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Harry Potter and his best mate Ron Weasley smiled at their tickets. England were in the final of the Quidditch World Cup and they had tickets. Neither one had been in England in the five years since the Final Battle; the day they were to start their auror training both boys had looked at each other and decided they wanted to put off growing up for a bit and travel. They had money from taking out the dark lord and they had written letters to friends and family before leaving for America. Then they went to Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, Asia, and before they knew it they'd been gone for five years.

But the World Cup was being held in France and they had tickets courtesy of some connections they'd made in their travels. They only stayed in each place they visited a week at most before they were on their way but they'd still met people and built relationships. They'd be sitting in the Minister's box. "I wonder who's playing for England," Harry said.

"Don't know but we've got to win it right?" The final was going to be Bulgaria vs England, and they knew Krum was still playing but neither one paid much attention to news about England. They were enjoying being free of the pressures of England and ultimately avoiding news was easier than facing their emotions. Keeping up with their home country would only have made them feel guilty about leaving their friends and family behind. They didn't want any guilt.

"Krum is really good," Harry mused. "I could never beat him."

"Yeah but the England side is full of professionals, not students," Ron said. "So we might not get the snitch but I bet we have loads of attacking power."

"Yeah that's true," Harry nodded. "And Oliver is in goal probably so we have a world class keeper." They joined the queue to go to France. They were really excited. They might be watching England win the World Cup in two days.

Blaise Zabini greeted the England team and their guests, "Welcome to my hotel. Okay so I have everything worked out. You guys are going to love this place. I just know it. We've got a pool and the restaurant is amazing and I have all your room keys," he grinned at the party. "Okay so Arthur and Molly, your room is opposite Narcissa and Andromeda's room," he handed Molly and Narcissa the room keys, "and I made sure your suite had a room for Teddy," he added to Narcissa.

"Bill you have the family suite next to theirs," he handed the redhead a key, "Charlie and Percy you just wanted rooms, so that's what I gave you."

"I like how he ignores the team members and focuses on family first," George said to snickers from the England squad and their partners.

"I heard that Weasley," Blaise glared at him, "all the England squad gets suites. All been arranged."

Oliver Wood was shocked, "How the devil do we get to shack up with our partners? Malfoy will never leave his room!"

Draco Malfoy grinned at that. "Oliver you clearly don't know Hermione if you don't think she'll make sure he's where he needs to be," Angelina Weasley said.

"Thank you Ang," Hermione smiled. "Nice to know someone has faith in me."

Draco glared at Wood, "I am the captain, Wood. Don't tell me you've still got your knickers in a twist over that." Oliver rolled his eyes as everyone laughed. Oliver was a great keeper, but he was way too intense as captain at Hogwarts and as a result he'd refused every offer to be captain ever since. Draco kept a more level head and while he took his job seriously, he was happy to let the team loosen up so long as it didn't get in the way of their performances and Oliver had been quite open about saying that Draco was a better captain than he had been. That didn't stop the two from banter about Oliver encouraging mutiny or Draco being too lax though it was all lighthearted. Still laughing at Draco and Oliver's banter everyone took their room keys and went upstairs to check out their rooms.

Once in their room Hermione pushed Draco against the door, "Now then, Mr. England Captain, what should I do with you?"

"Shag me on every surface in this room?"

Hermione rolled her eyes, "Once the cup is done we'll ramp things up. I'd hate for you to pull something before going toe-to-toe with Viktor."

"The husband versus the ex-boyfriend," he mused. "I say I'll win."

"Of course you will," she smiled. "You're the best English seeker ever, love."

"You're so completely and utterly biased," Draco smirked.

"If you win I have something packed for you to enjoy," she leaned close to him, "I think it's been a very long time since you've seen me in a Slytherin quidditch jersey with 'Malfoy' across the back, hasn't it?"

Draco was instantly erect, "You…can I see it?"

"Only after you win the game," she laughed. "But look on the bright side. Now you're highly motivated."

"Very highly motivated," he mumbled. "We're shagging now." He lifted her up and carried her over to the bed, his wife's legs wrapped around his waist as their tongues battled for dominance.

After the Final Battle the trials had occurred and Draco went from villain to victim during his. It was revealed that Voldemort had held his mother hostage, forcing Draco to take the mark and let Death Eaters into the school lest his mother be raped, tortured, and killed. Several people testified on his behalf, including Blaise Zabini and Theo Nott (the latter also being forced into becoming a Death Eater), his mother, and Hermione Granger. Harry had offered up his memories to Kingsley for the trials after the Final Battle before Harry and Ron had left England (though they left before the trials began). The memories were used during the trials and Moaning Myrtle even testified, though she'd only talk to Hermione. Hermione's memory of Myrtle's testimony sealed Draco's fate. He was a young man stuck between a rock and a hard place, with no way out and no one to turn to. He'd been found not guilty.

His father had been thrown in Azkaban for life, which suited Draco just fine. He took hold of the Malfoy fortune as soon as he was cleared and had Malfoy Manor destroyed and rebuilt, in a not so dreary looking style.

He'd returned to school, along with Hermione and many others, and what started as a friendship between the two of them swiftly became romance. Once the couple had sex the first time their friends learned to knock before entering either one's bedroom. They were almost always on one another, if not shagging then engaging in little displays of affection.

