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"After an endless dream, in this world of nothingness. It seems as if our beloved dreams will lose. Even with these unreliable wings, covered in images that tend to stay. I'm sure we can fly, on my love!"


Chapter 90: Finally, Back Again.

Daisuke Motomiya looked at this D-3 Digivice, its subtle pinging and visual screen reminding him of nearby digivice locations, other members of the Digidestined. It was helpful in many regards, but unfortunately, did not aid him in detecting the Destiny Stones or finding Hakuno's partner, Archer. It was to be expected, given from what he recalled of the original digivices' creation from stories, the digivice was created with such functionality in mind. It wouldn't be able to track particular individuals or other objects, which was a shame, considering it would have been immensely helpful in knowing Hakuno's location quite a few times.

Nonetheless, Hakuno did not have a digivice. The only item she had that originated from the Digital World itself would be her Crest, but like Ken's Crest of Kindness, that particular object was difficult to use. Well, if Hakuno could even make use of it in the first place, considering her odd interactions with the Digital World.

But that sort of brainstorming was a bit far-fetched from Daisuke's thoughts.

He liked the simplicity and just thinking of Hakuno as another Digidestined with a different type of partner helped him sort his thoughts concerning the Digital Human.

Though the amount of trouble she got into made their own time in the Digital World beforehand seem like a cakewalk, Hakuno had some sort of magnetism to her to attract baddies. Well, it may also be written down as expected, she had an uncanny amount of experience in dealing with problems, and that may have affected the behavior of their enemies.

Which, after the Digimon Emperor, things got a lot harder.

Not that Ken hadn't been a difficult opponent, but the moment Hakuno got involved, the speed of his inevitable defeat escalated. All the enemies thereafter seemed to have a huge grudge against her.

Well, not much he could do about that, and honestly, Daisuke didn't care if the problems arose because of Hakuno. It wasn't like she intended to antagonize them, all she wanted to do was go to the Real World, but apparently, these 'factions' had their own plans.

And they didn't seem like friendly cooperation between humans and digimon.

Enough daddling enough though, time to find Archer, and walking isn't going to speed things up.

"Hey!" Daisuke called out to the others, Tai, Yamato, and Ken, along with their digimon partners.

"What's up, Davis?" Tai questioned.

"We're not covering much ground at this rate, how about we use Raidramon and Garurumon to speed things up?" He suggested.

"Good thinking," Yamato praised. "Both of them can travel ground quickly," He looked at his partner, Gabumon. "What say you, Gabumon? Thinking of speeding things up?"

"Sure thing, Matt," Gabumon happily said in response.

"Davis," Veemon looked eager.

"Yeah!" Daisuke raised his D-3, but before he began, he glanced over at Ken. "Want to ride with me, Ken?"

"I'm fine, I'll have Stingmon look from the air," Ken rejected the offer.

"Alright, Digi-Armor Energize!" Daisuke shouted as his D-3 lit up in response.

Digimental Evolution

"Veemon Digimental Shinka!"

Veemon was enveloped in a bright glow, the symbol of friendship enveloped him before crackling arcs of electricity shot outward and encircled the evolving digital monster in the shape of three rings. The Digimon's form changed shape, becoming four-legged with black bone armor plates and a dagger horn on top of its head. With a roar, a sphere of lightning shot out from its backside, and the newly evolved digimon presented itself.

"Raidramon, the Storm of Friendship!"

Along with Raidramon's evolution, wormmon digivolved into Stingmon and Gabumon into Garurumon. Daisuke mounted ontop his partner's back, the speed of Raidramon could only be matched by few other Digidestined partners, so the ground he'd cover will be much more vast than on foot.

"Let's meet back here in an hour," Yamato suggested.

They all agreed.

The Nameless Heroic Spirit, Archer, traveled across the arid region of the Digital World, its environment matching closely to dry regions within North America. While he could have taken on his spiritual form to quicken his travel, it would have left his fellow escapee alone in the area. Sure, the digimon Hackmon was rather strong for his evolutionary stage, being a former 'Royal Knight' as it were according to the information explained, but a cross with an ultimate level would still be dangerous.

He knew his Master, Hakuno Kishinami, would immediately notice his arrival once the contract between them returned in full. Likely, she'll either try to locate him herself or at least have the Digidestined help. But it had been quite some time since he last met his Master and he was unaware of what occurred in that timeframe. He had bits and pieces, but nothing concrete in facts to know what his Master had been doing.

But what he did know was that King Drasil and his knights were targeting her and her Servants.

He jumped and landed on top of an elevated hilltop, the stone ruins they'd arrive in could be seen in the distance behind them. It was likely the location, or at least nearby the location, of a Destiny Stone. He'd made sure the mark the location for future reference, but doubted it would remain unguarded. As the location that the portal way from King Drasil's domain exited out of, there was a high probability it would be fortified soon. With his Master, Archer could potentially retake it from a lone 'Royal Knight', but would immensely struggle against two, unless Hakuno had managed to improve her capability in supporting multiple Servants outside the Private Room.

Using his Clairvoyance, a skill that Archer Class Servants like himself possessed, he could see far out into the region. His eyes spotted multiple figures in all directions, some identifiable as digimon possibly native to the region, some moving at quick paces, and of course the notable mark of a towering Control Spire. However, even though they would be specks to others, Archer could see clearly what was what, and who was who.

As such, he knew which were actually the Digidestined.

"I have spotted some members of the Digidestined," Archer remarked.

Hackmon had approached him, catching up to the Heroic Spirit's speed, "Homeostatis' selection? Is it the second or third generation?"

"Both," Archer replied. "They've fanned out, likely in search of us."

