I do not own anything related to Final Destination or any of the characters other then the storyline plot, and the Next generation (Except for Clear's son Alexander Chance Browning who was a non-canon character featured only in the alternate ending of FD1) Other then that, all other OC's belong soley to me.

Author's Note: First off, this story was very hard to put together due to the timeline between all the movies, but I wanted to kind of put some things into perspective of the next generation, so in order to do that, I thought it would be interesting to have the next generation be raised by at least one parent (Not including Clear's son Alex in this one since according to the alternate ending of FD1, we found out that Carter was alive, so for this reason I decided to pair them up and raised Clear's son together) but other then that, the rest of the children are all raised by one parent.

Characters -

Gabriel Samuel Lawton "Gabe"

Son of Sam Lawton (Deceased) and Molly Harper

Age: 12 (born A few months before Alex)

Alexander Chance Browning "Alex"

Son of Alex Browning Sr, (Deceased) and Clear Rivers

(Adopted father is Carter Horton)

Age: 12

Destini Anastasia Burke

Daughter of Kimberly Corman (Deceased) and Thomas Burke

Age: 11

Jason Robet Fischer & Carrolyn "Carrie" Juliette Fischer

Twin son and Daughter of Wendy Christensen (Deceased) and Kevin Fischer

Age: 7

Maybelle Rose O'Bannon

Daughter of Nick O'Bannon (Deceased) and Lori Milligan

Age: 5

Previously on Final Destination: Shadow of Death - "Jason! Carrie! Where are you guys? Come on it's getting late!" He called out. Looking around for a sign of the twins, a feeling of momentary panic washed over him as he couldn't see them anwhere among the tombstones of the cemetary.

"Boo!" A cloud of thunder suddenly boomed overhead causing Kevin to jump as he turned around to see the smiling faces of his childern laughing. "Gotcha dad." His son Jason said with a laugh as his daughter wrapped her arms around him in a hug. "Come on let's get home." Kevin replied shaking off the feeling of fear as it washed over him. "We don't want to get soaked do we?"

The twins shook their heads in unison and began following their father toward the exit of the Cemetary. another clap of thunder boomed overhead, causing the twins to jump in fright. "It's getting closer daddy!" Carrie cried out in terror. "I know baby." Kevin replied softly. "It's going to be okay though alright?"

"Hey Julie, what's going on?" He asked trying to keep the tone in his voice as calm as he could. "You are not going to believe what I just discovered." She replied in a voice that was mixed with slight terror but yet slightly joyful at the same time, which sent more waves of fear down his spine. "What do you mean?" He asked. A wave of interferring static now sent in as Kevin had to strain his hearing to get a better sense of understanding as to what it was she was saying. "Wendy's vision the night of the rollar coaster wasn't the first incident to occur."

"Yeah, I know," Kevin replied with a roll of his eyes in annoyance. "There was the incident wth Flight 180, and the car crash one year later on highway 180, so what does this have to do with Wendy?" He asked trying to keep his voice down to avoid terrifying the kids. "There was another incident." Julie explained as another wave of interferring static began this time irritating him as it blasted in his ear. "Four years ago, there was an accident at the Mckinley Speedway, which caused a total of 63 deaths." Julie explained. Kevin's eyes widened at the mention of the it, and realised he had remembered seeing it being reported on TV afterward. "Why are you telling me this now?" He asked softly. "It's over Julie, Wendy's gone death has her now, and he's not coming back for us."

"Kevin, listen to me. The reason I'm telling you this is because, there are two people who survived Flight 180." A loud clap of thunder shook the car and the ground below them as Kevin's heart thudded wildly in his chest from fear. "Their names are Carter Horton and Clear Rivers." Julie explained. "They have a child, and that child is showing signs of having visions of death just like Wendy."

The ground shook beneath them again, and this time, as Kevin looked out the foggy misty windshield as the rain continued to pelt down ontop of the car, an ominous sense of dread now began to fill up inside him. Something was wrong, and he was starting to get the overwhelming sense that Death was somehow still watching him. Waitng and buying his time, ready to snatc Kevin up and take him away from his children, and he couldn't allow that to happen. Taking in a few calming breaths to keep himself in check, he slowly managed to pull himself together long enough to at least get some feeling back into his hands to start driving. "Julie, let me call you back, I got to get the kids home." He said as he went to put his phone back into his pocket, but the moment he did so, another loud clap of thunder boomed overhead, this time shaking everything like an earthquake.