Hermione had always been against public displays of affection but she found it impossible to keep her hands off of him and he was the same with her. By the time Hogwarts ended, Malfoy Manor had been completely rebuilt. They graduated their last year the top 2 students in their class and that evening at a party thrown at the newly rebuilt Malfoy Manor by his mother, his aunt Andromeda, and Molly Weasley, Draco had proposed. Hermione hadn't hesitated in saying yes.

What to do after Hogwarts was the question but for Draco it was soon answered. His boyhood club, the Falmouth Falcons, wanted him as their seeker. Draco looked to his fiancée for her opinion and she'd asked him if he wanted to play quidditch professionally. He'd nodded that he did and she'd said that he got to do what he wanted and that was all that mattered. Too often in his life Lucius and then Voldemort told him what he wanted and what he was going to do and she wasn't letting anyone ever do that to him again. If Draco could have fallen in love with her even more, he did then.

Hermione had followed her own advice to Draco and gone into potionmaking. She'd always loved potions class and with Draco vowing to help her set up her own business she began studying for her Potions Mastery. Slughorn mentored her and McGonagall arranged for her to floo between Malfoy Manor and Slughorn's office so that she could live with Draco rather than have to be apart from her fiancée.

Andromeda lived in the manor along with Narcissa, the two sisters bonding again and Narcissa helping Andromeda with raising Teddy. Draco took being Teddy's male role model very seriously and always made time for the little boy.

The Weasleys had come around on the Malfoys, or at least regarding Draco and Narcissa. Molly had invited them both to Christmas at the Burrow when Hermione had told them that she was dating Draco and loved him while they were still at Hogwarts. Narcissa had embraced Hermione dating Draco, and loved having her sister back, but she wasn't sure about the Weasleys. When Hermione explained that they were family to her and they wouldn't hold Lucius against her, Narcissa had agreed to go. She and Molly got on quite well after a tepid start and they had begun planning her and Draco's wedding as soon as he'd proposed.

Draco wasn't the only one to go into quidditch. Ginny was drafted to the Holyhead Harpies. George joined up with Oliver Wood and Angelina Johnson at Puddlemere United as a beater, and Theo Nott and Greg Goyle joined Draco at the Falmouth Falcons as a chaser and beater respectively. Together they became the core of the England National Team over the next four years and they became close as well.

Angelina and George got engaged a few months after Draco and Hermione, and got married at the end of the next Quidditch season. Hermione and Draco were engaged for two years before having a big wedding shortly after she achieved her mastery in potions.

She opened up an apothecary with Padma Patil, who eventually became Mrs. Theo Nott. Luna married Greg Goyle and she went into magizoology. Ginny ended up marrying Dennis Creevey, who became a professional photographer.

One of the most amusing pairings was Daphne Greengrass with Blaise Zabini, in Hermione's opinion. Daphne had loosened up after school and she and Hermione were very close, but Blaise made George look reserved. He was just an extra level of goofball and hilarity. Dinner at the Zabini house always ended in laughter. During the quidditch season he ran WWW for George along with Lee Jordan who was a professional quidditch commentator. During the off-season George took back control while Blaise tended to the hotels he owned and was building throughout Magical Europe.

"Draco stop," Hermione laughed as they exited the bathroom two hours after their arrival, "we have to go down to dinner."

"We can eat in bed," he argued as he put on his underwear and unzipped the bag which was holding his suit.

Hermione slipped into her dress and turned, "Zip me up please?"

"So that would be the opposite direction I usually move that zipper yeah?" Hermione laughed as he zipped her up, finishing the deed with a kiss on her shoulder, "I love you."

"I love you too," she smiled. "Help me with my necklace?"

Draco fastened the clasp for her, kissing the back of her neck, "You're so beautiful."

She turned and buttoned up his dress shirt for him, "Love, what are you doing in two days?"

"Catching the snitch," he answered, tucking his shirt into his pants. "I'm not distracted by you. I never am."

"And you know I'm proud of you," she tied his tie for him, "you're just feeling extra randy?"

"Hermione, we're in a hotel in Paris, France. Of course I'm feeling extra randy," Draco grinned. She laughed and kissed him sweetly, "Now come on, let's go show you off and hang out with our friends."

In the hotel's ballroom they entered in their formal dresswear and gazed around. It was very beautiful. "Blaise knows how to throw a party," she said.

"He says it's a talent," Draco smirked. She rolled her eyes. Slytherins and their egos. "By the way, I love you in green but I prefer the little black dress," he whispered in her ear.

Hermione looked at him, "I know you do but in the little black dress I have to wear underwear and in this one I don't."

Draco swallowed. Going on five years together and she could still catch him off guard and often did. He loved that about her. A quick kiss was shared before he led her over to his mother, "Hello Mum," he smiled.

"Draco, Hermione, you both look stunning," Narcissa smiled, hugging them both. "How is your room?"

"Very nice," Hermione answered. "A big bathtub only slightly smaller than the prefect bath at Hogwarts and a shower big enough for three people."

"Blaise nailed it," Draco nodded.

"Teddy loves his room," Narcissa smiled. "He has his own bedroom with brooms and snitches all over it."

"Sounds like his room at the manor, minus the dragons," Draco smiled.

"Where is Teddy?" Hermione asked.

