The Return of The Prodigal Knight And The Phantom Menace

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Flash: To be honest I never hated the fate of Revan like everyone else seemed too. Sure, he never got a happy ever after with Bastila or his son, and grandchildren, but his entire life was faced with strife and hardship. In a way it almost seemed fitting for a character like Revan.

Tell me, when has anything gone according to plan in his life, when did he ever get a happy ending…other than the Light Side ending of the KOTOR, and even then he killed his best friend….and worse he didn't even know the history the two shared with one another. To him he was just another generic Sith Lord that wanted to control the galaxy and wipe out the Republic and Jedi Order.

Also, I rather like the idea that Revan managed to break free of Vitiate control via sheer will power and escape with Malek and began making an empire to rival the Sith Emperor given time.

What I do not approve of however is how Bioware did Meetra Surik dirty. For god's sake this is the woman that defeated Darth Sion, Traya, and Nihlus, NIHLUS! A being that could drain the life from entire worlds just to keep his hunger at bay...and even then, it was only temporality! It also seemed stupid how when she and Revan reunited she became more of a side character and took a back seat, which seemed a little out of character considering that all throughout KOTOR II she was leader of the group.

Once I reach the Clone Wars Revan should be back to his former self, such as his brilliant strategic mind that allowed the Republic to beat the Mandalorian's, as well as surpass his former self due to him being conceived the same way that Anakin was.

Svenion: I actually like kid Anakin, certainly more than Anakin from Attack of the Clones who comes off as a bit of a stalker by the way that he stares at Padme, sure his awkward flirting could be funny a times, his initial meeting with her being a prime example but after that it just came out a little forced (no pun intended).

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Chapter 9: Coruscant.

As the Nubian came into landing, Qui-Gon, after returning to collect both Anakin and Jar-Jar, gently pushed the Skywalkers out of the cockpit and guided them through the ship. As the Jedi Master escorted them through the Queen's transport his glance over to the eldest of the two, their previous discussion replaying in his mind.

When he had first agreed to bring Revan, along with Anakin, back to Coruscant with him and the others he had thought that it would be a rather simple task. Bring him in front of the council, specially Grandmaster Yoda, and get their permission to allow him to be trained as a Jedi and discover the source of his abnormal visions that had been hounding him since childhood.

But now that he had slowly pieced everything together it made everything much more difficult, dare he say almost impossible.

While he could not confirm his theory until he followed up on a few of his leads, such as learning whether or not there was ever a Master Zhar that was around during the times of the Jedi Civil war...if there was then it was proof that the child standing before him was not just named after one of the infamous Sith Lords of all time, but was in fact him, specially his reincarnation.

Admittingly he was still trying to comprehend how the latter was even possible. For generations both Jedi and Sith had spent their entire lives trying to unlock the secret to immortality, of course the Sith used unnatural ways of prolonging their lives such as transferring their essence into another living and taking over their mind. Although in most cases it was impossible to eradicate the spirit of the host which always lingered; but because the ability was so unnatural and perverted the laws of nature it twisted and corrupted the body so quickly that it began to wither away eventually fail forcing the Sith to transfer their sprit to yet another body...

So in a sense it was not true immorality, more like a parasitic relationship as they desperately clung to life disregarding every natural rule in the book...if there was such a book; but alas that was to be expected of the Sith. How many times had their Order over the course of the last twenty-five thousand years broken the laws of nature just to suit their own needs, to simply achieve what they could not during their allotted time? According to the history books and the records that the Jedi kept more times than he could count.

However, as he glanced over to Revan, he did not feel any malevolent intentions coming from him. Granted he had only known him for a little over a day, but in that time he had down nothing to lead him to believe that he was being possessed by one of the most influential Sith Lords of all time. A Sith that had been the direct cause of the Jedi Civil War, a conflict that had brought war to the entire galaxy and very nearly wiped out the Jedi Order, and he probably would have accomplished that had his own apprentice not betrayed him allowing the Jedi, as underhanded as it may be, to reprogram him to fight for the Republic and defeat Darth Malek, his former apprentice.

Was it possible that the Force, in all its wisdom, had decided to reincarnate the infamous Prodigal Knight? If so...why? The Sith were gone...or so the Jedi believed. Four a thousand years peace had reigned across the galaxy since their defeat at the hands of both the Republic and the Jedi. But after his encounter with the assassin on Tatooine...he was of two minds.

But if the unimaginable happened and the Sith had not only returned but had been preparing for war for the last thousand years...was that why Revan had returned? Even if he did not know that he was a reincarnation of the original Prodigal Knight? Perhaps the Force understood that no Jedi alive would be ready for a war that would engulf the entire galaxy after spending the last thousand years as peacekeepers rather than the warriors they had been during the Cold War and the Galactic War that had waged for decades between the Jedi, Republic, and the Sith Empire.

He held back a shudder as he thought of the possible ramifications that a resurgent Sith Empire would bring, especially when the Republic no longer had army to defend itself, they left that to the Jedi; and despite their powers could not fight a war on their own...nor would they want too. When it was possible they would always try to negotiate with their advisories and when that did not work a simple mind trick could work wonders, getting them to see things their way...even if using the Force in such a way was frowned upon by the most of the Order.

But he had always been a more practical sort of Jedi. Someone that would rather explore the galaxy, mingle with the citizens of the Republic and occasionally those that resided in the Outer Rim. Sure, using a Mind Trick to persuade a person to see things your way was genuinely frowned upon by the rest of the Order but he would rather resort to underhanded tactics then being forced to activate his Lightsaber...besides, he blamed his old master. Everything he knew he learnt from him, bad habits as well.

But when it came to the Sith he doubted that there was a Jedi alive, barring maybe Grandmaster Yoda and possibly Fay, that would not hesitate to end their greatest enemy in a heartbeat. They may have lived in times of peace but every Jedi regardless of Younglings, Padawan's, Knights, and even master's trained in lightsaber combat for the eventuality that the Sith ever resurfaced.

And that left Revan.

If his hunch were correct and he was the reincarnation of the original Revan, then would the rest of the Order call for his execution? While he did not like thinking his extended family in a less than favourable light when it came to the Sith nothing was black and white. They would do what they must to ensure that the Sith would never rise again. Even killing a fourteen-year teenage boy?

It was certainly a possibility. Still, whatever happened when he introduced Revan and Anakin to the Order he would do everything in his power to keep the boys safe from harm, even if that meant that he would have to betray the Order to protect them. Though fairly certain that Anakin would be safe regardless, he was just a young boy with an unusually high midi-chlorian count, if anything they would be curious, intrigued with his potential in the Force...that or deem that he is too old.

While Qui-Gon was battling his mental conflict about what the Jedi Order would say or do containing the Skywalkers, the brothers wandered down the hold and towards the loading ramp. As they reached the end the group spotted the Queen waiting patiently atop the ramp surrounded by her Handmaidens, as well as Panaka and Obi-Wan who stood a few meters away from her. Though looking at his tense shoulders, Revan could see that the Captain was clearly on edge...even on a peaceful planet such as Coruscant.

