Author's Note: Sigh… That moment you get an idea in your head and you can't let it go. Might as well write yet another story… But, seriously, Digimon and Fate/Extra, how come no one has done this before!?

In any case, I won't spoil anything. This is a Digimon Adventure 02 (English Dub) and Fate/Extra Crossover. It has MAJOR SPOILERS for the Fate/Extra RPG PSP game.

Digimon Adventure 02 will be a criss-cross match of both Dub and Subversions, mostly because I'm more familiar with the dub than the sub. Sub names will be used in descriptions, while Dub names will be used as character nicknames in speech.

For those who come here from my other stories by having followed me, welcome! I promise this story will feature just as interesting twists and turns as my other ones! As you know, I like to deviate from the original story after the first few chapters, shouldn't FanFiction, after all, be about the changing circumstances brought about by even the most minuscule of choices?

Live or die by the sword! The choice lies in your hand! Dancing flames, decaying earth, withered ocean!


Chapter 1: Luminous Sea

She floated in the infinite virtual ocean, a vast, incomprehensible object's core that scanned and tore at her very being of self. Her body's data, a copy of a living, frozen counterpart, breaking down as the Moon Cell analyzed and rid of her. She was, after all, not human, rather an NPC that had developed free will by perhaps the tiniest margin of change to existing. Still, in her time spent alive, she had grown attached to many things.

The Moon Cell, recently named as the Holy Grail, a giant supercomputer of photonic crystals with the capability to alter the fabric of reality itself… But that was incorrect, that notion was something dreamt by humanity. The Moon Cell was merely a means of eternal observation, dating back billions of years, watching the Earth and all its beings for countless generations. Every single thing, from the evolution of microorganisms, to mankind's abilities of magecraft… Magic… To the present day… And even the possible futures that will be, or could have been.

Its power out rivaled anything created by man, that much is true, but its actions can only be guided by the means of something with a mind. Thus, the Holy Grail was created inside of its systems.

But the primary reason was trying to understand the meaning of the soul.

Of course, she cared little on whether it actually accomplished that task or not.

She had been the victor, the winner of that Holy Grail War… A brutal, cruel, and heartless war between magus, humans with magic circuits, in a battle to the death. In this war, she was born, she lived, and now she died by the end.

Of course, the magus, while challengeable, were as powerful as they can use their Servants.

Servants, also known as Heroic Spirits, were vessels of legendary souls from Earth's past, given form in differing classes of power and bonded to their chosen magus. This bond, verified and enforced by the Command Seals, three absolute orders, marked the magus as a Master.

She was one of those Masters, her servant, class Sab- Arc- Cas… Huh…

"Now… Can I barely remember my own servant's class? No… The Moon Cell is showing me possible outcomes, the scenarios that could have been…"

Now, she could barely feel her body at all.


She had accomplished what she set out to do… She had made her 'wish', what she wanted to do once winning the war… She had ended the Holy Grail War forever, never to be again, never to repeat itself in another bloody bath between humans.

All she had to do is wait… Wait until she disappears by being absorbed into the Moon Cell…







"... Strange… I should have been gone by now…"

"That's a miracle in itself... "



"I… I don't want to die…!"

In was an instinctual fear engraved in all humans.

Even, for copy like her.

The fear of death.

But this wasn't death… This was worse… This was her entire being wiped from the face of existence.

There was no Heaven or Hell to give her occupation

"There is still so much for me to see… I want to know… I want to feel what's it like to be in the real world... "

So many people she had met, all who take the pleasure of knowing for granted, they having experienced the outside world, the realm beyond the virtual space of the Moon Cell.

She wanted to know…

Her friend… Her friend had always told her much about the world beyond the digital one.

And her Servant spoke vividly of a life once known in that ever-changing plane.

She wanted to experience it for herself!

"I… I wish I could…"

Her vision started to fade… This was it…

"... I… Wish I could… Be in a world like that…"

"Rejoice, for your wish is granted, Hakuno Kishinami."


"But be aware of the consequences derived from such a selfish desire."




'I… I don't like this…'

There was no sight, no sense of awareness to sooth the growing fear that pressured within. In trying to find some reason, only questions filled the mind. An unfilled logic that plagued the existence of all that was, and all that is. The very notion that a person could think in such an environment was an impossibility none could answer.

