Chapter 2

Malachite and Godzilla straggled against each other as they pushed on each other trying to overpower the other one in raw power. The ground under them cracked and split apart, Malachite was losing in the power struggle against the Alpha monster. The ground under Malachite gave way and after it went black for her as Godzilla over powered her and threw her into the ground. Godzilla smacked Malachite into a small rock wall. She hit hard against it, she shut her eyes from the pain and waited for the end to come for her as Godzilla slowly walked towards her.

"I don't want it to end like this, in a dark place!" Screamed Malachite as she held her hands out in front of her hoping that would stop him.

"Then let me drive, Jasper. I could do something to slow him down for a bit?" Said Lapis as she took control of Malachite and taking Jasper of out the fight for now.

In a blink of an eye, Malachite summoned the ocean itself and in one quick motion summoned a bubble of water around her to soften the blow from the King. The water helped some but not much, but at least she didn't shatter. Godzilla got back to his height and looked around and saw the little being was still in one piece. Godzilla looked at this little being and then to the shaped hole in the small wall from his attack. She shook her head and looked wide eyed and in terror at the monster looming over her with him showing his teeth.

"You….You….haven't beaten the mighty Malachite yet, Monster!" Screamed the Jasper Side of Malachite.

Godzilla let out a snort of amusement. Godzilla did like her tenacity, but disliked her strength and intelligence. But, then again Godzilla never thought of the small fusion much of a challenge anyway. She was just a young upstart in this new world. Now compared to when he was younger he took on monsters larger than himself and still won against them. This little pest was no one who could stand against him. Godzilla was in a forgiving mood, so with a low growl, took one last look at the gem and turned and started to walk away from Malachite. But as the warrior that Jasper is this was an insult to her.

"Don't you turn your freaken Scaly back on me, MONSTER" Scream Jasper as she went out of control with Malachite.

She raised her arms and a giant swirl of water started to mold into a sphere of water. Jasper forgot that she had control over the ocean at her hands. She readied her hands to slam them together to make a large torrent of water. Before she did anything Lapis stood in and stopped her. "Jasper please don't do this, he is letting us off easy please stop?" Asked Lapis as she pleaded with Jasper.

"Shut up and let him kill this thing!" Shouted Jasper as she threw her hands out and fired a powerful blast of water at the back of the King. It struck him in his back and he roared in pain at the sudden attack on him. She poured more power into the attack and Godzilla lost his footing and slammed into an undersea mountain and got buried in it. Malachite then unleashed balls of water and threw them to where Godzilla fell at. Godzilla roared under the pile of rocks and earth, the little insect was managing to hurt him with the power of the sea. Malachite Stopped and looked around and all she saw was his tail on the ground not moving. "Hah see that he was not a big deal after all. He was a pushover. I killed it." "But I should make one more shot on it?" That was when Malachite brought up her hands again and formed an even larger ball of water but this time adding was rotation to it to add maximum hurt. She threw it and it collided with the down Godzilla. The explosion was massive as it blow everything back. After it was done Malachite could only see clouds of slit and dust everywhere in her field of vision. She looked around and laughed.

"Huh now so high and mighty now are you!" Laughed Jasper as she looked at Godzilla down and buried.

Lapis looked on at the great monster king and still had this feeling this was way to easy for to defect the likes of him. So she decided to speak up, "Jasper lets go, I don't like the looks of this. It feels way too easy to have beat him." Said a scared Lapis

"Shut up Lapis!" Shouted Jasper as she looked on and laughed more at her now down enemy. She moved closer to him and under the rocks Godzilla waited for her to get closer. This little gem didn't even notice he was play his part as he was acting like he was beaten. But in reality he was forming a plan of action again Malachite. Godzilla has battled all his life so he was testing her to see and feel her power levels. He was surprised to learn that she could control the sea with little effort. Malachite drew closer and that was when Godzilla lifted his tail and slid it across the sea floor and smashed it in to all of Malachite's legs and she fell. She lifted her head up and saw the rocks explode outward and fall to the ground as Godzilla lifted himself back up and looked at her with fire in his eyes.

Godzilla stared at Malachite. He was going to let her go and live, but then she made a move on him and attacked him from behind. That was something of a cowardly thing to do, and will not go unpunished. Godzilla was letting them off with a warning. He was being nice and then they threw it right back at him in the face. They disrespected him with their attacks and then laughed at him. They had the audacity to decline his mercy.

They should have thanking the king for this once in a life time thing he was giving them to live.
Their attack had just made the Biggest and Strongest of all Kaiju very pissed off.
Her attack was weak!
Godzilla had little patience for the Weak ones.

"No, No, stay away from me!" Screamed Jasper as she was not scared for her life. She slowly backed away from Godzilla. With every step she took backwards, he would take on to her. Godzilla growled low to show he meaned business now.