Although, considering his visions of the future the peaceful, serene world was nothing more than a front. The entire planet, as well as the Republic, was a corrupt as a room full of Hutts. At least with the latter you knew that they were going to swindle you when opportunity presented itself. Here your closest friend would stab you in the back with a smile on their face if it meant advancing themselves somehow.

It was probably why HK was going to pick Coruscant as his next residence for target practice, as well as gaining future employment by the many politicians that wanted him to eliminate their rivals; the only good part about all that meant that he would eventually reunite with his faithful droid once again.

"Can you believe it, Rev?" Anakin voice pulled Revan from his thoughts on HK and the corrupted Coruscant. Turning his head, pulling tearing his eyes away from the Queen and her ever dutiful handmaidens, he looked to see his brother looking up at him with a large smile and a twinkle in his eyes. "We are finally here!"

"So we are." He laughed at his brother's enthusiasm; it was rather refreshing to see. While Anakin had always been the more optimistic of the two never once allowing their predicament, as in being slaves, to get him down he could not remember the last time he had genuinely been excited about anything.

"Aren't you excited?" Anakin asked with raised brow. "Today is the day when we finally become Jedi, just like we've always dreamed."

"That was always your dream, Ani." Revan thought to himself not having the heart to tell him that he did not care whether he became a Jedi. Perhaps once he would have jumped at the chance like Anakin would, but after all those visions of the future and witnessing all the chaos and destruction he would bring to the galaxy, and how the Jedi would one day wipe his memory and reprogram him like some sort of had lost its lustier it had once had; but that he was not going to let his own feelings get in the way of his brothers happiness.

If he wanted to be a Jedi, then he would do everything he could to make it happen. And if it meant that Anakin stayed here alone and he returned back to Tatooine so be it, within a few years he could probably gain enough money to free his mother from slavery and relocate her somewhere far away from the Outer Rim so that her life as a slave would be nothing more than a memory.

"Then once we finish our training we can set out and free mum, C-3PO...and even HK, I guess." Anakin declared, though he said the last part begrudgingly something that make Revan chuckle. "And then the rest of the slaves on Tatooine, and any other planets that thinks it's okay to own another person."

"An admirable goal, Ani." Qui-Gon finally spoke up after remaining silent for so long. "But remember to focus on the moment, alright. Today is a big day, and you do not want to be distracted when meeting the Council. First impressions are everything."

"Then maybe you should have gotten us better outfits." Revan chuckled getting one back from the Jedi Master as he indicated to their dusty, and battered robes that they had been wearing since they left Tatooine. Compared to everyone else that was present, the duo stuck out like a Gungan in the desert, most of all to the Queen and her handmaidens that were all wearing outfits that were crafted from extravagant fabrics that made them all look elegant and stylish.

"I'd hate to think that an Order of monks would think less of me for wearing these old rags when I meet them." He faux sighed shaking his head. "Hopefully, they will understand that we were against the clock and I didn't have the time to pack my best clothes."

"I'm sure they'll forgive you this one time." Qui-Gon chuckled softly at his sarcasm. In many ways it reminded him of Obi-Wan, though Revan was less restrained than his Padawan. "Try not to do it again."

"I'll do my best." Revan retorted with a smile as they reached the end of the ship. Once they did he began searching for the face of Padme among the Handmaidens that were huddled around the Queen almost like they were forming a protective wall to shield her from any would be assassin...a rather morbid thought that he thought about it. Was that their sole purpose of being there? If it was then was didn't the Queen order her guards to protect know trained soldiers that had body armour and weapons to defend their monarch?"

"Because my people have no need for weapons, Revan." The soft, angelic voice of Padme rang out in his head; something that almost made him jump, but he managed to keep his composure.

"You know you could give me a little warning when you're going to do that!" Revan complained as he tried to discover where Padme was standing.

"And miss that look on your face?" Padme teased, though her face looked emotionless on the outside as she briefly looked over at him. "I think not."

"I'm glad you're entertained, your Majesty." The former slave shot back, though it was in jest. "Though my point still stands, why use handmaidens when you have Royal Guards at your disposal; unless it is just old Panaka you have to protect you..."

"No, obviously there is more than just Captain Panaka." Padme cut him off swiftly. "But addressing my people while surrounded by armed guards would only instil fear into them, something I do not wish for my people, certainly not at a time like this. They're scared enough already, and I do not wish to add to that."

"I can understand that." Revan agreed softly as felt her distress and anxiety through the Force. "But you're still a Queen."


"Meaning you need to be protected, regardless of what your people think."

"Oh?" Her voice was melodic as she answered him. "Are you offering to protect me, oh brave knight?" She teased slightly getting a small smile from Revan.

"I dunno," The former slave went along with her teasing. "Would you like me to protect you, your highness?"

"Are you offering?"

"Maybe." He confessed to the disguised Queen of Naboo. "Depending on what happens today with the Jedi I wouldn't mind taking you up on your offer, plus I'll need somewhere to stay until I can get enough credits to return to Tatooine."

"You don't think that the Jedi will accept you and Anakin?" Padme questioned as the Nubian lurched forward as it finally landed on the platform and the hatch began to lower.

"I think they would be fools not to accept Anakin among them, sure he may be a little older than the other Younglings but with the right Master he could make a formidable Jedi given time."

"But you don't think they'll accept you?" It was more of a statement than a question and they both knew it.

"I'm pretty old, Padme."

"You're only fourteen."

"For a Jedi." He clarified for her. "The other children my age have spent their entire lives studying everything they could get their hands on. Taught the ways of the Force from the time that they could walk..."

"But you already know how to use the Force." Padme interjected jumping to his defence. "You stopped that droid in Watto's shop using the Force."

"It's not the same, Padme."

"Why not?"

"Because everything I know is self-taught. The only reason I know how to do any of that is because I saw it in a vision of my future, whereas the Padawan's were mentored by Jedi that had decades of experience underneath them."

"It just sounds like you're making excuses."

"I'm stating facts." He stated firmly as he walked past the Queen, Panaka, Padme, and the rest of the Handmaidens and down the ramp. "I may be knowledgeable in a few areas, but I still have so much to learn, and I want to learn everything I can..."

As Revan and the others reached the bottom of the ramp he saw two figures standing a few meters away from the ship, both circled by an armada of armed guards, though upon closer inspection he discerned that protecting only one of the figures, the youngest of the two if he had to make a estimation on their ages. The first looked neither young or old in appearance, a little of both, had short silver hair, stern features as he stared at them with an unreadable expression, and was long black robes that held together by a thick black belt.

The second man looked only a little older than him, though whatever youth he once had was all but gone, greying red hair that was combed back, anxious blue eyes, and a kind, but weathered face; and finally he was wearing an elaborate blue cloak that fluttered against the strong gust of wind that swept across the landing platform.

Yet...there was something off about him. He was not sure what it was but there was something very unnatural about him, it was like he was not even there; and for the life of him he could not figure out what it was. Briefly looking over to both Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, the latter of which he had barely spoken too, he saw that they had not reacted the same way that he had.

Turning his attention back to the old man, Revan saw him looking directly at him, or maybe it was Anakin, with a curious expression. He looked harmless, or at least as harmless as a politician could be, but he could not shake the feeling that something was very, very wrong with him. He made a note to keep an eye on him during his time there.