Jason and Carrie screamed in the backseat as flashes of lightning shot through the dark clouds forming into a shape that sent Kevin's heart to beat so hard he felt like it was almost going to fly out of his chest. "This can't be happeing." He muttered to himself as his voice shook with fear. Glancing at the streaks of lightning as they came together to form into the shape of a skull, shimmering brightly and intense among the black clouds looming overhead.

"Julie, Look out the window and please tell me you're not seeing what I'm seeing." He said softly into the phone again. "Why?" Came Julie's soft reply. "What's the matter? It's only just thunder."

"Just do it." He said softly. There was a brief moment of eerie silence before Kevin heard a soft gasp of fright. "Julie?" There was another ominous sense of dread filling up inside him. "Are you okay?"

"Oh my god." Julie's reaction was soft but yet full of absolute terror, and Kevin knew that it wasn't just his imagination and the lighting shaped skull in the sky was real. "There's really no escapes." Kevin could hear Julie's voice trembling as though she was trying to hold back her emotions. "I don't want to die Kevin." She whispered softly into the phone now as Kevin could hear her quietly sobbing from the other end. "I don't want to die." Before Kevin could respond, the line went dead, and from the corner of his eye, he noticed a speeding truck heading streight for him and his children. The blood in his body ran cold again, this time paralyzing him to the core. He couldn't breathe nor move as the screams of his children reached his ears with the truck gaining rapid speed toward them.


Chapter 5 -Death Trap

The rain didn't seem to be letting up and a rush of wind howled around them as Thomas Burke was driving home from his daughter's school after picking her up. Looking over his shoulder at her to see her leaning back in the seat with her eyes closed he knew it was best not to desturb her and just keep driving on ahead, but a sudden scream from Destini alearted him as he looked over at her to see her now sitting streight up gasping and panting for breath. A look of horror showing in her eyes. "Dad there's going to be a huge accident!" She cried out hysterically.

Images and flashes of Kimberly immediatly flooded Thomas mind as he tried to remain calm and reassuring. "Calm down honey, I'm sure it was just a bad dream is all."

"But dad, it felt so real!" She protested as tears welled up within her eyes. I saw a car full of screaming and crying kids in the back seat with a man in the driver's seat about to be hit by a speeding truck!"

Thomas's blood inside him ran cold upon hearing this. He knew better then to no trust his instincts after all he and Kimberly had gone through due to her visions, but he also hoped and prayed that whatever was causing Kim's visions that it somehow wouldn't have gotten passed down to his daughter.

God why now? He thought trying not to panic as he nerviously ran a hand through his hair as he continued to drive despite the current weather conditions of the city. Why did it have to be my daughter? Why could it have just stoped when Kim died? Why does death still want to come after me?

Suddenly it was then that he noticed something that made his heart stop cold in his chest. There in the stormy grey sky admist the heavy rain and lightning, was a shape of a skull, shimmering brightly and intense among the black clouds. Thomas couldn't believe it was real and was sure he was hallucinating.

"This can't be happening." He whispered to himself as the rain now seemed to intensify. Just then there was something in the distance. And as they were about to drive past it, it was then that Thomas could now see what it was that his daughter was talking about. There was a dark blue car sitting off to the side of the road with the sight of a truck gaining rapid speed toward it.

Thomas knew he wasn't a cop anymore but he knew he couldn't just stand by and watch this happen either. Parking his car off to the opposite side of the road for safety he then got out of the car and turned to Destini. "Stay here." He told her. "I don't want you to get caught up in this mess."

"But daddy I want to help!" Destini tried to protest but Thomas didn't want to hear it as he just shook his head and closed the door behind him while he ran over to the car. "Everything's going to be okay." He said as reassuring as he could upon opening the door.

"Get my kids out first." The man in the front seat told him. Thomas quickly ran around to the back seat of the car and quickly grabbed ahold of both the kids and gently put them both on the ground before then running back to the driver's side of the car to the man in the front.

"Come on now, your kids are safe." Thomas said as calm as he could despite the site of the speeding truck getting closer and closer toward them.

"Come on now let's go." He said to man, but a look of horror on the man's face showed Thomas that something wasn't quite right.

