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Chapter 5

(9 years 3 months)

Daemon's POV

"Grandpa Z it is just the human world I am much stronger than anything up there." I told Zekram irritated that he was trying to stop me. "I am siding with the kid on this one after all with his irresponsible levels of power he could best most supernatural beings with ease and he is fast enough to escape anything he can't beat." Ajuka said. "Fine you want to go on your own defeat me in a sparring match kiddo." Zekram said smirking at finding a way to stop his prize from leaving his influence and protection.

"Lets go." I said with confidence. "You got balls kiddo let's go back home then we can spar quick so we can get this nonsense out of your system." Zekram said confident that he could hold the kid off in his sleep.

(Zekram's secret sparring arena)

"Barriers are up kiddo so I don't have to worry about us being sensed." Zekram said."Come on grandpa Z show me what you got" I said cheekily. Zekram fired off a slow and wimpy blast of demonic energy as he wasn't willing to risk injuring Daemon after all the work he had put into him. I slowly moved out of the way as to make it look like it almost hit me. "You will need to be faster than that to win" Zekram said firing four slightly faster but still pathetically week shots of demonic energy each about the size of a ping pong ball. One of them hit me doing absolutely nothing surprising Zekram. "What was that supposed to do" I ask cheekily before catching a marble sized piece of the Bael power of destruction. "Come on kiddo you have done well but you can't beat me" Zekram said. Not willing to show my true hand I form two orbs each the size of a baseball using the Bael power of destruction and throw them slowly only about one and a half times as fast as Zekram's second attack and about three times as solid as the marble he just sent at me. Zekram used his own power to destroy one of the orbs before getting hit with the other. "Very good, Daemon much better than I expected." Zekram said before firing four golf ball sized orbs of demonic power and to volleyball sized orbs containing the Bael power of destruction. I made a flimsy barrier and forced it to shatter right after the attacks hit to make it look weaker than it actually was. I then stomped my foot raising eight bowling ball sized pieces of stone Before bringing out my phoenix wings and with a single flap I sent the then burning meteors at Zekram. "Creative, resourceful and powerful but not…" Zekram stopped when he was knocked over as I had swept his feet out from under him. "My real attack?" I offered cheekily with an ice spear pointed at him. "Fine you can go to the human world" Zekram grumbled.

(Time skip)

(8 months after Daemon's 13th birthday)

Daemon's POV

I was in the human world in the winter in Romania and only one thing was on my mind which is why the hell am I in the human world in a blizzard… oh that's right because Zekram decided I needed to spend time in the human world because according to Zekram "It isn't proper for a devil your age to not have any servants of their own." I guess I should start building my peerage my potentially gigantic almost great war sized peerage anyways. After all I did have 480 mutation pieces thanks to the experimentation done on me by Rizevim who inserted 32 king pieces which were forcefully mutated making their entire sets mutation pieces, resulting in my 32 complete sets. The experiments were had two unintended but vital effects, First the King pieces actually helped stabilize my power so I didn't spontaneously go supernova and destroy everything, and the second effect was breaking the evil piece system, you see when multiple king pieces were forced into me it shattered the piece uniformity limitation created by Ajuka, in other words I could do the impossible I had been given me the power to mix pieces.

That's when I heard it, the sound of horse hooves from behind me. I looked back and saw crimson, Gremory I thought, remembering what Zekram said about the clan I jumped into some nearby bushes and waited it sounded like a girl around my age maybe a little younger than me had found a runaway dhampir that had died she reincarnated the recently killed child and left taking him with her. I waited until she left and snuck off towards a bridge nearby and what I found found was soul wrenching, at first I didn't think she was real, her porcelain skin with its unnaturally pale complexion and her unmoving form, I thought she was dead, until I got closer and a golden aura surrounded her ruby red eyes half opened as if to weak to open all the way, "save him" a beautiful but barely audible voice said. "The dhampir child?" I asked softly attempting to reach out towards the female. "He is safe he has been saved by a young girl I believe is a part of the Gremory household" I said. She slumped going almost lifeless, "No please don't leave me" I said my eyes welling up with tears. "I can see it in your eyes you're kind, do me a favor and once I (cough) am gone… (cough) (cough) have expired, please take my body far away from here somewhere where they won't find it" She said the glow getting fainter. "NO! YOU CAN'T DIE ON ME! I WON'T LET YOU!" I cried and started to pour my demonic energy into her for her to use as fuel for now instead of her fading life force.

