Please note that in this story the ages of some of the characters are changed, please also note the unfortunate incestous fact that with only 34 pillars remaining as the young devils are in this story 5 generations down (except Vali he is a generation 3 because it goes original devils, generation 1 which is their children, generation 2 is those children's children and so on) there could only possibly be 2 unrelated devils in the entire underworld and seeing as there are 34 pillars remaining still and most of them had at least 2 children that means best case scenario and a couple is likely to be double third cousins. In this story that math is important as from there we will define something as incestous if it is anything closer than second cousins.

(3rd Person POV)

(one hundred years before the beginning of the Great War)


(Gathering of the seventy six lead devils (72 Original Pillar Heads and 4 Original Maous))

"Attention Devils as you know we are going to soon be headed off to war and Beelzebub came up with an ingenious idea" Lucifer said, his plan ensures the survival of devils. We will make a devil who is a descendant of every pillar and us the four maous." Lucifer announced. "Lucifer, 76 isn't a number that can be bred down to 1 devil" Astaroth says. "150 devils will enter into the experiment, 128 of which will end up being ancestors of the final miracle devil; whose name shall be; Cra Daemon Bael Agares Vassago Gamigin Marbas Valefor Amon Barbatos Paimon Buer Guison Sitri Beleth Leraje Eligos Zepar Botis Bathin Sallos Purson Marax Ipos Aim Naberois Glasya-Labolas Buné Ronové Berith Astaroth Forneus Foras Asmoday Gäap Furfur Marchosias Stolas Phenex Halphas Malphas Raim Focalor Vepar Sabnock Shax Viné Bifrons Uvall Häagenti Crocell Furcas Balam Alocer Caim Murmur Orobas Gremory Ose Amy Oriax Vapula Zagan Valac Andras Flauros Andrealphus Cimerius Amduscias Belial Decarabia Seere Dantalion Andromalius Lucifer Beelzebub Leviathan Asmodeus Tsirhc. He shall be called Cra Daemon the Tsirhc." Beelzebub said speaking up to silence the other devils. "Out of curiosity how will the number that each clan sends be determined for neither 128 nor 150 is divisible by 76" Beleth inquires nonchalantly, knowing that regardless of the method of ranking and way of distribution as the 13th pillar and a devil holding the rank of king he would have at least two representatives in the 150 which makes him at worst case scenario having 1 devil per 75 devils and seeing as 128 would be used he would have at least 1 of his clan take an ancestor slot insuring the survival of his clan. "Your title will decide the number of devils you shall put in the experiment and the reason we are using 150 devils is because otherwise we might end up with all male or all female devils after two or three generations." Lucifer said.

(a week after the first Lucifaadan meeting)

(Lucifer's castle in Lucifaad)

(Devils Present: Lucifer, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Leviathan, Zekram Bael, Balam, Belial, Beleth and Viné)

"It is time we started talking about Project Siseneg and it's true purpose" Lucifer said. "Yes Cra will house the blood of all the devil bloodlines and will be extremely useful for purposes of repopulation but Cra is not only our saviour but also in case the fallen and god form a temporary truce in order to match our strength locking us in a perpetual stalemate millennia from now when Cra our saviour and secret weapon is born he shall be the most powerful being in existence even the dragons shall cower before him and he shall wipe all who oppose him from existence and all who remain will serve us" Lucifer's evil laugh echoing throughout the castle.