I do not own anything related to Final Destination or any of the characters other then the storyline plot, and the Next generation (Except for Clear's son Alexander Chance Browning who was a non-canon character featured only in the alternate ending of FD1) Other then that, all other OC's belong soley to me.

Author's Note: First off, this story was very hard to put together due to the timeline between all the movies, but I wanted to kind of put some things into perspective of the next generation, so in order to do that, I thought it would be interesting to have the next generation be raised by at least one parent (Not including Clear's son Alex in this one since according to the alternate ending of FD1, we found out that Carter was alive, so for this reason I decided to pair them up and raised Clear's son together) but other then that, the rest of the children are all raised by one parent.

Characters -

Gabriel Samuel Lawton "Gabe"

Son of Sam Lawton (Deceased) and Molly Harper

Age: 12 (born A few months before Alex)

Alexander Chance Browning "Alex"

Son of Alex Browning Sr, (Deceased) and Clear Rivers

(Adopted father is Carter Horton)

Age: 12

Destini Anastasia Burke

Daughter of Kimberly Corman (Deceased) and Thomas Burke

Age: 11

Jason Robet Fischer & Carrolyn "Carrie" Juliette Fischer

Twin son and Daughter of Wendy Christensen (Deceased) and Kevin Fischer

Age: 7

Maybelle Rose O'Bannon

Daughter of Nick O'Bannon (Deceased) and Lori Milligan

Age: 5

Previously on Final Destination: Shadow of Death - "There was some news about some disasters that happened between a plane exploding, a car pile up on some highway, and a few others." He said shakily as Clear and Carter exchanged nervous glances at each other. "The next thing I knew," Alex continued drawing in a shaky breath of fear. "Was that our neighbor's house caught on fire!" The sounds of sirens soon approached as Carter looked up and of course saw that their next door neighbor's house was indeed engulfed in flames. Carter and Clear both looked at each other with a mixture of horror and disbelief etched on their faces as Alex then replied with something that sent waves of shivers down his parent's spines. "I saw it all before it happened. I saw our neighbor Mrs. Polasky die!"

the moment the twelve year stepped out into the cool night air, a cool breeze swept through him chilling him to the bone and making his teeth rattle as his head began to ache once more. It was the same feeling he had experienced just before he witnessed their neighbor's house go up in flames. Looking around, he could see at least five firefighters still trying to fight off the smoldering flames. They were yelling out commands at one another as their hoses fired off blasts of water, and as Alex's eyes now traveled over toward a nearby fire hydrant that was connected to one of the hoses that was battling against the flames, another bone chilling wind suddenly swept through him and his eyes now began to blur, as the aching in his head began to grow worse.

"Alex? Honey?" His mother and father were by his side immediatly. "You alright there champ?" Carter asked in a concerned voice as Alex shook his head. "I don't feel so good." He replied in a weakned tone. "What's wrong baby?" Clear asked in a worried voice as she rubbed soothing circles on his back for comfort. Alex was about to answer, but a sudden stabbing pain shot through his skull now forcing him to cry out as he fell to his knees holding the sides of his head. Clear and Carter looked at each other worried and mortified at the same time giving each other silent warnings that it was happening again. "What do we do?" Carter asked whispering to her as Clear shook her head in response.

"It will never be over Carter." She replied in an ominous tone as her eyes began to widden in shock. "Death is coming back for revenge on us. No matter where we go or what we do, Death will always find us. We'll never escape." A creaking sound from the nearby fire hydrant alearted them now as Clear turned her attention toward it and could see with a shocked and terrified expression etched on her face that it was about to explode. "Carter..." Clear didn't have time to fully grasp the whole severity of the situation as her voice trailed off and shook in terror as a cracking sound suddenly shot through the air as loud as a gun shot. "Duck!" Carter cried out over the noise as he and Clear helped to shield Alex from the blast.

The sounds of the firefighters could be heard screaming in terror as they looked toward the source of the noise to see the hose that had once been connected to the now broken hydrant coming at them like a whip, and the next few minutes were filled with nothing but screams of anguish followed by nothing but dead silence as the fire continued to burn and blaze, and as Clear lifted her head up to look at the now broken hydrant she couldn't believe her eyes. It seemed as if the hose that had broken away from the hydrant was attempting to fix itself back in place, almost as if the hand of Death himself wanted what had just occured to make it look like some sort of a freak accident, but as Clear and Carter looked a teach other with mixtures of horror on their faces, they now knew that it would be only a matter of time before Death came for them next...


