Phantom May Cry

Phantom Goes to the South P-2

Kenny's P.O.V

It was a normal day for me, like any other day in South Park. Woke up, took Karen to school, went to the bus stop to see my friends, saw some bad guy, changed into Mysterion, fought some bad guy, then... well... I died, and everyone didn't remember it. So yeah, a normal day. But their was something new, I got to meet Danny Phantom, a real super hero.

I have always seen myself as more of a vigilantly if anything. I might have the power to avoid death, but that didn't mean I was invincible or wanted to always do the right thing. I never really understood my powers, but it was pretty simple, I can't die. Well that's not all true, I can die I just can't stay dead, and it hurt like a bitch every time. When I was younger I used to die a lot, almost every day, then I came back a day or two later in my bed with nobody remembering my death. Luckily over the years I have been able to feel this power out a bit and have been dying a lot less when I became Mysterion.

The whole reason I became Mysterion was because I wanted to get some cash to pay for food and stuff for me and my little sister, Karen, and so I can keep her safe. My parents mostly spent their money on rent, drugs, drug ingratiates, and then food for them, if their was any left over. I didn't have any regrets from stealing from criminals if I used it to help my sister live.

My older brother Keven got arrested for fighting and really hurting some assholes, so now he's in juvie for the next year. He was always more of a loaner, but at least he looked after my and Karen when we were growing up.

Anyway back to my day, I saw some of those guys in white suits skulking around my school again, GIW they call them selves, looking for something. Seeing that it could lead to no good I put on my Mysterion costume and kept an eye on them. And my hunch was right as they were chasing something with a red clock around the school, shooting with some weird guns with storm-trooper aim. I was able to take them down before I heard some more shooting on the other side of the school.

But imagine my surprise to see two guys actually fighting the shity storm-troopers when I got their, and the two guys were looking for me. Hell, one of them was Danny Phantom, the ghost boy of Amity Park. So when he asked for my help to take down the GIW and the cult that entered town, of course I said yes.

Unfortunately I... died... again, and I woke up in my bed with a sigh. That was another perk about my power now that I was older, I can come back after dying a lot sooner then before.

Sitting up in my bed I saw I was in my raggedy white shirt and boxers, looking to the side I saw my favorite (and only) orange jacket on the door handle. Glancing at the time I saw only an hour past since I died. Getting up from my old bed I went to one of my drawer and pulled it open, seeing my Mysterion gear. I quickly closed the drawer before going over to my jacket and put it on, leaving the hood down. I put on the rest of my cloths before sitting on my bed and started to think.

The GIW were getting bolder, attacking a hero in daylights at a school. Not only that there was the cult, I heard from the police scanners that they found a dead homeless man that was dangerously close to my house. Even if I started being Mysterion only for Karen and myself, even I know if I didn't do something more people were going to die. But I can't do it alone, even with Kyle and Stan's help, I need some real help, I needed to find Danny Phantom.

He seemed to know the group that is trying to take over South Park, hell he said he was hired by the mayor to take these guy out. I might be able to get the GIW and the cult out if I work with him. But now I had a different problem, how do I find him. The thing about when people forget about me is that it's different, sometimes they only forget a few minuets and think I pulled a Houdini, or forget a whole day and think I was never their.

I sighed before rubbing my head, I really hate this power sometimes. But I couldn't dwell on it, I just need to find Phantom.

I was suddenly brought out of my thoughts when I heard a knock at the front door. I raised an eyebrow as I got up and walked to the living room.

"Wonder who that could be?" I muttered to myself, Karen should be getting out of school in a few more hours and my parents were probably out selling or buying drugs, leaving only me in the rundown house.

I walked up to the front door and quickly unlocked it before I opened it.

"Hello, is this the McCormick ho-" But the person cut himself off when he saw me, and his jaw dropped.

I was shocked to see none other then Danny Phantom in front of me, along with that Greed guy. The last thing I expected was for these guys to appear in my door step. But it looked like my luck was turning a bit.

I deiced to play confused and see what they wanted with Kenny McCormick, not Mysterion. "Can I... help you?" I asked.

Phantom looked to Greed with a still shocked look, confusing me before he turned back to me.

"Didn't you die, I don't know... an hour ago." Phantom said while looking at his watch.

It took my brain a minute to posses what he just said and when it did my heart stopped. Seeing as I never thought I would hear those words come from anyone's mouth.

My face morphed into complete disbelief and then I said the only thing that came to mind.

No One's P.O.V

"What the fuck did you just say?" Kenny asked while looking between Daniel and Greed.

"You died," Greed said simply while pointing to Kenny. "You got stabbed in the chest and 'bleed to death'." Greed said while quoting.

Kenny took a step back as he looked even more shocked. "H-h-ho-how?" Was all he could stutter out.

Daniel raised an eyebrow at the stuttering teen. "I pulled up your mask up when I thought you died, and you friends told me where you live." Daniel answered with a still confused look on his face. "How did you do that by the way, do you have a healing factor, and why would you-"

"No how do you remember!?" Kenny shouted, cutting Daniel off.

Daniel and Greed gave the kid a confused look. "What do you mean, it just happened-"

"Exactly," Kenny exclaimed, cutting Greed off. "You can't remember, no one ever remembers!"

Daniel now looked even more confused. "Ok back this up a bit. What are you talking about, how would we not remember?"

Kenny stared at Daniel and Greed for a moment before poking his head out the door a bit. He looked around a bit before grabbing Daniel and Greed's arms and pulling them in with surprising strength. As soon as they were all in Kenny quickly locked the door before looking at them.

The young blond looked at the two demon hunters with a serious but also nervous expression. "I... I need you to tell me everything you remember when you meet me." Kenny said while he took a big gulp of air.

Daniel and Greed looked at each other but decided to humor the kid. They relayed the events that happened with the GIW when Kenny, or Mysterion, showed up to the end when he died. When the two were finished Kenny was looking at the two in disbelief and was shaking a little.

"You alright kid?" Greed asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I... I can't believe it, you two... really remember." Kenny said with a low chuckle.

Daniel looked at the young blond with a concern look. "Alright, what is this whole 'remembering' thing you keep talking about?" Daniel asked with a bit of a frustrated look.

Kenny was able to take a breath and look at the two. "It's... It's a little hard to believe." Kenny said with a emotionless chuckle.

