The Return of The Prodigal Knight And The Phantom Menace

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And I'm not sure if it was on the wiki or if I read it in a fanfiction somewhere but I agree with it. Unlike other Sith that were considered hammers, Revan was more akin to scalpel.

TehStorm: He might stay with Padme, after returning for his mother, but I feel that Revan needs to leave to start his training. There is only so much he can do on Naboo and if he wants to return to his previous power before the Clone Wars starts then he needs to take his training seriously.

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Arrow: In time Revan should surpass both Yoda and Sidious, something that Anakin would have easily done in time. Plus with his knowledge of the Force he will have access to abilities lost to time; and unlike Anakin he will wield both the Light and the Darkside of the Force like he did in his previous life.

Guest: In time Revan should reach their power. He was born through the Force meaning that somewhere down the line he should be able to match Grandmaster Luke Skywalker from the EU who managed to defeat Abeloth, where he will surpass her is another question, but I don't see why he shouldn't be able to match Luke.

Guest: He probably is. But once he reclaims his memory then I plan for his personality to become more like his canon self. Right now he is only a boy.

Guest: Originally, I was planning on having Revan taking his mother's place and stay behind on Tatooine while Shmi and Anakin leave with Qui-Gon...the reason I didn't was because if I did then this stops being about the Phantom Menace as it would take him months even years to escape and by then the first movie is over and done with.

Chapter 10

After getting washed up and leaving the room that either Padme or that senator had set up for them, Revan, Anakin, and Jar-Jar followed behind the Handmaiden that had introduced herself as Sabe, who unknown to everyone but Revan was in fact the decoy Queen. Personally, he found the idea of using anyone, let alone a girl as young as her, to be a human shield rather deplorable but he guessed that such tactics were necessary when not only were you the monarch of a sovereign state but also when people were trying to assassinate you on a daily basis; even if Padme's newest assassin was a member of an order that was long thought to be extinct.

The journey to the Queen's chambers had mostly been in silence other than numerous questions that Anakin had for Sabe who while initially reluctant yielded and answered them to the best of her abilities. While the two spoke, Revan glanced out window and focused on the city outside that was teeming with life, even more so than Tatooine when the pilots landed their vessels and came to enjoy the scenery, and by scenery he meant the girls that worked at the bars that were more than willing to entertain them for the right price; which was usually the promise of taking them with them when they left.

Nobody in their right mind chose to live on Tatooine rather the only ones that lived there were people that had no other alternatives, slaves...or the Hutts. He had only encountered Jabba a handful of times and that was mostly when he came to watch the race or when he and Anakin had to deliver various goods to him by Watto in hopes of appeasing him and to stay in his good graces; and even then, he doubted that Anakin even knew who Jabba really was let alone that he was the one that ruled Tatooine.

The more that he thought on Tatooine the more he thought about his mother being alone not only on the planet but in that little hovel that they called home for the last twelve or so years since Watto had won the three of them from Gardulla. Granted she was not truly alone since she had both HK and C-3PO with her, even if the latter was little more than meat sponge if she was ever attacked. He was not trying to put the droid down or diminish his brothers hard work but when it was all said and done C-3PO had no defensive capabilities whatsoever; it was why HK was the superior droid.

Even without a weapon he was still deadly, it was for that reason that he felt a weight lifted from his shoulders and felt a sense of relief knowing that she would be safe with him around. And unbeknownst to Watto, he still owned HK and he was merely masquerading as his new droid that would protect the shop while he found himself a few more slaves to work in the shop.

Still, even if HK did protect his mother that did not mean that he was just going to forget about her while he and Anakin became Jedi. If everything went according to plan and Anakin finally got his wish then he would be going back to Tatooine to rescue his mother, and the droids. Now that he was a free man he could work and be paid an actual salary that could use to buy his mother from Watto...and if he refused...well, he could always kill him.

Admittingly he had never killed a man, if you could call Watto that, in cold blood before but if living with the guilt of having someone's blood on his hands was the price that it would cost to save his mother and free her from slavery then it was a price he was willing to pay.

"Wait here." hearing the cold and emotionless voice of Sabe, Revan was pulled from his thoughts to see that the group had reached the Queen's chambers while he had been lost in his own head, he watched as she went through the doors of the Queens chambers to no doubt inform her that they had all arrived.

Looking around he saw that the halls that barren, save from the handful of Senate Guards that were standing by the entrances and exits of the hallway that led into the main senate building. Just like with everybody else he had seen on Coruscant since they had arrived, they were wearing extravagant clothing that was made with only the best and most expensive material, silk from the looks of it. Which were dark blue and went down to their boots, a matching large blue helmet that ad a blue plume and an open faceplate to reveal that they were human; and slung over their shoulder was a rifle of some sorts.

"I hope that we get to see Padme again." Anakin remarked gaining Revan's attention as he looked down to see him straighten his tunic and patting down the creases that had formed to look somewhat presentable before they stepped into the Queen's antechamber.

"I sure we will do." replied Revan as he ruffled Ani's hair affectionally, much to his chagrin. "Just to mind yourself when we're in there. I Know you want to see her but try to remember that the Queen is here to ask the Senate for aid against the Trade Federation and free her people."

"I know that!" Anakin grumbled as he pursed his lips." I'm not an idiot."

"Well, that's a matter of opinion." Revan chuckled as a little fist hit his arm. "Just try not get too excited when you spot your girlfriend is all I'm saying." he added and smirked when he saw Anakin's cheeks heat up at the girlfriend comment. He found it amusing just how much Anakin was smitten by Padme despite only knowing her for a few days; although he guessed she should be all that surprised, there were not that many girls on Tatooine his age...or maybe it was something as simple as he had a thing for older women.

"Padme is not my girlfriend."

"But I'm sure you'd like to rectify that so that you can spend some more time with your angel." teased Revan with a smirk as Anakin turned an interesting shade of red and tried his best to think of a clever retort...thankfully for him he was saved Sabe returned with her ever-present frosty expression across her face as she stared at the entire group

"The Queen is currently in talks with Senator Palpatine at the moment." Sabe informed the group as she addressed them coolly. "You're to wait in the corner until summoned by the Queen and not to make a sound. Do not speak unless spoke too am I understood?"

