I do not own anything related to Final Destination or any of the characters other then the storyline plot, and the Next generation (Except for Clear's son Alexander Chance Browning who was a non-canon character featured only in the alternate ending of FD1) Other then that, all other OC's belong solely to me.

Author's Note: First off, this story was very hard to put together due to the timeline between all the movies, but I wanted to kind of put some things into perspective of the next generation, so in order to do that, I thought it would be interesting to have the next generation be raised by at least one parent (Not including Clear's son Alex in this one since according to the alternate ending of FD1, we found out that Carter was alive, so for this reason I decided to pair them up and raised Clear's son together) but other then that, the rest of the children are all raised by one parent.

Characters -

Gabriel Samuel Lawton "Gabe"

Son of Sam Lawton (Deceased) and Molly Harper

Age: 12 (born A few months before Alex)

Alexander Chance Browning "Alex"

Son of Alex Browning Sr, (Deceased) and Clear Rivers

(Adopted father is Carter Horton)

Age: 12

Destini Anastasia Burke

Daughter of Kimberly Corman (Deceased) and Thomas Burke

Age: 11

Jason Robert Fischer & Carrolyn "Carrie" Juliette Fischer

Twin son and Daughter of Wendy Christensen (Deceased) and Kevin Fischer

Age: 7

Maybelle Rose O'Bannon

Daughter of Nick O'Bannon (Deceased) and Lori Milligan

Age: 5

Chapter 1 - Death's Always Watching...

"Alex!" Clear Rivers found herself caught in yet another night terror. Tossing and turning, breathing heavy but shallow breaths as visions of her boyfriend's death swirled around in her head. His death playing over and over in her mind as if it had only happened just yesterday, but the sad truth was the her boyfriend Alexander Theodore Browning had fatefully died twelve years ago. She could still smell the smoke coming off from his burned body from the electrocution just as one of the FBI Agents held her back from coming near the scene.

"Mom?" She awoke with a start to find herself now staring into the blue eyes of her young twelve year old son. "Are you okay?" He asked looking at her with concern as Clear stroked her hand through her son's blonde hair and smiled softly. He looks so much like his father, it's like I'm looking into a mirror. She thought happily as she wrapped her arms around him. "I'm okay sweetie, just go on back to bed alright?" "But I heard you yelling out my name." He replied, as his mother chocked back a quiet sob. She hadn't once forgotten about how much impact Alex had on her life, and now even in the life of her own child which was why she named him after his father.

"It was nothing sweetie." She said softly. I'm okay now, just go on back to bed." He nodded and did as his mother told him. "Hey there champ, everything okay?" Clear sighed heavily and laid back down in bed just as she heard the voice of her husband Carter and pretended to be asleep when she heard his footsteps enter the room. "Clear? you okay?" Clear didn't respond as Carter sat down on the bed next to her and replied, "You had the dream again didn't you? about Browning's death?" Clear finally rolled over and looked at him with tears stinging in her eyes. "I never even got the chance to tell him I was pregnant before he died. He never got to meet his son."

Carter then wrapped his arms around her and whispered, "I know how hard this must be for you, but you have to be strong now okay? Browning wouldn't want you to be sad, he would want you to be happy right?" Clear nodded and whipped the tears away from her face just a cold breeze swirled around her. "You okay?" Carter asked as his eyes lit up immediately in concern. "Did you feel that?" She asked looking at him with panic filling up in her eyes. "Feel what?" He asked. Just then a sudden crash was heard from downstairs followed by the sound of an explosion, along with her son's voice crying out, "Mom!"

"Alex?!" Clear jumped out of bed nearly tripping over the blankets as she raced down the stairs with Carter at her heels. "Alex? honey where are you?" Clear asked her voice panicking as she raced down the stairs to find her son crouching down in the corner of the living room with his hands on his head and rocking back and forth. Clear and Carter immediately raced over. "Sweetie, what happened?" She asked softly rubbing his back to calm him down. "I came downstairs to watch some TV." The twelve year old admitted while trying to control himself from panicking any further.

"There was some news about some disasters that happened between a plane exploding, a car pile up on some highway, and a few others." He said shakily as Clear and Carter exchanged nervous glances at each other. "The next thing I knew," Alex continued drawing in a shaky breath of fear. "Was that our neighbor's house caught on fire!" The sounds of sirens soon approached as Carter looked up and of course saw that their next door neighbor's house was indeed engulfed in flames. Carter and Clear both looked at each other with a mixture of horror and disbelief etched on their faces as Alex then replied with something that sent waves of shivers down his parent's spines. "I saw it all before it happened. I saw our neighbor Mrs. Polasky die!"

As Clear and Carter looked at each other again in a mixture of horror and disbelief etched in the features on their faces, Clear suddenly realized exactly what was going on. "It's happening again." She muttered to herself trying to keep the shakiness out of her voice. "Carter, it's happening again just like before!" Carter's eyes widened in shock. He couldn't believe it. Not again! Why would death come back for them all now? What would be the purpose or it?

It had been twelve freaking years since Browning had his vision of Flight 180 exploding and saved all their lives, and now the same scenario was happening all over again, and it was beginning to take it's toll on Carter and Clear could immediately sense it. Even now as she looked at him, tears pooling in her eyes as she comforted her young son. "I can't believe it! She's dead! She's dead!" The Twelve year old boy whimpered in terror as tears streamed down his face. "What's happening to me mom? Why did I have to see her die? am I cursed or something?"