Both demon hunters snorted. "Try us." They said at the same time.

Kenny suddenly gained a serious look. "I can't die." Kenny said a little dramatically.

That statement alone got nothing from Daniel and Greed. "So you have a healing factor like Greed and me?" Daniel asked.

Kenny was taken aback by such a little reaction. "No I... wait what do you mean like you guys?"

Daniel and Greed looked at each other before they brought up their hands. To Kenny's surprise they started to play rock, paper, scissors. Daniel in the end won with paper, beating Greed's rock making him grumbled.

"Um, what exactly are you guys do-" Kenny started to ask but was cut off when Daniel brought our Ivory and shot Greed right in the head, making his body hit the floor. "What the fuck!?" Kenny yelled as he jumped back. As he did he kicked one of the chairs in the living room over showing a pistol strapped to the bottom, he quickly took it and aimed it at Daniel. "Put your hands up!" Kenny yelled.

Daniel rolled his eyes as he put Ivory away. "Calm down, he's fine."

Kenny gained a look of disbelief as he stared at Daniel. "The fuck-" Kenny started to say but was cut off when he saw red sparks glow around Greed's head, closing the hole in his head. A moment later Greed got up while rubbing his neck. "... he is?" Kenny said as he lowered the gun.

Greed gave Daniel a flat look. "Next time, you take the bullet in the head." Greed grumbled.

Daniel nodded an looked to Kenny, who still looked shocked. "As you can see we're used to the hard to believe."

Kenny stared at them a bit longer before sighing. "That's cool and all, but my 'power' is a little different." Kenny said with a grim expression as he put the gun back under the chair. "I can die, I just don't stay dead for long."

Daniel raised an eyebrow at the blond. "And as you just saw neither can Greed and I-"

"That's different." Kenny cut Daniel off, getting a confused look form him. "He healed himself... for me... it's different." Kenny said with a sigh.

Daniel looked at Kenny for a bit before going to the ragged couch and sitting on it. "Well why don't you tell us more." Daniel said with a smile.

Kenny looked at Daniel a bit before sighing and sitting on the chair he knocked over earlier. Greed just leaned against a near by wall, only half listening.

"For as long as I can remember, I couldn't die and stay dead." Kenny said with a grim expression. "I die and somehow I wake up in my bed like nothing happened, no wounds, no scars, and I know it happens because trust me it hurts like a bitch. I've been shot, stabbed, poisoned, decapitated, impaled, burned alive, even had cancer, and a bunch of other ways." Kenny said bitterly. "And the worst part his no one remembers it."

Both Daniel and Greed stared at Kenny in shock. They've both been through their far share of hell, but this kid went above and beyond. "Nobody remembers any of this?" Daniel asked.

Kenny shook his head with a sigh. "No, after I die they're shocked for a while but just forget about me, like I wasn't there." Kenny said with a sigh. "Nobody seems to remember... except you guys. Why?" Kenny asked the demon hunters.

"You ever seen anyone like us?" Greed asked.

Kenny shrugged. "I've seen some strange things, like the GIW and the cult."

That caught Daniel's attention. "Speaking of cults and GIW, you said their was a connection between them." He said getting a nod from Kenny. "Well like I said before me and Greed were hired by the mayor to get them out of town."

"You mention that," Kenny said. "So what do you want to know?"

"Anything you got will help." Daniel said.

Kenny nodded before getting up. "Alright, I'll help you guys, common." He said as he started to walk to the door.

Both Daniel and Greed looked confused, but they got up anyway. "Were are we going?" Greed asked as they walked out house.

"I didn't store the information here, I have a little hideout." Kenny said as he led the way, not bothering to put his hood up.

"What, like a secret hideout?" Daniel asked with a smirk.

Kenny's gave a nervous chuckle as he rubbed. "Well it is secret... and it is my hideout in a way, so yeah." He said as they walked down the road.

"This is not a secret hideout," Daniel deadpan as Kenny led him and Greed into a storage lot called 'You-Store it'. "This is the opposite of a secret hideout."

Kenny rolled his eyes as they walked down the little road. "What did you expect, a Mysterion cave or something. I'm barley able to afford this place alone from what I make." Kenny said as he let the way.

They walked until they were in the very back of the storage lot. "Right here." Kenny said as he walked to the second to last unit.

The young blond squatted to the bottom and brought up a key before he opened the unit. Kenny walked in along with Daniel and Greed, as soon as they were in Kenny shut the door and turned on the lights. The unit was small and their was a wall of boxes in front of them.

"So... this is it?" Greed said in a disappointed tone. "Hell I'm almost compelled to give you a donation... almost." He said the last part quickly.

Kenny rolled his eyes as he walked to the end of the wall of boxes. He grabbed one of the boxes before, to the demon hunters surprises, he pulled the stack of boxes at ones. Looking closer the two saw the stack of Boxes were actually a long board, only painted to look like a stack of boxes.

"I'll still take a 'donation'." Kenny said with a cocky smirk, making Greed give him the finger.

Kenny walked into the opening and Daniel and Greed fallowed. On the other side of the wall both demon hunters were surprised to see. The room was bigger then they previously though, their was a manikin that had a Mysterion costume, a box of fireworks in a corner, a wall with some weapons such as guns, metal bats, even an axe. Their was a wall that hold a lot of photos of some men in black robes and others with some GIW goons.

"Ok, I take it back, this is not half bad." Daniel said as he looked around.

That got a smirk out of Kenny. "Alright," He said as he walked to the board. "Here's what I have so far. This guy," He said as he pointed to one of the photos with a GIW goon. "Is the one leading the GIW here, he calls himself Alpha."

The man had a short blond crew cut and had a hard face, he was warring a white suit like any other GIW goon. He looked like a big man, about 7 feet tall and 300 pounds that looked all muscle.

"Damn, what are they feeding these guys." Greed said as he looked at the photo.

"Steroids." Daniel said with a shrug. It was probably true, nearly all the GIW were too easily muscular.

"And this guy, as far as I can tell, is the leader of the cult." Kenny said pointing to another photo. "I've heard his name is Patches."

The man was pale white with no hair on his head. He was warring kind of old black leather armor and had a cocky smirk on his face.

"Ok, so what is the connection between the two?" Daniel asked as he looked the photos over.

Kenny reached out and took a photo that was behind another one before handing it to Daniel. The photo showed Alpha talking to Patches with a bunch of GIW and cultist.

