I feel completely gutted by the loss of Carrie, as I'm sure anyone who's reading this is also. She was a beautiful woman on the inside and out and was an incredible gift to the world. This fic (which I was planning on posting before Christmas) is dedicated to you, Princess of our hearts. You will be sorely missed. May you rest in peace. Oxoxo


This will be a short fic (probably a two or three-shot) of the holiday season for the Solo Clan - which in my universe consists of a happily married Han and Leia and their big passel of kiddies (Sans Kylo Ren because I cannot stand him, or anything from TFA). Fluffy and sweet, similar to all of the Christmas cookies I am (but shouldn't be) eating.


After an extended business trip to the Soldarei System, Han had pushed the Falcon to her limits with the sole purpose of getting back home a few days ahead of schedule.

It had worked, except for the fact that he blew three pricey power converters in the process. But the financial cost would be worth every credit spent to replace them and every smart-ass jibe he'd have to endure from Chewie because dammit, he was homesick and wasn't ashamed to admit it to anybody.

He glanced at his wrist chrono, then refocused his eyes back on the traffic lanes, weaving his speeder around pokey drivers.

Didn't these people have someplace important to get to? He certainly did. A coveted reunion with his beautiful wife and the six children they'd created was just on the horizon, urging him onward. As he ventured farther away from Corellia's bustling port city of Pragada the traffic began to thin, encouraging him to punch the accelerator to the floor. Almost there...

Soon, the entire Solo clan - including himself (unless he got caught speeding by one of those pain-in-the-ass traffic monitors) would be clamoring around in their kitchen, getting ready for evening supper. A supper which would likely entail hefty servings of chatter and at least one cup of accidently spilled milk, he mused, grinning to himself. After dinner was finished, he'd clean up the dishes while Leia started the kids' baths, or vice versa, then it would be time for a holoboard game or two and some stories. And once all of the mini-Solos were tucked in bed, he and Leia would enjoy their own private reunion that would stretch well into the night.

Han's smile expanded, along with the heart inside his chest. Yes sir, life was good. More than good; it was pretty damn close to perfection as far as he was concerned. After the ups, downs, and everything in between they'd experienced in their nine years of marriage, the life that had evolved was very comfortable, thoroughly satisfying, and something that he profoundly understood should never be taken for granted.

Passing the roughhewn edges of Gihmmerton Crag, snowflakes swirled around in the darkening skies and descended to the ground in increasing intensity. At this rate, the entire area would be quickly transformed into a playground of white - perfect timing for Corellia's upcoming Winter Solstice celebrations, Han pondered, veering his speeder over the tall grasses of the open moors. After several minutes that seemed to take hours, the South Continent-style stone manor he'd built for Leia and their family finally came into view, the golden glow from its windows lifting his spirits up another notch.

He pulled into the vehicle enclosure, carefully avoiding a few play swoop cars and some other scattered toys before coming to a halt, any residual fatigue from his long journey melting away like the snow falling on warm pavement. Grabbing his duffel from the back of the speeder, Solo set his legs in motion, jumping every other step to swiftly reach the paneled entrance.

The retina scan beeped its approval and Han palmed the door open, crossing over the threshold into home sweet home with a sigh of relief, his overstuffed bag sliding down his arm to plop on the floor. A quizzical expression spread across his face while surveying the unusually empty family room, the only perceptible sounds being the crackle and snap from the wood inside the fireplace and faint holiday music filtering out from the direction of the kitchen.

Oh shit - its way too quiet around here, Solo mused with a knowing smirk. Because if family history and past experience taught him anything, silence meant trouble.

Either the kids were currently getting into mischief, or they were in hiding, trying to avoid punishment for something already committed (Like the time when they'd poured milk down the ventilation ducts, purportedly as a 'science experiment'). He shrugged off the rare tranquility while pulling off one boot, then the next. No one could ever accuse them of lax parenting, but with his and Leia's combined gene pool and six rambunctious children under one roof, he expected some shenanigans to occur from time to time.

Besides, no one was screaming or crying...at least at the moment.

He dragged off his coat and hung it on a nearby hook, still bemused at the lack of chaos that had become the norm in their home. He decided to holler at the top of his lungs. "Leia? Where the hel – heck is everybody?"

Not even a second had elapsed when there came a scrambled stampede of footsteps and a chorus of giddy voices erupting from down the hallway, "Daddy's home!"

"C'mere, little Solos," Han bellowed with a huge smile, crouching down and opening his arms wide to welcome the tornado of children barreling straight at him. Han junior and Bailey reached him first, swiftly followed by the twins Jaken and Jaina, then lastly Joakim, the combined momentum almost knocking him on the seat of his pants. "I missed you troublemakers," he declared between hugs and kisses, ruffling the boys' hair and tugging at the ends of Jaina's bouncing pony tails while listening intently to their animated chatter and asking them questions.

It wasn't long before Han spotted his wife approaching and he rose up to greet her, his already enormous grin reaching epic proportions. Leia was wearing an astonished, radiant smile while she adjusted their youngest, baby Mia-eille, against her hip, looking more gorgeous than he could remember, with her long chestnut hair pulled up in a simple ponytail and a few smudges of flour on her flushed cheeks. "Hiya, Sweetheart, I'm back."

Leia finally reached him through the swarm of children, her voice infused with love while rising up on her toes to kiss him. "Welcome home, Mr. Solo!"


To be continued...