A Phoenix Reborn
A Phoenix Never Dies Spinoff – Ace D. Portgas is a high school student who lives a normal life – if you can see past the knowledge he remembers everything from his past life as a pirate. His friends and family remember as well, making everything bearable even if a piece of their family is missing. It's by chance that he runs into the University student Hadrian Jameson Marco Potter, the reincarnation of his lover who has no memory of the past.

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"Chapter 1: Trying"

Bright light streams through the curtains that block everything out, shining right on the inhabitant of the room. Grumbling rings through the air even as an alarm clock blares on the nightstand. A hand, a natural tan but pale from not being out in the sun, comes down on it to shut it up as silence takes over the constant ringing. Unfocused orbs, one green and the other blue, blinks open to take on a new day.

The man goes through his regular routine, the hygiene taken care of first thing in the morning and then making his way to the kitchen to fix himself a quick breakfast before his morning classes. He counts off the subjects in his head, musing about the formulas he knows so well he can recite them backwards and forwards. There isn't much thought into the process of making his breakfast, having made it since he was sixteen by himself and even before that when his mother decided he was old enough to learn how to cook. He puts the egg and bacon omelet on a paper towel as he cleans up, checking the fridge for what he needs to get at the store when he realizes it's practically empty. He makes a mental list in his head, knowing he'll remember later just as he gets out of class.

Without further ado he starts to eat, his semi-long black hair getting in the way as he puts everything his bag and swings it over his shoulder. Grabbing his keys and locking the door, he leaves an empty apartment behind him.

He gets there early, like every other day that he has attended class and pulls up near the back of the parking lot. The man doesn't waste time by fiddling with his phone or going over his textbooks one last time – he knows he understands it – and is ready for whatever his professor might throw at him as he has every time. The man makes his way towards his class, bag thrown over his shoulder and a cup of coffee he has in his hand to try to wake him up for the test they are about to have.

Before he makes it to class however, he is stopped by his friend. Neville Franklin Longbottom, his best friend since infancy who had taken him in when he needed it most. There wasn't a better friend out there in his mind, no one to have his back and get him out of his mess than the amazing best-friend-turned-brother in front of him. If it wasn't for him, he wonders what would have become of him. Probably would have dropped out of high school and worked himself to death.

"Harry!" Ah, yes, that dreadful nickname that all his friends seemed to call him by. A shortened version that horrible name his parents had given him: Hadrian Jameson Marco Potter. One day he'd get moving to the state's administration to get that damnable name changed, just not yet.

"Hey, Neville," his tone was casual, trying not to inject any urgency in his voice to give Neville the impression he didn't want to talk. While they had been together for years, Neville had always had self-esteem issues that were deadly in their social circle. Hadrian had gotten used to Neville's habits and ticks and in turn he became more open and confident when he was around. It was a fragile balance though, words taking double meanings in his mind when there was none. One day, he promised himself, one day he'll knock those people upside the head for allowing this problem to fester.

That was neither here nor there though, not now at least.

"Listen… I was wondering if you had the… notes for Professor Babbling's class," Babbling was the all-around language teacher, anywhere from Latin to Japanese was her playing field. Here at the University the students were required to know at least three languages fluently, as well as study the rest. Luckily one of those three languages could be your native tongue, so you were only learning two more – even if that did sound horrible. Hadrian had actually had the three other languages down, Japanese, Spanish, and French being two courses he took in high school, Japnese being one he learned as a child. However he still took the class because one day he wanted to travel, and it was much easier to do if you knew what you were saying.

"Yeah, go ahead. I won't need them for a while," he handed the notes over, his friend taking them gratefully. Everyone knew that Hadrian had the best notes in the school, but not many people were close enough, or brave enough, to ask him for them.

"T-thanks," Neville was still uneasy around him, wasn't he? Hadrian thought as he gazed at his best friend. How long had it been, two years? While yes, it still stung and some days were worse than others, he didn't want his best friend agonizing over it. Nothing could have been done – they had all made their choices.