Realization struck me I could more or less trick this girl and she would probably be mad for awhile but it would be worth it to save this beautiful creature plus she can't be much older than me and a child should not die never experiencing so many things and knowing dhampirs happiness was probably not something she knew therefore it is my duty to give her a better life I thought.

"I am sorry, I really want to help you but as a devil unless you make a pact with me I can't involve myself in the business of other factions." I said with sad and innocent face. "You can have anything that's mine to give you just need to stop them, they can't get it..." She said. "I can only think of one way to stop whoever is after you and I can do you one better, I can stop anyone else from being able to get you as well, all I ask is you let me help you, I know of your kind and the sad lives they live, but I will protect you now and forever and you will finally be able to be happy." I said. "I understand just do it quick before they find us." She said urging me to hurry up. "Woah please not so rough you're my first time" I said bashfully making her porcelain skin turn the same shade as her eyes. "I grabbed out a piece from three different sets one mutation queen, one mutation bishop, and one mutation pawn. "I am Daemon and you shall stand beside me for now and for always my stunningly beautiful Queen, bishop, pawn. Your life is mine and I will make sure that this one, unlike your last is filled with joy, so I order thee to rise up and meet me." I said. The pieces going into her body and she rose suddenly I heard noise in the distance and the girl urged me to get us away from there. I teleported us to the underworld.

We arrived outside of Zekram's study, where I heard someone shouting at Zekram "I know you ordered her to be silenced Zekram and once I find out what she had learned I will expose it and take you down… in the name of the Morning Star, Cleria's death will not be in vain" The man shouted

I had more sneaking around to do first stop to do so I went to Ajuka's castle. "Aju-kama Aju-Aju I need a couple of favors." I said appearing behind the green haired maou. "Ask Zekram" was Ajuka's grouchy reply. "Can't" I said. "I need to know about a man who was yelling at Grandpa Zekram?" I asked giving pouty eyes to Ajuka. "It was probably just Diehauser don't worry about it kid." Ajuka said. "Why was he so mad at grandpa Z?" I asked. "Look Daemon I like ruffling old Zekram's feathers more than anyone but I also would like to keep my hide and I will get skinned if I say anymore, however if you want to keep looking it can be our little secret, Stingy old man did give us one more symbol to try but he won't tell me which family this symbol belongs to it is extremely archaic yet I feel I have seen it somewhere before." Ajuka said.

5 minutes later

"You know the drill, pour your demonic power into the circle if it lights up we have a match if not… you get the idea" Ajuka said half there, half wondering why Zekram refused to tell him which crest it was and the contents of the sealed envelope to be given to Daemon if it was a match… probably won't be a match and therefore won't matter anyways Ajuka thought to himself…

"Aju-kama we got one" I said triumphantly. Ajuka gave the envelope to Daemon his brain not working properly as it was unable to process the information. Zekram was hiding something. I waved bye-bye to Aju-kama and teleported outside the castle where I had left my new queen. She was waiting as a swarm of bats and transformed back to normal when she saw me ever so gracefully landing… on top of me.

"I got a letter and as my queen we should both see it I said breaking the seal. "Congratulations little one you have one the genetic lottery little one even if it was rigged quite a bit I am Lucifer the Morning Star and if you were able to break the seal that means I have successfully ensured the survival of my bloodline, that is right little one you are a Lucifer dear child and since you are reading this I am gone and I am sure Zekram has been raising you in my stead at this point try and open the smaller envelope if you can that means that the project was successful through completion and you Cra shall rule over all creation HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (switch over to that letter now), if you can not well at least it worked to a degree, if my idiotic son is alive don't let him use you, you are still a much more powerful Lucifer then he ever will be (probably… not sure how far Project Siseneg made it), and remember even if the world isn't yours everything under it sure as hell is, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, and remember what was mine should be yours,

Lucifer the Morning Star" I read. "Why does Lucifer write the laughing into a letter" I asked. Other letter was useless as I knew that I was the product of what Zekram managed to save from the remains of the project. "Tell me about yourself" I asked my queen. "My name is Valerie and I have the Cup" she said ominously. "Valerie I need you to take this and we are going to teleport somewhere, I will be able to speak with you through this and I need you to do as I say as you will be a lot more believable than me but if they ask too many questions I need you to get out of there" I said making a small magic circle next to her ear I then fixed her hair so it concealed the magic circle and made one next to my ear as well. I teleported us somewhere I had been warned against going so many times, Lilith the new capital of Hell, in front of us was the Underworld Internal Affairs Records and Archives Building. "Go in and ask the lady at the front desk to see a record about a friend of yours."