Chapter 2 - Death Comes Knocking

"I already told you everything you needed to know! Why can't you just believe us and let us go already!" Clear stood up from the table that faced the two FBI Agents and threw her hands up in both devastation as well as frustration. She let out an long sigh as she ran her hand through her long light brown hair and felt tears starting to form in her eyes as she took a glance back at her young son, who was sitting in another chair in the interrogation room staring at the floor. Clear at that point held in a quiet sob as it escaped her throat because at that moment, she imagined watching her son transforming before her eyes into the very image of his father. I can't let my son go through this. She thought sitting back down at the table this time with her head laying on her arms. He's only just a child. What could death gain from taking the life of a child?

So many thoughts ran through her mind, and she had to draw in a deep breath to keep her emotions under control. She knew that if the FBI or anyone else knew the truth about what was happening, they would see her as crazy and would somehow place her in a mental institution for insanity, and Clear Rivers knew she wasn't insane. She had survived death, and there was no way in hell she was going to lose the fight against it again, not when her son still needed her. Clear stood up from the table again and walked over toward her son. "Come on sweetie, we're going home." She said softly reaching out a hand toward him. Alex looked up at his mother took her hand and stood up from the chair just as Agent Schreck and Agent Weine looked at them. "We're not finished here Ms. Rivers." Said Agent Schreck calmly. "You need to just sit back down." Clear shook her head angrily. "We are done." She said in a firm voice. "I'm taking my son and we are going home."

Agent Schreck's green eyes traveled toward Alex now as he looked down at him. "Then perhaps you wouldn't mind, if we asked Alex some questions about the incident involving in what happened to those firemen would you?" Clear turned her head toward him and narrowed her eyes in anger. "He's just a child. He doesn't know anything about what's been going on." There was a brief moment of silence that hung in the air before the twelve year finally spoke up in a soft voice, "I saw it happen." Clear's heart immediately went flying in her chest and her eyes widened in fear as she noticed the look in the FBI Agent's faces shift in interest. "What do you mean Alex?" Agent Schreck's partner asked. "I saw it happen." The twelve year old replied softly still staring at the ground without looking up at them. "I saw them die."

Clear at that moment noticed the look in the Agent's faces shift with concern as they both looked at each other. "Do we still have Browning's statement and record on file?" Agent Weine asked his partner softly but just enough for Clear to hear. "I believe so." Agent Schreck replied. "I mean it's from twelve years ago but we should still have it." Clear's heart thudded wildly in her chest as she began to panic. She couldn't believe this was even happening again. She was so sure that she and Carter had beaten death after Alex was born since they had not been attacked during that entire time, so why now? Why was death so adamant about finishing what he had started with them now? It didn't make any sense.

Could Death have somehow been plotting this entire time to come up with a new design on how to take them out? Clear's mind was racing, and she knew she had to stay calm for the sake of her son, but with the threat of death lurking ready to strike at any second, she knew she didn't have a lot of time to waste. "Go and see if you can pull up Browning's file." She heard Agent Schreck mutter to his partner. "I'm going to see if I can't pull Mr. Horton in here for more questioning." As Clear's eyes watched the two Agents leave the room, she saw one of them turn toward her and said, "We're going to get to the bottom of this once and for all, so you better just get used to seeing us a lot more Ms. Rivers." Clear sighed heavily just as she watched the two agents leave the room, which left her some alone time with Alex. She let out a heavy sigh. "Sit down sweetie." She said gently as she led him over toward the chair at the table.

Alex took a seat and watched as his mother pulled up one of the other chairs in the room toward him. "What's going on mom? Who are those two guys? How do they know you and dad?" Clear sighed again and felt tears starting to form in her eyes again. She was hoping to eventually share her story with her son, but not like this. It was too soon, but she knew she had to tell him. She knew Ale had to know the truth about what she, Carter and his father had all gone through in order to beat death. It was now or never. "Honey, there's something I have to tell you."

As she began to explain the story to him, she could see the look in her son's eyes starting to shift emotions. Although he was only twelve, Alex always someow knew deep in his heart that the man he had called dad wasn't really his biological father, and now he was certain that he had been right. "So my real dad is...dead?" Clear nodded and watched as tears began to fill up in Alex's eyes and rolled down his cheeks. "I decided to name you after him in his memory." She said softly as she ran her hand through his dirty blonde hair. "Why didn't you tell me any of this before?" He asked as his mother shook her head. "You weren't ready to know the truth yet. I thought that I would wait until you were older, but now things are different." Alex looked down at the floor for a brief moment trying to gather his thoughts as his mind still had visions of the deaths of the firemen and their neighbor Mrs. Polasky swirling around inside, and he had to take a minute or two to try and pull himself together.

