The deep dark depths of the oceans always hold the darkest of secrets. Out of the five oceans, one of them holds the biggest one of them all. This is the Pacific Ocean the largest of all the Five Oceans, here slept something beyond anything thought possible. Here he could be at peace with the world, here it was quite and he could sleep in peace. He was tired and very old, but he is far from dead and weak. The deep scars that were seen throughout his body was a testament to his battles against the enemies who came to his kingdom and to take his throne. Each of the foes who came was killed by him. Everyone who would see him would say he was threat to the planet, but they were the wrong ones. He was no threat he was the one who fought and defeated the ones who were bigger ones than himself. But for the most part he was threat as he killed thousands of people, destroyed cities and left them as radioactive wastelands in his wake. The king laid on the sea floor thinking as the sea was claim today as he liked it. He almost never went to the surface, but when he did it was to take care of the foes who threatened his home and kingdom. Most of the time he went up to feed on the nuclear plants on the surface. Last time he went up to feed he was attacked by the little things and their toys so he wiped them off the earth. But that was a long time ago.
Right now, the king was content in the deep dark trench of the ocean as he laid his chin down on the soft sand and started to drift into sleep. There was nothing to attack him, to bug him, just peaceful sleep, or so he thought so.

As the nighty king slept, he felt something gently nudge of one his dorsal spines. At first, he thought it was a confused pod of whale and just left it alone as he fell back to sleep. Then he felt it nudge against his shoulder. Not seeing it fir to open his eyes at all, he listened to what was out there for the pest who was making he lose sleep.

"You can't hold me under here forever!" A rough voice shouted angrily into the ocean

"I'm not letting you off this planet anytime soon, I'll use everything I have to keep you here!" A second much weaker voice said

The King was confused. He had limited telepathic abilities, but he has been around this planet for thousands of years and this was very strange to him. The voices came from the same being, but yet it was two different minds were dueling inside, it was strange to him, but he had fought and seen stranger in his long life time. He had hoped the voices would claim down and shut the hell up so he could sleep. After five minutes of loud and annoying arguing, he had to voice his complaint to those two voices out there.

Lapis and Jasper were still on a mental battlefield while their fusion Malachite rampaged aimlessly in the Pacific Ocean's floor. Both of the gems were not aware of who was near them as they were too busy fighting to notice there was someone else with them.

"Release me now, you little traitor!" Jasper growled as she pushed against the water shackles that bounded her to Lapis. "Your treachery will not be forgiven and won't go unpunished by, Yellow Diamond!"

Lapis strained against the shackles that was connecting her and Jasper to their fusion, Malachite.

"Nothing will ever let me let you leave this Ocean ever!" Lapis yell as she pulled on the chains on Jasper, letting her regain her control and feeting. "You only will hunt down the gem and Steven and I will not let you put Steven into more danger!"

"To fucking hell with that little half-breed!" Jasper retorted as she yanked on the chains, dragging Lapis to her knees. "Him and the rest of those gems will fall and belong to, Yellow Diamond. You're only delaying the inevitable!"

"Fucking Lair!"

"Damn Weakling!"


"Worthless Traitor!"

Just then suddenly there was booming third voice. The voice shook the mental plane like a earthquake and froze both Lapis and Jasper into shock.


The voice was terrifying as it hit them like thousands of pounds of breaks had landed of them. Lapis fell to her knees and covered her ears from the voice. Jasper remained standing, but was shacking like a leaf in the midst of very large raging storm. Slowly, Jasper's shock turned to pure anger.

"Who the hell dares adders me in such a manner and tone?" She shouted hateful into the ocean so she could talk to this voice

The voice didn't respond back, but Jasper knew it was listening to them from the darkness of the waters. A part of Jasper knew what she was doing and going to say was stupid. Whatever had spoken, it was ancient and powerful. Yet she knew it was no gem. There for it; it was below her in all the sense of the word.