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan moved around the Skywalkers and proceeded to bow before the two men, Revan, Anakin, and Jar-Jar quickly followed suit and did the same, if somewhat awkwardly in the latter's case.

Within seconds of bowing the Queen appeared, dressed in her black and gold robes with a black feathered headpiece that added to her height and flow to her movement as she descended the ramp. Surrounding her were her handmaidens that were wrapped in their crimson cloaks, their faces hidden in the shadows of their drawn hoods. Captain Panaka and his complement of Naboo guards escorted them.

Amidala passed the Jedi, Gungan, and two boys and stopped directly in front of the two older men, the older of the two smiling as he bowed his head and clasped his hands together in front of his blue robes.

"It is a great relief to see you alive and well, Your Majesty. We all feared the worse when we lost contact with you." The old man offered with a warm, and friendly smile as he straightened once more. "May I present Supreme Chancellor Valorum."

"Welcome, Your Highness." Valorum said, a faint smile working its way onto his stern features. "It is an honour to finally meet you in person. I must relay how distressed everyone is in regard to the situation on Naboo. I have called forth an emergency session of the Senate so that you may present your case for relief."

Queen Amidala said nothing as he seemed to be considering his words, that or she was silently sizing him up to see if he was worthy of having the title of Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. After what felt like an eternity the monarch finally spoke. "I am grateful for your concern, Chancellor." She said quietly and without emotion.

From where he stood on the platform, Revan quirked an eyebrow as he looked between the Queen and Padme, the latter who he could barely see as she stood beside the decoy Queen.

"Why does she speak like that?" Revan asked Padme through the Force Bond the two shared, which still was unsure why or even how they had one when they had only known each other for around twenty-four hours; hopefully that would be another mystery that the Jedi, or at least this Yoda, could answer for him.

"Sound like what?" The disguised Handmaiden replied through the Force Bond.

"You know..." The former slave stalled as he tried to think of the right word to use and nothing that would offend her. "So... emotionless."

"She sounds fine." Padme stated firmly as she did her best not to do anything that could draw attention to herself.

"Are we hearing the same woman or..." Revan trailed off as gave her an incredulous look. "Wait a that what you sound like when you're the Queen?" He asked suddenly putting the pieces together. When she did not reply he began to laugh to himself getting looks from the others, though he did his best to ignore them. "I've heard it all now."

"What?!" The true monarch of Naboo snapped at him, she had never liked people laughing at her. "What's so funny about the way that I speak."

"Are you being serious right now?" He asked rhetorically. "I programmed HK with more emotion...wait! You don't speak to your people like that do you?"

"Yes." Padme admitted to the former slave. "They have no complaints."

"I'm sure they don't...of course If I lived on Naboo I would not tell the Queen that I thought she sounded like a droid."

"I do not sound like a droid!" She shot back heatedly growing more and more agitated with Revan.

"Oh, I agree. I don't think you do either," Revan said hoping to calm her down. " Judging of course that this is how you actually talk when you're not acting as the Queen..."

"I am not acting, Revan." Padme cut him off sternly, narrowing her eyes as she glared at him from afar. "I am the Queen."

"I Never said you wasn't." Revan counted calmly, though did get some amusement at how easy she was to wind up. "I just commented that your decoy, and apparently you as well, sound a lot like a droid when you talk...change my mind." He challenged at the end with a twinkle in his eyes."


"Nothing to add, Your Majesty?"

"Shut up." Padme mumbled after failing to find a retort getting a chuckle from Revan, which only fuelled her frustration with the smartass that thought he was so clever.

"Revan-1 Padme-0." Revan smirked triumphally as their group of ragtags began moving towards one of the shuttles that would no doubt take them to the Senate, that or maybe the Jedi Temple, so that the Queen or maybe even Padme could request aid for Naboo; although considering that his visions of the future he would throw his hat in with the Republic rather than the Jedi due to knowing how long would take them to respond to the impending Mandalorian War that was less than a decade away...assuming his visions were correct.

Yet, he did find it strange that his vision of the Mandalorian War was almost exactly like the war that had happened thousands of years ago between the Republic and the Mandalorians...or so the books that he had managed to acquire said at any rate. Hopefully, and he was trying hard not to sound like broken holo-tape, the Jedi would be able to help him figure that out and perhaps prevent a second Mandalorian war from breaking out. While he was indifferent about both the Jedi and the Republic he did not wish for a war to break out that would result in the deaths of millions, perhaps billions, of innocent people that would be caught in the crossfire.

"There is a question of procedure, but I feel confident we can overcome it." The old man's voice pulled Revan from his thoughts to see that he was guiding the Queen along the rampway and towards the shuttle.

The Handmaidens, Captain Panaka, Jar-Jar, Anakin, and Revan followed the them wordlessly, though the latter of the group were all but forgotten by the others as they had more pressing matters to contend with rather than babysitting the three off-worlders that stuck out worse than a Wampa on Tatooine.

Anakin took the lead, Jar-Jar and Revan by his side, then stopped when he noticed that both Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, the latter of which had barely spoken to him since their initial meeting, were standing beside the Supreme Chancellor talking in private. Anakin glanced back questionably between the Jedi Master and his brother, not sure where he was supposed to go...before suddenly.

"Boys." The emotionless voice of the Queen addressed the Skywalkers, though the Gungan looked as well. "You may accompany us until the Jedi have need of you."

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Revan thanked bowing his head to the monarch.

"Can Jar-Jar come too?" Anakin blurted out not wanting to leave behind his new friend, much to the surprise of the Gungan.

"Of course." The Queen allowed before turning away and headed towards the shuttle along with her Handmaidens that circled her.

"Yousa needa do that, Annie."

"We're friends, right?" Anakin said waving off the Gungan's gratitude. "Besides, we couldn't just leave you at the space dock all day until it was time for you to return home, right Rev?"

"Right." Revan agreed smiling softly at his brother as he ruffled his hair...much to his annoyance.

"Wesa friends?" Gungan asked as he glanced between the two brothers and the trio followed the others to the shuttle.

"I guess." Revan shrugged. While he was not as optimistic or as friendly as his brother, he did not have the heart to tell the Gungan he had neither good nor ill feelings for him. Sure, he was a little clumsy which borderline on annoying during the brief time that he had known him, but that did not mean that he hated or loathed his existence. He had not known him long enough to form an opinion. "Also, aren't you from Naboo as well?"


"Well then this concerns you as well then." Revan said referring to the emergency meeting of the Senate. "Hopefully the Republic will pull their finger out and sends aid."

"Pull it out of where?" Anakin asked quirking an eyebrow.

"Doesn't matter." Revan quickly said getting a pout and glare from his brother at being left out of the loop...again.

Moving wordlessly into the shuttle with the Queen, Anakin, Jar-Jar, and Revan squeezed into the back without a word as they waited for the others to pile in so that they could be on their way. Sitting on the left side, Revan noticed the old man in front looking over his shoulders and staring at the three of them, apparently he did not approve of their presence...although what bothered him the most was the fact that he was looking at the three not in annoyance but rather scepticism. Before he could ponder any more on the matter the old man turned away.

