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September 1st 1989

The dull yellow moon cast a dim light around the neighborhood. A ominus layer of fog covered the ground. Inside the only lit house in the neighborhood stood two young adults. The two gave each other one last embracing hug when suddenly the door burst open. Colors flashed around the room illuminating every corner. There was a loud thump, and the young man fell dead to the floor.

Outside ran the young women holding her child close to her. The colorful flashes of light shot past her faster than a bullet. She stopped dead and fell to the ground as a stream of colors hit her back. The grip loosened of the child. However instead of a toddler stood and eleven year old girl staring at the women with a look of pain. The women looked up at her with barely enough breath said "Run." So she did as she was told.

The girl ran faster and faster trying to outrun what had killed the couple. Dodging each light as it came toward her. Just as she thought she was home free she tripped on the root of a tree. A wand pointed at her. The end started to glow and the light her her.

Arabella shot up out of bed, sweat beaded at her forehead. Her heart still racing about the nightmare. Her heavy breathing started to slow as she took in some gulps of air. She pulled her knees close to her chest and closed her eyes. Tears started forming at the edges of her eyes. A warm hug soon engulfed her. She looked up to the eyes of her demiguise friend.

"Thank you" Arabella whispered.

She leaned against the headrest of her bed. She looked over at her clock which read 4:30 am. She got up and out of bed to get a glass of water. As the air moved around her tear streaked face it made her face feel much more cold. She was trying to be quiet and careful not to wake anyone up. Unfortunately Remus was already awake and in the kitchen waiting for her.

"Another nightmare?" he asked handing her a glass of water.

"Yes" she replied " It's always the same one. Me running away trying not to be killed, and my parents falling dead to the floor."

" I am sorry I wish I could help" Remus replied with a sad smile.

" It's okay you do what you can and it helps." Arabella replied

Remus nodded and pulled her into a hug. The tears that were coming out before seemed to cease from his comfort. Although he may be a werewolf on the full moons he was the most caring person she knew. Then again he was one of the only person she knew. A couple seconds later his warm embrace was gone.

"Thank you" she replied

"Your welcome" he said "Make sure you get some sleep before you leave tomorrow"

"I will" she said heading off to bed.

Arabella wasn't quite sure she was ready to leave. She had always woken up in the middle of the night from the nightmare. Remus was always there for her except on full moons. Arabella never really had many friends either thanks to them constantly moving. So instead she made friends with the animals around her. Each one as unique as the next. Once she had accidently let a niffler out. It took them two hours to catch.

She let out a sad sigh. Tomorrow she would have to leave everything she knew and go to school. Closing her eyes she let her mind drift back to sleep.

September 1st Morning

(lupin Cottage)

It was now morning and Arabella was to go. Her trunk was packed and waiting for her. She glanced over at the clock, which read 10:30 am. Remus soon after walked into the room.

"You ready to go?" he asked with a sad smile

"As ready as I will ever be." she replied.

Remus then went and picked up the trunk and shrunk it to fit in her pocket. After he grabbed her hand and they apparated to the platform. When they reached the platform Arabella was awestruck as she looked around. There were owls flying, kids running around as they tried to find their friends. Just as she was about to take a couple more steps she was knocked down by a trolley.

"Oh my goodness! Are you okay?" asked one of the redheads

"Well clearly she isn't we just knocked her down with our trolley" replied the other

"She could have been okay. You never know" said the first redhead

"Sorry about that" one of them said "The name is george weasley"

"And I am fred, the better looking twin." replied the other helping me up

"Hi I am Arabella" she replied smiling " It's a pleasure to meet you both."

Shaking their hands she smiled softly. She just might be able to get along with these two.

" Well we must be off." Replied Fred "Hope to see you soon"

The twins then went off in search of their brother. Arabella shook her head and went back to Remus. She said her goodbyes and left to head onto the train. Her anxiety rising she decided to find an empty compartment. Luckily she found one and slipped inside. She sat down and sighed.

Staring out the window she watched the scenery fly by. She watched as the greens yellows and blues all blurred together. The view almost seemed hypnotic. Suddenly the compartment door burst open.

