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Phantom May Cry Ch1: Prologue

A man with white hair and a red trench cote has a grim look on his face and was deep in thought. The man had two twin pistols on his back, one black and the other white, along with his weapons was a long black claymore like sword with a skull at the base of the blade. This man was Dante, son of Sparda and professional devil hunter.

Dante's thoughts were interrupted when the front door to his office opened to revile a women with something in her arms. The women had short black hair, had one eye that was blue and the other red, on the bridge of her nose was a short scare. She was warring a white blows with a short black skirt, resting behind her shoulder was missile launcher with a bayonet at the end of it. This was Mary or better known by everyone a Lady.

Dante couldn't help but smile as Lady walked in, but what drew his eyes was what she was caring in her arms that was wrapped up in a light blue blanked. Walking over to her, Dante took the bundle and unwrapped it to ravel a baby.

The baby had white spiky hair, one eye was a light blue and the other red. The baby was giggling happily at Dante. This was the son of Dante and Lady.

"Hey there little guy." Dante said as he rocked the baby back and forth.

Lady smiled at the scene, knowing how Dante always has a soft spot for kids especially her own. There was a knock at the door, they turn to see Morrison with a solemn expression on his face. Morrison was a tall man with a gray hair and a thick mustache and was wiring a light brown long cote. " It's time, I have everything set up." He said in a grim tone.

Lady and Dante both nodded with a sad expression on there faces. "Alright, let me just do something." Dante said before putting his hand over his son. After a second a magic circle appeared over the baby, his white hair turned black and his red eye turned blue like the there one. The baby yawned before falling asleep.

"What did you do?" Lady asked in a worry tone after seeing the sudden change.

"I suppress his demon blood so no other demon can find him. But when the time comes the seal will break unleashing his power." Dante explained. Lady nodded, thinking this will keep her child safe until he would need to fight.

Morrison nodded before taking the baby from Dante and walking out. Lady let's a tear fall before a determine look cross her face. The two were about to walk out when Dante stopped after he felt a slight chill. Lady turn to him with a questioning look.

"Go get the car, there's someone I need to talk to." Dante told Lady which she nodded and walked.

Dante turned around just as a portal in the shape of a clock append as a figure floated before him. The being wore a purple cloak while wielding a staff with a clock at the end of it. His skin was a light blue, while his eye were ruby red with a long scare running over his left eye. But the two most noticeable about this being was that instead of legs he had a wisp and in the center of his chest was hollow but with a clock swinging side to side similar to a grandfather clock. This was Clockwork the ghost of time.

"How's it hanging stopwatch." Dante said in a cocky tone.

Clockwork's face was blank, showing no emotion. "You know your not coming back, you or Lady." Clockwork said in a sad tone.

Dante's face became serious, "I have a favorer to ask Clockwork." He said looking a right into the ghost of time's eyes. "If we don't make it back, I want you to take Rebellion, Ebony, Ivory and give them to my son when his demon blood awakens."

Clockwork shifted into a old man with a long white beard and nodded. "I will do this favor for you old friend." He said before opening a portal and disappearing.

Dante let out a breath and headed out through the front door of the shop to see Lady waiting by the car. They get in and drive quickly of and head out of the city. Dante looks at Lady from the corner of his eye. "You know you don't have to come."

Lady gave Dante a look that shut him up right away. She puts a firm hand on his shoulder. "Your not getting rid of me that easily," She said with a confident grin. "We're in this together no mater what."

Dante thought for a moment before nodding. "Well, as long as we're together, let's do this with a bang." He said just before slamming down on the gas easily breaking the speed limit and driving off out of the city."

On the other side of the city a couple were waiting in a office at a adopting agency. The man was very large and wore a orange jumpsuit, the women was smaller and had a blue jumpsuit on. They were both siting on a couch in the office the man barley able to fit do to his large size.

The door of the office open and in walked Morrison carrying the baby and a social worker with a small stake of papers. Morrison forced a smile on as he looked at the couple. "Mr. and Mrs. Fenton." The social worker said.

The big man jumped right up to Morrison and looked at the baby in his arms the women fallowed and smiled when she saw the baby. Morrison handed the baby to the women who took him with glee and rocks him back and forth. "What's his name?" Mrs. Fenton said with joy.

"Daniel." Morrison said while giving a cut nod.

"Danny Fenton." Mr. Fenton said with a big grin. "This little guy is going to be a great addition to the family and help carry on the family name."

The social worker smiles at the couple's enthusiasm. "You just need to finish sighing the paper work then you can take him home."

"Well then let's get cracking!" The big man said eagerly.

15 minuets later the Fentons sighed all the paper work, they left out front with Morrison escorting them they climbed into a green and silver RV and drove off a bit recklessly. "Good luck kid, if your anything like your parents you'll have a exiting life ahead of you," The RV makes a sharp turn nearly hitting a car. Morrison sweat drops. 'and it may be sooner then' Morrison thought.

In the Fenton RV Daniel was in the back strapped in as the car moved dangerously. Mrs. Fenton look back at Daniel with a warm smile. "Welcome to the family. Jazz is going to be so happy to see you." Mrs. Fenton looked up in thought. "I wonder how she is doing with my sister." She said to herself.

Mr. Fenton was smiling like crazy barley keeping his eyes on the road as he drove like a mad man. "Next stop Amity Park!" He said to the baby not looking at the road. Looking back just in time to see an oncoming car and just narrowly escapes the collision. "Man there are some reckless divers tonight!"

Well, look like Morrison was right when he said this kid is going to have a kick start for a exiting life.