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Well, I can't believe I've finally reached this point. This story began on the 30th December 2016 with Alan proposing to Tin-Tin, so it felt very appropriate to finish this set of stories with the birth of their child. However, to anyone who does enjoy these set of stories, there will be more in this universe (but not for a while) just posted separately from these.

So, here it is the final chapter of Tracy Family... I really hope you enjoy this as much as I did writing them. :D

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WARNING: I have not experienced labour, so anything written in this fic is either here because of research or my own imagination.

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Chapter 41: It's A…

May 14th 10:30 am.

His eyes focused on the digital screen. Two choices clearly displayed glared back at him. Right, decision time. He reached out in order to sign his name by one of those options, paused, then shaking his head he once again lowered his hand.


Gordon glanced at his father.

"This was your idea, you should have made your prediction by now."

"It's not that easy."

Jeff regarded the screen. One side clearly displayed the word boy, the opposite side stated girl, a thick line separating the two possibilities. "There are only two to pick from."

"And I need to make the right one… Dad," he indicated the jar set on the piano that was filled with notes, "there's money involved!"

"I know," Jeff chuckled, "but the rest of us made our predictions weeks ago."

"Mm…" an idea suddenly struck him, "that's it… I'm a genius!"

"I wouldn't go that far."

Gordon shot his father a mock insulted glare.

"Go on then, what's this idea?"

"I can use the decisions you've all made to help make mine."


"Well," he pointed to the screen, "grandma chose a girl, surely after all these years…"

"Shh…" Jeff said, quickly checking his mother wasn't in the room, "you don't want her to hear you say that."

Gordon nodded and continued with a whisper. "She would know though, right? She once told me that she knew that me and Scott were going to be boys."

"Yes, but she also adamantly believed that John, Alan and Virgil were going to be girls."


"Gordon, don't tease your brothers."


Jeff smiled. "I'll let you off this once. Now, I'll be in my office, when I get back I'm hoping to see your name on that board, it won't be long until the baby is here."

"Tin's only 36 weeks," Gordon retorted, "I've got plenty of time."

A crease furrowed his brow, it was half an hour since his father had left, he was no closer to making his decision, and looking through everyone's selections had certainly not helped. At the moment it was a clear fifty-fifty split. Alan and Tin-Tin had both abstained, their comments on the bottom stating, 'as long as it's healthy they did not care.' Alongside his grandma; John, Parker and Kyrano had opted for a girl. Kyrano always knew things before they happened so that had made him lean towards that choice. However, his father and Scott had gone with the odds that it would be another boy which made a lot of sense, plus Darcy and Penelope had also selected that option, and Pen was always right…" Gordons thoughts reverted to his beautiful girlfriend who had distracted him mere moments ago. She had entered the room in a light pink two-piece swimsuit, placed a kiss on his lips, then exited to the pool… Yep, he needed to get out there, so needed to make his guess quickly… He reached out, readying himself to go with the odds, then stopped, and scanned through the names again. Two were missing. Brains was currently on duty in Thunderbird 5 and wasn't due to swap with John for another five days, then there was… Someone entering the room distracted him and he looked to the door, an immediate grin ignited on his face at spotting it was the other culprit who hadn't yet entered their prediction. "Ah, perfect timing!"

Virgil, nursing a coffee in his hands spotted the devious look in his brother's eyes immediately turned to leave, but his exit was quickly blocked… "Yes Gordon?"

"I need your help."

"My…" He sighed, knowing he was going to regret this… "Go on?"

"Well," Gordon began, leading his brother over to the digital screen, "I'm looking for some help in making my decision, it's currently split, and then I noticed you and Brains hadn't put down your bets yet."

"You know there's a good reason for that."


Both me and Brains have done the scans and know what it is."

"Oh, I had no idea…" Gordon responded innocently.

"Yes, you did!"

"Of course I didn't..."

Virgil attempted to leave but was once again blocked by his younger brother. "Gordon."