"There has been meetings between the group leaders and some of the subordinates." Kenny said as he looked at the board. "I don't know why but for some reason they have a common goal or something. But I have no idea what it is." Kenny said as he rubbed his chin.

"Do you have an idea on how many there are of each group?" Greed asked.

Kenny shrugged to the question. "There actually not as many as you think, if you count Alpha there is about 26 GIW's in town. As for the cult there is about... 20 at most." The young blond said.

"Do you have any idea where they are hiding, where there hideout is?" Daniel asked as he grabbed another photo off the wall.

That got a sigh out of the blond. "No idea, they might have storm-trooper aim but even they get a lucky shot. Always killed me before I could find out where they are." Kenny said in a annoyed tone.

Daniel sighed but didn't say anything, they were getting a lot of information on the groups thanks to Kenny.

As the white haired demon hunter was looking over the photos he notice one where it showed a familiar sight. It was something flying around in a red cloak being chased by the GIW. "What can you tell us about this?" Daniel asked as he pointed to the photo.

Kenny looked at the photo and scratched his head. "Not much, that things been all over town. It just pops up and the GIW are close on it's tail. For some reason they really want it... whatever it is."

Daniel leaned closer to the photo before it clicked. "I think it's a ghost... and it looks a little familiar." Daniel said getting Greed's and Kenny's attention. "If it was a ghost it would explain how the GIW are always on it's trail, they might be incompetent but they defiantly have some hard core equipment." Daniel said.

"Could they be here for that ghost, you've said they were really obsessive?" Greed asked.

That made Daniel rub his head a bit. "Maybe, but it seems a little over kill to send 26 GIW's to this small town just for one ghost, even for GIW standers."

"No, I thinks he's right," Kenny suddenly said getting Daniel and Greed's attention. "Every time the GIW shows up their chasing that thing, or ghost. Hell I've even seen some of the cultist chasing it."

"If that's the case what did this ghost do," Daniel said with a raised eyebrow, confusing Greed and Kenny a bit. "I mean, they hate me because of how powerful I am and how I always made them look bad, but even then they only send like, two or three GIW's after me." Daniel said before pointing to the photo. "Yet the GIW sent an entire team to this place just to capture one ghost. So it makes you wonder, what did this ghost do to piss off the GIW, so much so that they would work with a group of cultist."

Everyone just absorb it all in, and the all though the same thing. Things are getting more complicated.

"So... what now?" Kenny asked out loud.

Daniel looked at the photo's a bit more before turning to the young blond. "We still need to find out where they are operating, and to do that we need to 'talk' to one of the GIW or cultist." Daniel said before clapping his hands together. "Let's take a trip to the police station and see our friends." Daniel said with a smirk.

With a new goal in hand Daniel, Greed, and Kenny all went to the police station, with Kenny dressed up as Mysterion with a axe strapped on his back. As soon as the three entered the police station they instantly became the center of attention.

Daniel walked up to the front counter where a nervous policeman sat. He continued to glance at Mysterion but kept his eyes on Daniel as well.

"I need to speak to the chef of police." Daniel said as he brought out his ID.

The man hesitated before moving to the intercom on the desk. "Chef Yates, there are... some men here to see you... a Daniel Phantom... and one of them is Mysterion." He said in a hesitant voice.

It was a few moment before someone replied. "Send them up."

The police man looked back to the three with a less nervous look. "Head up the stairs and go to the room that says 'Chef's Office', you can't miss it." He said.

Daniel nodded before he started to walk up the stairs, Greed and Kenny close behind. Ones they made it up they were again instantly the center of attention again, but they ignored it and made their way to the chef's office.

Ones they got their they opened the door and quickly got in. Inside their was a man with short orange hair similar to Daniel's sister, he was in his late 40's and had a white button up shirt with a gun holster on his chest.

The chef looked up from his desk with a serious look. "So you the guys the mayor called in." The chef said with a raised eyebrow.

Daniel gave a shrug to the man. "Is that going to be a problem?"

That got a snort out of the chef. "Hell no, we could use all the help we can get." He said getting a raised eyebrow out of Daniel and Greed. "We're a small town, and I'm not prideful enough to turn down any help. Like what you did at the school, thank you for that." He said with a smile as he got up and walked up to Daniel before shacking his hand. The chef then looked to Mysterion and gave him a small salute. "Mysterion."

"Chef Yates, never got to congratulate you on your promotion." Kenny said in his Mysterion voice.

"Thank you." He said quickly before looking to Daniel. "So what do you need?"

"You recently got some GIW's after they attacked the school, we need to talk to them." Daniel said straight away.

The chef nodded to Daniel. "Yeah, though they aren't cooperating in the least."

"Let us talk to them, we can be very persuasive." Greed said with a grin.

The chef shrugged at him. "I don't care if you ruff them up a bit, just don't kill them ok." He said getting a nod out of everyone.

Chef Yates let the group to the holding cells, their were about 10 GIW's in the cells, all bandaged up from injurious. One they saw Daniel, Greed, and Mysterion they all glared at them, but didn't say anything.

"So which one do you want to talk to?" The Chef asked as he looked over the GIW's.

Daniel started to look over the men in white suits so see if he saw anything. But they were all keeping straight faces and not giving much up. With a sigh Daniel was about to pick a random one, but before he could Greed suddenly raised his hand.

"That one." Greed said, surprising everyone in the room.

Nobody said anything as he grabbed the GIW Greed pointed to and took him to a interrogation cell. One the GIW was inside by himself everyone else looked at him through a one way glass.

"So, why you picked this guy?" Mysterion asked.

"I felt a bit more greed from him then the others, along with wrath." Greed said getting a surprised from Daniel. Seeing the look Greed elaborated. "It's something I've been working on, I can scene the strongest sins a person has. Haven't used it yet until now." Greed said with a big grin.

"Handy," Daniel said with a smirk. "So how do you want to play this."

Greed's grin grow wider was he turned to the GIW in the interrogation room. "We appeal to his sins."

A moment later Greed entered the interrogation room and sat across from the GIW. "Sup," Greed said with a grin. "So what's your name."

"... Agent G." The man grumbled.

"Ok G, I want some information on where you guys are operating from." Greed said.

Agent G snorted at the man in front of him. "You must be a fool if you thing I'll sell out the GIW."

