AN: Hello everyone! This is my newest nalu story! It's a fairy tale AU! It's inspired by Once Upon a Time, a little bit of Mslead's Parallels, and SmurfLuvsCookies' A Tale Or Two. Because FF doesn't let me post decent summaries because of character limit, I'm going to give a more detailed one here:

Lucy Ashley was nothing more than a twenty year old living in the slums of Seattle until she was teleported into another world by a book of fairy tales. Or what she thought were fairy tales. Lucy quickly finds out that the stories she grew up with were more than just stories and that their happy endings were taken away by a curse set by the King. Thus, she travels with a pink-haired dragon slayer and his flying cat because in order to return home, she has to deliver the characters happy endings. But by the end of their journey, would she really want to go back?

Now let me describe the stories. They are the classic fairy tales we know and love but with huge twists. So, if you're expecting the basic fairy tales, this story may not be for you lol.

I wasn't expecting to post this yet because I don't like having more than two stories going on at a time but I already have so many chapters written and I already love this story so I figured I would post it early. Hope you like it! :)

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Chapter 1

How It All Began

It was a warm, beautiful day in the kingdom of Fiore. The sun was shining brightly in the sky, its rays warming the citizens below. Streets were full of stands, selling food and little trinkets. Boisterous laughter filled the air. The kingdom was happy that day for one reason: their beloved King and Queen finally announced they were having a child.

There were betting pools, people gambling the sex of the unborn child. Soon enough, it was announced the royal couple was going to have a daughter.

King Jude Heartfilia smiled at his wife, tears welling in his eyes. The man was a righteous ruler, fair and kind, and that was why the kingdom loved him. He had dirty blonde hair and a well-trimmed, bushy mustache.

Queen Layla Heartfilia was laying in bed. The woman had beautiful locks of golden hair and soft brown eyes. Her skin was fair and she always had a gentle smile on her face. She too had happy tears clouding her vision.

"We're having a girl," the queen whispered, scared that speaking any louder would ruin the moment.

"Thank the heavens," Jude replied, placing his forehead on his wife's.

"Are you sure you are alright with a girl? I know you were looking forward to a son so you would have someone to take over the throne."

"Worry not. I love our child regardless. Besides, our little girl can rule the throne so long as she gets her smarts from you."

The couple placed a hand on Layla's belly, which was just starting to show. Soon she would have to drop the corsets for some looser fitting clothing.

The happiness in the kingdom never wavered as everyone excitedly awaited the arrival of their new princess. Everyone dropped by to deliver presents. The Fullbusters delivered an ice sculpture of the Heartfilia couple holding a newborn baby, kept together by magic so as to never melt by the sun. Makarov and his young grandchild, Laxus, gave them a golden zodiac key, Taurus, to summon whenever needed to keep their child safe. Even Igneel the Flame Dragon King, who was also dear friends with the couple, flew by and dropped off a blanket made from his scales.

The nine months went by in a blur until finally the baby was delivered. The king threw a grand ball to celebrate the arrival of his daughter, who was born with spectacular golden hair, brighter than her mother's and rather long for only an infant. She also inherited beautiful brown eyes from her mother, though they were closed at the time as she slept peacefully.

"Congratulations, Layla!" Igneel said as he landed outside of the castle, carful so as to not step on anything.

"Thank you, Igneel," Layla replied with a kind smile as she held her newborn baby.

"What is her name?"

Layla and Jude shared a glance before smiling at each other.

"Lucy," the queen answered fondly. "Her name is Lucy. Lucy Heartfilia."

The dragon grinned. "That is a wonderful name! Take a look at her blanket!"

The couple arched their brows before listening to the dragon, glancing at the blanket their child was wrapped in. It was white in color with a purple embroidery around the edges. Then their eyes landed on the new stiches. Lucy was now stitched into the blanket.

"How did you do that?" Jude questioned.

Igneel laughed and answered, "Magic! I had the witch Porylusica put a spell on the blanket so that once you named your child, it would appear on the blanket!"

"Thank you, Igneel. It's wonderful," Layla stated. Suddenly, the woman winced and placed a hand on her stomach in pain.

"Layla?" Jude questioned worriedly. "Are you alright? What is wrong?"

The queen gave a weak smile before shaking her head. "I am alright, dear. I just have some stomach pains after the delivery. They shall pass with time. Anyways, Igneel, have you ever thought about having children of your own?"

The dragon scoffed. "No way. I could never raise I child."

"I think you'd be surprised. I think you would be an excellent father."

