Chapter 4

3rd Person POV

(4 months later)

Zekram had noticed something starting when the child had turned two he began giving off enormous waves of demonic energy enough to concern Zekram and it didn't seem like it was natural because this was far greater than what he had been emitting five weeks ago. Zekram called for a meeting of the elder devils wanting to lay claim to his project.


"Let me start this meeting by emphasizing just how old I am" Zekram said earning a couple of snickers from some of the slightly less ancient devils. "My life has spanned eons I was alive during the great war, I led our race after the original Maous fell in that conflict, I am so ancient in fact that I have not only watched my children grow up and have children, who I have watched grow up and have children, who I have watched grow up and have children, who I have watched grow up and have children, who I have watched grow up and are having children. With a life as long as mine you are able to take on projects that span many generations, some of the more ancient among us may remember a pre-war and I am not talking about the civil war I am talking pre great war the Lucifaadan Meetings and a project labeled Siseneg, a project that I had to try and salvage, because of Lucifer's poor choice of placement for one of the generation compounds I was only able to thirty two out of the seventy six bloodlines, and then those runts Rizevim Lucifer and Shalba Beelzebub who tried to kill me and take him from me. They wanted to weaponize something I have worked on for eons, since before the great war I have worked to ensure our continued survival and although there were some mishaps do to the Lucifer family I managed to save thirty two bloodlines of the original seventy six bloodlines. I am going to take him over to tech support... I mean to our Head of Research Technology, the Maou Ajuka Beelzebub to have some tests done to determine which clans he is from, with this child we can hopefully revive some of the extinct pillars which would strengthen our race as a whole." Zekram said earning applause from the gathered devils.

(Later that day)

(Ajuka's Castle)

(Knock) (Knock) (Knock)

(Knock) (Knock) (Knock)



"COOL IT I AM ALMOST THERE!" A shout came from inside. Ajuka Beelzebub cracked the door open and was going to peer outside but as soon as the door was opened Zekram managed to squeeze through the door while holding a small child under his arm. (Oh Zekram why don't you come in) Ajuka thought sarcastically before noticing the child the child didn't appear to be from the Bael family after all his hair wasn't black which was the standard for the Bael clan. "Zekram who is that… wait where did the child go?" Ajuka said pointing to where the child who was now wandering around the room had been. "First things first what is discussed here does not leave this room." Zekram said. "No!" Ajuka's responded, pissing Zekram off considerably "How about you don't tell another soul about this for the next eighteen years" Zekram said Bael energy gathering around him as he got more and more angry. "I said there is no way in hell I am going to be an accomplice in whatever shady shit you are doing that you are being so secretive about!" Ajuka declared angrily starting to form his Kankara Formula. Suddenly both devils were knocked off their feet as a massive shockwave of power hit them. Zekram coughed getting back on his feet the ancient devil gave Ajuka a dirty look as if to say look what you did now asshole. Ajuka being much younger than Zekram effortlessly got up and dusted himself off, he turned to see what could have caused the massive shockwave capable of knocking both him and Zekram a devil so ancient that he had been in charge of the underworld for a countless number of years, having taken charge after the original Maous perished in the Great War and stepping down as the official leader of the underworld a couple of years before the Underworld Civil War started. Ajuka scanned the room and found nothing until he looked down he saw the young child between him and Zekram with hands outstretched as though he was separating the two much older devils. Finally examining the child he determined the child was between eighteen months and four years in age, he had eyes that could be mistaken for sapphires but on closer inspection were a dark blueish Indigo in color, another irregularity in terms of the toddler's appearance was his hair, on a glance it could be mistaken for a peppered like pattern of platinum and blonde but on closer inspection he could see that every the hair color had a every other hair color pattern alternating between a half silver half platinum (as in the metals) color, and blonde (much like that of the Phenex clan). His hair was kept in a mullet that came down to his shoulders in the back and covered his forehead in the front, all combed straight and flat giving him an oddly pristine and regal look. He wore what looked to be a tiny gray suit jacket, an undershirt, gray suit pants, and tiny grey leather dress shoes. Making him look sophisticated if you could actually find him as the grey seemed to help the toddler blend in as though Zekram was hoping to hide the small child by making him not attention grabbing because of the lack of shine that most nobles wore, yet it was fancy enough that he would not be noticed at a high class gathering, somehow Zekram Bael had found this child the perfect way to be near him at all times without the little one drawing attention to himself. "Fourteen years, I won't tell anyone for the next fourteen years" Ajuka said breaking the silence, "Fifteen Years of not telling anyone and that includes the other three Maous" Zekram responded with a serious tone on the last part. "Fourteen years three months and I will keep it from everyone but Sirzechs" Ajuka said trying to haggle with Zekram. "Fourteen years nine months and fourteen days and I will tell you everyone that knows, when, if and only what parts of this they know and you will still tell no one and speak of this with no one and that is my final offer" Zekram Bael said