"Me not feelen too good bout being here, boys." Revan heard Jar-Jar mumbled to them. Turning his head, he saw Anakin nod stiffly but tightened his mouth determinedly.

"We'll be fine." Revan said assuredly to them both as the shuttle slowly pulled away from platform and headed towards what he could only guess to be the Senate building that could just be seen in the horizon; and judging from what he could make out it had to be one of if not the largest buildings on the entire planet, excluding the Jedi temple. Though was it fair to compare a temple to a building? It was like comparing a Pod-Racer and a Swoop-Bike. Sure, the general shape and purpose may have been similar but on the inside, the inside was a completely different beast all together.

Sheeve Palpatine, Darth Sidious, Sith Lord, and future Dark Lord of the Sith, was for a better word...baffled.

He tilted his head to the Queen as she engaged him in conversation as they headed towards the Senate so that she could seek the aid that she desperately needed to free Naboo from the clutches of the vile Trade Federation. Only moments ago he had relishing in the fact that he was only hours away of gaining the title of Supreme Chancellor of the Republic once he manipulated the Queen to call for a no confidence in that fool Valorum; and after that he would finally be able to get rid of Plaguis and take his rightful place as the Dark Lord of the Sith.

A title that should have been his years ago, but he had been buying his time training Maul as his secret apprentice, but unlike his master he was no fool. He knew the rule of Two demanded that the apprentice would strike them down once they had learnt everything that their Master knew and had grown strong enough in the Darkside of the Force.

Like Darth Bane had declared in his holocron "Two there should be. No more, no less. One to embody power, the other to crave it."

It was why he had trained Maul as an assassin rather than a Sith. Despite his latent potential in the Force, and why he had taken him as an apprentice, he would never be strong enough to defeat him; though he would be disappointed in both himself and his Apprentice if he never tried. It was after all the way of the Sith, and why they had survived as long as they had thanks to the teachings of Darth Bane.

He should have been relishing in his victory; but that was no longer the case.

He had felt them the moment they had landed on the platform, felt their presence through the Force. He had never felt power like it in all his years, it was like staring into the Heart of the Force. He was certain that whoever the presence belonged was a warrior of great renown. Though he knew that whoever it belonged too was neither a Jedi nor Sith, they felt neutral in the Force. He had heard stories of an Order that had predated both Orders and so hypnotised that member of that Order had been discovered after all these years; despite knowing how far-fetched that sounded.

So, imagine his surprise when this abnormal phenomenon was because of the two children that the Queen had brought with her. A pair of children. Boys that were not even on the cusps of manhood. How could he, Darth Sidious, the strongest Sith to ever have existed have missed them where the Jedi had not? It was infuriating to believe that a Jedi, one not even on the Council, had discovered something that he had not, him! Future Dark Lord of the Sith!

But he had to remain calm and collected. Continue the façade, of which he had mastered, of the benevolent and wise politician that only had the Republics best interest at heart. He would have to keep his eyes on those boys for the foreseeable future. If Maul failed him or one of these children, which he suspected they would, turned out to have more potential in the Force than his current Apprentice then he could easily be replaced for a stronger one. One that would be insurmountable in ensuring that the Sith would finally have their revenge when he ruled over the entire galaxy as Emperor.

Yes. He would certainly be keeping an eye on these boys, just as his Master would...for as long as he allowed him to live.

It was a rather short trip in the shuttle due in part to them bypassing the bulk of the traffic thanks to the security services that directed them straight to the Senate building where they docked at another spacedock, though this one was much smaller than the one they had landed it; clearly it was only meant to be occupied by shuttles rather than ships like the Nubian.

As soon as they landed Chancellor Palpatine escorted everybody present into his personal quarters, a portion of which had already been set up for the arrival of the Queen and entourage which mostly consisted of Handmaidens and the Captain, the latter of which had not once left her side since setting foot on Coruscant; it was clear to everyone present that the man was clearly on edge and was counting every second, as well as checking every corner, until the Queen was back on the Nubian and heading back to Naboo.

Revan, Anakin, and Jar-Jar, after a request...though it sounded more like a demand, were given a room of their own so that they could freshen up before they met with the Jedi Council later that day, as well as getting the grime and dust from Tatooine from their hair and ragged clothes after they failed to clean up before they left their home world at least that was the case in the brothers case.

"Can you believe it, Rev?" Anakin exclaimed as he washed his face in the bathrooms sink. "Actual running water, and lots of it too!" He added as he threw the water that he had gathered in his hands across his face. "The people here are so lucky."

"I wouldn't say lucky, Ani." Revan said as he stood by the wall awaiting his turn when he could get cleaned up. "More like privileged. Through their entire lives they have had everything handed to them on a silver platter. There is not a person here that could comprehend what it's like to go hungry because they failed to meet the quota. "

"Why you gotta be such a pessimist?" Anakin asked as he washed his face.

"Don't forget behind your ears."

"Don't answer then." He grumbled, though did clean behind his ears and neck like he was told too.

"I'm not being a pessimist, Ani." Revan finally answered as he rolled his eyes at Anakin's grumbling. "I'm just being a realist. Everyone here is out for themselves, it's how things have always been, and nothing will ever change that...I would say that its human nature but...well, you know."

"Yeah," Anakin mumbled after turning off the water and began drying his face with the towel, which had been left out for him and the others. "But not everybody is like that, Mum's not."

"Mums special." Revan spoke firmly, an insurmountable amount of guilt began weighing heavily upon his heart as he mentioned his mother.

"No arguments there." Anakin agreed as he pulled the towel down to reveal a much cleaner face, all signs of dirt and grime gone. "But doesn't mum always say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover?

"Pretty hard when you already know the contents of the book." Revan muttered as he pushed himself away from the wall and walked over to the sink. "Now move aside titch."

"What do you mean?" Anakin asked, though he did grumble at being called short. Let it be known he was overly sensitive about his height.

"Well, because you're short..."

"Not that!" Anakin interrupted gingerly and with a glare, which probably would have looked intimidating in a couple of years...once he packed on a little muscle and gained a few inches. "I meant how do you know what the people here are like? You've never been here before...or as far as I've known you have not."

"You're right I haven't." Revan concurred as he waved his hand over the tap, though Anakin missed it, and turned the water on. "But I know enough about the people that live here to know that they're all rotten to the core. There is not a single person here that would not sell out their best friend if it meant furthering their own agendas somehow." He added as he leaned into the sink and began washing himself as thoroughly as he could.

It was unfortunate that his case was back on the Nubian, he would have liked to get into some cleaner clothes before meeting the Council or wandering around the city to kill the time. Besides, if his visions of the future were any indication he would seldom leave the Jedi Temple during his training and before the next Mandalorian war broke out...and a few years after that him and Alek would head out to the Unknown Regions to find Vitiate; though with a certain knowledge of the future could stop himself and his friend from making such a costly mistake. A mistake that would strip them of their least for a time.

"I just want you to keep your guard up is all." Revan said as he all but got in the sink as he allowed the water to soak his thick black mane of hair. "Trust no one but me, okay." It came across as a question, but Anakin knew it was all but a demand from his older brother.