"Yes, Ma'am." Anakin answered with a gulp while also wondered if they had offended her somehow hence why she was treating them somewhat scornfully.

"We understand, you won't hear a word from us." Revan interjected as he focused on the Handmaiden that a few hours ago had been masquerading as the Queen. "Lead the way."

Narrowing her dark brown eyes on the group as a final warning, Sabe escorted them into an elegant room that was filled with a red carpet and ushered them into the corner that was next to glass door allowing Revan and the other to see Queen Amidala, who had changed from her black robes to a golden/green kimono and a black fan-like headdress, sitting motionless in the next room that had large glass windows displaying the city in the background.

Surrounding her were her faithful Handmaidens that like the Queen had changed out of their outfits they had been wearing prior to the invasion of Naboo and now wearing matching hooded red robes that showed only the bottom half of their faces; and pacing in front of the Queen was the senator who was in mid conversation by the time that Revan, Anakin, and Jar-Jar had entered the other room.

As Sabe walked past them and entered the other room, screening them from the view just for the moment, Revan moved to the door and used the Force to hold it open just enough so that they could hear what was being said and not to draw too much attention from the others in the room.

"There is no civility, only politics." Palpatine said as he stopped his pacing and shook his head. " the Republic is not what it once was. The Senate is full of greedy, squabbling delegates who are only interested in advancing themselves and their home systems.

Revan snorted quietly to himself." He has just described every politician in the last five thousand years." he thought to himself missing the Queens lips twitching in the room upon hearing his thoughts in her head. "and I suppose that his intentions are completely benign and not at all self-serving."

"Senator Palpatine has served Naboo dutifully for decades, Revan." Padme's voice resonated through his head. "It's only because of his hard work that we have a voice in the Senate and why I have faith that Chancellor Valorum will be able to help us get the aid Naboo desperately needs. "

"It's disgusting. I must be frank, Your Majesty." Palpatine remarked preventing either Revan or Padme from continuing their discussion. " There is little chance that the Senate will act on the invasion, and certainly not today."

"Chancellor Valorum seems to believe otherwise."

"If I may your Majesty," the Senator replied, his tone kind, but sad. "the Chancellor has no real power. He is mired by baseless accusations of corruption. A manufactured scandal surrounds him. The bureaucrats are in charge now."

"What options do we have, Senator?" The Queen asked as Palpatine paused as he seemed to think on the matter before he finally answered her.

"Our best choice would be to push for the election...of a stronger Supreme Chancellor," He said as he walked around the table until he was standing directly in front of the Queen. " one that could control the bureaucrats, enforce the laws, and give us justice." he added as he ran his fingers through his thick grey hair and seemed hesitant as he uttered his next few words. "You could call for a vote of no confidence in Chancellor Valorum..." he trailed off as Padme frowned, not liking the idea of going betraying their best supporter.

"He has been our strongest supporter." Padme said expressing her thoughts to the Chancellor. "Is there no other way?" she asked getting a regretful sigh from the chancellor.

"Our only other option would be to submit the matter to the courts..."

"There is no time for that!" the Queen interrupted him, a hint of anger in her voice that surprised the Palpatine. "the courts take even longer to decide things than the senate. Our people are dying, Senator...more and more die each day while we sit here and wait for the Senate to make up their decision. We must do something quickly. We must stop the trade federation before this gets worse."

Palpatine gave the Queen a stern look, one that a father would give their child. "To be realistic about the matter, Your Highness, I believe that we are going to have to accept Trade Federation control for the time being." he finished gravely as he focused entirely on the Queen, although from the corner of his eye he spotted the two boys that had arrived with the Jedi listening into the conversation. He quickly shook off such thoughts and tried to compose himself.

"That is something that I cannot do."

From the other room, Revan watched as the Padme and the Chancellor locked eyes with one another. While he did not like politicians, he found himself agreeing with the Chancellor. If the Senate refused to agree to send aid to Naboo then even with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, two fully-fledged Jedi, there was simply no way that they could take on an entire army with two Jedi and a single Captain. It was impossible to say how many Droids the Federation had at their disposal, but if it was enough to take over an entire planet or at the very least the capital it had to be numbering in the thousands.

"Thank you for your support, Revan." he heard the bitter, almost resentful voice of Padme inside his head that made the former slave feel guilty. "It really means a lot."

"I don't mean to sound like a pessimist..."

"Could've fooled me."

"Look don't take it out on me I'm not the one that invaded your world, now am I?!" Revan defended himself while Padme remained quiet. "You can shout at me all you like but without an army to defend your world I don't really know what you want me to say.

"So, you don't think that the Senate will act either?"


"On what?" she all but interrogated Revan.

"Whether or not you want me to tell you the truth or lie to make you feel better." he retorted calmly.

"I'm not some little wall flower that needs protecting, Revan." Padme proclaimed haughtily. "I can handle the truth."

"Fine." he relented. "No, I don't think that the Senate will agree to send aid. Its unlikely that the Republic will risk an all-out war against the Federation over one planet..."

"Naboo is not just...."

"It is to them. If you want to retake your planet your options are rather limited. You can do as the Chancellor suggests and accept that Naboo has fallen to the Federation..."

"I refuse to do that."

"Even if it means saving your people?"


"I would say pled to the Jedi but aside from Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan it's unlikely that the others will agree to help, as the old man said around the dinner table, they're no longer warriors."

"Not even when my people are being murdered?"

"Only if the Senate allows it...after all they answer to them."

" that's it? My only two options are either conceding to the Federation or pray that the Senate sees reason and forces the Federation off my world?"

"Well, there not the only options. You still have one more that you haven't heard."

"And that is?"

"Use Naboo's army."

"I feel like we're going in circles." Padme sighed tiredly. "Naboo doesn't have an army, I thought we went over this. We're a peaceful people it was why the Federation invaded knowing that we couldn't defend ourselves."

"Maybe you don't possess an army...but your amphibious neighbours do."

While Revan and Padme were discussing all the choices, they had to defend Naboo and push the Trade Federation off Naboo for good and force them to answer for their crimes, Qui-Gon stood in the centre of the Council room and waited for their predicted reaction after he had just revealed exactly who he believed Revan to be. Surprisingly, instead of protests the room fell silent as they all silently took in everything that had just been revealed to them.