"Fourteen years five months and nineteen days, you keep me in the loop and I will only discuss what parts they know with those that already know it, take it or leave it Zekram." Ajuka said. "Fine!" Zekram growled angrily. "Now out with it and why with all the secrecy" Ajuka demanded. "I know you aren't even close to old enough to have been alive during the Lucifaadan Meetings but before the great war It was decided by me and the four Maous agreed that a way to ensure our survival would be needed. Beelzebub came up with a plan a brilliant but crazy plan to make an invincible devil a devil who would contain all seventy six of the original devil bloodlines. But since seventy six isn't a number that can be equally bred down into one devil he wanted to go with the next "Breedable" number one hundred twenty eight which with my interjections I got the number increased to one hundred and fifty so we would have a twenty two devil buffer zone. Asmodeus decided we could not keep all the generations in one facility, so Lucifer had eight separate "strongholds" constructed in different locations throughout the underworld, and I had us create a system that would give us a progress report once every five years. We called it Project Siseneg and all was well, at least for the first two generations of the experiment. However because of Lucifer's placement of Generation three stronghold it got attacked and because of the losses suffered from the attack the experiment could not be completed in it's entirety but I never forgot the purpose of the project and continued the experiment using the few generation four devils and from them the generation five devils and using them I managed to create a single generation six devil which is the two year old child I brought in with me today." Zekram said. The toddler waved at Ajuka as he was mentioned in the story. "I came here for a doctor of sorts, because I need three things from you Ajuka scratch that this child needs three things from you Ajuka (The Toddler gives Ajuka big sad begging eyes)" Zekram says. "First off there was one more thing in the final report it told me that there was a gap in the timeframe where his the child's location was unknown you his whereabouts were unknown that spanned an eight month period." Zekram said. "By whom and for what reason was he taken and why was he returned" asked Ajuka. "My best guess is Rizevim Lucifer took him and had Shalba Beelzebub do something to him, Rizevim wanted to weaponize the remaining subjects after the attack on the generation three facility, and the reason he returned the child is the child would have been found otherwise because the old satan faction was not fairing well in the war and they probably thought I would never notice, the reason I think they were successful is well when he turned two his power increased dramatically." Zekram said. "What do you need me for?" Ajuka asked still confused as to why he was brought into this. "Like I said earlier I need three things from you, excuse me this child needs three well actually four things from you (The child once again was giving Ajuka a begging face); We need to figure out which thirty two of the seventy six bloodlines he has in him, what Rizevim had done to him, for you to monitor him as in his health and his condition, and for you to keep your mouth shut like we agreed earlier. Imagine how many of the extinct pillars he can bring back, but I need your help, for three reasons, one being a descendant of thirty two clans makes him way to complex for anyone else to possibly be able to accurately monitor him and the effects of whatever Rizevim did to him, only you can figure out what Rizevim's experiments did to him, and only you are able to make sense of his complex genetics and complex magical energy to find out which clans he descends from." Zekram said knowing buttering Ajuka up would definitely get him to help. "Follow me" Ajuka said pretty damn sure that he had just gotten played. "You said thirty two right?" Ajuka asked. "Thirty two what?" Zekram said annoyed by the fact that Ajuka wasn't make any sense. "Bloodlines" Ajuka said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Yes he is a descendant of thirty two of the seventy six High Devil bloodlines" Zekram said. "Do you know any of them" Ajuka asked." "I can make guesses if that would help" Zekram said sarcastically. "Ok so considering there are thirty three active pillars and I know where to look for indicators on quite a few of them and I can put a couple at the bottom of the list right now because of he doesn't share a few highly potent traits from those families I highly doubt for example that he is a member of the house of Gremory because he doesn't have the seemingly inescapable crimson hair I mean Zeoticus… oh sorry sore subject... well Sirzechs still had Crimson hair and it is said that everyone in the house of gremory always has the crimson hair hell I am even willing to bet if Sirzechs had a kid with his queen Grayfia that it still wouldn't matter and the child would have Crimson hair so I am going to put Gremory at the bottom of the list he and I find it even less likely that he is a descendant of either the Vepar clan or Forneus clan." Ajuka says. "Seventy three possibilities left and thirty two spaces to fill." Zekram says already tired of this process. Yay he shouts clapping his hands suddenly the child sneezes accidently firing off a bolt of the Bael clan's power of destruction, blasting a hole through the wall." "Make that seventy two possibilities left and thirty one spaces to fill." Zekram said grinning thoroughly enjoying himself and the look of despair on the Maou's face staring at the hole that had just been blasted through the wall of his castle. After putting the child in a machine that looked like a machine humans would use for MRIs

(Two hours later)

We have some results the ones we got matches for are the clans: Bael, Sitri, and Astaroth. But keep in mind I only have a few different clan genomes mapped out, but I wanted to do this way first as it is faster and easier than the other way which will require research and take a lot longer… but you might actually be able to help seeing as you are as old as you are…" Ajuka said. "What does me being old have to do with this" Zekram said glaring at Ajuka. "Well… you see… you having been alive before the great war you might know some of the original clan symbols especially the original symbols of the clans that have fallen." Ajuka said tactfully, trying not to offend the ancient devil. "But first let's see if we can find out what has been done to him" Ajuka said. Putting him in another machine that also looked like the human's MRI machine if not bigger. After about forty five seconds Ajuka called for Zekram to come look at something. "Is there a problem" Zekram said agitated. "Well I think I found what they did" Ajuka says bitterly. "Are you going to tell me or just make a face like someone just stole your favorite toy." Zekram said getting more impatient by the second. "They kind of did steal and then bastardize my toy come take a look at this. On the screen was a clusterfuck of something they were crammed into an almost sphere like shape as Zekram looked closer he looked over at Ajuka. "Is that what I think it is." Zekram asked looking pale. "I do believe it is" Ajuka said equally if not paler than Zekram.