It was all dark… Yet that hardly could be used to describe it, by sight it would be all black, but the color had no meaning in this place. A feeling had returned, an emotion not felt for a very long time, yet it could be considered a companion that trailed behind all along. It gripped tightly the heart, pulling at the metaphysical strings and sinking deeper into the void.

'I'm afraid…'

Such fear was rightfully placed, any control thought to be had was trivial. After all, there was nobody to be moved, so why would the ability to choose to be in the range of thought?

The consciousness screams against such an inability, the defiance brought about by mankind since its evolution. The world distorts at the upheaval set about by the mind's rippling effects.

'Move… I have to move…'

However, how can one move without a figure to send the signals to make a movement? The body simply didn't exist, or did it? If this was a realm of the mind, then the mental response should grant the wish.

A puppet body for a puppet soul.

A room of light forms, transparent, yet the lines glow with a vibrant blue hue. It could describe as a digital recreation of a developer's testing ground, meant to test the mechanics tied into the system's core, the programme code.

A figure plummeted onto the virtual dungeon, gravity coming into place as a physical form conjoined together and gave shape to the soul. The very of gravity should give some meaning that this realm ran along the laws of physics.

But it appeared that the void disapproved of such a creation.

The body was human, dull tan school uniform reminiscent of a girl with long, wavy brown hair and eyes with an average looking face, and black turtleneck and pantyhose underneath the shirt and skirt.

She, the girl, tested her limbs. The teenager clenching her fists and releasing, before struggling to stand, the muscles responded slowly, as if it were a newborn babe learning how to walk for the first time. However, this unmerciful darkness didn't grant her the luxury of time, the digital recreation of the room frizzled into numbers behind her, before bursting apart like glass and dissipating into the void.

Once again, fear gripped the restored heart of the girl.

A memory frizzled into life, Hakuno Kishinami… That's her name.

'Need to… I need to get out of here!'

She ran, Hakuno's legs shooting her forward and her body swaying as her arms waved side to side in her rush to escape this place. The digital room expanded into a hallway as she continued down it, vibrations forming and leaving with every step on the translucent floor.

As the teen ran, her eyes only took a glance at what chased behind her, an ever enveloping darkness that consumed the data just meters behind her, chasing Hakuno to the depths of wherever she went.

A sense of urgency built, adrenaline pumped into her veins even if this body was a packet of zero and ones. But she had another skill, no, she had many code casts… But they were of no use to her without something… Someone… But what who was it that she needed?

Time passed slowly and quickly at the same moment, the farther she traveled, the more it stayed the same. Would she continue running for all of the eternity? In fear of being erased, of bearing pain, becoming a corpse?

Another step, then a bright change in the surroundings. While there was still the perpetual threat of consuming darkness edging on catching her, the world had become a series of running numbers and lines.

That wasn't right, this wasn't just that, it was all binary code being furiously funneled in all directions at once.

Still, the road remained the same, an lone transparent hallway hued in blue that marked her path of escape from deletion.

Hakuno Kishinami continued running, wondering when either the void would stop its assault, or when her stamina would give out and by correlation, her imminent death.

Suddenly, another bright light.

Then, she found herself at the entrance of a large circular room, with a single door made entirely of stained glass, yet a closer look reveals that each individual glass pane has different symbol etched. In total, there were nine distinct displays.

Hakuno stepped forward, then hastily turned around to see the hallway she has trespassed through had been devoured entirely, no longer existing or having existed. But the void had stopped short of entering the room, she felt relieved at that fact.

However, it was a short relief.

Hakuno Kishinami took a step back, hand pressed on her chest as she felt an unfathomable energy come forth from the void before her. The feeling encompassed her, tightening on her soul and squeezing it with only its aura. This emotion, this fear, froze her stance and made her unable to move.

Had she been running from this thing all along?

It could have rid of her at any moment, only it chooses to toy with her.

A figure stepped from the shadows, from that darkness, it had no form, only humanoid in general, made out of black colored energy.

It lashed out with a tendril.




She had collapsed, her body laid still on the floor.

No… No… No…

'Not yet, I can't die yet… I haven't…'

What was her desire?