Greed's smile widen. "Oh I think you will, In fact," Greed then leaned over. "I thing you want to." He whispered.

Agent G's eyes widen before he stood up and glared at Greed. "How dare you-"

"Oh I dare," Greed cut his off. "You see, you wanted action am I right." He said making Agent G take a step back in shock. "You wanted to fight something, wanted to be praised a hero, to be what girls thought at night. Am I right?" Greed asked, but he had a smirk that already know the answer.

Agent G looked at greed in shock but just looked away. "Shut up." He muttered.

But Greed didn't. "You wanted to be on the top of the world, so you joined a group you though could help you. But they did the opposite," He said seeing Agent G start to shake a bit, but didn't stop. "That all went down hill the moment the GIW went rouge. No fame, no glory, and no women, you became a part of a group of extremes that will let you rot in jail for their cause... and that makes you mad." Agent G was giving off waves of anger now, making Greed smile. "So how about a little payback."

Agent G had his back to Greed, his body no longer shaking. He then turned to Greed and took off his black sunglasses, a look of rage in his eyes. "What do you want to know?" He said, making Greed smirk in victory.

A moment later Greed walked out of the interrogation room where Daniel and Kenny waited. "So, did you get anything?" Daniel ask.

"Yeah, but not much." Greed said while rubbing the back of his head. "This guy was just brought in today, replace one of their guys that was crippled. He doesn't know where the base is, or what the mission here is, apparently everything was on a 'need to know bases'."

"So we got nothing." Kenny said with a sigh.

"Well I did get something," Greed said grabbing their attention. "He said that he has seen some cultist near the old abandon church along with some GIW, looking for something."

"I know that place," Kenny said grabbing their attention. "I used to go their when I was younger with my sister, before they built the new church. That place is one of the oldest buildings in South Park."

"Alright then, you lead the way." Daniel said as they walked out.

They left the police station after thanking the chef for his help and fallowed Kenny, taking the back allies and fields to avoid attention. It wasn't long before they were standing across the street of the church. The building was damaged, it's glass windows were broken in, paint was chipping off the walls, one of the doors in front torn off it's hinges, and the roof looked like it had a giant hole from where they were standing.

"So, how do you want to play this?" Kenny asked as he looked the building over.

Daniel stared at the church for a moment before speaking. "You guys go sneaking in from the back, if you see cultist or GIW try to hide and see if you can learn anything from them. I'll take the front and do the same, try not to show yourself unless it's necessary." He said.

With a nod Greed and Kenny ran across the street before running to the back of the church. Daniel ran up to the building and activated his invisibility as soon as he made it to the broken door. The demon hunter crept inside and was slightly surprised at what he found. In the center of the broken and graffiti filled church were six men in black robes in the center of the large room. Five of the men were digging a deep hole in the room while the sixth was standing over them.

"Hurry up, we don't want to be here for long." The sixth man said in a eerie voice. Looking closer Daniel could make out a kind of outline of a spider on the man's robe.

"But sir, I believe what we are looking for is not here," One of the men in the hole said while looking up. "It is most likely in the temple like we previously thought."

"Don't you think I know that fool!" The leader of the group growled, making the men in the hole shake a little. "I am almost certain that it is in the temple, but until the blood moon appears the temple is sealed. And until then we need the GIW's help to get what we need, so we will indulge them in the search of what they are looking for, even if we must do this pointless digging." He said before giving a dark chuckle. "But after that, we will show them and this town our power."

Daniel frowned as he listened in, he didn't know what the temple was or what the GIW were looking for, but at least he got something.

Suddenly the man that was above the hole head snapped up and started to look around the room. He looked around before he turned to the invisible Daniel's direction.

"We are not alone." He said with a snarled that made the men jump out of the hole and draw out some kind of sacrificial daggers.

Daniel blinked in surprise as the leader drew out a dagger and looked like he was about to throw it at him, but suddenly turned around and throw it in the other direction.

"Fuck!" Greed's voice was heard.

On the other side of the room Greed jumped out from behind a door, a dagger in his left eye. Mysterion came up from behind with the axe in hand and looked at Greed in concern. The homunculus grabbed the dagger and quickly pulled it out before throwing it out the window as his eye healed itself.

"Get them!" The leader shouted to the five men while pointing to Greed and Kenny. The leader then turned to Daniel and snarled. "This ones mine." He said as the five men ran at Greed and Kenny.

X(START: Awake and Alive-By Skillet)X

Greed activated his ultimate shield on his arms, turning them black as he blocked the daggers of the two attackers. He was surprised by the strength behind the blows, the two cultist were strong enough to push him back a couple of feet. As soon as the homunculus gained some footing he used his enhanced strength to throw them back before jumping at them.

Three other cultist charged at Kenny, daggers first. The young blond quickly jumped back while swinging the axe, hitting one of them in the head with the back of the axe, knocking him out. As soon as Kenny's feet touched the ground he jumped forward and kicked one of the cultist in the chest, but the young vigilantly was surprised that the cultist barley bugged from the kick. Before Kenny could react the cultist grabbed his leg before throwing him over his shoulder and slammed him into the ground.

Kenny gave a grunt of pain but quickly got up with ease thanks to his extremely high pain tolerance. Seeing that these cultist were stronger then they look Kenny decided to take a different approach. As one of the cultist raised his dagger and was ready to stab, Kenny quickly jumped forward and grabbed the cultist arm before throwing him over his shoulder. With that cultist on the ground Kenny spun around and saw another cultist about to stab him, but before the cultist could Kenny brought up his axe and blocked the dagger. The force of the blow was so great the Kenny's knees buckled, but he did not fall.

Acting quickly Kenny head-butted the cultist making him stumble back in pain before slammed the bottom of the axe in the cultist jaw, knocking him out. As soon as the cultist fell Kenny spun around and saw he was about to be stabbed by another cultist. Not having enough time to block, Kenny raised his hand and the dagger blade went right through it.

Kenny hissed in pain as he caught the fist with the dagger going through his hand and was able to keep focus. Acting quickly Kenny swiped his feet under the cultist making the cultist fall down again. As soon as the cultist hit the ground Kenny raised his axe with one hand before slamming it down on his head, hearing a loud crake. Kenny was painting heavily as he turned his attention to Greed.