"In the bathroom," her mother-in-law answered. "No sooner had we arrived here than Teddy declared he needed to go to the bathroom. So Andromeda took him."

Harry and Ron arrived in France and gazed at the campsite. "Do you think your parents are here?" Harry asked as they gazed around the campsite.

"I dunno," Ron said. "If they are we'll probably see them over the next couple days."

"Not looking forward to living in a tent again," Harry grimaced. "I've had my fill of it."

"That makes two of us," Ron shuddered.

Draco twirled his wife around the ballroom, enjoying the evening. They'd had a wonderful dinner, catered by the restaurant in the hotel, and the band had arrived afterwards. He'd already danced with his mother, his aunt, and Molly after opening the dancing with his wife but now he was her only partner for the rest of the night. "One of my favorite qualities of yours is that you dance," Hermione smiled. He laughed. He distinctly remembered Krum, Potter, and Weasel's attempts at the Yule Ball. Draco and his friends had been popular that night because they actually could dance.

"I like dancing with you," he smiled. "If you weren't friends with Potter and Weasel in school, I'd have danced with you that night. But if I had," he shrugged and didn't continue.

"They would have started trouble," Hermione nodded as she finished his sentence. Draco could be a git, she certainly knew that. But all the Slytherin boys could. Yet for some reason in school Harry and Ron had always zeroed in on Draco being the worst when really he wasn't. He was arrogant, pompous, and insensitive to others but so were Theo and many other sons and daughters of Death Eaters. Draco was targeted because Ron hated the name Malfoy and Draco had had the nerve to ask for Harry's hand in friendship. "I've long thought Ron creates conflict just because he loves arguing," she said.

"Sounds right to me," Draco muttered. "I have had my issues with all my friends but I've never treated any of them the way he would treat you."

Harry and Ron's abrupt departure had surprised everyone; even Draco and his friends. But it was Hermione, their alleged best friend, and the Weasleys that hurt the worst. On the one hand, she wasn't surprised she wasn't asked to go with them. She knew they didn't think she was fun or could have fun. She also would have told them no. In school Draco had once called her 'Potter's walking encyclopedia' and in truth, she had felt that way many times. "I think what hurt the most about them leaving was they never wrote any of us. It was just, 'Hey, we're leaving England because war sucks and we're really sad. You all suffer on your own we're going to have fun.' It was so insensitive. And Harry had always implied he wanted to be with Ginny, that she was his dream girl, and he couldn't wait to be with her again. Instead, he just left her."

"Well the plus side is they couldn't interfere in our relationship," Draco smiled.

"You are definitely worth twenty of Ron," she wrapped her arms around his neck as the music slowed and pressed against him. She loved Draco. It was almost overwhelming sometimes just how much she loved him. It had scared her at first. But Molly and Andromeda had assured her that there was nothing to be afraid of. But for those two women, she might have run away. Her relationship with Draco was so different than her parents, who had acted like friends far more than lovers. Affection wasn't a common occurrence in the Granger house. It wasn't in the Malfoy house either and when Narcissa explained that to her, Hermione had fully embraced the intensity of their relationship. She and Draco both obviously craved something very different from what they grew up with and she enjoyed all the little touches and looks and whatnot.

Molly Weasley smiled at the young couples dancing. Though having all her children together was always wonderful, it made her think about Fred and Ron. One was dead and one very well could be dead. Ron had always been horrible with communication. She could count the number of letters he sent home while he was at Hogwarts for six years on one hand. Even Fred and George had written at least twice a month while they were in school. At first when Ron left with Harry she thought they'd come back within a year. But they hadn't. She was positive they didn't know Hermione was with Draco. The Muggleborn marrying a Malfoy would have sent them both into a rage.

It would have driven Molly into a rage, once upon a time. But that was before she lost a son, fighting for not just their freedom but for Hermione's freedom to live. When she had heard what Draco had gone through at the hands of his father and then Voldemort, how he'd wanted to protect his mother no matter what would happen to him in the future…her heart had broken for the young man. So when Hermione had brought him home to the Burrow, Molly had welcomed him with open arms as well as his mother. Narcissa had no choice in her husband, but that she stayed to try and protect Draco had Molly certain she was a good mother.

Molly wasn't upset that Harry and Ron had left; Bill and Charlie both had after all. But Molly had been very upset that Harry and Ron didn't write. Plus Harry had left Ginny hanging. And of course, there was the boys' treatment of Hermione. The girl deserved more than they'd left her. Just a note saying bye and they were leaving. The mother in her didn't want to give up on the boys, but she also was never going to isolate the girl who had been there for her and who Arthur had walked down the aisle. Hermione had asked Molly and Arthur to stand as her parents at her wedding and Molly treasured every memory involved in that, from dress shopping to cake tasting to being introduced as mother of the bride by Lee Jordan when she'd entered the reception. It had been so lovely.

"Do you want to dance love?" Arthur asked her.

"Yes I think that would be nice Arthur," Molly accepted his hand and they moved to the dance floor again.

Dennis Creevey held his wife to him, "You're going to be so great out there Gin."

Ginny smiled at her husband, "You're almost a better fan than my mother."

"Hard to compete with Molly," Dennis nodded. "And Hermione too, of course."