Ah, now she remembered.

'I haven't seen the real world yet… I can't give up!'

Hakuno struggled, determined, willing to stand. This pain was nothing to the times before she had experienced, even if her memory was jumbled and broken, she knew for certain this fact. All those times, they can't be wasted, she hadn't gone through it all just to die without realizing her wish, her desire, her dream.

"That is correct, umu! A desire holds a beauty unrivaled by many! Yes, had you been in the theater, you'll have been the primary applause next to my own! You continue to surprise me even now, Praetor!"

'That voice… It's…'

A women dressed in a long see-through red dress stepped up towards the shadows from behind me, appearing in a dazzling spectacle, the sense of power emitting from her couldn't be described, this person was not human… But I had already known that, after all, this was no ordinary individual, this was my Servant, my precious little Heroic Spirit.

"Worry not, Master. I shall rid of this blackened spirit and send it towards the afterlife! Now, command me as you have before, show me the determination burning in those starlit eyes!"


A renewed spirit fills Hakuno, and she stands up behind her Servant, ready to face another challenge in the long winding tale that spun about their lives.

Saber slashed her sword side to side in a display of swordsmanship, before readying the jagged crimson two-handed blade in a stance towards the unknown creature.

The creature brought up a tendril and lashed outward towards Saber.

Hakuno saw it coming, it was the same attack as before. "Guard!"

Saber reacted instantly, never doubting Hakuno's words for an instant, she pulled up her blade and use her other hand to support the weapon. The attack came down, colliding against the sword, but the Servant's defense rang true and she took the opening left by the attacker's carelessness by thrusting her blade right into the enemy's midsection.

Hakuno noticed the being attempt to defend itself, "Break!"

"Your guard is futile!" Saber yelled as she spun with blade and struck harshly, slashing right through the creature's meager defense and pushing it back with her counter.

"Attack!" Hakuno shouted.

"Hah!" Saber roared a battle cry as the red-dressed Heroic Spirit chased after her opponent, and diagonally slashed downward, splitting apart the energy that formed the monster's physical form, she followed her motions, bringing in another slash, and after that, another following in its wake forming three consecutive strikes in a line.


"As always, your commands bring victory, Praetor!" Saber shouted over the battle as she leaped up, spinning and bringing her weapon down to the floor with a colossal amount of strength, slamming it and causing a minor quake due to her enormous strength hidden in that tiny frame of hers.

The creature backed off, it showed no emotion on whether it had been injured or surprised by the sudden turnabout.

Hakuno Kishinami stood firm behind her Servant, as long as she had Saber, then nothing could beat her. Saber would protect her until the day she would fall peacefully in the bed, the Servant had promised her that.

"What's the matter, creature of shadow?" Saber began, "Were you trying to find easy prey in my Master? Hah, that very idea is laughable, nothing can touch her save I. If you wish to try, then, by all means, step into the limelight so I can make a play of your defeat."

Then the sound of shattering glass caught the attention of Hakuno and Saber, who looked behind them to see that the door's stained glass had shattered, and within its confines spun a swirling whirlpool that stayed there for a brief moment, before beginning to burst outward, gravity itself pulling into the distortion as both Master and Servant felt themselves lifted off their feet.

"Master!" Saber yelled out in alarm as she managed to control her stance, grabbing hold of Hakuno's arm and stabbing her blade into the ground as leverage to avoid being transferred into the doorway.

"Enter, child of the magi, a wish has been made."

Hakuno gasped in shock as she felt something speak in her mind, taking a glance at the whirling distortion, and back at the shadow that now began to approach them, unaffected by the gravity, it was clear what their only hope was.

"Saber, to the door!"

"Is that wise, Praetor?" Saber questioned.

Hakuno nodded.

The expression on her face was one of confidence, reason, hope.

Saber had no other reason to not listen, those eyes told everything. The Servant heaved her sword out of the ground, and the two, both Master and Servant, Hakuno and Saber, plummeted into the doorway, spinning into the whirlpool and vanishing from the realm forever.

And as they disappeared, a reminiscent pain burned its way onto Hakuno Kishinami's hand and arm.

Then, she knew no more, darkness took her vision once again.