Hey Guys and welcome to my new story! This was inspired by Sparks Fly by TheEngineerngGame however I am NOT copying them. You should still read that story though. I hope you enjoy The New Girl and please review :)

Diclaimer: I only own Devyn

Devyn's pov:

Here I am, all alone, standing outside the home for the future famous. I was excited but a little scared...okay, a lot scared. I don't know anyone and my producer is well- intense. With a slightly awkward smile, I walked up to the front desk.

"Devyn Spencer," I stated. "I believe the room is 2L,"

The owner clapped unenthusiastically, "Congratulations- you have a decent memory!" He handed me a keycard, which I hesitantly took. He was rude!

As I turned to go up to my room, four boys ran by. "Guys, new girl!" A tall, cute blonde whispered. Two of them brushed it off but a tall, equally as cute brunette looked at me and smiled. I smiled and waved at the boys before getting onto the elevator.

Kendall's pov:

New Girl= gorgeous! She was a little on the short side with long, dark brown, naturally highlighted hair, bright blue eyes and a perfect smile. James seemed interested though which left me with little to no chance. But hey, I'm not gonna let some girl I don't know ruin my day- I am enjoying my day off with my friends at the awesome Palm Woods pool.

James' pov:

That new girl was pure gold. I want her to like me soo bad, I'm "the face" so it shouldn't be too hard, right? But Kendall already likes her too. He got Jo and I think Lucy likes him- darn it! Why do all the new girls like him? This is going to be interesting in a twisted way, like reality tv but one things for sure- nothing will hurt our friendship!

Logan's pov:

Kendall and James both like the new girl...oh no!

Carlos' pov:

I want a corn dog! Wait...are we talking about something else?