"Hermione cheering on Draco never ceases to amuse me," Ginny laughed. You'd be forgiven for thinking Hermione was a diehard fan of all things quidditch when it was Draco on the pitch. Ginny had known Hermione for over ten years and only when she started seeing Draco had Hermione actually taken an interest in quidditch. Ginny wasn't sure if it was a testament to how much she loved Draco or how much she wanted to support him emotionally since growing up he'd been denied it but it didn't really matter. She knew Hermione's support and cheering made Draco feel unbeatable and a seeker always needed to go out onto the pitch feeling unbeatable. "Tomorrow we have morning practice and then the day before the game we're supposed to rest. I was thinking we could hang out by the pool? I know you wanted more time here in France to explore…"

"We can always come back," Dennis shrugged. "I mean, I'd love to see the sights but I want to see them with you and the World Cup is more important."

"You're too sweet Dennis," Ginny kissed him, "I love you."

"I love you too," he responded. Ginny enjoyed dancing with her husband. She was rather glad that Harry had left, actually. She had always privately worried that Harry saw her as a ticket to a family through her parents, siblings, and a whole brood of kids. But Ginny only wanted two kids, tops. And she wanted to wait until she was finished with her quidditch career. Dennis was perfect for her. He was fine with just two kids. His only request was that they name one of their kids after Colin, even if it was just a middle name.

Dennis was also great because he put Ginny first. Having seen Hermione with Draco, Ginny wanted that. Hermione had spent 7 years playing protective big sister/mother to Harry and Ron and if she did anything for herself during those seven years, the two boys had been outraged. They didn't want to date Hermione, they just didn't want her dating someone else.

One night after the boys had left Ginny and Hermione got drunk, well Hermione got drunk and Ginny sat by her side, as Hermione let out all of her anger at Harry and Ron and the things they'd said or done that at best were insensitive and at worst made Hermione feel like a flobberworm. True, the boys weren't particularly good at dealing with emotions. That was why they'd fled, after all, but everything Hermione did was always scrutinized and when possible seen as a slight to the two boys' egos or emotions while her feelings were tossed right out the window by them.

Admittedly, Ginny was furious they'd left as they did and she had some residual anger still. But when Ginny saw how happy Hermione was with Draco as they became a couple, Ginny could see Harry and Ron doing to Hermione and Draco what they had done to Hermione and Viktor. The relationship wouldn't have stood a chance as the boys always took advantage of the fact that before them, Hermione had never had any friends.

Of course, now they no longer had that power over Hermione. Out from under the cloud of Harry and Ron, Hermione shone like the sun. She was fun, she had a wicked sense of humor, and Ginny wondered how much of what Hermione had been labeled at school was a result of how little Harry and Ron had done for their schoolwork. When she wasn't trying to carry two whining babies through the school year Hermione was so different. True, she still loved to read. But rather than textbooks and obscure reference books Hermione would settle down with a fiction book, be it mystery or romance or a thriller. Ginny couldn't remember Hermione ever doing that when Harry and Ron were around.

Ultimately, Ginny thought they were all better off without Harry and her brother around. One drunken night before Draco and Hermione got married, Ginny expressed that to everyone. She'd even pointed out that the boys couldn't do to Draco what they'd done to Krum. At curious looks, Hermione told the Yule Ball incident and how the boys turned Krum's attraction to her into an obvious ploy to get to Harry. Obvious because, according to Ron, there was no other reason for Hermione to be asked. Draco had been aghast and his dislike of the duo grew even stronger after that.

But that was then. Now getting between Draco and Hermione was like getting between a goblin and gold. It wasn't going to happen. She'd never seen a pair more secure in their relationship than those two. It was wonderful to see.

The morning of the match Hermione woke up trapped in her husband's embrace. She glanced over to see that Draco was asleep and smiled. He always looked so innocent when he was sleeping. Carefully she turned to face him and peppered his face with little kisses, making him grumble before waking up and smiling at her, "Good morning love," he said.

"Good morning to you too," she gave him a lingering kiss, "ready for the big match?"

"Tell me I'll win," he said.

"You'll catch the snitch and you'll win the game," she kissed him again, "I know you will. You're a better seeker than Krum."

"I like your pep talks," Draco smiled. "Especially the naked part."

"You always like the naked part," she wiggled against him. "I'll join you in the shower but no sex until your victory celebration."

"Does oral count?"

"Well I have to send you off properly," she winked. Draco grinned.

After a very lengthy shower Draco and Hermione joined the team for breakfast, and it took Molly threatening to tie them all to their chairs to get the team to eat. This was the biggest match of their careers so far and no matter how confident anyone was they were nervous. "You're all going to do great. It's just like playing at the Burrow," Hermione told them all.

"That's true," Ginny perked up.

"And you don't have to worry about each other. Greg and George can read each other's minds in a match as well as Fred and George could playing pranks," Luna Goyle pointed out.

"Definitely true," George nodded. He and Greg shared a fist bump.

"You have the best keeper to ever leave Hogwarts," Padma Nott pointed out. Oliver sat up straight in his seat. He was the best keeper to ever leave Hogwarts.

"Not to mention the best seeker," Dennis added, Hermione kissing Draco's cheek as he genuinely smiled.

"And the best three chasers to ever play together," Hermione finished. "You'll all be wonderful. Just stick to whatever plan my handsome husband has for you and you'll all be fine."