"See ya around, Nev," and then he left him there, floundering to come up with some sort of response. Neville would always be his friend, but that didn't mean it hurt any less to be around him.

When he arrives at class, he is the first one there, like usual. The teacher had stopped by though, her things clearly spread across her desk and her tea still steaming. Hadn't been gone long then, so it would probably be awhile until she got back. There were a good thirty minutes left until class started – not enough time to go anywhere but long enough to get bored staring at a wall.

Hadrian set down his bag, placing pencils and pens and whatever else he needs for this class in reach. He continues to sip on his coffee even as he flicks through his phone, catching a photo that will make him stop and stare every once and awhile. A notification comes up not long after, catching his attention from a game he was playing.

Sweet Flower: Goodmorning! How are classes so far?

It takes him a moment to reply, more than it should. He wonders how she convinced them to let her text him, or if she did it without their knowledge. Either one, their time wouldn't last long before they changed their minds or found out.

Hadrian: Goodmorning. They're fine. You're not in school yet?

Sweet Flower: Nope, we had one of those weird half days that start around lunch. I was wondering if you got out early enough if we could grab a bite to eat?

While the offer was tempting, the consequences outweighed the benefits. Just how far could they push this before they snapped and called the cops on him again?

Hadrian: Do they know you're texting me? Or that you've planned this?

Sweet Flower: Yes, DEAR. They do know. And while they're not happy with it, they're willing to let me have a meal with you once a week if we desire. So…

Sweet Flower: Please get out early? I don't want them to suddenly decide to take back their word before we get to eat lunch together.

It had been a long time since they actually saw each other. And if this was the first and last chance he got to see her until she became a legal adult, he might as well chance it.

Hadrian: Sure. Meet up at the Baratie, Takoyaki 8, or M's café? See you at 11:30?

Sweet Flower: Really? I guess M's café would be perfect! See you there!

Great, now he'll have to rush through the test faster than he normally would have. That's okay though, he knew what he was getting himself into when answering that text. Now he could only hope that she was being truthful when getting permission from her parents.

Hadrian had managed to finish the test early, while also going over it again to make sure there were no mistakes. He turned it into Professor Vector and was free to leave after. With an hour left to go, he decided he would start heading towards Mermaids' Café to get them a seat. Luckily he knew a few people so they should be able to get him a place.

After shooting his friend a text, he started to make the long trek across town. He could have gotten a taxi or ridden a bus, but Hadrian had decided that today was a good day for a walk and to explore. While a lot of his friends and him went to the university here, they actually didn't grow up in the city. They grew up in the hills of Scotland where a private boarding school used to reside. Unfortunately, an earthquake in his senior year had caused a lot of the infrastructure to collapse on itself, rendering it an unsafe environment and was shut down. It was only recently that they decided they would go to school in America, and it was a mere coincident that some of his friends decided to go to the same school.

Walking down the streets weren't bad, the hustle and bustle of the streets soothing him more than he thought they would. It was nice background noise, something to ground yourself to but not getting in the way of your main focus. It was nice, getting lost in the rhythm of humans going about their daily lives. He could almost believe he was the same as the people next to him.


A collision was bound to happen in a busy street, and it just so happened to be Hadrian was a part of it. He heard shouting right before, speeding kids running along the sidewalk, probably not looking where they were going. They should be lucky it wasn't some old lady they bumped into, he thought wirily as he looked down at the kid who had crashed into him. Luckily he had plenty of practice at holding his balance, or else he would have been right next to the kid in a pile of limbs.

"You okay, kid?" he reached a hand out, and the kid seemed reluctant to accept it, but he did in the end. From the uniform, Hadrian could tell he was from the local high school nearby – they had a half day, didn't they? Wasn't that what she had said? It didn't matter anyhow, it was clear that he was either trying to meet up with a friend or something, and Hadrian still had plenty of time until his meeting. He could delay it enough to help a kid off the ground.