Clear held Alex's face in her hands lovingly. "Of course not baby." She said gently. She could hear her voice beginning to crack as she tried to hold back her emotions. "You are not cursed sweetie." She said softly as Alex looked at her still with tears falling down his cheeks. "Then what is happening to me mom? Why am I seeing this happen?" Clear didn't have the heart to answer at this point, she only knew that if she told him everything it would start bringing back the memories of his father. Alex was only just a kid he didn't deserve to inherit his father's power especially not now, not at twelve years old, it was far too soon.

A sudden knock came at the door now as Carter walked over and carefully opened it to reveal two FBI Agents that Clear seemed to recognize. "What do you two want?" She asked now as she shielded Alex from their sights. "I see you remember us Ms. Rivers." Said Agent Schreck, the first agent with brown hair and green eyes. Clear rolled her eyes in annoyance. "I see you two still haven't changed in the last twelve years." She replied. "Still as arrogant as ever." The two agents looked at each other then back at Clear and Carter suspiciously. "Weren't you two on bored Flight 180?" Agent Schreck's partner Agent Weine asked narrowing his blue eyes toward them. "What does that have to with anything?" Carter asked. "We already told you everything you needed to know twelve years ago."

"Yes, you did." Agent Schreck replied. "However I find it somehow rather fascinating that while everyone else from the flight mysteriously died, how is it that you two remained unharmed?" "Mom? What's going on?" At this point the two FBI Agents' eyes then traveled over toward the sight of a small child appearing around the age of twelve and immediately they're eyes grew wide in shock, as they were sure Alex Browning was dead. Clear's eyes narrowed angrily upon examining the look of suspicion on their faces. "You're kid I'm assuming right Ms. Rivers?" Agent Schreck asked taking out a notebook to jot down the details. "Looks a lot like his father."

"Don't even think about." She growled in anger. "What happened to our neighbor Mrs. Polasky had nothing to do with my son." "I think we'll be the judges of that." Said Schreck's partner Weine. "You two will have to come with us down to the station so we can further investigate this matter." Clear's eyes narrowed. She had already had enough of being interrogated once before, and she wasn't about to put her son through this. Clear's eyes continued to widen in anger as she noticed Agent Schreck approaching Alex. "Don't touch him!" She growled angrily as she got in front of him as protectively as a mother bear would protect her cubs she was ready to strike down anyone who threatened Alex. "Mom? what's going on? are we all in trouble?" Clear gave her young son a hug and whispered gently in his ear, "Don't worry baby, I'll figure this all out okay? I promise. I'm not going to let anything happen to you alright?"

Alex nodded and went to follow his mother and father out of the house, but the moment the twelve year stepped out into the cool night air, a cool breeze swept through him chilling him to the bone and making his teeth rattle as his head began to ache once more. It was the same feeling he had experienced just before he witnessed their neighbor's house go up in flames. Looking around, he could see at least five firefighters still trying to fight off the smoldering flames. They were yelling at commands at one another as their hoses fired off blasts of water, and as Alex's eyes now traveled over toward a nearby fire hydrant that was connected to one of the hoses that was battling against the flames, another bone chilling wind suddenly swept through him and his eyes now began to blur, as the aching in his head began to grow worse.

"Alex? Honey?" His mother and father were by his side immediately. "You alright there champ?" Carter asked in a concerned voice as Alex shook his head. "I don't feel so good." He replied in a weakened tone. "What's wrong baby?" Clear asked in a worried voice as she rubbed soothing circles on his back for comfort. Alex was about to answer, but a sudden stabbing pain shot through his skull now forcing him to cry out as he fell to his knees holding the sides of his head. Clear and Carter looked at each other worried and mortified at the same time giving each other silent warnings that it was happening again. "What do we do?" Carter asked whispering to her as clear shook her head in response.

"We've got to get out of here somehow." Carter replied. "Maybe if we got Alex away from here then maybe everything will go back to normal." Clear shook her head again. "It will never be over Carter." She replied in an ominous tone as her eyes began to widen in shock. "Death is coming back for revenge on us. No matter where we go or what we do, Death will always find us. We'll never escape." A creaking sound from the nearby fire hydrant alerted them now as Clear turned her attention toward it and could see with a shocked and terrified expression etched on her face that it was about to explode. "Carter..." Clear didn't have time to fully grasp the whole severity of the situation as her voice trailed off and shook in terror as a cracking sound suddenly shot through the air as loud as a gun shot. "Duck!" Carter cried out over the noise as he and Clear helped to shield Alex from the blast.

The sounds of the firefighters could be heard screaming in terror as they looked toward the source of the noise to see the hose that had once been connected to the now broken hydrant coming at them like a whip, and the next few minutes were filled with noting but screams of anguish followed by nothing but dead silence as the fire continued to burn and blaze, and as Clear lifted her head up to look at the now broken hydrant she couldn't believe her eyes. It seemed as if the hose that had broken away from the hydrant was attempting to fix itself back in place, almost as if the hand of Death himself wanted what had just occurred to make it look like some sort of a freak accident, but as Clear and Carter looked at each other with mixtures of horror on their faces, they now knew that it would be only a matter of time before Death came for them next...

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