More than thirty years ago, The Omnica Corporation developed and produced a type of robot, called omnics, that had the ability to learn and develop by themselves. Originally produced for heavy industry, omnics spread to all part of life. However the world was soon shocked when omnics began declaring sentience. The UN scrambled to deal with the possible threat, before the omnic leaders, known as God Programmes, revealed that they only wished to live in peace with humans. Thus the Omnic Accord was signed, giving all omnics "civilian" status in UN countries.

Predictably, the Accord angered people across the world; some were fearful of the omnics capabilities, while other were angry about the jobs taken by omnics, and the attention they received. Compounding the situation was rouge omnic groups that still wished for war with humanity. Eventually the human dissidents globally organised themselves into a single group, under the name, Overwatch.

Although their claimed mission statement was to defend humanity against Omnics, Overwatch actually organised terrorist attacks on omnic populations, undermined omnic-friendly governments, and assassinated high profile omnic supporters. They also began to expand into other terrorist activities, such as the drug-trade and human trafficking. When a war between government forces and Overwatch supporters erupted in Russia, the UN finally made taking down the group a priority.

Taskforce Talon was formed from the best agents available to the UN, but even then they found it difficult due to the size of Overwatch, and the global support it received. Some gains were made, such as the death of Ana Amari, while other times Talon suffered, such as the murder of GĂ©rard Lacroix by his own brain-washed wife. However Talon gained a mole in Overwatch, right at the top; Gabriel Reyes, second-in-command to fellow American Super Soldier Jack Morrison.

Reyes had undergone a major change of heart, and assisted Talon in destroying what he had helped build. This climaxed in a raid on Overwatch hidden base in Gibraltar; although Reyes was infected by a failed nanobot stream, Jack Morrison was presumed dead and the leaders of Overwatch scattered.

That was five years ago. Now Overwatch has begun slowly rebuilding, and world tensions are again on the rise. The omnic hate-preacher Zenyatta is inciting human-omnic violence, and the ruthless Shimida Clan is fighting the resurgent Overwatch for control of the underworld. Taskforce Talon stands ready to fight these threats, but this time around they may not be so lucky. They will need aid, new heroes in their ranks. Are you prepared?

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Hey Guys, this was an idea I had a long time ago but only recently got around to writing it. I have stories for all the characters in this world, but I want you to pick which ones I do first. See yah later!