Valerie walked into the building and there was a secretary with black hair tied in a bun who looked to be in her late twenties to early thirties she wore a black skirt suit and was sitting in front of a computer behind the front desk. Valerie jumped up and rang the service bell on top of the counter. "Are you lost little one?" The bespectacled secretary asked. "No I am just looking for information on what happened to a friend of mine" Valerie repeated my words verbatim. "What is her name sweetie" The secretary asked adjusting her glasses. "Cleria Belial" Valerie repeated. "And what might your name be little one." The secretary asked. "Valerie" she said making sure not to give more than her first name exactly as I instructed. "Cleria Belial was first in line to be the head of Belial family, she was the governor of Kuoh for almost fifty months until she died two years ago at the age of sixteen, during a cooperative operation for more information please contact external affairs." She read. "Who exactly are… where did you go?" The secretary asked.

"Are we going to external affairs next?" Valerie asked. "Not quite, Sirzechs will probably hear about the stunt you just pulled so we will have to let it cool down and we need to find you somewhere to stay, because I don't want anyone knowing my hand yet, plus I know of someone who can protect you in the meantime while keeping you off the radar, we can't let other devils know how smart I am yet." I said.

"Plus this could be your first pact as a devil." I added. "How many pacts have you made Daemon?" Valerie asks. "Just the one I made with you." I said sheepishly.

I teleported back to an alley in Bael territory after sending Valerie to my contact.

"Come on now girl, an extra demon girl like you should be honored that I am offering to touch you especially in such an intimate place." A voice said from behind me. I turned and saw what could only be described as a sunburnt elven christmas tree trying to grope a cute blonde girl, both parties were around my age. "Hey Jingle Bells, what gives you the right to go around harassing girls" I yelled. "No need to be shy cutie, I just wanted to see what's under your top." the sunburnt elven christmas tree said completely ignoring me as he went to grab the girls shirt. (Crack) "Dont ignore me, christmas elf." I said now between him and the girl with a bone crushing grip on his forearm. "Now apologize to the girl" I growled pulling hard on his arm probably dislocating the arm and leaving a couple of fractures in the bones in his forearm which was still in my vice like grip. "Sorry" he growled through gritted teeth. "What are you sorry for…" Daemon started before being interrupted by a new voice turning to face the newcomer he saw a boy older than him by two maybe three years. "Picking on the weak is no way to try to impress a lady" The newcomer said. The newcomer was muscular teen with black hair and purple eyes that looked distantly similar but most certainly related to Daemon's own Indigo eyes. The sunburnt elven christmas tree used the newcomer's arrival to escape my grasp which I only noticed when he said "I am sorry I bothered to complement such an ungrateful brat from the extra clans like you" He hissed spitting on the girls shoes before teleporting out. "What do you have to say for yourself bullying that weakling, do you think it makes you look cool, that it makes you tough." The muscular teen said getting in my face as he was obviously completely oblivious to what had just happened. (SLAP) "He was protecting me from that creep who thought that he could do whatever he wanted to me because he is a high class devil from a pillar family and I am just some girl from an extra demon clan, this boy saved me from that creep's groping and god knows what else." She screamed at the larger teen who had gotten in my face. "It appears as though I misread the situation my name is Sairaorg Bael currently the heir to the Bael clan, and you have my deepest apologies." The muscular teen said bowing. "I don't see what's wrong with you, I mean Grandpa Z- -I mean so you are the devil who is going to be the next head of the Bael clan, my name is Daemon it's nice to meet you, Sai… but I need to get going, so bye" Daemon said teleporting out. In the quick glance that Sairaorg got at the magic circle he spotted something amongst the mess of symbols, he was only to spot it because of how well he knew it after all it was the symbol on his own magic circle amidst the chaos of lines in that boys magic circle there was the symbol of the Bael clan. Sairaorg had a couple of errands to run.

Arriving back in my room I remembered what I had learned from sending Valerie into the internal affairs office.

Cleria Belial Age 16 deceased two years ago died during a joint mission with the church to take down a stray devil. How could that be Zekram's fault I thought to myself.