As he stood there, Qui-Gon could see that most of the council wanted to outright refuse to believe what they were hearing, not that he could blame them. He himself was still having a hard time accepting everything that Revan and Shmi had told him in confidence concerning the many dreams and nightmares that the former had experienced over the years.

Yet as more pieces fell into place the Jedi Master quickly figured out that these were no mere dreams or even visions of the future like he had initially believed but rather they were memories of his previous life that begun to resurface. He should saw that the moment that Revan recalled his previous life such as when he was collected by the Jedi and brought to the Jedi Temple to receive training, and how he became close with a boy named Alek and a girl named Meetra. He knew that the names sounded familiar, and it was only now that he realized why.

While their true names may have mostly been forgotten by history and the passage of time their titles certainly hadn't. Darth Malek, master of the Star Forge and former apprentice to Darth Revan, one of the most infamous and charismatic Sith Lords of all time. And Meetra Surik, known commonly as the Jedi Exile, the Exile to be precise.

A powerful Jedi that had fought in the Mandalorian wars alongside Revan and Malek, known as Alek at the time, and becoming one of Revan's most trusted generals during the Mandalorian war. Following the battle of Malachor V she became a literal Wound in the Force, a phenomenon that only occurred by a traumatic event...and what was more traumatic then using the superweapon known as the Mass Shadow Driver to wipe out both the Republic and Mandalorian ships and killing the thousands of men and women that were aboard.

Even to that day she was still remembered by the Mandalorian's as the Bane of Malachor...a title that was both feared and revered by the former warrior race.

"Prosperous!" finally a voice yelled pulling Qui-Gon from his thoughts to see Ki Adi-Mundi up on his hunches and shaking his head furiously. "Do you expect us to believe that not only was the Queen's assassin a Sith Lord but not only is there another that we were unaware of but one of the most if not the most infamous Sith Lords to ever exist? The one responsible for returning the Sith to the galaxy nearly four thousand years ago, not only that but you're under the impression that he is possessing..."

"I never said that Revan's spirit was possessing anyone." Qui-Gon cut Ki Adi-Mundi off as he tried to lecture him like he was fresh youngling. "I clearly told you that I believe that Revan has somehow managed to be reincarnated.

"Which is ridiculous." The Cerena retorted firmly. "We live, we die, and we become one with the Force upon death. There is no reincarnation after death for a second go at life."

"That we know of." Qui-Gon countered. "No Jedi, not those on the Council, know with a hundred percent certainty what happens to us after death...and in life Revan was no normal Jedi; his history is proof enough of that."

"None of us claim to have all the answers, Qui-Gon." Adi Gallia said softly as she quickly spoke up before Qui-Gon and Ki Adi-Mundi could really get at it. "But don't you think this sounds a little far-fetched? What makes you believe that his name is nothing more than a coincidence? Or maybe his parents knew of Revan's history and named their child that to honour his memory...or as Master Yoda they just liked the name."

"Well, for one neither Revan or Anakin had a father but rather I maintain that they were both conceived through the Midi-chlorians." Qui-Gon explained to the dark-skinned female as the others listened in. "Secondly from what both his mother and Revan told me in confidence since he was a child, he has always had dreams of Darth Revan's past, more often than nought they were nightmares."

"Nightmares?" Mace Windu repeated. "Nightmares about what exactly?"

"About his time being tortured by Vitiate." only a handful reacted upon hearing that name while the others looked around in confusion. "As his time as Dark Lord of the Sith.

"I am not familiar with that name." Obi-Wan voiced saying what was on everybody's mind.

"I'd be surprised if you had, Padawan." Eeth Koth remarked as he looked at the Obi-Wan who still stood by the door. " Vitiate was merely the name he took upon joining the Sith and declared himself Darth Vitiate, the Emperor of the old Sith Empire. His true name was Tenebrae, and after his supposed death by the Hero of Tython he took possession of another host and used the name Valkorian to construct a new empire that was independent from the Sith and waged war against both the Republic and the Sith...and won, decimating both sides with relative ease."

"As interesting as this history lesson is." Plo Koon spoke up. "What else can you tell us about the boy's dreams?"

"Only that each night he dreams of his previous life." replied Qui-Gon as he focused on the Kel Dor male. "At first, I suspected that they were nothing more than a child's dream but the more I heard, the more I learnt I started putting the pieces together...however it was only prior to our arrival that the final piece fell into place."

"And that was?" Mace pressed in a demanding manner.

"He dreamt about his time on the Star Forge." he answered truthfully. "About his final encounter with Darth Malek, an encounter that ultimately ended in his former apprentice life...which he deeply regrets."

"He pities the death of a Sith?" Ki Adi-Mundi asked harshly.

"He might have been a Sith to us but to Revan he was once his best friend," Qui-Gon reminded the Cerena Jedi Master who conceded to that. "before Darth Malek he had been Alek, his fall and ultimately his death clearly weighed heavily on Revan."

While he may have told Revan that Malek path down the dark path was of his own choosing he could perhaps understand better than anyone what it was like to live with the guilt of failing your friend, your Padawan in such a was a feeling that never dwindled no matter how much time passed. There would always be that little voice in the back of your head that reminded you that you had failed, that you could have done more to save them from that treading down that path.

The Council had tried to comfort by telling him how the loss of Xanatos and Tahl had been his great trail and how Master Yoda had informed that "the greatest teacher, failure is" but at the end of the day none of that really helped. He had still failed his student and the love of his life and no amount of wisdom would ever change that.

"But as I was saying before." Qui-Gon coughed into his closed fist and pushed such thought to the side. "All through his life Revan has dreamt about his previous life. Of the time when the Order found him, brought him to the temple and placed him alongside both Alek and Meetra Surik, who history remembers as the Exile." he continued as the Council listened intently.

" And not only that but he has even gone as far as retraining himself by recalling the dream, well the memory, of his previous-self training under his old master, Kreia."

"Kreia? As in the woman that became known as Darth Traya...a founding member of the Sith Triumvirate that were responsible for nearly wiping out the Jedi Order during the first Jedi Purge?" Ki Adi-Mundi questioned sharply.