He could see the man struggling in the seat and knew something was very wrong. "I can't get out!" He shouted in horror. "My seat belt is stuck!"

Thomas's gaze quickly flashed toward the truck that was still coming toward them gaining more and more speed by the second and knew he had to act fast. With lightning quick reflexes, he grabbed the man around the waist and began to pull desperatly trying to free him, but to no avail.

The more he strained and pulled the more tighter the grip on the man's seat belt became as though Death itself was hellbent on taking him. Thomas was about to give up on all hope of saving him, when a terrifying scream from the two children he had saved moments before screamed out, "No Daddy!"

Thomas could see the hurt and fear in the children's eyes and knew at that moment he couldn't give up. With one final burst of strength, he pulled as hard as he could as the seat belt finally came lose and Thomas managed to pull the man to safety just as the truck slammed full force into the dark blue car, plowing it into pieces in a horrifying blaze of red and orange flames. Thomas's breath mmentarily caught in his throat and for a split second he couldn't believe what had just happened and wanted to believe it was all nothing but a horrifying nightmare. He helped the man up to his feet just as the two seven year old children ran up to him and wrapped themselves around his legs. Their eyes were wide with horror as tears streamed down their faces. "Thanks for the save man I owe you one." The man said as Thomas reached out to shake the man's hand. "I'm Kevin Fischer."

"Name's Thomas Burke." Thomas replied just as the sight of Destini caught him off guard. "Desi, I told you to wait in the car." Thomas said softly as she wrapped her arms around his waist terrified. "I thought you were going to die!" She wailed in horror. "I was so scared I was going to lose you daddy, just like mommy!"

Thomas's eyes softened as how much his young daughter reminded him of Kim and wrapped his arms around her lovingly as she cried. "It's okay Desi, I promise you you are never going to lose me." He whispered softly as he ran a hand through her soft black hair which was drenched from the rain as a flash of lightning illuminated the air and struck the ground narrowly missing them. The kids screamed in terror and Thomas looked over at Kevin. "We gotta get out of here before this gets worse." He said which Kevin nodded in agreement, and together the two men raced over to Thomas's car and they all got inside, with Kevin now in the front seat and Destini sat in the back with the twins.

For a long while everyone sat in silence unable to fully process what it was that had just happened until Kevin turned to look over at Thomas and asked, "It's no mere conicidence that you and your daughter came to save us isn't it?"

Thomas shook his head and replied uneasily, "Well it wasn't by fate I can tell you that." Laughing nervously he felt a sudden cold chill run down his spine and began to take slow deep breaths to keep himself calm. "You okay?" Kevin asked as Thomas slowly nodded. "Your right about what you just said about it being no conicidence that my daughter and I were there." He said slowly. "We were on our way home after I had picked her up from school and she was taking a nap when she told me about a dream she had where she saw you and your kids about to be killed." Another shiver ran down his spine as memories of Kimberly flashed through his mind. Kevin let out a soft gasp of shock and whispered in a low voice, "She has visions doesn't she?" Thomas slowly nodded. "My wife Kimberly had the same ability. She had a vision of a massive pile up on highway 23, which claimed at least 18 lives."

There was a odd moment of silence before Kevin replied, "My wife had the same ability as well. On our last year of high school, We all went with a bunch of our friends to an amusment park. We all went on a roller coaster called the Devil's flight which Wendy predicted it would collapse and malfunction." Thomas's eyes turned slowly to Kevin's who face now held a grim expression as though he was about to cry. "That night 7 people died, and I lost my best friend and my girlfriend."

"I'm sorry about that." Thomas said softly and Kevin shook his head. "It's okay, I can't dwell about the past now. There's no point in thinking about those who are lost right? It's all about focusing on the here and the now for the sake of our kids." Thomas nodded in agreement just as the sounds of the rain finally began to let up and the dark clouds now began to lighten as though the sun was finally beginning to show. "Looks like death is starting to give up." Kevin whispered to Thomas who shook his head. If there was one thing Thomas knew was that nothing about death was ever easy, and that death never gave up just like that."

TOO BE CONTINUED...So now where should the story go from here? Should I have it where Clear and Carter meet Lori and her daughter from The Final Destination? or should I go back to Molly and maybe have Molly meet Lori? Please let me know what you would want to see happen in the next chapter. I'm so sorry this took me so long to update but I hope to have that changed fairly soon.