The dragon smiled before flapping his wings. "And I know you'll be an excellent mother. I should get going now. I have a lot to do tonight. Congrats again, Layla. You too, Jude."

The couple waved after Igneel as he flew away into the night. They then returned to the party, receiving countless of congratulations. The day was such a blessed day. After years of constantly trying to conceive a child, the royal couple was about to lose hope, growing sadder as the days went by. Just as they were about to give up, Lucy was miraculously conceived. She was a miracle baby.

When the party ended, Layla and Jude gently placed their newborn in her grand crib. Her nursery was full of toys, ready to be played with the next day. For now, Lucy needed to sleep. Placing gentle kisses on their baby's forehead, the couple went to their own room for the night, tired after all the day had offered them.

Little did they know someone was watching from far away, waiting for their moment to strike. The man was tall and lanky with thick eyebrows and a thin mustache. He wore a flamboyant coat and a witch hat, causing him to look like a wizard.

"It's time," the man snarled.

The man vanished from his spot far in the woods and teleported inside of Lucy's bedroom, completely avoiding the guards posted around the castle or patrolling the halls. The intruder walked towards the crib and peered to find the royal daughter sleeping peacefully. A wicked smile appeared on the man's face as he swooped her into his arms, affectively making her cry in the process.

"The baby is crying," a guard said outside of the room.

"That is what babies do," another replied.

"Should we alert the queen?"

"There is no need," a feminine voice called out. "I am awake. I will take care of Lucy."

The man cursed under his breath, recognizing the voice as the Queen's. Soon enough, the door burst open, Layla appearing in the doorway.

"W-What are you doing?" she asked with wide, questioning eyes. Though, they lacked fear.

"Hello, your Highness," the man replied, bowing while holding Lucy in his arms. "I am sorry to say that my time serving you is up. I am here for your child."

"Layla, what is the matter?" Jude asked as he stepped into the room. "Jose? What are you doing in here with Lucy?"

"As I told your lovely wife, I am here for this little ray of sunshine," the man, now known as Jose, answered.

Now fear appeared in the couple's eyes as they ran towards their daughter. Jose cackled before vanishing from their sight, along with Lucy.

"After them!" Jude ordered. "Jose of the Royal Guards has taken our daughter!"

The knights were then ushered out of the castle on a hunt for the abducted princess.

"We must go look as well!" Layla shouted, hoisting her dress up and rushing out the castle.

"But it is dangerous!" Jude countered.

"I do not care! That vile man has our daughter! We must get her back!"

Jude nodded, and with that the two were running out of the castle and towards the woods where Jose was sure to be, considering it was the only place around to hide in. They ran and ran until they stumbled upon a trail of footprints.

"This way!" Jude told his wife as they followed the trail.

Soon enough, they found Jose and Lucy, the former muttering something under his breath.

"Jose!" Layla called out.

The man sighed and turned to face the couple. "What is it, dear? Can't you see I'm busy?"

The queen pulled out a golden key, Taurus, and prepared for battle. Just as she was about to summon the spirit, Jose pulled out a dagger and held it to Lucy's neck, who was squirming in his hold, wailing.

"Why are you doing this?" Layla asked, falling to her knees in despair. "Is it for money? The throne? We will give all of that to you if you just give us our daughter!"

Jose chuckled and replied, "I spin straw into gold, your Highness. I am in no need of wealth."

"Then why are you doing this!?" Jude barked.

Jose pointed at the King and answered, "Because of you. Well, not you exactly. I've lived many, many years. I am a magical man with a long life force. Your great grandmother was nothing but a miller's daughter, who was going to be executed by the king unless she spun him some gold. I appeared to her and we made a deal. I would get her great, great granddaughter while she would live."

"Why would she make a deal like that!?"

"Why not? It's not as if she would ever meet her great, great granddaughter anyways."

"Why do you want Lucy?" Layla questioned. "You could have asked for her child or even grandchild, but you asked for her great, great, granddaughter. You knew that it would be a girl. You see the future, don't you?"

"Indeed I do!" Jose answered with a wicked grin. "And your daughter possesses a power that is passed down strictly through the Heartfilia line!"

"Then take me instead if I have the power!"

"Sorry, your Highness. The power skips generations. It needs to be little Lucy here. Surely you understand."

Layla stood from the dirt with determination gleaming in her eyes. "Then let's make a deal of our own."

Jose studied the woman curiously before nodding. "Alright. I will make a deal with you. I will give you your daughter if you can tell me my name. Careful, you only get one chance."

The couple glanced at each other with arched brows.

"That's it?" Jude questioned.

Jose smirked and nodded.