Theo and Angelina smiled at Hermione's praise and the team relaxed enough to eat breakfast, their spouses and family members offering encouraging words and little Teddy dressed in his own England kit telling them all how Cousin Draco was going to win the game. Draco gazed at Teddy, smiling at the boy's confidence in his family members. Lately he'd been contemplating starting a family with Hermione. Maybe it was time to do just that. His kids would be able to remember their dad playing if they started now and he played another 8-10 years.

Vowing to ask Hermione about starting a family after the match, Draco announced it was time to go to the locker rooms and stood, hugging Teddy, his mother, his aunt, Molly, Arthur, and then kissing Hermione. "I love you," he told her.

"I love you too. Come back to me in one piece."

"I will," he promised. Before every match Hermione told him to come back to her in one piece. Usually she would tell him win or lose it didn't matter, she just wanted him back in her arms in one piece. But this match mattered more than any other and he was glad she didn't try to tell him it didn't. That wouldn't have calmed his nerves like it usually did.

When the team's partners and guests all entered the private stand they all had on England jerseys with someone's name and number on the back. Hermione, Teddy, Narcissa, and Andromeda all wore Malfoy on the back of theirs with his number, 7. Molly, Bill, Fleur, and little Victoire wore Weasley #2- George's number, while Arthur, Percy, Charlie, and Dennis wore Creevey #6, Ginny's number. Oliver's parents wore his name and number, 1, on their back. Angelina's parents wore Johnson #5, as she'd kept using her maiden name professionally when she married George to avoid any confusion with her husband. Luna wore Goyle #3 along with Daphne Zabini while Padma and Blaise both wore Nott #4 on theirs. They all sat down and settled into their seats, Victoire and Teddy happy to wear their dragon (the English quidditch team mascot) hats they'd bought the previous day.

Harry and Ron entered the private stand and saw a sea of red hair. The two boys weren't sure whether to say hello or not, but they hadn't been seen so they sat where in the back of the box. "Do you think Hermione's with them?" Ron whispered to Harry.

"I would imagine she probably is. I don't see Ginny though," Harry whispered back. Neither boy had bought any merchandise, as they couldn't find a vendor. They still didn't know who the England team was.

Ron was about to say something when they heard a little boy speak, "Is Viktor Krum a good seeker Cousin Hermione?"

The two boys stared at each other, confused. Hermione didn't have cousins. They heard her answer, "He's a very good seeker. But don't worry, I'm sure we'll beat him."

The two boys heard Bill laugh, "Biased much Hermione?"

"Are you saying my husband won't win, Bill? As fast as he is on a broom I am with my wand," the two boys were gobsmacked. Hermione was married? To a seeker? They both tried to think of seekers in school that Hermione could have married but neither one could think of anyone that fit the bill. Harry had been the best seeker in school and he couldn't have beat Krum. England seemed doomed to the boys.

They missed hearing Bill stutter that Draco would be fine to laughter from the rest of the group. "Tonight there will be a party," they heard Molly say, "if England win I'm sure they'll all be exuberant."

"Can we go to the party Mummy?" A little girl asked.

"Of course we can," they heard Fleur answer.

"I can't believe Bill and Fleur have a daughter," Ron muttered.

"Grandma I have to pee," they heard the little boy say.

"I'll take him," they heard Hermione say. Both boys stared as Hermione stood up. She was wearing an England jersey. The name was obscured by her hair and they were about to hide when they heard her say, "Come on Teddy. Let's go to the bathroom."

"What if I miss the match?"

"It doesn't start for another ten minutes," she assured him. The little boy Harry worked out was Teddy Lupin stood and took her hand and they turned down the aisle to walk to the back when she saw them, "Harry? Ron?"

Harry and Ron found themselves the focus of attention of many Weasleys. Hermione took Teddy to the bathroom without saying another word to them. Harry and Ron looked down and Ron managed to get out, "Uh, hi Mum, Dad."

Molly's eyes narrowed at the pair of them and both boys shrunk in their seats. She was going to deliver a howler in person, they were sure of it. But Molly controlled herself. Roughly five years of friendship with Narcissa Malfoy saw the woman's composed anger rub off on Molly who didn't want to create a scene at such an important match for her children and honorary son-in-law, "Just answer me this. Were you going to tell us you were here? Write to us? Or were you going to watch the game and leave without ever telling us you were even in France?"

"We meant to write," Ron said. "We just forgot." Harry winced at Ron's word choice.

"Every day for five years you forgot to write your family to tell them you were alive," Arthur said. "We raised you better than that Ronald." Ron winced at his full name being used. "Answer your mother. Were you going to visit England? Write to us? Or were you going to watch the game and leave quickly? Harry's never even met his godson, was he going to track down Andromeda to see him?"

At that moment Hermione returned with Teddy and the two boys saw her as a lifeline, "Hermione! Surely you can tell them how forgetful we are," Ron tried.

"Is this Teddy? Wow you're so big," Harry said.

Hermione picked Teddy up and glared at Harry. Teddy looked at him, confused, before looking at Hermione, "Who is he?"

"Someone who used to be my friend before he abandoned me," Hermione answered.

Harry slumped into his seat while Hermione walked away. Just like that, the attention that had been on the boys vanished as Teddy became the focus of attention. Teddy sat down out of their sight and spoke excitedly, "Aunt Cissy! This bathroom is really cool. It had snitches and quaffles and bludgers all over the walls," he told someone.