"Falsely accused, she was, of a crime she never committed. " Yadel finally spoke up after remaining silent during the heated discussion on whether or not Revan was truly who Qui-Gon thought he was. " blamed by the Order for the actions of her students, she was.

"Regardless of what the Order may have done to her in the past," the Cerena Male spoke up again. "She still committed numerous atrocious across the galaxy during her time as a Sith. Nobody forced her to join the Darkside, she did that of her own choosing and the galaxy paid the price." he asserted firmly before focusing on Qui-Gon. "And you want us to train a boy that could maybe be her most famous student...the man responsible for returning the Sith to the galaxy in the first place."

"If not for Revan none of us would be here." Oppo Rancisis much like Yadel had remained silent as the others spoke. "Or are we all forgetting that even during his torture that lasted for three hundred years he managed to influence the Vitiates mind to stop him from attacking while both the Order and the Republic rebuilt."

"No one has forgotten, Master Rancisis. "Plo Koon interjected. "that being said, Master Mundi does bring up a good point. If not for Revan then it was possible that the Sith never would have returned at all."

"Baseless speculation." Eeth Koth rebuked swiftly. " The Sith would have still invaded without Revan or Malek assistance...if anything they prepared us for their inevitable invasion."

"Nevertheless," the Cerena cut him off. "he is still the one responsible for returning the Sith to the galaxy. How many men and women is Revan responsibly for killing whether that be directly or in directly?" he asked rhetorically as the other master started murmuring to themselves.

" You've stated a couple of times now that he dreams about his previous life." Depa Billaba, the former Padawan of Mace Windu, finally spoke up after remaining silent from the start. "Does he know what they represent?"

"No." Qui-Gon responded, grateful that at least someone looking at Revan's previous deeds. "He is currently under the impression that they're visions of his future."

"So he has no idea that he could be the reincarnation of Revan?"

"Not that I know of." Qui-Gon answered Mace's question quickly. "But he is no fool. It won't be long until he begins to suspect what and who he is. He is rather knowledgeable when it comes to the Old Republic after manging to collect a number of tomes back on Tatooine that detail the both the Republic and Jedi Order during the Old Republic. Then there are his visions..."


"After spending a significant amount of time observing and studying them, he has managed to retrain himself in the Force. Now, or so he claims, he's only learnt how to use Force Pull and possibly Push but given enough time and the more visions that he has there is no doubt in my mind that he will be able to learn everything that he knew before...and that is without the assistance of the Living Force."

"Communing with the Force, he has?" Yoda asked intrigued as his ancient green eyes bore into Qui-Gon's.

"I believe so." Jinn confirmed for the Grandmaster. "During the night that I was staying with Anakin, Revan, and their mother I spotted Revan leaving the house in the middle of the night and followed after him but making sure to keep my distance. After traveling across the desert imagine my surprise when I saw him enter a cave that he had transformed into a makeshift training area and seemed to be calling out to somebody."

"Someone was there to meet him?"

"No one. He was calling out to a voice that only presented itself inside the cave which had a strong connection to the Force. When I revealed myself and asked whom he was speaking too he told me that he was talking to the voice that had always been there for as long as he could remember. Asking why he kept having dreams of the man in the mask, why he shared his name...and from what he told me his only response was that his dreams were meant as a lesson."

"Maybe the Force is punishing him for his previous life?" Mundi suggested to the room.

"Why would the Force punish him? As the records show Revan was redeemed and became one with the Force after his Lightside and Darkside reunited." Adi Gallia questioned to her fellow Jedi Master.

"Maybe the Force decided that he hadn't paid enough for his crimes." Ki Adi-Mundi put forward. "A few good acts does not make up for an entire life of evil..."

"An entire life might be pushing it." Qui-Gon spoke up in defence of Revan, both his previous incarnation and the one that he knew. " It was only after the Mandalorian War that Revan and Alek turned to the Darkside..."

"And look at what happened?" Mundi brushed aside his words. "And now you want us to train him so that history can repeat itself?" he ended the conversation with the frown.

"Are you suggesting that we do nothing?" Plo Koon asked his fellow Jedi Master.

"Not at all." The Cerena male quickly rebuked. "I believe that the Order must do whatever it takes to prevent Revan from ever rising to power again."

"Are you suggesting that we kill him?" Mace asked carefully not missing the trepidation that rolled off in waves from Qui-Gon, as well as his shoulders tensing up.

"I wouldn't have phrased it like that..."

"Then how would you phrase it?" frowned Depa Billaba. "Regardless of whether or not Revan is who Qui-Gon thinks he is you're suggesting that we kill a child."

"I am merely saying that the Order must do whatever it takes to prevent the Sith from ever rising to power again." Mundi countered calmly as he looked over at Depa. "Who do you think the Republic will blame if history repeats itself and Darth Revan rises to power once more?"

"I agree with Master Mundi." the cold and distant voice of Saesee Tiin spoke up agreeing with the Cerena. "Regardless of if he redeemed himself, once a Sith always a Sith. It is our solemn duty to destroy the Sith no matter what shape or form they come in.

"Maybe he won't." Plo Koon voiced his opinion. "With the right guidance he could be a great Jedi once more, and with these visions he could teach our current generation much."

"And what if one of these visions triggers a repressed memory that reminds him why he became Darth Revan in the first place?"

"It feels like we're going in circles." Adi Gallia sighed as she rubbed her forehead. "Revan fell to the Darkside because of Vitiate not because he desired more power."

"That we know of." Taesee Tiin shot back as he gripped the sides of his chair. "Many of the records claim that Vitiate had nothing to do with his fall and the renegade was close to the Darkside by the conclusion of the Mandalorian War...he betrayed the Order once before meaning he'll do it again for power; after all the Sith are obsessed with obtaining it through whatever means necessary."

"Proposing we kill a child, you are?" Yadel narrowed her eyes at Tiin who was unphased.

"It is not a child, it is a Sith." He countered coolly to the ancient Jedi. "We must destroy it before it becomes a threat."

"We do not murder children because of what it could become, Master Tiin." Adi Gallia stated firmly.

"As I just said it is not a child but a Sith."

"Whether you like it or not Revan redeemed himself and was partly responsible for defeating the Sith." Qui-Gon jumped to the defence of one of his newest charges. "Can anyone in this room claim that they could withstand three hundred years of torture?"