"Your name is Jose," Layla stated.

The man's smirk grew as he shook his head. "Sorry, that is only a name I have been using under your watch. That is not my real name. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must be going."

Jose began to walk away, leaving the couple with stunned expressions. With a burst of courage, the queen dashed towards the unsuspecting man and knocked him to the ground. Lucy fell from his arms, wailing as she fell. Jude ran as fast as he could to catch his daughter, but he knew he didn't make it in time.

Suddenly, a golden portal appeared underneath the falling child. And in the blink of an eye, Lucy went through. Layla gasped as her keys were sucked into the portal. Jude dashed towards it, trying to jump in to retrieve his daughter, but it closed before he could reach it.

"NO!" Jose shouted, pushing Layla off of him and scurrying to where the portal was before. He clawed at the dirt, hoping to bring the child back. "You fools! Now I cannot harvest her power for my own!"

"L-Lucy…" Layla breathed out. "Where is she?"

"Don't you see? She's in another world now! She went through the portal!"

"I-Is that the power you wanted?"

"Of course! She is the only one that can do such a thing!"

"My baby is gone…" Layla said, burying her head in her hands, sobbing uncontrollably. "My baby!"

"How do we get her back!?" Jude demanded, grabbing the vile man by his collar.

"You don't," Jose answered sourly. Suddenly, his head reeled back and his eyes rolled backwards into their sockets. "I am seeing it now… She will return one day… She will save the land from a wicked curse… What a shame, only one of you will be there to see it, isn't that right, Layla?"

Jude dropped the man and turned to face his wife. "What is he talking about?"

Layla shook her head and replied, "I-I'm sick, dear."

With that, the King fell to his feet. He just lost his daughter and learned he was going to lose his wife.

"At least you will be there to see our daughter again," Layla said, caressing her husband's cheek.

"Actually," Jose began with a twisted smile, "that is only if I don't find her first."

And with that, the man disappeared in the blink of an eye and was never found. Five years later, Layla finally succumbed to her sickness and passed in her sleep, the depression of losing her daughter only making her death come faster.

Jude, who was once a kind and fair king, turned cold and ruthless. He raised taxes unfairly, disbanded the Royal Guards, and never once let someone enter his castle other than the guards to patrol. The citizens became unhappy, waiting for their kind king to return. Information of what happened to Lucy spread quickly throughout the kingdom, and they all knew they could only wait for Lucy to return and bring her father some happiness.

One day, a year after Layla's death, Jude peered from his windows and stared at his citizens below. They were actually smiling. How could they smile after Layla's death? How could they be so happy when he was completely devastated?

"I hear exactly what you want," a sudden voice called out from behind him.

Jude recognized the voice as the man who took his daughter. He turned fast on his heel with a sour glare. "You!"

"It is nice to see you again, your Majesty!" Jose greeted, mockingly bowing to his King.

"What do you want?"

Jose smirked and paced around the grand room. "It's not about what I want. It's about what you want. You see them, don't you? Your loyal subjects. Are they really loyal though if they have the nerve to be happy after Layla's death?"

"Don't you dare say her name," the King seethed.

"Alright, alright. There is no need to get so angry. I came here to give you what you want."

"What I want? And what exactly is that?"

"Fairness," Jose answered. "You hate the fact that they can smile so easily, don't you? After all, first Lucy disappeared and now their Queen is dead. How could they be so happy? Obviously they never cared for Layla in the first place."

"Y-You're lying," Jude replied.

"I am only here because you thought it first. I have a curse I can do."

"A curse?"

"Yes. It won't kill them, but it will take away their happy endings, just as yours was taken from you."

Jude studied the man, considering it before asking, "And what do you want in return? I am aware everything comes with a price with you."

Jose smiled and answered, "Free of charge! Let's say this is my way to make up for what happened those years ago!"

Jude knew the man was lying, that he had some ulterior motive. He glanced outside the window again and scowled seeing so many happy faces. It wasn't fair. How could they be so happy with Layla gone?

"Fine," Jude finally said. "Do it."

Jose grinned maniacally and cast the curse. Purple smoke appeared and began to engulf the kingdom. People tried running away but could not escape it. And with that, their happily ever afters were stripped from them. There were no more happy endings.

But every curse can be broken.

AN: So it's pretty obvious how Once Upon a Time inspired me lol. Mslead's story inspired me with the portal to another world and SmurfLuvCookies' story inspired me to write a fairy tale nalu fanfic. So this was like a prologue kinda! The next chapter involves a grown Lucy, I promise! Please review and tell me what you think. :')