Life is a strange thing. A child could be born full of potential to face the world that lay before them. They would go through life and see the world through wondrous eyes. They could take the world like a storm than cater their own history as time goes on. Or a child could grow to make their own story from the shadows, which will then turn into a forgotten part of history. The untold legacies that are left within either a few or left the world along with their makers.

Though, even hidden stories could sometimes be revealed again.

"This is a very crucial event, therefore the both of you are required to uphold our titles like proper Blacks once we get there." Her voice wasn't completely commanding, but held a certain tone of sternness. "No gallivanting as we've been allowing you both lately. I propose that you two don't make your father and I regret our decision on that matter."

"Yes, Mother." Two raven black haired heads nodded as they straightened their postures as much as they could.

The two raven haired boys looked eerily similar, almost like twins. Even at a young age, they both held features of a certain unique beauty much like their mother. Their pale, but yet healthy skin seemed untouched by any form of disfigurement. Their faces held aristocratic traits of what their family had bestowed on them. Their most prominent and striking feature were their grey eyes.

The slightly taller boy's eyes were like clouds of storms relentlessly churning with energy. The shorter one, held similar eyes, though his were more of grey mist with the sun beaming as the color of pale oysters.

At the moment, both of the boys' eyes held a hidden type of brilliant excitement.

"Sirius, see to it that you watch your brother and stay with him for the duration we are there." The brothers' mother eyed them critically causing the shorter one's excitement to transform to nervousness. The taller one, Sirius, had noticed so he'd answered quickly drawing his mother's attention from his younger brother.

"I will and I propose we should go now before we're late, mother."

There was a soft click behind the brothers' mother when a handsome figure came into the room as he firmly closed the door behind him. The man looked similar to both of the young boys in the room from his raven like hair to his striking grey eyes. He was clothed in black dress robes that flows behind him like dark wings with forest green trimming, while his broad shoulders only revealed a fraction of his strong structure.

"Walburga," the man nodded as he refer to boys' mother when she turned around. "We shall be going."

"Of course Orion," Walburga promptly replied.

The man, Orion, faced the brothers,"Remember boys, grab enough floo powder in one hand, through it into the fireplace, and clearly state our destination. Make sure you watch how your brother does it, Regulus."

Both Sirius and Regulus had gave a firm, "Yes father."

Orion had looked satisfied then walked towards the elegantly designed fireplace and took down the pot above it.

"Sirius, you will be going first."

The taller boy confidently struck forward and took a handful of the soft green substance in the pot than turned to the fireplace. Before Sirius threw the powder in, he made a quick glance to his younger brother and gave a smile. Regulus then returned his own tentative smile.

Finally Sirius yelled "Malfoy Manor!", tossed the floo into the grate, and a dancing green fire had burst into life. He then promptly walked forward and disappeared within the flames clutches.


Regulus blinked at the sound his father's voice and took a deep breath. Regulus had carefully took measured steps to his father and stopped in front of him. He than glanced up at his father and mother whom was giving him expected looks. Regulus looked down at the pot than grabbed a handful of the green powder. Here's goes nothing, he had thought, just do what Siri did.

Don't be afraid cause it's your first time. Siri told you that whenever you're afraid, at least do it with a smile.

Suddenly the floo within Regulus's hand were thrown into the fireplace as the loud words of "Malfoy Manor!" left his lips, the grate had burst into brilliant emerald flames. Regulus smiled, walked into the fire, and disappeared in a flash like his brother.

((A/N: WHOHOO! My first Harry Potter fanfic! And one with Regulus Black at the boot! Lately, I've been having an obsession over the younger Black, especially ones involving the Black Brothers' relationship.

Regulus was the one who had stood alone against darkness after his brother had left. He was the one who found out what's wrong with Tom Riddle's plans. He was the one who've died alone to stop the wrongness of it all. But sadly he became the forgotten unsung hero. Even worst, at the ending of the Harry Potter series, Regulus was still forgotten and Severus Snape became the Slytherin hero! I have nothing against Severus, but at least acknowledge what Regulus sacrifice his life for. He died at 18 for Merlin's sake!

Now that I'm done ranting, I honestly have no clue where to go with this, but hopefully I'll come up with something. Anyways, let's see where this story take us.))