A familiar voice Harry couldn't quite place answered, "That's lovely dear. Should we redecorate your room at the manor?"

"No I like dragons better than quaffles and bludgers," Teddy said.

"Smart man," Charlie said, high-fiving the little boy. "Dragons are the best." Teddy nodded enthusiastically. "Look Teddy, the game is going to start."

Teddy looked toward the pitch, "Where are they?"

"They'll be out after the mascots come out," Hermione assured him.


"George supplied the fireworks so there will probably be dragons," Charlie nodded. "It'd be too dangerous to bring a real dragon here."

"I like fireworks," Teddy smiled. There might not be a real dragon but George made the best fireworks. Teddy watched eagerly as the Bulgarian Veela arrived, Fleur muttering about how distasteful it was and that Veela were not enslaved creatures while Narcissa and Hermione covered Teddy's eyes.

Harry and Ron didn't see anything distasteful about the Veela, who were really hot. They could hear Bill muttering that it was inappropriate to use women that way and figured he was probably just being sensitive to his wife's Veela heritage. The Bulgarian mascots soon left while the English performance began. The fireworks were lit and three golden dragons shot into the sky before flying around the stadium. One caught a bludger, one caught a quaffle, and the last dove in front of the stand they were sitting in to lift the snitch aloft before they flew in formation to replicate the England team badge. They then burst into a shower of golden sparks, Teddy and Victoire applauding the fireworks.

"That was lovely," Molly smiled.

"Uncle George did good," Victoire told her father. Bill nodded. George had done very well.

The teams entered the stadium and Harry and Ron looked at the Bulgarians. There was Krum. They then looked at the English team. Wood, George and some bloke they didn't recognize, Angelina, Ginny, and another bloke they didn't recognize, and the last one had them stunned. Draco Malfoy?! "What is that peace of slime doing on the team?" Ron growled. "He's Death Eater trash."

Hermione's eyes narrowed toward Ron, not that he noticed. She looked at her mother-in-law, "Mum do you have a hair tie? I don't want my neck getting too hot."

"Of course dear," Narcissa handed one over and Hermione put her hair up. "I'm getting nervous," she confessed.

"I think we all are," Andromeda patted her sister's hand. "He'll be fine Cissy."

"He'll do better than fine. It's not every day you get to go toe-to-toe with your wife's ex-boyfriend. He'll destroy Krum," Blaise assured his best friend's mother.

Harry had been listening to the conversation. Cissy had to be Narcissa Malfoy who was Teddy's great-aunt. Hermione calling her mum and Blaise saying that Hermione's husband was facing her ex-boyfriend meant that Hermione was married to Draco Malfoy. Harry felt ill at the thought. He watched Hermione put her hair up. Sure enough the back of her shirt said Malfoy. And she really thought he was better than Krum? Malfoy was a horrible seeker. He bought his spot on the Slytherin team for crying out loud.

While Harry was musing about how bad Malfoy was the teams took off into the air after their captains, Malfoy and Krum, shook hands. Ron felt conflicted. On the one hand, his brother and sister were playing for England. On the other, Malfoy was the captain and Goyle and Nott, two more Slytherin scum, were playing too. He didn't want to upset his mother more, though, and so he decided to just cheer for England and hope Ginny put them far enough ahead that Krum could get the snitch and England would still win.

Harry, meanwhile, was watching Malfoy. "Holy crap!" Ron kept his voice low, "Ginny's got Creevey's name on her back!"

Harry frowned and used his Omnioculars to watch Ginny to see that she was wearing Creevey's name on her back. "She married Colin's younger brother?"

"Apparently," Ron said. For the first time he was realizing just how much they'd missed by not even looking at an English newspaper.

"Nott scores for England!" The commentator yelled to massive roars from the stadium and their fanbox. Harry couldn't believe it. Why was it okay for Death Eaters to play for the national team?

For Harry and Ron it was the most surreal game they'd ever seen. But they were ignored by the team's family and friends who were solely focused on the game. When Krum went into a dive about twenty minutes in Hermione zoomed in on Draco to see him ignoring the Bulgarian. She smiled when the Bulgarian pulled out of it, looking disgruntled. Draco had read the feint and ignored Krum.

Harry was admittedly impressed. His first instinct was that Krum had seen the snitch and he thought Malfoy was about to be humiliated but Malfoy had read Krum's feint correctly. After 45 minutes Krum and Malfoy were still without the snitch, which had yet to appear even once in the stadium. England led 130-60. Either team could win if they caught the snitch, though.

Harry was watching Krum when he saw Hermione stand up in the box out of the corner of his eye and he looked back toward Malfoy, who was a blur as he streaked toward the opposite end of the field, George swinging a perfectly timed bludger at Krum and throwing him off his chase while the three chasers in front of Draco formed a triangle to clear him a path, the three diving down at the last second as Draco zoomed through the middle hoop, the keeper having dived out of the way of the oncoming chasers (giving Ginny a chance to score one last goal), and shot upward, a shining ball of gold in his hand. Their box and the stadium roared as the announcer yelled that England had won 290-80.