"I am telling you George there was something special about the girl we met" Fred said

"You mean the girl you knocked over?" George asked

"Same difference." he replied

Arabella sat there watching the twins enter, neither of them noticing she was sitting there in the compartment. Their conversation abruptly stopped when they finally noticed she was sitting there. Blue eyes met green ones neither one of them look on away.

"Well this is awkward" said the twin on the left

Arabella giggled "Well at least you didn't knock me over again" she said

The twins smirked at each other. This was a look arabella knew well . It was the unmistakable mischievous smirk of a prank in the making.

"Well then miss Arabella I guess we will have to do that when we get to hogwarts" replied the twin of the right.

" You you can try but I will be ready this time. " she replied

For the rest of the train ride they all joked with each other. Slowly they got to know each other better. By the time they had reached hogwarts the three of them became fast friends. The train stopped and the sea of kids got off.

"Firs years over here" yelled a voice

The three of them walked over to the man yelling. They followed him towards a lake. At the lake there were boats waiting to them. Fred George and Arabella come into a boat along with a kid named lee Jordan.

The view of the hogwarts castle was the most spectacular view any of them had ever seen. The light from the castle seemed to dance on the water. It was lol nothing they had ever seen. The boats soon reached the shore. Climbing out of the boats they walked the halls until they reached a giant door.

Standing there was a woman with black hair pulled back into a right bun. Looking through her spectacles she watched the students fill the area.

" You will wait here for now I will be back to get you." she said and with that she turned and went into the room.

"I wonder what she could be doing" Arabella said

"Maybe she is getting the troll ready for us to fight" said Fred

"Are you serious we have to fight a troll?" Arabella asked worriedly

"That's what we heard from our brother bill" said George.

Not a second later did Mcgonagall appear to take them in. Panic rising Arabella followed very quietly. The walked into the great hall and in front of them stood a stool with a hat on it. Just then the hat started singing.

Oh for many years have I sat

Atop the heads of students

Putting them in the houses that they fit

Gryffindor for the brave of heart

Their armor shining true

Ravenclaw full of wisdom

Their originality not one to beat

Hufflepuff the hardworking bunch

Never once will let you down

Slytherin the cunning crew

Determination is what the do

No matter where you go

Let your true colors show

All the students applauded for the hat. Relieved they didn't have to fight a troll the first years clapped as well. The teacher wearing the green robes got up once again.

"When I call you name you will come up and sit on n the stool" she said " You will then be sorted into your houses."

The names were read off one by one. Each one taking a different time then the other. Lee was sorted into Gryffindor along with several others. The hat was shouting gryffindor Ravenclaw slytherin and hufflepuff.

" Rosewood, Arabella" Mcgonagall called

Slowly the redhead made her way up to the stool. A heavy weight was placed upon her head and a voice began to speak.

" Ah I see we have another rosewood. I have not seen one of them in years. ' the hat said "Hm where to put you?" The hat stood silent for a moment and theh shouted one word "Gryffindor"

Arabella smiled and went off to the table covered in red and gold. She sat alone facing towards the front waiting for her friends to be sorted. Fred went up and just as soon as the hat touched his head the hat screamed Gryffindor. George's sorting took a little longer but he was however put into Gryffindor as well. A man with a long flowing beard and blue robes got up after the sorting had happened.

"Welcome to Hogwarts" he smiled brightly " I have just a few words to say. Students are not aloud to go into the forest, and please enjoy your feast. "

With that food appeared in from of them. Anything and everything appeared in front of them. Nothing had ever tasted so good. Everything was just perfect. After the feat they had followed the prefect which happened to be Charlie the twins older brother. Walking up the steps a poltergeist flew above them throwing water balloons at the unexpecting first years. They all ran and ducked for cover. Laughing they all headed inside the common room.

"Alright women on the left men on the right" said Charlie pointing with his hands.

The twins turned and started to head upstairs before Arabella called them back. "I will see you tomorrow right?" she asked

"Of course." They replied in usion.

Smiling to herself Arabella walked up the stairs into her room. When she walked in she was absolutely awestruck. The dark crimson red beds seemed to be so welcoming and inviting. The decor around the room was also absolutely stunning. Arabella was finally right where she belonged.