"Alright." Anakin agreed knowing that he did not really have any other choice. Whilst their mother was back home Revan was in hard. " But what about Qui-Gon? Oh! and the Queen, Jar-Jar, and Padme?!"

"Odd, I didn't hear Obi-Wan's name in that list?" Revan commented as he continued to run water through his hair, sighing at the pleasant sensation.

"I-I don't think he likes us very much." Anakin said quietly as he thought about the Jedi Padawan who had barely said two words to them since their initial meeting. "I mean whenever I try to speak to him, he seems to ignore me, and when we go into the same room as him he always leaves."

"I wouldn't worry about it, Ani." Revan waved off his concerns as he began washing his face, he grimaced when he noticed the water changing colour. Had it really been that long since he had a wash? apparently so. "He's probably just threatened by our presence, that or he fears we're trying to steal his Master from him."

"But we're not!" Anakin exclaimed.

"I know that but clearly he doesn't; but then we know nothing of Obi-Wan's past. He could have daddy issues..."

"Like us you mean."

"Or maybe he inferiority problems and believes that Qui-Gon is going to replace him with us," Revan continued choosing to ignore Ani's daddy issue remark, which on a completely unrelated point he did not. So what if he had never laid eyes upon his father, or his mother refused to speak of him. His mother and brother were all the family he needed growing up, she had taught him everything he needed to know to survive the harsh climate of Tatooine, and everything else he had learnt himself. So what if he did not have a father? He turned perfectly fine without one.

In what book did it say that a boy had to have a male parental figure guiding him through life? He was the man of the, hut. A role that he had settled into early on when he took it upon himself to keep his family safe from any being foolish enough to cause them harm.

Where was he going with this again? oh right, fathers. Hah! Who needed them? He was fine just the way he was, thank you very much!

"Which is completely ludicrous, incredulously really. I mean surely a Padawan, who I'm guessing is close to becoming a Knight, should know that a Jedi can only train one student at a time...unless things have changed since the days of the Old Republic. Although, things could have changed over the last few thousand years, though unlikely considering they fear change of any kind."

"How do you know so much about the Jedi?" Anakin inquired pulling a face as he stared at his brother.

"I read." Revan said pointedly as he looked over his shoulder to stare at him. "Why do you think I had all those books in our room? Maybe you should give it a try?"

"No thanks!" The younger of the two hastily turned down, looking almost sicken that he had just asked him that. "I'll stick to the practical side of things."

"As you wish." Revan shrugged before returning to cleaning himself down. "Though just between me and you I think Padme would show interest in an educated man, not one that thinks charging headfirst will solve the galaxies problems."

"Really? I mean, um, what're you telling me for?" Anakin pretended not to be interested, alas his heated cheeks betrayed him. "I don't think she's an angel."

"Who said anything about her looking like an angel?" Revan smirked to himself.

"Whatever!" Anakin grumbled as he gingerly left the room, Revan's chuckling ringing out behind him before it was silenced by the bathroom door closing. Once the door closed, he looked around the luxurious attired room that was filled with numerous silks, fabrics, and furnisher that would have taken him into he was an old man to afford but a fraction of what was on display. He guessed money really was no object to that senator that greeted them, well the Queen, on the landing platform when they arrived.

Though he ignored all the lavish goods that were on display, mostly because they were not meant for them, and looked over at the lone Gungan who was standing by the large windows, though by the sheer size of them they acted more like walls...clearly the people there didn't care much for privacy. Or perhaps it was because they had nothing to hide and wanted the entire city to see into their home? He could not say. He assumed that like Tatooine, Coruscant had its own customs.

"You alright, Jar-Jar?" Anakin asked the Gungan gently, noticing how his ears were lower than usual...or at least lower than then what he had seen during the short time he had known him.

"Mesa okeeday, Ani." Jar-Jar replied as he pulled his eyes away from the window and over to where his new friend was approaching him.

"Are you sure?" Anakin pressed, clearly not convinced as he walked over and stood beside the Gungan.

"Mesa okeeday." Jar-Jar reassured the former slave. "Mesa nervousus is all."


"Mesa home." The Gungan confessed as he thought about the state Naboo was in before he was forced to leave it. " It nono lookin good, Ani."

"I'm sure that the Jedi and the Senate will agree to send aid. I mean that's their job isn't it?"

"Mesa hopin yousa right."

"I'm sure I am." Anakin encouraged his new friend. "I mean Naboo is in the Republic and the Jedi protect the Republic, why wouldn't they help you?"

"Mesa no know. Whyse only senda two's Jedi to helps us though?" Jar-Jar asked getting a frown from the blonde-haired boy. "There-sa whole armies on Naboo."

"I dunno." The blonde admitted as he looked away from Jar-Jar and back towards the city that was bustling with so much activity that it made Tatooine look like a pitstop rather than a spaceport. "I'm sure they had their reasons though, maybe they did not know how bad it was on Naboo? What other reason could there be for Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan bringing you all back to Coruscant?"

"Yousa hassa point." Jar-Jar concurred as he considered what he said. Sadly, before either could say anything more on the matter there was a knock on the door gaining their attention.

Quickly exchanging glances with one another, Anakin shrugged before he decided to see who was on the other end. Crossing the room within a matter of seconds, he pressed the key panel that was installed near the doorframe making said door open to reveal one of the Queen Handmaidens, which sadly was not Padme, standing on the other side. Like the others she was wearing thick white makeup that made it nigh in impossible to tell what she looked like other than the basic outline of her face, though this time she was wearing a black outfit rather than their usual orange...

Which in his opinion made Padme look more beautiful than she usually looked, which in itself was a paradox, for she was already the most beautiful thing that he had ever laid his eyes upon.

"Can I help you?" Anakin asked somewhat shyly as swallowed deeply as the dark brown eyes, which looked like Padme's, seemed to bore into his own. "Miss." He added feeling that he had offended her in some way.

"The Queen asked me to collect the three of you." The Handmaiden stated in a cold, but collected manner, divergent from the warm, friendly demeanour of Padme; just another sign that she was perfect in every possible way.

"Um, err, well my brother is still getting cleaned up." Anakin informed the Handmaiden who looked unimpressed, not that he could tell, after he told her that.

"The Queen does not like to be left waiting." The Handmaiden said coolly, her emotionless brown eyes staring into his very soul making Anakin sweat heavily...why couldn't it have been Padme that collected them?

"I can go get him for you though. He should be done by now, just drying himself." Anakin hastily exclaimed as the Handmaiden continued to stare back at him. "If you want?" He added, even if he had no idea why she scared him so much. Maybe it was because her face was hidden beneath all that heavy makeup of hers that made it nigh impossible to see if she was smiling or glaring at him, though he suspected it was the latter considering the cold look behind her eyes.

"Very good." The Handmaiden replied neutrally as she addressed the blonde. However, he did notice that she had not stepped foot into the room and remained on the other side of the door. "You can come in." He offered with a friendly, if somewhat awkward, smile.

"No thank you."

"Revan! We've gotta go!" Anakin shouted towards the bathroom where he heard the water shut off. "Now!" He stressed as he took a quick glance to the Handmaiden

"What have you broken?" Revan groaned from the bathroom getting an irritated look from the blonde. "We haven't even been here an hour yet and..."