"Honey?" Alex looked up at his mother again and asked, "Mrs. Polasky's death wasn't an accident was it?" Clear drew in a deep breath and shook her head. "You have your father's gift sweetheart." She said softly. "He could see things like that happen too." Alex's breath seemed to catch in his throat for a second or two before he realized he could breathe again as his eyes grew wide in shock. "So all the things I've been seeing weren't just my imagination?" Clear shook her head sadly and Alex felt himself starting to get sick as his mother wrapped her arms around him. "I'm so sorry honey, I wish you didn't have to go through this. I feel so horrible."

Suddenly a sharp stab of pain began to swirl in Alex's head again as he bit back a cry of pain. "Alex?" He could hear the tone in his mother's voice shifting to concern as she looked at him. "Are you okay?" Alex tried to answer, but another stab of pain sent the twelve year almost reeling out of the chair as though he was having a seizure. His mother clung on to him for support as he moaned in agony and started rocking back and forth now clutching the sides of his head.

Images began to swirl around inside his brain that it almost felt like a movie being played on fast forward. The first image he caught was what appeared to be a bridge being swayed by high winds that loosens one of the cables. The next image he took notice was a buss full of people and construction workers working on the bridge which causes cracks to form onto it which begins to weaken it and initially began to cause the bridge to collapse. Suddenly, he sees a group of people getting off of a bus just as the middle section of the bridge suddenly collapses. When Alex comes out of the vision, he turns his attention to his mother now who is gently shaking him by the shoulders to try and wake him up.

"You okay sweetheart?" Clear asked looking at him with concerned eyes. Black spots begin to fill Alex's eyes now and his mind was spinning. The events of what he had just seen wasn't mentioned anywhere on the TV when he had been watching the news. There was mentioning's of a plane exploding, a pile up on a highway, an accident involving a roller coaster, and a speedway incident, but as far as he could remember, there was no mentioning's at all about a bridge collapsing. So how was that possible?

Lifting his head up to his mother again, he drew in several shaky breaths to keep himself calm. "Are you sure that dad's vision of the plane exploding was the only incident that occurred?" He asked his voice shaking in fear as his mother held onto him. "What do you mean sweetheart?" She asked in a soft voice. A blanket of darkness began to engulf Alex's sight now as he fought against the overwhelming urge to pass out. "I have a really bad feeling about this." He said softly. "Something doesn't feel right." Clear's eyes searched the features on her son's face and could immediately tell by the look in his eyes that he was terrified. "What did you see sweetie?" Clear asked in concern as Alex now began to pass out in his mother's arms. "Something about a bridge collapsing and a group of people surviving the accident." Was all her son would reply as Clear looked on in shock as he now fell limp in her arms now just as the sight of the two Agents along with Carter now entered the room.

"Somebody send in an ambulance." Said Schreck to his partner who nodded in response. Carter walked over toward Clear with a look on immediate concern in his blue eyes as he looked at her. "What happened?" He asked. "Is he okay?" Clear nodded slowly. "I think so." She replied before leaning closely toward him so that the remaining FBI Agent wouldn't hear her. "I don't think it was somehow a coincidence that the incident with Flight 180 exploding was just a freak accident like these guys wants us to believe." "How do you figure that?" Carter asked softly while looking at her in shock.

"Right before he passed out, Alex said something about a bridge collapsing, and that there was a group of survivors." Carter's eyes flickered in confusion. "What do you mean?" "What if there were people who had lived through this before us?" Clear suggested. Carter drew in a deep breath. "If that's possible, then that means there's someone else out with the same gift as Browning." "Exactly." Clear replied softly. "Which also means that we're not the only ones being targeted by death." The sound of the sirens now began growing toward them as Clear turned her gaze now toward a group of paramedics who rushed in to aid her son. "Carter, we need to find out those survivors." She said softly and urgently as Carter nodded in response. "They need to now they are in danger."

TOO BE CONTINUED...Hope you are enjoying this story so far, and as for the events of the Bridge collapsing, the next part of the chapter will have Molly in the story and will reveal Sam's fate as to why he is dead. Anyway hope you are looking forward to the next chapter and as always please Review!