Ask anyone who is the greatest engineer in the world, and they will often say Torbjörn Lindholm. However this answer will often be given with dark looks, and mumbled curses. Torbjörn is often called the Mercy of the engineering world; his work stretched the boundaries of what was thought possible, usually with the goal of causing terror. City leveling Titans, legions of hive-mind robots, computer viruses that brought economies to their knees. If not for his fellow Overwatch members, he would be known as the greatest threat to modern civilization; able to turn our own technology against us.

Like many, Lindholm's hatred of omnics was caused by job losses; in his own case, the Swedish Ironclad Guild lost more 80% of its work to omnics. Torbjörn did not take this lying down, and after activism got him nowhere he turned to violence. Omnic workforces left their factories to be brought down by turret fire, while the factories themselves were bombed to dust. Once Torbjörn was contacted by the founding members of Overwatch, they helped him to spread his campaign of terror overseas. Finally, after one the first major raids against the terrorist group Torbjörn left Sweden, leaving a hand behind.

Now working wherever Overwatch took him, Torbjörn simply became a background character to the other criminals he worked alongside; such as Reinhardt, ex-Crusader who he had a friendship mainly including drinking beer. Torbjörn kept up his work however; the Null Sector Uprising, later proven to be an attempt by Overwatch to vilify Omnics was mostly his work.

Still, Torbjörn was unable to stop the destruction of Overwatch. During the Taskforce Talon raid, although Torbjörn himself was not there, much of his equipment and creations were sized. Likewise, almost every Overwatch group world wide had some of his weapons and when they went dark Torbjörn's work was lost.

Currently, Torbjörn is traveling around the world collecting together his work, mostly likely with the aim of re-releasing it onto the world. He is likely helped in his search by members of the new Overwatch, eager to have their top engineer return to the fold. Once he does, the fight will become harder.

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