"What are you too much of a damn fucking coward to answer back to me, the Mighty Jasper!" Jasper shouted out mockingly to the voice

"Please, forgive her! She means not of what she says!" Lapis call out to the voice for mercy

Lapis knew of this voice, all too well and the one who had it as well. The voice was one she learned to fear long ago from being trapped inside the mirror. She knew who she was speaking to and knew what he was capable of.

"Shut your god damn mouth your little fucking weakling!" Jasper snarled angrily at Lapis. "If it isn't spineless as it sounds then it will might prove me wrong!"

The mantle plane inside of Malachite began to shack with them inside as the out of the sea floor began to shack like a quake had hit it. Before the plane broke completely, Lapis and Jasper heard the voice speak again. This time it was followed by a loud angry growling sound.


He would have been if the rock headed one just heeded his advice and shut the fuck up. But no that would be the easy way out. Now this being has insulted and challenged him in his own kingdom. This mistake need to be corrected right now. If, they, them or whatever they are want to fight him then he would be more willing to show them how weak they really are to him. He would show them why he held his title for as long as he had. He would show them the best way possible, through example.

Malachite watched in shock and awe as an undersea mountain began to move. The seafloor shook, the water began to get filled with sand and rock, and it bubbled and twisted as a thick cloud of slit was thrown about from the massive thing.
She couldn't believe her eyes at what she was seeing. Malachite was bigger than any other fusion gem of other gems.
But what was waking up in front of her made her look like an ant in comparison.
The giant mass that was moving towards was over three-hundred feet and with tail length of over five-hundred feet long.
Both Gems have seen massive Gem fusions during the galaxy war, but none ever came to the size of this monster.
Its body was covered in thick Charcoal-grey scales. The Monster had three large rows of dorsal spines lined down the back of it. The tips of the spins were a bone white in color. The monster got on to its legs and stood to his full height. Its muscles rippled with power as he breathed. The monster let out a low sound growl as it showed its teeth to them.

"Lapis, what the hell is that fucking thing!" The Jasper side of Malachite asked as she took several steps back from the looming towering giant.

Lapis didn't answer, she was too busy mentally cowering in the back of Malachite's mind. Images of the war flashing inside her mind as she thought back to the days of the war and the first time she ever say him. That look and growl/roar, she could never forget that sound. Jasper took Lapis and began to shake her violently, desperate to brake her from her useless state.

"What is it, Lapis? Tell me what the hell that thing is!" Shouted Jasper as she held onto Lapis

As to answer the arrogant gem, the creature unleashed a roar that shook the land and the water and made volcanic eruptions sound tame.
The ocean water did little to silence the apocalyptic sound all it did was it made it much louder as it pierced into the fusion's head.
It shook the very ground they were standing on and made the water boil with an ancient heat.
If Jasper had a heart then it would had stopped in its tracks from the sound of that roar. The raw power behind it was nothing like nothing she had ever heard before in her life and she has seen and heard a lot in the galaxy war.
It struck the purest form of terror right through her gemstone.
All of that anger, all of the might, and she had to just go and piss off the one thing she should have not have.

"His name…..You want to know his name?" Lapis rasped as she trembled. "I thought it was a name forgotten to me over time and thought it died after all this time. But I was so wrong!"

The creature began to accelerate at an alarming right speed for something of it's size, and sped straight towards Malachite.
Jasper barely heard Lapis' voice over the sound of the seafloor breaking underneath her as the monster roared and slammed into her.

"His name is…Godzilla: King of the Monsters." Lapis voiced out before she had to cover her eyes again from the massive Roar of challenge to them.

Been watching the Steven Universe show since it aired and always wanted to do this. So here it is my first Godzilla/ Steven universe story, I dictate this to wasmowin93 for his story don't wake the king. His story helped me a lot into making this story happen. The Godzilla in this one is the 1991 one form the Movie Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah 1991. Hope you all enjoyed this one and see u in the next chapter.