Harry looked away from an exuberant Malfoy, who was tackled into the ground by the three chasers once he was low enough to avoid injury, to see the Weasleys, Hermione, and everyone in their party jumping up and down in celebration. Hermione was hugging Narcissa while Teddy sat on Charlie's shoulders screaming in joy. Never had Harry seen Molly and Arthur look so proud.

Back on the pitch Draco was held up on the shoulders of George and Oliver before all of them mounted their brooms for a victory lap then flying to the middle of the pitch for the trophy presentation. Draco shook the hand of the French minister, accepting his winner's medal, before being handed the trophy. With his team huddled around him he lifted the trophy to cheers from the stands, beaming ear to ear.

Each team member lifted the trophy and kissed it before Draco hopped onto his broom and flew up to the box, yelling for Teddy to be handed over. Charlie helped Teddy onto the broom and once the little boy was situated Draco fist-bumped the redhead before flying away for another victory lap with Teddy on his broom. Teddy got to lift the trophy, grinning widely and looking up at his cousin in admiration. Even Harry, for all he hated Malfoy, had to give the blonde credit. This would be a memory that the little boy would have for the rest of his life.

Hermione smiled at the delight on Teddy's face as he lifted the trophy. Andromeda dabbed at her eyes. Draco really had taken a big brother/father role for Teddy and to see the delight on Teddy's face was just too much for the older woman. Narcissa hugged her sister, "You raised him well," Andromeda told her.

"I think so too," Narcissa smiled down at her son. After the war Draco wanted the name Malfoy to become something good and today he'd associated the name Malfoy with the Quidditch World Cup. Lucius would be forgotten and Draco would be remembered as the hero who saw England to the trophy. Only at his wedding to Hermione had Narcissa been prouder of her son.

"Let's go down and see them," Hermione said. Gathering their things Hermione, Narcissa, Andromeda, Luna, Padma, Dennis, Bill, Fleur, and Victoire were the first group into the lift, leaving the box.

Molly looked at Harry and Ron as she and Arthur walked toward the lift. "If you two can behave yourselves, you can come to the after-party. It's at Blaise's hotel." Blaise dutifully handed Molly a card with the hotel's address. "Despite the fact that you weren't even going to say hello to us until Hermione saw you, you are still family."

Blaise held the lift doors for the Weasley parents and once they were in the lift went down again. Harry and Ron looked at each other. "Should we go to this party?"

"I don't want to see Malfoy with Hermione," Ron wrinkled his nose, "that's just so wrong."

"Maybe there's an explanation," Harry suggested, though he couldn't think of one. "So do we go or not? If we don't I'm not so sure we'll ever be welcome back in England even as war heroes."

When Draco exited the locker room Hermione leaped into his arms, kissing him, "You were phenomenal love," she whispered.

"Now everyone knows that you're with the best seeker in the world," he grinned.

"The people that matter knew that already," she responded kissing him again.

Draco leaned in and whispered into her ear, "I think we're going to need some privacy before the party."

"I'm fine with that," she smiled.

Fortunately everyone agreed to return to their rooms and change before the party. Once they were alone Draco pulled Hermione to him, "Hermione I've been thinking and I know we talked about waiting but…I want to start a family. Soon."

"Watching Teddy with you today I was thinking the same thing. I'd love to see a mini-Draco looking up at you like Teddy was."

Draco grinned, "So we can start trying?"

"When we get back home I'll take the flushing potion and we can start trying," Hermione returned his grin with one of her own. That sounded perfect to Draco. He kissed her deeply, his hands sliding up under her shirt. "I love you Draco," she breathed as he maneuvered them to the bed, stripping her out of her shirt before his hands moved to her shorts. Luckily the party was that evening so they had some time to indulge in one another's body.

The party was more casual than Harry and Ron expected; most people wore jeans and dresses weren't as formal as they had imagined. They looked around the room to see Hermione, in a silver dress you might wear to a nightclub, laughing at something Draco Malfoy had said to her. Malfoy, to their shock, was in black jeans and wearing a green v-neck t-shirt and of course his World Cup winner's medal. And he was smiling. Not smirking, smiling. "I think something's wrong," Harry said. "Malfoy doesn't smile. And why on Earth would Hermione marry that piece of shite Death Eater?"

"Why is my mum talking and laughing with his hag of a mother?" Ron growled. He was getting very, very angry watching Malfoy touch Hermione. When he swept her up into a kiss Ron snapped and tried to rush over but Harry grabbed hold of him, "What are you doing? We need to get him away from her!"

"Ron, your mum will throw us out if we blow up at them. We have to keep calm. No matter how weird and wrong things are."

"It's been so long since I've seen you in a Slytherin jersey," Draco mused.

"Mmmhmm," Hermione smiled. "I seem to recall wearing it in Hogwarts a few times but you've always preferred me in your button-downs."

"I like you in a button-down," he said, "It buttons." Hermione laughed and kissed him.

"Please tell me you're not plotting your next sexual encounter," Blaise said as he walked over with Daphne.

"Why Blaise are you insinuating that my husband and I shag like rabbits?"

Blaise laughed. Only Hermione could say 'shag like rabbits' and still sound innocent. Well, maybe Luna could on second thought. "The Weasel is ready to explode."

"Why on Earth do they think they get to dictate your life like they own you?" Draco asked his wife. "It makes me hate them more."

"I know," she nodded, kissing his cheek. "You know what I love about you?"