"If I had too..." Tiin started to retort only to be silenced by the Grandmaster.

"Enough!" finally the calm and collected Yoda had enough of the arguing and slammed his cane down to end the conversation. "Fighting get us nowhere, it will. Meet these boys, we shall." he added making his decision universally known as he placed his cane back on his lap. "Individually, I think would be best." the other master's seemed to agree, or at the very least they kept their thoughts to themselves as they nodded in their seats.

"Agreed." Mace Windu agreed with the Grandmaster. "Qui-Gon, if you would go and collect the youngest for us." he requested the maverick Jedi even if it sounded more akin to an order, nevertheless Qui-Gon granted his request and bid the Council farewell before he and Obi-Wan left to collect Anakin for his meeting with the Jedi High Council.

"Well, this complicates things." Mace Windu sighed as he rubbed his eyelids. "Not only do we have a child that may be the Chosen One, but his older brother could be the reincarnation of Darth Revan."

"If Revan was conceived the same way as his younger brother then doesn't that qualify him for the Chosen One too?" Plo Koon asked aloud.

"The Chosen One is destined to bring balance to the Force..."

"And Revan was said to be able to wield both aspects of the Force thanks to his time as both a Jedi and a Sith." Eeth Koth spoke up. "If anyone would be worthy of that title it would be him."

"The Lightside is balance." rebuked Oppo Rancisis with a stern and unwavering tone. " The Sith corrupt the Force, bend it to their will. It is why their bodies began to deteriorate and decay the stronger they were in the Darkside. No man that was tainted with the Darkside could ever be the Chosen One."

"And who can say if Revan's supposed rebirth was natural?" Mace put forward as a heavy frown formed across his typically stern features. "The records recorded by our predecessors go into detail how the ancient Sith practised rituals to find ways to cheat death. We only need to look back at Vitiate who did it countless times; maybe Revan did the same thing."

"Vitiate was Revan's greatest enemy." Plo Koon reminded Mace and the rest of the Council. "I find it hard to believe that he would ever stoop to his level."

"The Darkside corrupts even those with good intentions." the Cerena male responded. "And this is the man that created the Thought Bomb or at the very least discovered it again and left it for Darth Bane to acquire...I don't believe anything would be beneath his level if it worked to his advantage."

"This is all speculation on our part." Depa Billaba voiced her opinion. "Until we speak with Revan we won't..."

"I find it unlikely that we're going to get the answers we seek from the boy." said Yarael Poof. "As Master Jinn informed us moments ago Revan is in the dark about his true heritage; he is for all purposes he is just an ordinary young man."

"Most intriguing, his case is." murmured Yoda as he closed his eyes in thought. "Get to the bottom of this, I hope. Interesting time for the Jedi, this could be." He added as he became lost in his own thoughts. The Force worked in mysterious ways, never once in nearly nine hundred years had he tried to challenge it but meeting the reincarnation of the prodigious Prodigal Knight had never once crossed his mind, nor had he even entertained the thought of encountering the fabled Chosen One...and the Order would be meeting both within the same day.

"Whether that is good or bad is still to be determined."

It was a little while later that Anakin, after being collected by both Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan and separated from Revan, was now standing in the same place that Qui-Gon had been standing in a few hours ago. He had been nervous at first, brought into the chamber by the man that had saved him and his brother from slavery before he was left alone with the members of the Jedi Council.

After he had been left alone with only a pat on the shoulder by Qui-Gon, he had been uncertain what was to be expected of him. He felt vulnerable and exposed as the Jedi were distant with him, considering him no better than a street urchin as they focused on him from their seats; although he had a feeling that they were looking inside him rather than at him.

The moment that Qui-Gon had left they had begun to question him without introduction or explanation, not bothering to reassure him make him feel comfortable or welcomed in the slightest; if anything, they made him feel like he was a burden, an inconvenience that they had to put up with after Qui-Gon had brought him and Revan back from Tatooine...they were nothing like the Jedi from the stories he had heard.

Thankfully, he knew a couple of them by name thanks to Qui-Gon describing a few of them during their trip from the Senate building to the Jedi Temple and was quick to put the faces to names. The two the stood out to him, and whom he had a feeling were the leaders of the Order, were Mace Windu and Yoda, the latter of which looked far too frail and old to be a Jedi...maybe Jedi could not retire. As he thought this, he saw his long wrinkly ears twitch...he quickly shrugged it off.

They questioned about anything and everything, testing his memory and knowledge. They knew of his prior existence as a slave. Knew of his mother, his brother, his friends, Watto, the Pod-Race, his life on Tatooine, everything that was factual and past, of the order of his life; it was a little unnerving to be honest considering that he knew next to nothing about them aside from the names.

Currently Mace Windu was looking at a screen that Anakin couldn't see visually but images appeared in his mind with such speed that he was reminded of his time inside the Pod-Racer and how he could see everything around him with such clarity that it felt like he was watching the race from above; something that even to that day he hadn't figured out how it worked...but his brief conversation with Qui-Gon around the kitchen table had all but confirmed that it had something to do with having Jedi reflexes...whatever that meant.

"A Bantha. A Hyperdrive. A Proton Baster." the images whizzed through his head as he named them just like the dark-skinned Jedi had told him too. "A Republic Cruiser. A Rodian cup. A Hutt Speeder." Anakin listed off as Mace lowered the screen to look at him.

"Good, good, young one." praised the Grandmaster who focused on Anakin. "How feel you?"

"Cold, sir." Anakin confessed having no reason to lie.

"Afraid, are you?"

Anakin hesitated. He was afraid but not for himself, rather afraid for his mother. She was all alone on Tatooine now that he and Revan had left leaving her alone with only C-3PO and HK to protect her. Revan had always protected them both from any harm...but with him on Coruscant how was he was supposed to keep their mother safe? worse how was he supposed to keep their mother safe from harm. Sure, he was happy that he got to spend more time with Padme but he missed his mother, missed her cooking, missed her hugs, missed her beautiful smile that was enough to outshine the twin suns of Tatooine, even missed the smell of her.

"Your thoughts dwell on your mother." Anakin was pulled from his thoughts to see the Jedi that he was certain was known as Ki Adi-Mundi say as he stroked his white beard as he stared at him.