The homunculus was having an easier time compared to the blond. With Greed's enhanced strength and fast healing it wasn't long before he knocked the two cultist out.

As soon as Greed was done he turned to Kenny, when he saw his bleeding hand he gave a light smirk. "You alright, don't need to take you out of the fight now do we." He said with a mixer of concern and sarcasm.

Kenny rolled his eyes before flipping Greed off with the hand that had a hole in it. "In case you don't remember I had to fight three cultist while you only had to fight two, and that's after you got stabbed in the eye."

Greed grumbled a bit before he opened his mouth, but was cut off from a crashing sound and a bright flash of some kind of light. The two looked to the side and where shocked at what they saw.

As soon as the leader's underlings went to handle the intruders, the leader sets his eyes to the more powerful enemy in the room. Even if said enemy was invisible.

The leader pulled out two longer daggers from under his robe and charged at the invisible Daniel. The demon hunter dropped his invisibility and quickly brought up Rebellion to block up the attack. The force behind the two blows surprised Daniel but he didn't budge.

The leader looked more shocked when Daniel not only stopped his attack but was able to push him back. The robed man jumped back a few feet and finally got a good look at Daniel.

"My, it's surprising to see someone so young with so much power." The man said as he circled Daniel a bit. "Tell me, who are you and why are you here."

Daniel kept his eyes on the man before he smirked. "Oh you know, I just though I needed some guidance... that or I wanted to start a rave here."

The man gave a light chuckle. "Well if it's guidance you seek, our lord will be more them willing to give you what you want."

"In exchange for the blood of virgins?" Daniel said with a snort. "No thanks, also I had my cherry popped a while ago."

The robed man gave a hollow chuckle. "That's to bad, but this means I can just give my lord your heart!" The man yelled with a crazed grin.

The leader ran at Daniel with surprising speeds before he started to attack Daniel relentlessly and viciously. But Daniel was able to block all the attacks with Rebellion with near ease. The man started to become annoyed that his attacks were constantly being blocked, he should be stronger then some kid with some power.

The robed man went in for a large slash but missed, Daniel used this opportunity to quickly punch the man in the stomach with the hit of Rebellion. The man went flying until he hit the wall of the church and landed on his feet before falling to his knees.

"Are you done." Daniel said as he put Rebellion on his back and walked to the fallen man a bit. "Because if you are I got some questions for you."

The man was silent before he let out a dark laugh. "It appears I've underestimated you." The man said before he got up. "I will have to show you true power my lord and leader have given me!" He yelled with some madness as his body started to shake. "In the name of lord Amygdala!"

Then the man exploded in a bright flash, Daniel had to look away since it was so bright. When the demon hunter looked back he was shocked at what he saw.

The man in robes had changed into some kind of spider monster. His body was that of a giant black spider, his head looked the same as it did before except that his jaw split in two while drooling saliva.

Daniel looked at the ones man in shock before pulling out his guns. "Of course you can turn into a big fucking spider." Daniel muttered.

The spider gave a screech before jumping up to the ceiling of the church with blinding speeds. As the spider crawled along the walls Daniel shot his guns after it, but the spider was able to dodged the shots. Suddenly the spider monster stopped and shot a string of web out of it's mouth, the string hit Daniel's hand stopping his guns from shooting. Daniel pulled on the web but the spider was proving stronger then before, with a great tug the spider pulled Daniel off the ground and started to swing him around.

The demon hunter's body slammed into the walls and floor of the old church. The whole thing was doing little damage to him, but it was really annoying. Just as Daniel was about to slam into another wall he quickly used Trickster and teleported back to the ground, with his hands still covered in webbing. Daniel took a deep breath before he pulled the webbing apart.

The spider monster gave a hiss before it started to go to the opening in the church.

"Oh no you don't!" Daniel yelled as Creeper appeared on his back and he rocketed off to he giant spider.

As soon as Daniel was close enough he rammed his body into the spider before it could get to the hole in the roof. As the spider fell it shot a giant ball of webbing at Daniel, it wrapped around his body and stuck the demon hunter to the wall.

"Fuck!" Daniel said as he tried to get out, but it was proving hard. He used Trickster and teleported a few feet ahead, but found he was still wrapped in webbing. "Shit!" Daniel yelled as he hit the ground.

The spider landed on the floor on all of it's legs. It turned to Daniel and you could see a look of glee in it's eyes as it opened it's mouth. A green goo shot out of the spiders mouth and was heading straight for Daniel.

As the goo was about to hit Daniel something jumped in the way and blocked it. Looking up Daniel saw Greed, with his ultimate shield on, standing in the way of the shot.

"Common, really." Greed complained as he looked at his shirt that was being destroyed by the goo. "You are so dead!" Greed said with a glare before he lunged at the spider.

The spider was able to move out of the way of Greed's lunge as it shot more acid at him. The green goo may have harmed Greed's cloths, but it did nothing to the homunculus ultimate shield. Greed ran up to the giant spider before punching it in the face and jumping on top of it.

"Common buddy, let's go for a ride!" Greed shouted as he started to ride the giant spider like a bull.

The spider shot two of it's leg's at Greed but he caught it easily, making the spider struggle more. Greed grinned at the upper hand he had but it quickly changed into a confused look as he saw the hairs on the back of the spider stand up. A moment later Greed was completely caught off guard as the hairs shot off the spiders back and at Greed. Each hair had the force of a bullet but did nothing to Greed's ultimate shield. Unfortunately, there were a lot of them, and not all of Greed was protected.

Greed screamed in pain as several hairs shot into his eyes. "Fuck, not again!"

The spider bucked Greed off before shooting him with some webbing. Greed struggled at the bindings while his eyes healed, but were having some trouble since the sharp hairs were still in his skull. As the spider got closer it suddenly screeched in pain as it fell to the side, turning it saw one of it's legs was cut off.

Kenny had acted quickly when he saw Greed get thrown off by the big spider and cut off it's leg with his axe. The spider turned and attacked Kenny but the blond moved quickly and dashed out the way. Kenny had developed a slight strategy, he would always keep on his toes and attack his enemies before jumping out of their reach. He would only do light attacks and heavy if he saw an opening, and that was what the young vigilantly was doing with the spider.