"So many things," Draco responded, making her laugh.

"One thing in particular," she said. "You would never sacrifice my happiness for your own selfishness."

"That's because I make you happy and all I want is you. Those two work together for my benefit," Draco kissed her, "I love you."

"I love you too, oh handsome World Cup Champion," she teased.

"Just what Draco needs, a bigger ego," Daphne laughed.

Harry and Ron really couldn't handle seeing Malfoy and Hermione kissing. Harry looked at Ron, "Maybe we should try to talk to someone."

"Hermione then," Ron said, storming toward the pair. Harry sighed. This wasn't going to end well at all. Five years post-war and plenty of travel under their belts and Ron still couldn't control his temper.

Hermione was studying Draco's winner's medal. "It's very well detailed."

"Goblin-made," Draco answered. "Highest quality you can get."

Hermione flashed the large rock that was her engagement ring, "And Malfoys always get the best?"

"That's the saying," he grinned. "You got the best. Me."

"That World Cup is already making him unbearable," Blaise groaned.

"Oh please Blaise he would've answered that way before the win too," Daphne said.

Hermione laughed. She loved their group of friends. Banter, teasing, mock fights…it was so different than Harry and Ron. Her friendship with the two always felt incredibly formal. She could count on one hand the number of times either one even touched her outside of a loose, awkward hug when they met after a summer apart. Blaise and Theo both treated her like she was any other friend of theirs once she and Draco began to see one another. There was Theo picking her up and throwing her into the pool at Daphne's birthday party and Blaise had a tickle fight with Hermione shortly before their NEWTS to lighten her up. She'd introduced the purebloods to the muggle game Twister which they all loved as it gave them opportunities to make inappropriate remarks about the girls' bodies. Of course, Daphne, Padma, and Hermione used the game to make the boys uncomfortable. Draco would get jealous if Hermione was tangled up with Blaise and Theo and both boys would blush if the girls strategically positioned themselves to give them erotic glimpses of flesh.

Needless to say Hermione, Padma, and Daphne always won the game. She was pulled out her thoughts by Ginny, who had been behind the group, saying, "Here comes trouble."

She looked up to see Ron stomping over and looking ready to fight. She sighed, "I guess maturity isn't what they were searching for."

"Please let me hex my brother?" Ginny asked.

Hermione smirked, "If he draws his wand go right ahead."

Ron's face was the color of his hair as he practically yelled, "What the hell is wrong with you Hermione? How could you marry a Death Eater?! How could you marry a bloody Slytherin?!"

Hermione just gazed at him, unfazed by his anger, "Don't speak about things you know nothing about, Ronald Bilius Weasley. It only makes you look stupid."

"Unsurprisingly it appears you numbskulls couldn't be bothered to even read a newspaper while you were gone. If you had you'd know all about the trials and the fact that I was acquitted of all charges," Draco pointed out.

"More like you told lies and paid your way out," Ron scoffed. The sound of a smack was loud and Ron held his cheek, where Hermione's hand had left its mark. "Bloody hell!"

"Don't you dare insult my husband because you're jealous of him," Hermione said, her eyes flashing in anger. Ron took a step back from the witch in front of him. He had always been a little afraid of Hermione. Now he was terrified of her.

"I want you both out of my hotel," Blaise said. "No one insults my friends in my business. Out!"

"I don't want to be in a Slytherin's hotel anyway," Ron declared. "Vile scum the lot of you."

Ron then yelped in pain as Molly Weasley dragged her son away by the ear. "Ronald Weasley don't you dare bother coming home until you've learned some manners!"

Harry and Ron found themselves outside the hotel and barred from entry to any Zabini properties around the world. Harry looked at his best friend, "Very smooth Ron."

"Oh like we're ever going to even want to stay at a hotel run by Slytherins," Ron rolled his eyes at Harry. "We've stayed at plenty of places nicer than this. Besides, you don't want to put money into their pocket."

Harry grabbed his friend by the arm, "Ron, your mum just made it clear we're not welcome back in England because of your temper tantrum in there!"

Ron paled. He hadn't thought of that. He was so angry that Hermione would marry a Death Eater, particularly Malfoy, that he'd completely forgotten his mother's words about not being there to see the family and that they couldn't come home until he learned some manners. "Sorry mate," Ron said.

"I'm not thrilled with her choice in husband either but I can admit that I don't know anything about her life now. All our information is five years old. I figured we could get some tonight and instead we're banned," Harry scowled. "I didn't even do anything! You did!"

Ron felt his temper getting the better of him, "Well excuse me for actually caring about Hermione!"

"YOU BLOODY ABANDONED HER AND YET YOU STILL TREAT HER LIKE SHE'S A FUCKING TOY OF YOURS YOU UNGRATEFUL BASTARD!" Harry yelled. "Just because you're jealous that she loves Malfoy and wasn't sitting with her legs crossed for over five years while you meandered around the world humping any woman with a pulse doesn't mean you can treat her like that!"

Harry glared at Ron and walked away, "Where are you going?!"

"To apologize," Harry said. "Don't bother coming. We both know they'll only take it if we mean it and you bloody well never will." Harry vanished from the campsite, leaving Ron alone.

P.S. While this has been finished for awhile, the epilogue has not. I just need to finish it off and will probably post it in a couple days at most.