He studied the kid as he reached up to grab his hand, black hair on the slightly messy side – not unlike his – and tan skin with a muscular body, most likely in some type of sport. When the kid lifted his head, Hadrian realized he had freckles across the cheeks and nose, as well as brown eyes. He was good-looking, he supposes, though he wasn't a teenage girl so he wasn't quite sure what to judge on. Those brown eyes seemed to widen when connecting to his and seemed to be in a suspended state of disbelief even as he pulled the kid up from the ground.

"Kid, you okay?" he obviously wasn't going to get an answer anytime soon, so he gave the brat another once-over to make sure everything seemed to be fine before heading out. The kid was okay, his pupils weren't dilated so there wasn't any concussions, therefore whatever was going on inside that kids' mind had to be internal.

"Get to school safe, kid!" Hadrian yell before slipping out into the crowd, most likely never to see the kid again in a city this big.

By the time Hadrian made it to the Café, it was 25 minutes after. Considering he was stopped along the way and got lost once because of a detour, he decided it was a successful win. With very little mind, he walked over to the stand and asked of a reservation under then name Evans, wondering if his friend had gotten the place reserved and if his partner was already here. Apparently, there was a reservation, and his friend was waiting at the table for him. Should have known she would have gotten here early – it was in the genetics.

He allowed them to lead him towards the back where his table waited. He looked about the room, not recognizing anyone from school or his neighborhood. It made sense, not many people had cars from where he was and who would walk across the city for a place they couldn't even afford? Him, apparently.


Looking over at the table he assumes to be his, he sees a girl in a school uniform – probably from the same school that kid went to, now that he thinks about it – with red hair and vibrant hazel eyes. Her cheekbones are sharp and have a strong jawline, some of the few features they share between them. It had been awhile, he admits, since he saw his little sister.

"Rosy," he nods, taking a seat across from her. For all that they were born and raised in England, they spent a great amount of their childhood in Japan and picked up on many different words that became common in their everyday speech patterns. The word for 'brother' was one that Rosalina was never able to let go of. "How has your day been?"

"It's great now that I've gotten to see you! I've missed you so much."

He can't help but give a small, bitter smile at that. They both knew that he wouldn't have left her side for the world if it was his option, and even after all these years it left a horrible taste in his mouth to know he hasn't been there at every turning point in her life.

"I've missed you too, Rose."

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Night: This is the third installment of the Phoenix Series. You don't know how excited I am for this, I have so many plans and I want a good build up - but it's going to be so hard because I just want to jump right into it. Now you don't need to read Finding a Phoenix (I'm planning on editing that, and then adding more, I swear) but I would recommend reading A Phoenix Never Dies (also might re-write that, or just post a new version of it) if you want to know what's going on as this is a direct spin-off. A Phoenix Reborn is what has happened after the Age of Pirates has died out, where there are no longer seas to explore but land, safety where there was danger. And in the middle of a city, there are people who remember the past - being pirates and all that comes with it. These people are the Whitebeard Pirates, whole and healthy, but they're missing a piece. Their First Mate, Marco the Phoenix, Ace's lover in a different life. He's been reborn with them, but the memories they shared are gone. And with the drama in this life, he's not quite sure if he wants memories of another. They have to get him to remember if they want their family to be reunited, to be whole once more in all the ways that matter.

When I wrote A Phoenix Never Dies almost two years ago, I didn't know if it was going to sink or float. I was fully prepared to have maybe twenty people read it, and only one review. But guess what? That story made it over 100 followers, almost 300 favorites, got added to 11 communities, and got 18,508 views. It might not seem like a lot (especially compared to other stories) but this was never for that. It was simply to get this idea out of my mind and run with it. And guess what? I ran. I ran so far that I'm afraid that my fingers can't keep up with my mind when typing this.

I would love some feedback if you're willing to give. It would make my day to see how you guys respond. Have a Happy New Years :)