The spider would attack and Kenny would dodge out of the way before attack an opening. He rinsed and repeated this process and it wasn't long before the spider was bleeding something all over it's body. As Kenny went in for another attack the spider suddenly backed handed the young blond, sending him back a couple of feet before shooting some webbing at him. The blob of web hit home and wrapped around his legs, before Kenny could even try to cut them the spider jumped and landed on him.

Kenny brought up his axe and was able to hold off on the spider from chomping his head off, but the weight alone was crushing him.

"A-a lit-little help here!" Kenny barley yelled out as the spider continued to try and chomp down on him.

Seeing the young vigilante in trouble Daniel brought out Creeper and flared up the jet, making the webbing burn off. With that out of the way Daniel brought up Rebellion and quickly ran to the giant spider before stabbing it in it's side. The spider let out a hiss as it finally let go of Kenny and looked ready to eat Kenny. Acting fast and a bit scared since he didn't want to be eaten... again, Kenny grabbed his axe and swung it at the giant spider, or more specifically, it's head.

X(END:Awake and Alive-By Skillet)X

Kenny felt his axe hit home and he was soon covered in some kind of green blood at the spiders body went limp on top of him. Daniel sighed as he helped Kenny out from under the dead spider.

"You alright?" Daniel asked as he helped the young blond up. "How's your hand?"

"I'll live." Kenny said as he wiped the green blood off himself, he then showed Daniel his hand and Daniel was shocked at what he saw. The wound on the hand was gone. "That's something I forgot to tell you, if the wound is small enough it just... disappears." He then turned to the dead spider with a frown.

"Well there goes our only lead." Daniel and Kenny turned to see Greed finally free and walking up to them.

"Maybe," Daniel said before turning to the other cultist. "But we still got these guys."

As soon as Daniel finished talking there was another bright flash, brighter then when the man turned into a spider. Suddenly everyone that was conscious felt they were splashed with something fowl smelling and extremely sticky. When the light ended everyone found themselves covered from head to toe in a green slime, but all the cultist and the giant spider were gone.

"What happened, where they go!?" Kenny said in shock as he looked around.

Daniel's face cringed as he looked down at himself and fallowed the splash pattern a bit, seeing what happened. And he didn't like it. "I... I thing were warring them." Daniel said as he wiped the green slime off. "Must be because the leader died, to make sure no one spills any secrets."

Both Kenny and Greed gagged a bit as they quickly wiped themselves off. "Ok, what the hell is going on, I thought this was some wannabe cult?" Greed said as he tried to get the slime out of his hair.

Daniel sighed as he wiped some of the slim off his cote. "Well just like everything in this town, thing are getting more complicated." Daniel said as he looked himself over and the other two. "Let's get cleaned up before we talk this over." He said getting a nod from the two before they all left.

Daniel sighed as he walked out of the shower. After he, Greed, and Kenny left the church they went to Daniel's car to get their spare cloths before going to a motel to take a quick shower.

"My turn." Kenny said as he quickly walked into the bathroom, him being the last of the three. It would be a few minutes before Kenny walked out with his orange jacket and a plastic bag.

"Feel better?" Daniel asked getting a nod from the 14 year old. "Good, now we can go over what we learn. So, what do we got?" Daniel asked as he looked at Greed and Kenny in the small room.

"They were strong," Greed said as he dried his hair with a towel. "They could push me back, but not too much. Also it felt like they didn't know how to fight, like they never fought someone that could match them in power." He explained before throwing the towel to the bed.

"The cultist also mentioned something that the GIW were looking for, something in a temple." Kenny said as he sat on chair.

Daniel put his hand under his chin and started to think, after a moment he lightly snapped his fingers. "The guy that turned into a giant spider mention something before he turned. He said that he was given power by his lord, who's name was Amygdala." Daniel then turned Greed and Kenny with a questioning look. "Name ring any bells?" He asked getting two 'no's', making him sigh. "So we're back at square one... again."

"...Maybe not," Kenny said getting Daniel and Greed's attention. "Theirs this Goth girl I know, Henrietta, into a lot of crazy demonic stuff, not only that she has this book. I don't know how she got it or what it is exactly, but it's old and filled with some crazy shit, it might be able to tell us something."

Daniel and Greed looked at each other before shrugging and got up. "It's the only lead we got," Greed said as he looked at Kenny. "So where is this girl?"

Kenny gave a nervous laugh as he scratched the back of his head. "I... I have no idea," He said getting two deadpan looks. "She doesn't come home until late, and sometimes she doesn't come home until the next day. But I know someone who might know where she is."

"Who?" Daniel asked.

"My best friend Stan, he was... going through something's and went Goth for a while, hanged out with Henrietta and her friends before turning back." Kenny explained with a chuckle. "He'd know where Henrietta would hang out."

"Alright, lead the way blonde." Greed said before they all left the motel.

With that said the three made their way to Kenny's friends house. Kenny left his axe and costume in the motel for now and would get it later, the same could be said with Greed and Daniel's cloths.

It wasn't long before Kenny walked up to Stan's house with Daniel and Greed behind him. The house was a dark green two story building with a small garage next to it. Kenny walked up to the front door and quickly knocked on it. A couple seconds later the door open to reveal Stan.

"Hey Kenny," Stan said with a smile before he notice Daniel and Greed. "Umm... what's up?"

"Can we come in Stan?" Kenny asked with a smile before getting a nod from his friend as he let them into his house. "Also how's Karen?" He asked in slight worry tone.

Stan smiled at Kenny before shrugging. "Good, she's playing with Ike in my room after Kyle brought him over."

Kenny give a sigh before he gave Stan a grateful smile. "Thanks again for letting Karen stay here after school, I'd like her to stay as far away from my house as much as possible."

Stan returned the smile and waved his best friend off. "No worries man, Sherry actually likes watching over her." He said before glancing at the demon hunters. "So... did you ever find Mysterion?"

Both Daniel and Greed smirked as Kenny gave a light chuckle. "Yeah Stan, they found me."

Stan looked at Kenny in shock. "Yo-you mean they-"

"They know Stan, and don't worry there cool." Kenny said getting a stunned nod from Stan. The blond then turned his attention to the demon hunters in the room. "Wait here for a bit, I just need to check on my sister." He said getting a small nod from them as he and Stan went upstairs.

They headed straight to Stan's room before opening the door. Inside Kenny saw Kyle playing on Stan's computer, Wendy and Bebe talking on Stan's bed, and Karen and Ike playing a game on Stan's TV. As soon as Karen saw her older brother she quickly paused the game and ran to him.