"I didn't break anything!" Anakin cried out looking a mix of vexed and hurt.

"Alright, what did Jar-Jar break?" Revan quizzed his younger brother, missing the offended look from the Gungan.

"Mesa breaking nothing!" Jar-Jar argued, though he sounded hurt that Revan had blamed him for breaking something.

"Hmmm," Revan hummed questionably as the bathroom door opened up to reveal the raven-haired teenager that had a towel covering his head as he dried his hair and face with said towel. "Then what's the problem?" He asked as he lowered the towel to see that there was a Handmaiden standing at the door only a few meters away from Anakin.

Upon closer inspection he noticed that it was not Padme, even if her facial features were somewhat similar, standing at the door. If he had to guess then the Handmaiden was in fact the decoy that Padme had acting as the Queen in place of her; and if that was the case then that meant that it was probable that Padme had discarded her previous persona as the humble servant and gone back to being the Queen of Naboo while she was on Coruscant.

"This is the Queens handmaiden." Anakin's voice pulled him from his thoughts and back to reality to see that everybody was looking at him.

"Her excess use of makeup could tell anyone that, Ani." Revan stated to his brother, though he did not miss the twitch of her jaw when he did. "Can we help you?" He pressed on as continued to dry his long, thick black mane that he called his hair...maybe he should think about getting a haircut one of these days?

"The Queen wishes your presence in her quarters."

"Sure thing."

"Why?" Revan interrupted Anakin getting a pout from him. Whereas the Handmaiden narrowed her dark brown eyes ever so slightly.

"Excuse me?" The Handmaiden asked coldly not liking how he had refused an order from her queen.

"I don't recall stuttering." Revan replied neutrally, almost smiling at her discomposure, as he returned her hard look with one of his own. "I asked why does the Queen wish to see us."

"Because she wishes it." The Handmaiden said firmly, although her tone was still as emotionless as it had been since she entered the room. "And my duties are to carry out her wishes."

"We have no problem going with you." Anakin spoke up as he looked between Revan and the Handmaiden who if he did not know any better could have sworn that they were glaring at each other, playfully in the formers case. "Right, Rev?"

"Of course we don't." Revan concurred with a soft smile. "I just fail to understand the reasoning behind her desire to see us. After all none of us are politicians in any shape of the word so we would have nothing to add in helping her receive the aid that she requires to save her people."

"I will not pretend to know the wants and desires of my Queen. I only do as commanded." The Handmaiden replied nonchalantly as she looked at the three individuals in the room, having said that her eyes were mostly on the two brothers; The Gungan had barely made a sound since Anakin had opened the door.

"I'm sure that you know better than most what the Queen desires." Revan smiled somewhat knowingly at the Handmaiden getting a perplexed look from Anakin, an confused looking Jar-Jar, and furrowed brows from the Handmaiden at his odd choice of words. "You know, being her Handmaiden and all." He added with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Indeed." The Handmaiden uttered tersely as she scrutinized Revan with a hard look that would've made anyone else shudder, clearly, she had been working on it for a while. "If you're all ready, let us depart." She stated almost robotically before she turned on her heels and began slowly walking back the way she came; or so the others assumed. None of them had seen which direction she had come from.

"You heard her." Revan commented with a sigh as he watched the Handmaiden leave. "We shouldn't keep the Queen waiting."

"Right!" Anakin smiled in child-like wonder as he took the lead and hastily followed the Handmaiden. "I wonder what she wants?" He asked out loud while secretly hoping that he would get to see Padme before they met with the Jedi Council.

"Probably wants to keep an eye on us so that we don't get into any trouble; or perhaps it would be more accurate to say so we don't get her into trouble." Revan synopsized for the group as they quickly caught up to the Handmaiden who was going at a gentle pace, or maybe she had just slowed down so they could catch up.

"Wesa wouldn't dosa that."

"Not intentionally perhaps." Revan agreed with Jar-Jar. "But you have to remember that things are far different here compared to places like Tatooine or Naboo; of course I've never set foot let alone seen Naboo so I couldn't tell you what the social norm is there. Though considering that they have a monarchy I suspect that Naboo and Coruscant are not all that dissimilar from one another."

"You're from Naboo." Anakin pipped up from the front as he shadowed the Handmaiden, who had remained silent throughout their conversation. " Right, Jar-Jar?"

"Itsa true-ee." The lone Gungan bobbed his head up and down making his ears go wild.

"So are the two worlds alike?" The blonde quizzed him as he glanced over his shoulder to look at him.

"Notsa really."

"How so?" Revan asked intrigued at learning more about Naboo other than what he had learnt from Padme through the bond they shared. Aside from what she had told him and the brief images he had seen when she thought about her home he knew next to nothing about the planet other than once upon a time it had been used to mine the rare plasma from the planets core via the refinery. It was an achievement that the planet remained as strong and stable as it was and not blown up as it crumbled in on itself.

Erasing such thoughts on the state of Naboo, even if that was the sole purpose of them being there...or at least in Padme case, Revan idly wondered where Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan had scarpered off to and when either one of them would return so they could meet with the esteemed Jedi Council.

Unlike the other buildings that were in the majestic and great city of Coruscant, the Jedi Grand Temple stood alone in its majesty. It was a colossal pyramid with various other buildings, temples, and even dozens of courtyards that were filled with disciples that were studying the ways of the Force. At the base of the temple were four spires that were usually filled with Jedi that were looking for a place of solitude so they could meditate in peace; and standing in the middle was another tower that stood larger than all the others.

Inside the temple it was an rather ordinary day as the Jedi went about their daily tasks of studying the Force, in codification of its dictates and mastery of its disciplines, and in training to serve the greater good that the Force embodied; which the Order had been teaching their members for nearly twenty-five thousand years since it had been established.

Atop the tallest tower of the Jedi Temple sat the Jedi Council Room that overlooked not only the temple but also the entirety of the city that could be seen with the naked eye. Currently the Council was in session, the doors sealed shut, its proceedings hidden from any prying Younglings, Padawan's, Knights, or even other Masters that were not on the Council that were hoping to hear the latest gossip to share with their fellow Jedi; after all the temple could become awfully dull at times.

Inside the dome shaped room was a total of fourteen people, twelve of which comprised of the Jedi Council. A diverse and seasoned group of individuals that had all been selected because of their skill, patience, and mastery of the Force, who were tasked with guiding the Order like their predecessors had done so for countless generations, and to discuss matter of importance that could affect the Jedi and/or the Republic.

The final two Jedi in the room were none other than Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The seats of the twelve Council members were situated around the room creating a circle that faced inwards to where the Jedi Master and his Padawan were standing, the former relating the events that had occurred over the last few days, and the latter a step behind his master and remaining silent as he listened to him attentively.

Qui-Gon studied the faces of the Council gaging their responses as he spoke, all of them familiar to him. They were all Jedi Masters like himself, you could not be on the Council otherwise. Among them was Yoda and Mace Windu, senior in both skill and rank to everyone else present as the Grand Master and Master of the Order respectfully.

