Hey people I am redoing my story because I really do not like the way I started it. It was realy scatterbrained and all over the place, so I really hope this is much better. I also hope you guys enjoy this. I worked hard on it.


It was a dark and cloudy night. One that tells you something is wrong. The lights on the street had gone out. All the people on the street were sleeping except one in particular. In this house lived a family, the Rosewood's to be exact. This household was very strange. To be put into words they were magical.

Justin Rosewood was the father of this household. He was a high ranked Auror for the ministry of magic. His wife, Evelyn, was a magizoologist and always had a magic creature around the house. Together they had a daughter which they named Arabella or Bella for short. Bella was born with dark crimson red hair and Grey eyes. Both of which she got from her mother.

Although this family was a little odd they were happy. However their happiness would soon come to an end. Justin had put many death eaters behind bars. This made him and his family a target. Lord Voldemort may have disappeared but his Death Eaters were still out there. On this particular night the Death Eaters would leave a mark on this house.

"Evelyn take Bella and get out of this house!" Justin yelled

"I can't just leave you here." Evelyn said her voice full of panic

" Please Take our daughter and be safe" Justin said

Justin looked at her and her eyes full of worry. He took a step forward and gave her a kiss for the last time. Evelyn took a step back and felt her heart beating a million times a second. She took one last look at her husband and ran out of the house. She took of into the woods in a full sprint.

Curses were being thrown at her left and right. She ran as fast as she could. Evelyn took her daughter to the old bridge set her down and have her a hug. She hugged her daughter like nothing in the world was happening. Bella looked up her mother with confusion swimming in her eyes.

"Mommy loves you remember that Bella" Evelyn said and gave her daughter one last hug.

"Where are you going mommy?" Bella asked

"Bella I need you to stay here unless uncle Moony come to get you okay." Evelyn said

Bella looked up at her mother and nodded. She got up and smiled at her. Evelyn then went back into the forest. A little bit after there was yelling fallowed by a scream. Then there was silence. Bella sat curled up under the bridge. The little three year old sat waiting for her mom or dad to come get her.

After what seemed to be 2 hours Bella could here foot steps. The steps got closer and closer until they stopped. Bella peeked up and saw Remus. He looked around listening to his surroundings. He turned around and looked under the bridge. There sat Bella her Grey eyes full of Confusion and worry.

"Uncle Moony where is Mommy and Daddy?" Bella asked

Remus felt his heart ache "I am sorry Bella but... they are not coming back." He Said his voice full of sorrow.

"What do you mean?" Bella asked

Instead of answering Remus picked her up and apparated to his house. He set her down leading her to his guest bedroom. He pulled out his wand and transfigured the bed to a smaller size. He picked Bella up and put her on the bed. He smiled at her. She looked him with sad eyes but tried to smile.

Remus pulled out some of Bella's clothes that Evelyn gave to him just in case of a situation like this. He pulled out some pajamas and got Bella dressed. Bella yawned and Remus put her down on the bed. And tucked her in. He turned off the light and went into his own room laying in his bed wide awake. Why did this have to happen to them? He was now in charge of his God-Daughter. A werewolf in charge of a human, the ministry was not going to be happy.


(8 years later)

Bella was now 11 years old and ready to go to Hogwarts. She had grown up moving around with Remus ever since she had moved in with him. Professor Mcgonagall had found them and told Bella she was a witch. Today was the day after the full moon and Remus was still asleep. He had promised her that he would take her to Diagon alley today. It was now 8:30 in the morning and Bella was getting inpatient so she decided to go into his room.

Bella quietly got up and onto his bed and started jumping "Wake up Remus its time to take to to Diagon Alley" She yelled while jumping on his bed

Remus groaned and rolled over. Bella kept jumping until he finally got up. "There you happy?" He asked

"Yes very happy" She replied with a smile.

Ever since her parents died she inherited everything Remus however had refused to use any of her money insisting that he had to earn his own. Bella never let him though. Remus got dressed and came out of his room finding Bella had gotten dressed and brushed her hair and was sitting on the couch waiting.

"You ready to go?" He asked

"Yes I am." Bella Replied with a smile.

" Alright grab my arm and hold on tight." He said

Bella grabbed onto his arm and they apparated to Diagon Alley. Bella opened her eyes to find amazing sights, colors and smells. She looked up and smiled at Remus. They went into Gringotts first to withdraw some money from her account. After that they went to get her books for school. Right as she walked into the bookstore, she walked into two boys with ginger hair that looked about her age

"Sorry my bad." Bella said avoiding eye contact

"Its all good." one of them replied.

" Yeah don't worry about it." the other boy said

You could see the relief come right off of Bella. She said a quick thanks still avoiding eye contact and walked back over to Remus. They got her books and left the store. Next they got her robes where she was poked at least twelve times. Fallowing getting poked by needles They went to pick out a pet.

They went into Eeylops Owl Emporium. They were some many different owls. There were small ones, big ones, medium sized ones. Bella however decided she was getting a eagle owl with orange eyes. They paid for the owl and went to Olivanders. They opened the door and walked in. a couple seconds later a man walked out.

"Ah Ms. Rosewood I was wondering when I was going to see you." Olivander said and smiled brightly at her

"Hello you must be Mr. Olivander." Bella said politely

"Alright Ms. Rosewood what arm is your wand arm?" He asked

"My Right arm." She replied

Mr Olivander went back and found a couple boxes and brought them out. The first was a oak 11' with a dragon heartstrings core. However this wand was not the right one. The next was sycamore 11.5' with a unicorn hair much like the first this one didn't work. The third was holly 12' with a dragon heartstring core which also didn't work. However the last was chestnut 12' with a phoenix tail feather core. The wand then gave a glow showing that I have found my wand.

"Ah much like your mother 10' Chestnut Dragon heartstring core which suited her for her work" Olivander said.

They paid for her wand and went back to the house. The trip to Diagon Alley took the whole day. However they had one last day together before she left to go to Hogwarts. Life was about to get more complicated.