"Kenny!" She shouted before giving him a big hug.

The blond smiled at his 10 year old sister as he returned the hug. "Hey K, how you been?" Kenny asked.

Karen smiled at her older brother before she ran to her book-bag and took out a folder before taking out a piece of paper. "Here, I made this for you." She said as she handed him the drawing.

Kenny grabbed the drawing and as soon as he saw it he couldn't help but be impressed. It was a drawing of Mysterion standing on a stone cross with a full moon in the background. The drawing looked professional, but it was no surprise to Kenny already knowing his sister had an extraordinary talent for drawing.

"You keep this up people will start calling you the reincarnation of Michelangelo." Kenny said getting a giggle out of Karen as he handed back the drawing. "Hang on to this K, your brother still has some work to do." He said with a knowing smile as he tapped the drawing.

Karen nodded as she put the drawing back in her folder. She already knew Kenny was her guardian angel Mysterion for about a year after finder her brother hurt. It was shocking at first but it just strengthen the bond between the two McCormick's.

As Karen walked away Kenny turned to Stan with a serious expression. "Hey, I need to ask you if Karen can sleep over tonight." Kenny said surprising Stan a bit. "Things... things are getting a little crazy." He said while rubbing his face getting everyone's attention except for Ike who were to busy on the game.

Kyle got up and walked up to Kenny. "Look man it you need help-"

"No," Kenny said firmly cutting Kyle off. "I don't want to involve any of you in this. Besides I got some help." He said as he nodded his head to the door before turning to Stan. "Listen, I know this sounds random but I need to know where Henrietta hangs out so I can find her." He said catching Stan off guard.

Wendy's face scrunched up into a scowl. "What do you want with that bitch?" She scoffed.

Both Kenny and Stan winced. Wendy hated Henrietta, feeling the Goth girl was a little too close to her boyfriend at the time, even if he was going through a Goth faze.

Kenny put his hands up and gave the girl a nervous smile. "I just need to talk to her Wendy, it's for my 'job'." He said with a little inferences on the last word.

Wendy narrowed her eyes a bit until she felt a hand on her shoulder. Looking back Wendy saw Bebe give her a smile, making the dark haired girl sigh. "Fine babe, tell them where the bitch is." Wendy said getting a smile out of Kenny, Kyle, and Stan. "And do me a favor Kenny, if she turns out to be bad knock her ass out."

Kenny gave her small salute before turning to Stan. "So do you know where she hangs out?"

"Yeah, she and her friends hang around the back of the grocery store, if it's late they are at the old cemetery, hell sometimes they sleep over there." Stan said with a shrug.

Kenny gave a sigh. "Thank man, this is really going to help out." Kenny said getting a smile out of everyone. The blond then walked to his sister before scooping her up in a hug which got a giggle out of her. "And I need you to stay here munchkin, your brother has some work to do." He said as he whispered the last part.

Karen gained a worry looked as she turned to her brother. "You'll be ok, right?" She couldn't help but ask.

Kenny smiled at his sister before going down to one knee and looking her in the eyes. "You'll never lose me Karen, not now not ever, remember that." He said with a smile before kissing the top of Karen's head, making her give Kenny a quick hug. "I love you."

"I love you too Kenny." Karen said before bulling back from the hug and went to play with the 8 year old Ike.

"Aww," Bebe said as she put her hands over her chest. "That was so sweet, it's a little amazing you still don't have a girlfriend yet."

Stan and Kyle both gave a loud snort. "Oh he has some girls who are his friend." Stan started off.

"With benefits." Kyle finished. "Hell I think Henrietta is one of them."

Kenny flipped them both off as he started to walk out the room. "Yeah, yeah, see you later assholes." He said as he open the door to the room before suddenly turning back. "Hey, where's Cartman?"

"At home, Kyle decked him at school while he was in that Coon costume." Stan said with a snicker as Kyle rubbed the back of his head.

Kenny raised an eyebrow at them. "What he do?" He asked Kyle.

"I... I don't really know," Kyle said with a small chuckle. "He said something that really pissed me off then I punched him... but I can't remember what."

Kenny stared at Kyle for a moment before smiling. "I'm sure you have a good reason." He said before walking out.

When Kenny reached the living room he saw Daniel and Greed waiting their, both turning to him when they saw him.

"So did you find anything?" Greed asked.

"Yeah, Henrietta and her friends hang out behind the grocery store, if not their then she'll be at the old cemetery." Kenny replied.

"Alright, let's move." Daniel said before they walked out of the house.

Kenny again led the two demon hunters to the town's grocery store. As they walked Greed looked at Kenny while raising an eyebrow. "Shouldn't you put on your costume?"

Kenny just shrugged. "Henrietta knows I'm Mysterion, I went to her before when I heard about the book she had. I thought it might be able to tell me something about my abilities but I got nothing."

Daniel now raised an eyebrow at the blond. "How many people know your Mysterion?"

Kenny thought for a moment. "My best friends Stan and Kyle, their girlfriends Wendy and Bebe, my sister Karen, and... and some girls I know." Kenny said while rubbing his head.

Greed chuckled. "I'm expecting you know these girls well." He said making Daniel smirk at the blond.

Kenny gave a sheepish smile as he gave a shrug. "What can I say, girls like a guy in a costume." He said making Daniel and Greed laugh.

It would be another 20 minutes before the three came up to the front of the grocery store and Kenny leading them to the back. Ones they made it to the back they saw a small group of teens dressed in dark cloths, three boys and one girl.

"Hey Henrietta!" Kenny called as he walked forward while Daniel and Greed stayed in the back.

Said girl gave a dramatic sigh before turning to the blond. "What do you want underwear boy?" Henrietta said.

Henrietta was a shot girl that was leaning on the plump side, but in a way that was attractive. She had a long black dress with leggings and had makeup on while smoking a fancy cigarette.

Kenny gave Henrietta a small smile. "What can't I just see you, I though we had a connection." He said with a mocking hurt look.

Henrietta took a drag from her cigarette before blowing it in Kenny face, but the blond just kept smiling. "Only connection we have, is to satisfy our mutual needs."

Kenny gave a small laugh. "Fine, fine, no time for chit chat." He said before giving the Goth a serious look, making Henrietta raise and eyebrow. "Look, I need your help on something, we need your help on something." Kenny said as he glanced back at Daniel and Greed.