"See through you we can." Yoda informed the former slave as his ancient green eyes bore into worried blue ones.

"Be mindful of your feelings." Mace Windu advised as he stared right at the young man in the centre of the room who felt like he was being scolded for doing something as natural as worrying for his mother's safety.

"I...miss her." Anakin confessed to the entire council and winched as he saw the disappointment and dismissiveness form across their eyes. Had he said something to cause offense? What was so wrong about worrying and missing somebody, especially your own mother, it showed that you cared for their wellbeing and loved them; was it a crime to care for somebody?

The stories that he had heard about the Jedi depicted them as Heroes who spent their entire lives protecting the people and the Republic from harm and yet because he was worried about his mother being all alone on Tatooine he had done something wrong. None of it made any sense to him, in fact it angered him how disinterested they seemed in the welfare of his mother. Did they consider her insignificant, unworthy of their time, that she was beneath the Jedi just because she was a slave.

"That is not the case, Anakin." a synthetic voice pulled Anakin from his thoughts to see a Kel Dor focusing on him. and how he noted was the first person to address him by name. "No one here thinks less of your mother because of her status as a slave. We're merely worried about your attachment to..."

"Why is that so bad?" Anakin cut off the Kel Dor with a sour expression.

"Because of how you're acting right now." Tiin remarked with narrowed eyes. "You're too attached to your mother. Quickly you would fall prey to the Dar.."

"So it's a crime to care about people now?!" Anakin despite how much he tried to keep his calm felt himself getting angrier and angrier with the horned Jedi Master. "I thought that the Jedi cared about people."

"Care we do, Skywalker." another member of Yoda's species interjected, a female from the sound of the voice.

"Then why is it so bad that I care about my mother?" Anakin demanded to know as he looked around the room.

"Bad, it is not." sighed Yoda as he focused on the blonde-haired Skywalker. " Dangerous, it can be."

"How can it be dangerous to care about someone you love?"

"Fear for your mother, you do. Fear is a path to the Darkside. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate lead to suffering."

"I'm not afraid!" Anakin said boldly, desiring to leave this conversation behind. Nevertheless, they were right about him feeling anger, but not because he feared losing his mother, which he was, but rather because nobody seemed to care about her, worse that they were berating him for caring about her. Why couldn't they be more like Qui-Gon? He seemed to genuinely care about him, Revan and their mother, even going as far as to try and free them all slavery...that was the kind of Jedi that he dreamed of being.

"The deepest commitment, a Jedi must have." the Grandmaster continued. "The most serious mind. Much fear and anger, I sense, young one."

While Anakin was having his meeting with the Jedi Council, Revan had been left to his vices along with the Gungan that had kept him company while the latter waited for Qui-Gon to return and bring him before the Council once Anakin was finished with him...but that was a few hours ago. He had thought that the Jedi would have been back by now, after all how long could a meeting take?

All they were doing were asking his little brother a few questions or so he assumed...but again, that was a few hours ago. He guessed that they were being thorough in their investigation. Maybe the Jedi were thorough in their appraisal of potential members to join their Orders, personally he couldn't seem why. The Jedi needed them far more than they needed the Jedi...and the Order knew that. That and how many people were lining up these days to join them?

It seemed to him that they could not afford to turn anybody away now that they had pretty much faded out of the public eye. These day people were more familiar with the Republic and the Senate rather than the Jedi. They might have been labelled as Peacekeepers but there had been a time, specially during the Old Republic, that they had been hailed as warriors, protectors of the Republic, they had been revered as Heroes, none more so than the Hero of Tython.

Just one reason that that the Jedi should have remained independent from the Senate. Ah, but what did he know? He was just a former slave from Tatooine, what right did he have to judge the Jedi about their decisions?

But he digressed.

While Anakin had been gone it had been eventful in the Senate alone. Padme, now back in her role of Queen of Naboo, had voted for a vote of no confidence in Supreme Chancellor Valorum after he had refused to act immediately on her accusations regarding the Trade Federation and asked if she would allow the Senate to verify her claims for themselves which Palpatine had informed her could take up to a week at minimum prompting her t action...even if Valorum had been her greatest supporter.

Perhaps if Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, two esteemed Jedi, had been there to back up her claims then things would not have escalated as quickly as they had and the Senate would have two people that were eyewitnesses and could've confirmed for the delegates that Naboo had been invaded rather than by an angry, and rightly so, Queen; After all it was her word against theirs.

He got that the Jedi needed to report back to the Council to tell them not only about not only the Naboo crisis but also the resurgent of the Sith and the fact that he had discovered two Force Sensitive boys that he wanted brought into the Order...even if he did not really care if he was accepted. As long as Anakin had his dream come through that was more than enough for him.

Reaching the Queen's antechamber, Revan waved his hand to open the door with the Force, something he was sure that the Jedi would scold him for frivolously using the Force, but he really did not give a damn about what they thought. Not using the Force was the equivalent of cutting one of his own limps off...why wouldn't he use something he had?

Stepping into the room, Revan found himself face-to-face with Padme who was standing in the other room and still wearing her royal attire, but for a second time that day she was wearing something new...honestly, she went through more clothes in a day than he did in a week.

"It is expected of royalty." Padme's voice said pointedly as her brown eyes twinkled in amusement that greatly contrasted the emotionless and deadpan expression that she regarded him with. "And I have an image to keep up as is tradition."

"Please," snorted Revan over their Force-Bound that the two somehow shared. "you're just looking for any old excuse to wear something new...and what better occasion then when visiting a place that is filled with snobby, pretentious nobles?"

"You really don't like nobles, do you?"

"I don't like anybody that believes that they're better than everybody else." Revan spoke naturally as he walked towards Padme at leisurely pace, his grey eyes scanning the room for her handmaidens or Captain Panaka.

"Not everybody here is like that."

"Maybe not." Revan concurred as he stepped into the other room to see a couple of dresses laid out on the large bed that looked big enough for a small family to sleep in. "But more often than not the people here will smile to your face while stabbing you in the back."

"Or maybe you're a pessimist?" she offered with a dull look as she stared at him. "that sees the worst in everyone?"

"Blame Tatooine for that." he chuckled as he scanned the room before turning to face her. "But maybe you should try living there to see how long that boundless optimism lasts, Your Highness."