He stood apart in the mosaic circle that formed a speakers platform for those that addressed the Council, his blue eyes fixating on the members that he could see in his field of vision, constantly waiting to see their reaction to everything he relayed to well as preparing himself for what he would reveal to them shortly; although whether they would accept it or dismiss his claims was another story all together.

Qui-Gon brought his attention back to Yoda and Mace Windu, the ones that he needed to convince, the ones that were most respected and held the most power of those that sat in judgment.

"My conclusion." The Jedi Master finished quietly, his deep, powerful voice commanding those that listened. "Is that the one that attacked me on Tatooine was a Sith Lord."

The silence that followed was palpable. So intense that you could almost feel the tension in the room that appeared in a matter of seconds of him uttering those words. Then there was a ruffling of robes, a shifting of bodies and limbs. Glances were readily exchanged, and murmurs of disbelief were quickly voiced.

"A Sith Lord?" Mace Windu almost growled out as his eyes narrowed dangerously, his already stern features setting like stone as he uttered those three simple words.

"Impossible!" Ki-Adi-Mundi snapped irritably, not bothering to hide his dismay at the ludicrous insulation. "The Sith were destroyed a millennia ago. They could not have returned without us knowing."

Yoda remained quiet, only shifting ever so slightly in his chair as he contemplated the words of Dooku's former Padawan, a Master now, who he had shared many conversations with over the last few decades, although they had increased over the last few years. Much like his old master he was not a conventical Jedi, he did not follow the status quo, but rather followed the Will of the Force...even if that meant he ruffled some feathers. It was an admirable quality, one he hoped that he hoped that future generations could learn from.

While some, if not most, in the Order saw him as a bit of a maverick...even labelling him as a Grey Jedi, he recognised that Qui-Gon was a practitioner and follower, perhaps one day even a master, of the Living Force. It was one of the reasons that the Council had asked him to join their numbers, that and to gain a new perspective, sadly he refused claiming that if he joined them it would change his relationship with the Force. He hoped given time, and after his Padawan had completed his trails, that he would reconsider.

Regretfully, he knew deep down that Qui-Gon would never join their ranks. Much like his former Master he did not believe in the Council, he butted heads with them more times than naught. Thought that they were short-sighted, that they were wrong. That they had lost their way, lost touch with the Living Force; and instead, followed the whims of the Supreme Chancellor rather than the Will of the Force.

He was wrong of course, but nothing he said would change his mind. Too stubborn, too set in his ways. Much like Dooku in that regard.

"Threatened, the Republic is, if the Sith are involved." Yoda eventually spoke, drawing the others attention as his ancient green eyes closed in thought.

"Master Yoda," Ki-Adi-Mundi began looking at the Grand Master with a look of utter disbelief. "You cannot honestly believe that the Sith have returned. We would have known if they had."

"We have been wrong before." Qui-Gon Jinn stated pulling the attention to where he was standing. "Or have you forgotten about the Great Galactic War?" He asked getting a glare from the Cerean Jedi Master.

"No, I have not forgotten about the Great Galactic War, Qui-Gon." Ki-Adi-Mundi retorted stiffly with pursed lips. "But things are not the same as they once were, we have learnt from our previous mistakes; and because of that we have ensured a thousand years of peace."

"Have we?" The noble and regal voice of Yarael Poof wondered out loud as he addressed the rest of the Council. "Are we going to dismiss Qui-Gon's claims that the assassin was a Sith Lord simply because you feel that it is illogical that the Sith have returned?"

"You feel otherwise?" Mundi challenged as his yellow eyes turned to Yarael.

"Would it matter if he did?" The synthetic voice of Plo Koon answered from behind his breathing apparatus. "It seems to me that you've already chosen to answer for the rest of us."

"Well I for one agree with Master Mundi." The voice of Eeth Koth declared standing with the Cerean Jedi Master. "If anything, you encountered nothing more than a Dark Jedi that desired to kill you."

"I am old enough, as well as experienced enough, to know the difference between a Fallen Jedi and a Sith." Qui-Gon asserted firmly, the memory of Xanatos coming to mind.

"We do not dispute that, Qui-Gon." Adi Gallia noted softly as she spoke to the Jedi in front of her. "But what makes you believe that this assassin was Sith rather than some Jedi that fell to the Darkside?"

"When I fought him, I barely managed to escape with my life, and if not for the ship I would never have made it off Tatooine. I have never encountered an opponent that fought with such ferocity as him, nor have I felt such rage and hatred from a single individual through the Force. But the hatred was not directed at me per say but rather what I am, what we are." Qui-Gon explained to the room, not missing the uncomfortable shuffling of his Padawan behind him. "There is no doubt in my mind that the assassin was a Sith Lord, or at the very least had been trained by one from a very early age."

"This is difficult to accept, Qui-Gon." Mace Windu said as he leaned back in his seat, a stumped look forming across his face. "I do not understand how the Sith could have returned without us knowing."

"Everything, the Darkside clouds." The Grandmaster murmured, lost in his own thoughts. "Complacent, perhaps we have come, in times of peace. More vigilant, we must be. Discover who, what, this assassin is, we must." He declared as looked around the room to look at every one present to know that he was talking to all of them.

"Qui-Gon." Adi Gallia spoke gently as she addressed the Jedi Maverick. "Who do you think the assassin was after, you or the Queen?"

"I believe that the Queen was his target, me being there was just a fortunate by-product." Qui-Gon answered truthfully. "It is no mere coincidence that the Trade Federation invaded Naboo the same time that the Sith resurfaced."

"If it was a Sith."

"You think they're both linked?" Oppo Rancisis, a Thisspiasian Jedi, asked as he interlocked his fingers and leaned forward in his seat.

"I do." Qui-Gon confirmed with a serious look. " The Trade Federation, the Neimoidian's specially, are cowards. Yes, they're greedy, but they're not foolish. They knew that the Republic would never stand for a blockage around Naboo, let alone an invasion; it could also be where they got the courage to try and murder a pair of Jedi to prevent us from reaching a peaceful solution to end the conflict before it could escalate."

"You believe that somebody, namely the Sith, are pulling the strings?" Ki-Adi-Mundi asked incredulously. "If the Sith have returned, which I sincerely doubt, I think they would have other methods of gaining our attention than causing a rift between the Republic and the Federation. They would take a more direct approach such as declare war on us."

"Maybe they have changed?" Ploon suggested to the Cerena male. "It's been a thousand years since we last encountered them."

"The Sith do not change." Mundi rebuked his claims harshly. "They have always desired to destroy both the Jedi and the Republic so that they can rule with an iron fist, and nothing will ever change that; it was why we were forced to eradicate them to protect the galaxy from their madness. "

"How would you know?" Ploon shot back. "You've never encountered one."

"I never claimed I had." The Cerena Master retorted to the Kel Dor. "Of course, I never thought that I would hear you defended a Sith of all things."

"And I thought that someone with a binary brain would act as naïve as a youngling fresh from the Gathering." The Kel Dor male responded neutrally. "I guess we're all full of surprises."

"How dare you!"

"Enough!" Surprisingly, the person that spoke was none other than Yaddel, the only of member of Yoda species, who mostly kept to herself and spoke only when she needed to. "Fighting, nowhere it will get us. Figure out what we must do, we must."