Henrietta looked over Kenny's shoulder to see the two demon hunters. "Some poser friends of yours?"

"Something along those lines." Kenny said before he looked Henrietta right in the eyes. "Listen, I really need you help here Henrietta, and your the only one that can give it to me. So please, help us out."

Henrietta stared at Kenny for a good minute before giving a dramatic sigh. "You lucky your a good lay," The Goth said making Kenny give a lop sided grin. Henrietta then turned to her friends. "Hey guys, I'm leaving." She said before walking away, getting a 'whatever' from the group before she turned back to Kenny. "So I'm expecting you need to know something from my book." She said as a fact.

Kenny nodded to her. "Yup."

The Goth girl gave another dramatic sigh before she walked past Kenny. "Fine, let's go to my house and get this over with." She said as she walked up to the two demon hunters. "So who the hell are you two?" Henrietta asked with a flick of her hair.

"He's Daniel, I'm Greed." Greed said as he pointed to them.

"Whatever." Henrietta said before she started to walk out from the ally. "Common, let's get this over with." She said before she started to lead the way.

As they fallowed the Goth Daniel leaned over to Kenny. "What exactly did you see in her, she's a little..."

"Bitchy," Kenny said getting a nod from him. "What can I say, I like a girl with a big ass and knows how to hold herself." The blond said as he looked at the Goth girl's round ass as it swayed a little with each step she took.

Daniel paused for a moment before shrugging. "Touché." He said before he continued to walk.

"Alright come in, and don't touch anything." Henrietta said as she, Kenny, Daniel, and Greed all walked into her room. "So, what do you want exactly?" The Goth asked with a flick of her hair.

Henrietta's room was a combination of dark gray and red, heavy metal posters covered her walls, and a computer off to the side. What was most interesting in the room was the magic circle in the center of the room.

"We got a name, but it none of use ever heard of it before." Kenny said.

Henrietta gave a sigh before walking to her nightstand and grabbing a book wrapped in cloth. Unwrapping the book it revealed a leather like cover that looked like a face.

"Alright noobs, this here is the-"

"Necronomicon!" Daniel nearly shouted in disbelief while cutting Henrietta off.

Henrietta looked a little surprised before narrowing her eyes. "How do you know about my book?"

Daniel didn't answer and just continued to stair at the book in complete shock. "I thought it was a myth, something to scare magic users." Daniel muttered to himself.

"Oi, old man," Henrietta said, starting to get annoyed. "What do you know about my book?" She repeated her question.

Daniel was quiet for moment before speaking. "What do you know about the Necronomicon?" Daniel finally asked.

"It's hold a lot of information on demons." The Goth scoffed like it was the most obvious thing.

"Yes but that's not just it," Daniel said as he narrowed his eyes at the book. "That is a dark book, it not only holds information on a shit load of demons and would be gods, but also how to summon them. It's basically a phone book for a lot of bad things and hold's forbidden knowledge."

That made Henrietta snort. "Well then I must of got the bootleg one since I tried summoning a demon but got nothing." She said bitterly.

"Then thank whatever god you believe in," Daniel said in a harsh voice. "If you did summon a demon or Old God you, and most likely this town, would be dead or worst."

"Oh I'm so scared." Henrietta said in a mocking voice making Daniel's eye twitch. "Look, you came here to get some information, not bitch to me about morals and all that shit."

Daniel glared at the young Goth before pointing a finger at her. "Tell us what you know about what we're looking for, than we talk about the book later."

"Whatever." Henrietta said with a roll of her eyes. "So, what's the name of the being you want to know about?"

"Amygdala." Kenny said quickly.

The dark Goth flipped throw the pages for about a minute while muttering many different names. She soon stopped at a page.

"Here it is." She said as she started to read from the book. "Amygdala, the spider Old God, and ruler of the Nightmare Fortier. It says that Amygdala shall grant power and wisdom to whoever offers it blood sacrifices, if given a sufficient sacrifice then Amygdala will grant someone the power to walk the earth without fear." Henrietta said, finishing reading.

Daniel took a deep breath before letting it out. "Fuuuuuck, we're in trouble." Daniel said with some dread.

"Why, what's an old god?" Greed asked with a raised brow.

Daniel sighed before gaining a serious look. "Old Gods are... other worldly, beings from other demotions that are far older then ours. The reason their called Old Gods is because... well... they practically are gods, if not then they are very powerful, very old, and divine beings." Daniel said as he rubbed his face. "My magic teacher, Nelson, said I should avoid an Old God at all cost since they can cause madness and hold a sort of ruff divine power to them."

"... So... South Park is fucked." Kenny said looking a little scared now, even Greed looked worried. Henrietta just scoffed while flicking her hair.

"No, South Park can still be saved." Daniel said making Kenny sigh in relief. "Their have been legends of people who could resist the power of an Old One and even kill them, but I don't know how exactly. Also I think Old One's have a better effect on normal people, not guy's like us." Daniel said as he pointed to himself, Greed, and Kenny. "And beside, if Amygdala was here this town would be long gone, along with the state. I don't even think the cultist can summon Amygdala."

"He's right," Greed said gaining everyone's attention. "I remember hearing one off the cultic mention something about a temple and a Blood Moon."

"You mean the old temple in the mountains?" Henrietta asked suddenly making everyone look at her.

"There's... there's a temple in the mountains?" Daniel said in near disbelief before rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Of course theirs a temple in the mountains, why not since this town is crazy enough as it is." Daniel said with a sigh. "I remember that the leader said something about a blood moon being able to open the temple. So when's the next one?"

Henrietta gave a dramatic sigh before walking to her computer. She typed on it for a bit before turning back to everyone. "The next blood moon is tonight around midnight."

The entire room was quiet as soon as the words left the Goth's mouth as they all let it sink in. After a moment the three strange men in the room all said the same thing on their minds at the same time.

"We're so fucked."

21N: Hey guy and gals, hope you liked this chapter. In case some of you missed it, somehow, I added some, a lot, of 'Bloodborne' theme in the story. I'm honestly shocked a bit on how no one ever thought of making Kenny McCormick a Hunter. I mean they already used H.P. Lovecraft lore to make Kenny, it's pretty easy to think about making him a Hunter in Yharnam, or even a modern day Hunter.

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