"I guess someone was observing the Digital World's territories at the time of our arrival," Hackmon commented, though that may have been one of the reasons, Archer knew otherwise.

Suddenly, a significant amount of energy permeated the air, coming from the direction of the ruins.

"Looks like they've followed up," Archer commented.

"That was quick, King Drasil must have repaired that gateway personally," Hackmon remarked. "The amount of data… Likely only a single one of them."

The Heroic Spirit of the Bow turned towards its direction, a great black bow appearing in his left hand's hold. His body radiated with magical energy, renewed on his return by his Master's reserves, and his right hand outstretched, palm opened to trace the desired object.

"I am the bone of my sword." Archer's voice spoke like a command, the air around him tensing with energy.

A spiral sword formed in his free hand, it shifted and changed into a blade so narrow, it could be mistaken for a misshapen odd arrow. He pulled the traced weapon into the bowstring and aimed. "My core is twisted in madness, Caladbolg!"

He fired, the arrow soared, and not a moment later the mostly undisturbed ruins were enveloped by an explosion that eradicated the entire place to the last stone. Its radiance creating a bright light that could be seen for miles, undoubtedly catching every individual in the region's attention.

Hackmon could only watch the destruction from beside the Servant, shocked by Archer's ability now that the Servant had the energy he needed, a world's difference in strength from his limited self in King Drasil's domain.

"That will delay our enemy," Archer said.

"That level of destruction matches ultimate level digimon, if not a low mega," Hackmon said. "And this is without your partner's support?"

The Servant remained silent, withholding to answering Hackmon's curiosity, although they were allies of circumstance, Homeostasis was still an entity with unknown goals. In the meantime, they should quickly make their way to meet with the Digidestined, the advantage of numbers could make a difference, and they might have improved in strength and skill since.

Because whatever enemy digimon he just delayed would certainly be heading his way.

Although Hakuno Kishinami felt a drain in her reserves from a Servant of hers, the Digital Human's attention was currently preoccupied with the herd of artificial digimon heading toward both her and Blackwargreymon's direction. A large force of a dozen Control Spire creations, all ultimate level, had been sent to face them in a deadly confrontation. They were mammalian design, nearly identical to mammoths of a bygone ice age, that it was no surprise her Portable Terminal's digi-analyzer recognized them as Mammothmon.

They had been traveling across the northern regions of the Digital World, trekking over snow and ice, when their journey had been interrupted by the rumbling of this incoming herd. At first, Hakuno wanted to simply circle around them, believing at first that they were actual digimon before they seemed to home-in towards them specifically even after they changed paths.

A quick Code Cast to view their status revealed their true nature, and unlike Blackwargreymon, these entities didn't seem to hold any semblance of free will.

It seems Arukenimon had sent them here, for what purpose, the magus couldn't figure out yet. Perhaps to delay them, perhaps to dissuade, or even for revenge against either her or Blackwargreymon.

But regardless, they threatened her well-being.

Without a Servant, Hakuno couldn't hope to fight a single ultimate level digimon, let alone a dozen.

Fortunately, Blackwargreymon solved this predicament.

"Will you fight?" Hakuno questioned.

"Of course, you are under my protection and any who threaten my search will be eliminated," He spoke and began to hover. Although only a meter off the ground, his sheer presence and lift caused gusts of wind and snow around him, as if the Digital World trembled at this digimon's immense power.

"Do you want help?" Still, Hakuno remain undisturbed by Blackwargreymon.

"Not for this," His answer was short and in an instant, he blasted off towards the herd before them, leaving Hakuno behind and causing her clothes to billow from the gust of air, still her gaze watched the upcoming battle.

Or more accurately, the slaughter.

A large echo of trumpets from their trunks, like a battle cry, carried through the icy region as the Mammothmon herd challenged him. Blackwargreymon in contrast was silent in all but what his movements caused, he approached them with breakneck speeds and did not halt even as their tusks raised to gorge him. Instead, the moment he arrived, his fists raised and clawed gauntlets joined together, body spinning in a furious motion that formed into a miniature dark tornado.

"Black Tornado!" Blackwargreymon's voice roared in defiance of his opponents, his whirlwind of destruction spun and tore through three Mammothmon without an ounce of mercy, shredding apart their outer data and revealing the dark tower material below that soon broke apart and collapsed from his attack.

In less than thirty seconds, Blackwargreymon had slain three ultimate-level creations.

"Raaaaagh!" His tornado ended but his carnage continued, his mighty roar shouting to the sky above as his hands gripped the tusks of two attacking mammoths, then proceed to rip them off and pierce the fake digimon with their own bodily weapons.

Now the number raised to five, nearly half a dozen gone.

"Freezing Breath!" The remaining Control Spire digimon used a signature attack of the Mammothmon species, encasing Blackwargreymon entirely in ice.

All was still for a moment

Then it shattered.

"Aaaargh!" Blackwargreymon cried out in anger and he raised above them, each gauntlet raised above his shoulders, hands outstretched.

"Terra Destroyer!" His attack formed like massive black sphere with orange hues, the energy seeming to twist and contort the surrounding air before he heaved it at the seven Mammothmon who were helpless to stop it as it incinerated them and exploded outward, leaving only a crater and dirt, the snow and ice having evaporated on contact.

The battle barely lasted two minutes.

And Hakuno Kishinami had been reminded as to who exactly she'd been dealing with.

Still, as Blackwargreymon looked over the remains of the battlefield, as he slowly hovered down to the ground, Hakuno remained resolute in her decision to stay by his side. He may find a purpose in battle, but she would help him know that he could have multiple purposes.