"Master Yaddel, wisely speaks, she does." The Grandmaster smiled at one of his oldest friends, grateful for her input. "Discover who this assassin is, we must." He added firmly, his wrinkled face setting like stone as he looked around the room. "Security of the Republic, threatened otherwise. Act we must."

"If the assassin is after Queen Amidala then maybe he will reveal himself sooner rather than later?" Adi Gallia commented as she looked at the other Masters.

"I agree." Mace nodded in agreement as he looked in her direction. "If what you said is true," He said looking back at Qui-Gon." Then this attack had purpose. His target is the Queen. He failed once; it makes sense that he would try again."

"You think the assassin would try here? On Coruscant?" Koth questioned the Master of the Order. "Knowing full well that the Jedi are here?"

"I could not say what is going through this possible Sith head." Mace began slowly choosing his words carefully. "However, if the stories and the holocrons of previous Jedi have taught us anything, the Sith are as powerful as they are overconfident. We must be prepared for anything."

"With this Naboo Queen, you must stay, Qui-Gon. Protect her, you must." Yoda ordered the Jedi maverick as he pointed a green, clawed finger at him.

The others murmured their approval, nodding at the Grandmasters decision, evidencing their confidence in the Jedi Masters skills. Still Qui-Gon said nothing as he stood in the middle of the room.

"We will use all our resources to unravel this mystery and discover the identity of your attacker." Mace Windu informed and lifted one hand in dismissal. "May the Force be with you, Qui-Gon."

"May the Force be with you." Yoda echoed as he bowed his head slightly in respect and in farewell.

Obi-Wan bowed in respect to the Council before turning away headed towards the exit. He stopped when he noticed that Qui-Gon had not followed, mentally groaning knowing what was coming. They had more pressing issues to attend to then requesting two boys, who were already too old, to be trained as Jedi.

The Masters exchanged confused glances to one another uncertain what else there was to say on the topic of the assassin and the Queen. The Grandmaster cocked his head to the side questionably. "More to say, have you, Qui-Gon Jinn."

"With your permission, my Master." The Jedi Master replied, his gaze steady. "I have encountered a vergence in the Force."

"Around the boys, the ones you brought with you, hmmm?" Yoda smiled knowingly as he leaned forward in his seat. The other Master looked in his direction at his declaration.

"Qui-Gon?" Mace Windu asked quickly as the other Jedi, other than Obi-Wan, started murmuring among themselves.

"Around two boys." Qui-Gon revealed to the entirety of the Council. "Brothers in fact, who both the highest midi-chlorian count I have ever seen in a lifeform." He suddenly paused to that sink in. "I believe that they were both conceived by Midi-Chlorians."

Mace placed his hands together. "You speak of the prophecy, about the one who will bring balance to the Force. You believe that it speaks about these boys?"

"I don't presume to..."

"But you do!" Yoda cut Qui-Gon off." Revealed your opinion is."

Qui-Gon held his breath, as well as any retort he might have had, feeling like he was a Padawan once more being berated by the Grandmaster. "I request that the boys be tested."

"To be trained as Jedi, you wish for them?" Yoda asked softly.

"Finding them was the will of the Force." Qui-Gon pressed recklessly. "I have no doubt of it. There is too much happening here for it to be anything else."

Windu raised a hand bringing the conversation to a close. "Bring them before us then."

Again Obi-Wan prepared to leave the Council chambers only to see that his Master, once again, had not moved. Which surprised even him, had he not told them everything about those two boys? What else was there left to say?

"Qui-Gon, you cannot possibly have more to say." Mace Windu sighed exasperated.

This time Qui-Gon allowed himself a small smile to form, obviously Mace had thought that he had told him everything of importance...oh, how wrong was he. Taking a deep breath to steady his nerves, he felt his stomach doing flips. He prayed that he was not signing Revan death warrant, and that they would be understanding.

I'm afraid so, Mace." Qui-Gon started quietly as he wracked his mind to think of the correct way of telling them about Revan and his unique situation. "It's about the boys that I brought with me, specially the eldest of the two."

"Worried, you are." Yoda remarked, his tired green eyes softening. "About one of the boys you brought."

"Master?" Obi-Wan asked, speaking for the first time since he had arrived with Qui-Gon.

Coughing in his fist to clear his throat, Qui-Gon Jinn finally addressed the Council. "The youngest, Anakin is perfectly fine. Just an ordinary nine-year-old boy..."

"Nine years old?" Ki-Adi-Mundi repeated incredulously. "Then I'm sure you know that he is already too old to join the Order."

"If these boys were indeed Force-born as it were, I think that we can make an expectation for them...wouldn't you agree?" Plo Koon suggested as he looked around the room to gage their response.

"The code is absolute." Oppo Rancisis declared firmly as he stared directly at the Kel Dor male. "You know this, Plo."

"For the moment, his age can be ignored." Mace Windu said raising a hand to prevent anyone else from talking. "What is the problem with the eldest?" He asked, though with his authoritative tone it sounded more like a demand.

"There is nothing wrong with him physically, but Revan..."

"Revan?" Ki-Adi-Mundi cut in once more, a bewildered expression across his face upon recognising the name. " Why would anybody name their child after a renown Sith Lord?"

"Jedi, Sith, Saviour, Conqueror, these things he was." Yoda recited as he recalled the numerous titles that Revan had gained throughout his life, by Jedi, Sith, and the Republic. His tale was one worth remembering and one he hoped future generations of Jedi would learn from. Of how people with even the best intentions could fall prey to the Darkside and become the very thing they swore to destroy. "Redeemed in the end, he was. Changed fate of the galaxy, twice he did. Delayed a great evil for centuries, he did. Good name to have, I think." He nodded to himself.

"He was also responsible for returning the Sith to the galaxy after Exar Kun's empire was wiped out." Koth countered neutrally, though there was a slight edge to his tone. "Was responsible for nearly wiping out both the Republic and the Jedi Order. He even inspired those that came after him."

"I assume you're referring to Dark Sion, Darth Nihlus, and Darth Traya?" Plo Koon asked getting a grunt in response. "The latter who many historians claimed to be his Master, his Jedi Master at any rate."

"One of his Masters." The Cerean Jedi Master noted. "It was said that during his time as a Jedi he had many masters, with some claiming that he had an insatiable thirst for knowledge. It was probably this lust for knowledge that drove him down path of the Darkside in the first place." He finished sagely earning nods all around aside from Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Mace Windu.

"Regardless of the original Revan's hunger for knowledge." Mace cut in, growing tired of all the interruptions. "What is the problem with the boy that shares his namesake?"

"That's the thing, I don't believe that he shares his namesake at all."

"...What are you saying?" Mace asked slowly as he suddenly became nervous, anxious even. It was a sentiment that was shared by the Grandmasters who gripped his cane, which was laying in his lap, tightly. Meanwhile the other members, and Obi-Wan, were unsure why Qui-Gon was so worried, or why he seemed to be stalling.

As for Qui-Gon, he took another deep breath before confessing his feelings for who/what Revan truly was. Finally, what felt like an eternity he revealed all to them, regardless if they believed him or nor. "It is my belief that Revan is not just named after Darth Revan but is his reincarnation."

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