Chapter 33: On The Road Home

"Dean?" Mary called as she walked up to the antique store and found her son hovering about his car. "Leaving so soon?"

"Yeah, job's done and the road is calling. Henry's inside, he's fine."

"Are you?"

"Yeah, I'm great, but you know the rule about the big cities. Get in and get out or don't go at all. New York is no place for us but you stay and find whatever you're looking for," he said and smiled.

"Thank you," Mary smiled as Sam exited the antique store.

"Mom," Sam said in shock.

"You boys get outta town while you're not in any trouble and off the police radar," Mary said and hugged him. "But do me a favour when you get back to that library of yours…"

"It's a bunker," Dean corrected.

"Whatever it is, look into what it would take for Abe to live longer. I know it would take some strong magic, which Abe may not posses, but it's something to help them stay together a little longer and you know what that's like," she said.

"It's kind of against everything we stand for," Dean said.

"No, it's not, it's about family. It's about everything you stand for," She said and kissed his cheek.

"All right, fine, we'll look," He grumbled and blushed.

"We'll do our best but we can't guarantee anything," Sam added.

"I know you will," Mary said as Lucas came up the street dragging his feet.

"Lucas you look like you could use a rest," Dean commented.

"A vacation, days and days on the beach or completely unconscious with sleep," Lucas said and yawned. "Is the hunter life always like this?"

"Yes, you'd be lucky to get a couple of hours of sleep here or there over days and days at a time. Then you crash, literally," Dean explained.

"I'm there," Lucas said. "But on the bright side, sounds like the victims are going to recover."

"Good, that's why we do this job. To save people," Dean said. "Well we're gonna hit the road. It was nice meeting you Lucas. Good work," he added and shook the apprentice's hand.

"Leaving already?" Lucas asked and watched as they nodded. "Also a part of the job?" He asked.

"You'll likely never see us in New York again," Sam said. "But if you need anything call okay?" He added

"I've got your number and email," Lucas said and nodded. "It will be nice to get back to normal for a while."

"Yeah right, normal," Dean laughed and fell into the car as Abe and Henry came out to the street with the packed lunch.

"This should get you to where you wanna be," Abe said and handed Sam a series of containers.

"Thank you so much for your hospitality Abe. It's been a real pleasure," Sam said and stashed the food in the back seat before joining his brother in the front.

"You're very welcome," Abe said. "And if you figure out the secret to life, you let us know," he added with a wave.

"We will," Dean said as he leaned over and turned up the music.

"Oh that is worse than your jazz music," Henry said as the Impala pealed away from the curb, tires squealing.

"Oh Pops, you're loosing your mind. That is classic," Abe said dismissively.

"He's not wrong Henry," Mary added.

"Whatever it is, can we turn it down. I just need a couple of hours of sleep," Lucas said and leaned on the wall.

"We could all use a rest and a good cup of tea," Henry commented and held the door open for the other.

"Henry!" Jo called to get his attention as she pulled to a stop at the curb. "I've got a fresh one down in Central Park. You in?" She asked and smiled.

"Yes Jo, just let me grab my coat!" He answered and threw himself right back into the fray.