Chapter 2: The Boys and The Family Business

Sam Winchester walked into the generic, run of the mill, motel room. His arms were full of papers and envelopes.

"So this is what we've resorted to?" Dean asked as his voice shook with the movement of the magic fingers.

"It's just another way to help people and find cases," Sam commented as he sat down at the small kitchenette and spread out what he'd been carrying

"But it breaks the rules Sammy," Dean sat up to force the severity of the situation and of his discontentment. "We're not supposed to come back into towns that we've already visited and a P. needs to be visited. The internet is the way to go these days, and you know that!"

"Yes, I do, and the internet is amazing, but this is so much more anonymous," Sam countered. "And more reliable then the tabloids."

"And slower," Dean carried on in his role as devil's advocate, though just the thought of it made him feel dirty. "By the time we get to these, and decide if they are worthy of our time, people will be dead. We've never found cases like this, so why are we starting now?"

"These aren't for cases," Sam corrected. "It's for the people."

"Pen pals are still a thing?" Dean teased.

"Look, I'm not asking you to get onboard with this, hell I didn't even ask you to come, but you did. This is just a pet project. Besides, the box is only a day out from the bunker, I could have come alone," Sam's argumentative tone faded as something among the letters caught his attention.

"What is it Sammy?" Dean asked after witnessing the change in his brother.

"What; that is the question," Sam said as Dean came to the table and looked over his brother's shoulder.

"What the hell did you put in the add?" Dean asked as he snatched the letter right out of his brothers hands.

"If you have a supernatural problem and no one believes you, send us a line," Sam answered. "That was all."

"Well that's vague," Dean huffed as he began to pace.

"And that is supernatural, don't you agree?" Sam asked and snatched the letter back as his brother passed behind him.

"Sure but it could be a complete joke as well," Dean said as he fell onto the bed once more.

"Or it could be a case," Sam countered.

"Unlike anything I've ever heard of," Dean said.

"We'll that's not entirely true, now is it? We have dealt with Prometheus," Sam turned now to face his bother. "We'll have to check the lore to see if this fits the bill for any of the other gods."

"Immortals, it can be only one thing," Dean said and rolled onto his side.

"Oh yeah, what's that?" Sam asked sarcastically.

"Not good," his brother answered aggressively as he sat up and looked his brother in the eyes. "Nothing good can come of this Sammy."

"Everything can die, Dean," Sam said with a sigh shaking his head. "We just have to figure out what will kill it."

"Sure, but nothing I've ever heard of dies only to wake up again naked and in the Hudson River," Dean countered.

"It could be another god, or some kind of resurrection by angels," Sam suggested.

"Why do you want to jump on this. It could be a sick joke to get us in trouble. It could be a trap by the Men of Letters. Hell, what kind of proof did this person give you? Nothing, he wrote you a piece of fiction, gave you a place and signed it with the most vagueness I've ever seen. And you wanna just head off to New York City when no one has actually died and we have no idea what we will find there?"

"Someone has died, and come right back to life," Sam said. "I'll go alone if you think it's nothing."

"You're not running off to New York all on your own," Dean protested. "Not with things the way they are, and mom off on her own, and the British Men of Letters moving in. No way!"

"Then let's go and check out this antique shop," Sam said with a smile, knowing he'd bested his brother.

"First let's go home to look into the lore, and then you can shop all you like. We'll head for the Bunker in the morning," Dean finished and fell back onto the bed just as his time with the magic fingers ran out.