Water started to move and churn, then launched forward and latched onto Godzilla's neck, arms, and legs. Godzilla backed up a little from the attack and roared as chains formed around him.

"Let me do this, Jasper! This can only hold him for a short time?" Said Lapis as she tightened the water around Godzilla's neck, arms and legs to hold him still.

Godzilla was surprised at this attack. He did learn from the battle so far that this little bug could use water moves on him. But he did not know she could control it to her whim. He kept his eyes locked with hers and know she had one thing she could try now. She had to run. He pulled his head back unleashed the mightiest roar he could muster and that sent schools of fish, sharks and whales away from him. It took everything Lapis had to not lose her mind and focus on restraining Godzilla. She stared at him and wondered something to herself.

"I know it's been a long time since the fall of the Home world city. But he seems much larger than when he attack the city in the war?" "Thought Lapis as she tried to hold him still.

Godzilla thrashed his neck back to see if he could break her hold and see how strong she really was. He had to admit she was good at use the sea to her use. But all she did was bend it to her will. But He was different, he was born in the ocean, he lives in it and thrives off it and the natural nuclear energy the planet lets out deeper in the ocean. Now he is going to let out more of his power and to show her who really is better in the ocean for combat. For a spilt second both Jasper and Lapis both thought they saw Godzilla give them a smile. He flexed his muscles and unleashed raw power and broke the water shackles off of him in one move and launched himself to them and smashed right in to Malachite.

Malachite rubbed her head and looked in a daze and when her sight was back to normal she was keeling in front of Godzilla. She was now scared, too scared to move as Godzilla slowly built radioactive in his dorsal spines making them glow a dale blue, then they got a brighter blue as he charged it up and felt it gather up in his gut and then let it come up through his chest and neck and opened his jaws and unleashed his Atomic Breath on Malachite. She screamed as Godzilla blasted her through rocks and then blasted her into the side of the edge of the sea floor before it was the edge of the sea floor cliff. Godzilla slowly walked over to the downed Malachite and looked at her. She lifted her head and saw him. "Stay away….stay away from me…..MONSTER!" She screamed and backed up even more drawing closer to the edge. Malachite stopped when she felt that the ground was missing from her hand and stopped and turned and looked and saw a large dip, it was the edge that leads to the further bottom of the sea. She turned again and Godzilla started to slowly advance on her once again. She had two Choices now, Fight Him and die or jump and hope she lives and doesn't die from the pressure of the sea. Godzilla roared one last time and that made up her mind, she stood up and jumped screaming for her life.

Godzilla stopped at the edge and looked down and then lifted his head and roared out to the open ocean of win today. He stopped when his sixth sense kicked in and alerted him of more of those pests from long ago. He slammed his tail into the ground and took off in the path of those pest. He would kill all of those pests who came here and started a war on his planet. Off at about 50 miles from the coast of Beach city, a U.S. Navy battleship was making some rounds in the area and noticed something. The radar and sonar were picking up something large. The Caption on broad looked and measured the Unknown life form at 200 meters long and 108 meters from head to toe. He continued to track it until it was conformed that he was heading right to the ship. The Caption ordered all men to stand battle and to attack the unknown beast and kill it. "Undersea torpedoes ready and waiting!" Said one of the men, then the Caption gave the ok and they unleashed them and fired them on Godzilla. After a few minutes they exploded and large turrets of water could be seen where they struck the beast. They waited and what they saw made them freeze in place. The sea exploded and the monster came to the surface and he was pissed. Godzilla charged up his Atomic Breath and Unleashed on them. Anything organic was melted and anything that was flammable exploded from the intense heat. Before the ship went down one of the messagers sent a message to HQ about the monster. That caught their attention and they began plans to attack and kill the monster by land, air, and sea.

Beach City
7:45 pm

Garnet was sitting in her room in a peaceful mood and meditating. She was trying to figure out where paradox is, if she can find her then she can be locked up before she can contact home world about earth. Her future vision was working over time trying to find here when all of a sudden it stops and changes and now all she sees is beach city at night in ruins and dead bodies everywhere. Then it hit her like a thousands' of tons of breaks, a thunders roar unlike anything she heard. She looked everywhere for Peal, Amethyst, and Steven. All she could see was smoke and fire and then the ground started to shake like an earthquake had hit the city. Garnet called to her friends and family, "Peal, Amethyst, Steven, Where are you guys?" Screamed Garnet but there was no answer in the city. Then four F-16's flew by and unloaded missiles on somethings. She was nearly blown off her feet from the blast. She looked up and couldn't believe what she was seeing a large blue beam was taking each one down in the sky. After that She turned and looked in the direction that the attack from and watched as a building fell and she froze in place from who she saw. "It can't be, not him again" Thought Garnet as her vision ended.

She snapped opened her eyes and looked around her to see she was back in her room. "He came back." Said Garnet as she still remembers the last time she saw him. "This time we don't have rose to help use against him?"

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