"Oh, are you asking me to live with you?" teased Padme, happy to be talking about anything that didn't concern the invasion of her home world, of her turning her back on Valorum when he failed to send immediate aid or order the Trade Federation to leave her planet and pay the price for killing her people. "Very bold of you."

"You would make a good little housewife." Revan smirked playfully. "I can see it already. Dusty overalls and working around the clock to get every bit of sand out of our little're you with cooking and cleaning?" he asked only to receive a shove from Padme getting a laugh from him before turning serious. "Can't help but notice that you're alone, where are the rest of your handmaidens?"

"I told them that they could take a break. I just wanted to be alone for a little while."

"You let that Sabe loose on the city?" Revan asked with a quirked brow. "Was that wise?"

"Of course," she responded looking confused. "why wouldn't it be?"

"You kidding? She makes even the nights on Tatooine feel warm in comparison." the black-haired Skywalker retorted getting an playful eyeroll from Padme. "I pity anyone foolish enough to get in her way or Force forbid try and engage her in friendly conversation."

"She's not that bad." snorted Padme shaking her head at the handsome boy from Tatooine. "But I'll admit she can be seen as somewhat..."she paused as she tried to think of the right word to use. "uncongenial to those that don't know her.

"Not the word I'd use to describe her." quipped Revan which Padme chose to ignore.

"But Sabe along with the rest of my Handmaidens are committed to their assignments and extremely loyal to myself and the crown."

"If you say so." Revan shrugged uninterested as he walked over to the bed. "Although if I were you or whoever it is that trains them to be body shields for your Monarchy, I'd suggest they learn to be more social and sound less like droids." he added as he sat on the end of the bed and bounced to test it. "Hmmm, not bad. So, this is what an actual bed feels like...think they'll let me take this back with me?"

"First off they're not body-shields as you so crudely put it," Padme corrected him firmly as she walked over and sat next to him on the bed. "but valued friends that I would willingly give my life up for, just like I would for any of my people. Secondly, they do not sound like droids!"

"Sounds like you're trying to convince yourself more than me." teased Revan with playful smirk making the Queen bite her tongue.

"Thirdly, I'm sure the Jedi will supply both you and Anakin with a bed once they accept you."

"We've been over this already, Padme. They're not going to accept me."

"You don't know that." she shot back as she looked in directly in the eyes, those strangely familiar grey eyes. Ever since she had first stared into them back at that despicable Watto's shop she was getting a feeling of Deja Vu. She was almost certain that she had seen them before...but for the life of her she couldn't recall where. "You haven't even seen them yet...or at least I don't think you have."

"No, I haven't seen them yet." He confirmed for the Queen. "But call it a gut feeling but I already know what the outcome is going to be. As I told you earlier, I'm already too old by their standards; and even then if they do accept me and Anakin they're gonna do everything in their power to keep us separated from one another."

"Now you're just being paranoid." Padme said shaking her head. " Why would they try and separate you and Anakin? You're brothers for goodness' sake."

"For that exact reason." Revan answered, all amusement teasing erased from his face as he locked eyes with Padme and looked at her with the most serious look she had ever seen him use; which admittingly was only a few days but that wasn't the point.

"That makes no sense." she murmured confused at what she just heard. "You're talking like you've committed some sort of crime simply by being related to one another."

"Not a crime per say," Revan did his best to explain to Padme. "more concerned than anything. As you know me and Anakin were raised by our mother, that alone is going to worry them..."

"That you were raised by your own mother?" she questioned incredulously. "What so wrong with that?"

" long as you're not a Jedi. Normally younglings are brought to the Temple as infants that way it prevents them from forming attachments with their parents, attachments that they fear in time could lead them down the Darkside. Meanwhile me and Anakin have spent out entire lives without mother, we've formed an attachment with our mother..."

"And that's a crime?!"

"Not a crime, more of a potential catalyse. They fear that if anything should happen to our mother such as she someone hurt her or kill her that our anger would send us down the Darkside. The same goes for me and Anakin, if on a mission I was killed they would fear that Anakin would fall prey to his darker emotions and seek vengeance, same goes for me. For that reason, I know that they will try to separate us in hopes of preventing that.

"They can't just separate the two of you over what might happen!" Padme cried out outraged that the Jedi would pull such a tactic.

"They can and they will." Revan returned calmly, taken back how anger Padme had become. "They've been doing it for thousands of years and it's unlikely that it will change anytime soon. Jedi aren't allowed families, prevents them from forming attachments and falling prey to the Darkside."

"What?! How can they do this?! It outrageous. It's unfair!"

"Such is the way of the Jedi." he retorted calmly not sure why she was getting so angry when it was not even her that was trying to join the Order. "Has it never crossed your mind why you've never heard of any of the Jedi that are still apart of the Order starting families of their own?"

"I just thought that they kept it to themselves."

"Afraid not. While Jedi are not forbidden from having sexual relations it is forbidden from forming attachments and starting a family of their own; and like their Jedi parent if they are Force-Sensitive then they will be brought to the temple to become Jedi but parent has nothing to do with the child."

"That sounds so, so...shameful." Padme said wrinkling her nose in disgust. "Jedi can just go around sleeping with whoever they wish..."

"Pretty much. Not a bad excuse if you had an urge that needs quelling and don't want to deal with the emotional baggage."

"Emotional baggage?" Padme repeated with a scowl as she glared at him. "And what exactly is that supposed to mean?"

"You know, people that are not looking for a relationship." he answered with a shrug not seeing what her problem with. "Works pretty well for the Jedi considering that the code prevents them from falling in love...or at least tries too. Pretty foolish if you ask me. Denying their emotions makes them no better than Droids in my opinion. They say that they have empathy for all living creatures yet how can they when they refuse to feel? but enough about me." Revan suddenly changed the subject as stopped his musings on the Jedi to gaze at Padme.

"How are you doing? I can't imagine that you got the outcome that you were expecting or hoping for." he asked carefully knowing that he was essentially walking on eggshells when bringing up the decision made by the Senate.

"..." Padme said nothing as she turned away from Revan, refusing to look him in the eyes in fear that her emotions would betray her as she got up off the bed and started walking away.

