was petting an excited Rampardos.

"Thanks for doing this," She said gratefully. "I promised to explain…"

"Hey, just glad you're okay." Touma waved off her apology. "I should get going though. Some friends of mine want to explore a cave. Fukiyose is looking for a specific Pokémon and I promised I would help."

"Okay," Mikoto smiled at him, trying not to blush. "I'll explain everything later. It's mostly my stupid older sister's fault-…"

"I heard that!"

"… and Accelerator showing up," Mikoto added the last bit bitterly as she turned around. Touma's eyes also narrowed as they saw him approach.

"Don't look at me like that," The albino scoffed. "I'm not going to fight you here. I just used you as a test for her so she would leave me alone. We'll meet again if you keep going down the path of a champion. Try not to be too much of a disappointment you two." His eyes flashed as they fell on Touma.

Mikoto wanted to stick her tongue out at that guy as he left them behind. Obviously, he was too scared to challenge Touma again because he might lose. Though, he seemed a little mellower than the last time they met. Accelerator was still a jerk of course and she would never be friends with a guy like that. Touma was awesome though and handily defeated her sister.

This only reinforced the idea that Touma was more than he appeared.

She was determined to find out what.

"Rampardos is so strong!"

Mikoto and Touma jumped as they saw Chiyo swinging on Rampardos' tail. The Pokémon looked confused at the sudden appearance of the young girl, shrugged, and just let her swing.

"Thanks," Touma told her. "We train a lot."

"Is your Charizard stronger than Rampardos?" Chiyo asked.

"It's…" Touma paused and looked at Rampardos, who was staring back at him neutrally. Mikoto could almost read its mind.

Is he?

"Both of them are incredibly strong in their own ways," Touma answered at last.

"Coward." Mikoto whispered amused.

Rampardos seemed to accept this answer and let Chiyo swing on its tail. Shinx kept bounding around them along with Pichu who was also celebrating. Both of them had been watching the match closely. Shinx kind of looked up to Rampardos but Mikoto wasn't sure why. It might be Shinx liked a strong role model.

"That was impressive," Misuzu commented, walking over. "Though, I have to wonder, why didn't you use that before?"

"Because… I didn't know he knew that move?" Touma rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"How could you not know?!" Kuroko demanded. "He's your Pokémon!"

"I looked at the Pokédex once but since Rampardos likes to use Headbutt, I kind of just let him keep using that," Touma shrugged. "You've faced him in practice battles before. He doesn't like to use other moves."

That was one hundred percent true. Kuroko and Mikoto both knew that all too well. Mikoto also had to admit she had forgotten Rampardos could use it. Back when she had stolen Touma's Pokédex, she had glanced at its move set. After a while, Zen Headbutt was forgotten as Rampardos never used it.

"Yeah, Pikachu is still traumatized from that." Mikoto joked, elbowing him in the side.

"It was nice to meet you Kamijou-san." Misuzu smiled at him. "We'll be in town a few days to get Chiyo here registered for Tokiwadai, so maybe we can meet up. I would love to hear about you being a mentor for Mikoto."

"Sounds fine, Misaka-san." Touma replied.

"You can call me Misuzu-san," She corrected him gently. "It makes me feel younger and with so many Misaka's here, it will help alleviate any confusion."

"Sure… Misuzu-san." The boy's phone pinged and he checked it. "Ah… Fukiyose is telling me to hurry up. We're going to check out some caves for her. She's looking for some specific Pokémon that lives there. Wait, did I say that already?"

"Did she say what one?" Mikoto asked, glossing over the last part and remembering the strict older girl from her visit to their school.

"No, not yet." Touma shrugged helplessly. "Hopefully she will tell me when we get there. Knowing what I'm looking for tends to help me find things."

Mikoto and Kyoka both laughed at that.

"I'll be off, cya-…" Touma started to say, as he turned around to leave.

"Hang on!" Shizuku interrupted. "Got something for you." She held out a piece of paper in her hand and he took it.

"What's this?" He asked.

"My phone number."

Mikoto suddenly felt a flood of anger wash through her as her older sister suddenly became the devil. What made it worse was that surprised expression on Touma's face. He actually looked somewhat pleased under the shock. An unbiased opinion would indicate an attractive girl giving a high school boy their number was a special event.

"W-why?" The boy stammered.

"I like strong trainers," Shizuku explained, grinning and putting a hand on his shoulder. "Call me sometime. I'll be in town too." When she let him go, Touma obviously looked nervous and rushed off.

"Really?" Misuzu frowned as she turned to her eldest daughter. "Did you have to do that?"

"Hey, Mikoto's the one who said he wasn't her boyfriend." Shizuku protested. "That meant he was fair game, right?"

"You're the worst." Kyoka narrowed her eyes on her.

"Just because he isn't my boyfriend, doesn't mean it was appropriate," Mikoto said through clenched teeth. She had enough antics like this with Misaki. "Do you know what would happen if you actually dated and broke up? He might not want to keep mentoring me, you… you…" She was so furious that she couldn't come up with a good insult at the moment.

"There's a time and place for everything, Shizuku." Misuzu told her. "You know Mikoto can't truly express her feelings easily."

"What's that supposed to mean!?" Mikoto demanded.

"It means you haven't realized you're supposed to be with me-… ow!" Kuroko covered her bruised head as Mikoto thumped her.

"Can't you just let onee-san be happy?" Chiyo asked Shizuku.

"I'm your onee-san too, brat."

"Yes, but she's nicer." Chiyo pointed to Mikoto.

Mikoto didn't think that Touma would actually go for Shizuku, but she couldn't lie to herself and admit her older sister wasn't bad-looking. Taller, curvier, and a famous trainer? Guys would be all after her. Touma wasn't like that, right? He didn't seem to care about fame or looks. Plus, he was like the exact opposite personality of that evil girl. It was silly to think he would even consider it.

So why couldn't she stop thinking about it?

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