"You can talk to me, Padme." Revan commented as he watched as her shoulders tensed as she started to pace up and down the room. "If you're worried that I'm going to judge you then you have nothing to worry about...besides why would a Queen be worried about the opinion of a simple peasant?"

Even through the thick white face-paint that concealed her emotions he could see a smile beginning to form even though he could feel her anxiety and self-doubt through the Force. After a few moments of silence, Padme finally mustered up her courage to say what had been eating her apart for the last few hours.

"Did I do the right thing?" Padme asked as he turned to look at him when he didn't answer she elaborated further. " With Valorum I mean? He's been our greatest alley and I just betrayed him so callously." she added getting a sigh from Revan who looked down as he seemed to be pondering her words before looking back up to respond.

"I guess it depends on what your definition of right is." Revan replied cautiously as he tried to come up with the right words. "Do I think that it was right to turn your back on an ally when you're literally in the vipers nest? Then no, I don't think you did the right thing." as he said that he could feel the shame and self-loathing overcome her. "But as the Queen," he continued as he stood up off the bed and started making his way over to her. "then yes. I believe that it was the right course of action."

"Maybe not morally correct, but as a Queen you have to put such sentiments to the side...even if they conflict with who you're as a person. Because you have to ask yourself when all this is said and done how do you want to be remembered? You wanna be remembered as the Queen that sat and waited patiently while the Senate discussed the matter as your people suffered...or the one that whatever it took to keep her people safe and avenge those that she could not save?"

"You make it sound so easy." she whispered as the two stood inches away from one another.

"It's only as hard as we make it." Revan smiled as he placed his hand on his shoulder hoping to comfort her in some way. "And the best solutions are usually the simplest...people just like to over complicate things."

"When did you become so enlightened of the way of the galaxy?" Padme retorted playfully as she gently placed her hand atop his and rolled her thumb across it, her heart pounding a mile a minute at her bold action.

"Maybe I'm wiser than you think?" remarked Revan, playing along with Padme as he stared into her eyes...eyes he was almost certain that he had seen before, but for the life of him he couldn't recall where. It was maddening, he had only known her a few short days and yet it felt like he had known her for years. Like she was an old friend that had come back into his life after years of being absent. As he gazed into her beautiful brown eyes, he felt guilt, guilt for what he hadn't the foggiest idea, followed by regret.

"Or maybe you're just full of yourself?" Padme countered back as she refused to back down at the boy that she had a slight attraction too...and one that felt like she had seen before she ever stepped into Watto's shop a few days ago. As she gazed into his unique grey eyes, she felt happy, content even. To be candid it was the happiest she had felt in a long time, long before she had been elected to become Queen...she felt over the moon that he was finally back with her after so long.

"Maybe I am." he whispered huskily, grinning at her flustered state. "But you don't seem to mind, Your Majesty." he teased as his warm breath tickled her face and sent shiver down her body.

Silence appeared over the room as Revan and Padme stared longingly into each other's eyes neither of them uttering a word before the latter got on her tiptoes, freed her hand and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and slammed her lips into him, allowing desire to overtake her as once more her body seemed to gain a mind of its own.

Eyes widened in surprise, Revan at first had no idea what to do considering that the only woman he knew was his mother and the only other pretty girls he had seen were employed by Jabba as entertainment and he used that word loosely. Pushing such thoughts to the side and focusing on the more pressing matter, such as the beautiful girl kissing him, Revan returned it by deepening the kiss and wrapping his arms around her waist and pulled her close.

Melting into both his arms and the kiss, Padme in a state of euphoria. Having no idea why she had decided to make the first move on Revan only knowing that it felt right, and yet she didn't want it to stop. Alas, as if fate were against her the door to her chamber suddenly pinged before opening to reveal Captain Panaka marching into the room followed by her Handmaidens.

"Your Majesty! Senator Palpatine had been Nominated for-urgh!" the Captain started to say only to stop midsentence when he and the Handmaidens found their beloved ruler in the middle of a passionate kiss with the former slave they had brought back from Tatooine.

"Captain Panaka?!" exclaimed Padme as he pulled away from Revan and blushed brightly, thankfully her face paint hid that from the others...Revan meanwhile was not so fortunate as the Captain glared at him for defiling and making a move on his Queen and the Handmaidens, most of them at any rate, tried to hold back a giggle at her being caught red-handed.

"YOU!" the dark-skinned male rounded on Revan with a look of fury. "How dare you plant those vile lips on my Queen." he sneered, very tempted to grab his gun and end him there and then. "Did he force himself onto you, Your Highness?"

"Well technically she started..."he was quickly elbowed by the embarrassed Queen that in her moment of passion had forgotten that the door had not been locked...then again kissing Revan had not been on her to-do list.

"Of course he didn't, Captain." Padme assured Panaka." We were just..."

"Yes, your Majesty?" One of the Handmaidens asked with a twinkle in her eyes beneath their hooded robes. "What were you both doing?" she pressed further getting a glare from Padme that promised untold pain if she didn't drop it.

"We were..."

"I just remembered that I have a meeting with the Jedi to get too." Revan interjected as he coughed awkwardly into his hand. "I'm sure that Qui-Gon is looking for me as we speak...I should get going." he finished quickly as he took his leave, but not before sending a cheeky wink to Padme. "Captain, Ladies." he bowed farewell to them all before quickly making his getaway...but not before sending one final message to Padme that make her blush deepen and want to throttle him.

"Thanks for the kiss...we'll have to do it again sometime."

And cut! Well here is the next chapter of The Return of the Prodigal Knight and the Phantom Menace. I hoped you all enjoyed it. Now regarding the reaction of the Council, it may have been a little extreme but after going through the Star Wars wiki and looking through their personalities it is how I feel they would play out, especially with Tiin. When Quinlan Vos fell to the Darkside and was later redeemed, Tiin refused to refer to him by name and simply named him Renegade and claimed that any Jedi that fell to the Darkside or left the orders were traitors.

The Revan x Padme kiss was probably come out of nowhere, maybe even forced by it's been ten chapters and their relationship has barely progressed at all hence why I included that little scene. Also, they are both fourteen at the minute so a kiss is all that's gonna happen in this story, once the attack of the Clones begins then I have no problem writing lemons for the two.

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