"So, what do you think it's going to be?"

"No comment!"

"Oh come on Virg, help your favourite brother out," Gordon ignored the raised eyebrow at the favourite remark, "is it going to be an Alan Junior or Tin-Tin the 2nd?"

"I seriously doubt they've chosen those names."

"What names have they picked?"

"They're choosing once they've met the little bub."

"Which will be?"

"Again, no Comment!"

"You're no help."

"Not going to help you cheat bro."

Gordon went to retort but stopped when he noted his brothers dishevelled half-dressed appearance. "Not long woken up?"

Virgil scrunched his nose at Gordon's disapproving look. "I was at a rescue, didn't get back until 5am."

"Scott was up two hours ago, and he's already out for a run."

"Yes, well… Scott's not normal."

Gordon snorted. "That's true… But, I'd get dressed if I were you, if grandma catches you walking around in just a pair of shorts and no top you won't hear the end of it."

"Heading to the shower now, just needed this coffee first." Taking a gulp of his warm drink, Virgil went to head for the door but stopped when he saw Tin-Tin resting on the couch. Noticing her paler than usual complexion, he set his drink down then moved over to her crouching by her side. "Hey."

Tin-Tin lowered her arm. "Hello."

"Are you okay?"

"Just tired."

"And?" He queried noticing her wince.

"Oh, just those Braxton Hicks."

"In your abdomen and lower back?"

She nodded.

"Are they frequent?"

"I've not been keeping track."

"Is it easing when you change position?"

"Not really."

"Would you mind if I did a check-up?"

"Why?" She questioned, sitting herself up, a slight frown creasing her forehead.

"You know me," Virgil offered her a warm reassuring smile, "always cautious, besides it would be great to get another look at that little kicker in there."

"Which will be?" Gordon queried, from the digital display he was still standing nearby.

Virgil rolled his eyes. "Ignore him… So," he offered her his hand, "would you mind indulging me?"

"It's alright," she said taking a sip of water that was set next to her before laying back down her and closing her eyes.

"Okay," Virgil casually replied pulling himself back up to his feet, "I'll just be over here drinking my coffee if you change your mind."

Ten minutes later, Tin-Tin shot up from her position, her eyes widening in surprise.

Instantly, Virgil was by her side offering her his hand. "Your waters?"

"They've broken."

"Virg, you knew?" Gordon questioned, leaving the digital display, that he still hadn't selected his answer on and approaching them both.

"I thought she might be."

"How come I didn't?"

"It's your first," Virgil supplied.

"And you're only 36 weeks," Gordon added, instantly regretting his words when the sheer panic of that statement hit Tin-Tin.

"Oh, god… It's too early."

"Hey, it's alright," Virgil soothed, his arm wrapping around her.

"But Doctor Sylvia's not due to arrive until later this week, and Brains is on five, who's going to deliver the baby."



"Four delivered out in the field, this will be the fifth," observing her uncertainty, Virgil turned her to face him, "Tin, I know what I'm doing, and I promise that I will do all I can to help you both, you just need to trust me."

"I do," she responded with no hesitation, "of course I do, it's just… I'm…"

"Scared," he finished for her.


"That's perfectly understandable… Now, are you ready to head to the infirmary."

She quietly nodded allowing Virgil to lead the way.

"Anything you need me to do?" Gordon asked once they had arrived in the room and she was sitting on the bed.

"Yes," Virgil answered while readying the equipment he'd need, "where's everyone?"

"Grandma and Kyrano are in the herb garden. John and Darcy have gone to the beach, Dads in his office. Penelope's by the pool, and Alan is out for a run with Scott," Gordon checked his watch, "they're probably on the other side of the island and about to head back now."

Virgil thought for a few seconds before answering. "Let everyone know what's happening, but don't contact Alan directly."

"Why not?"

"He will probably panic. Call Scott first, he will be ahead of Al, and will be able to keep him calm until they get here."

"Will do."

"Right," Virgil grinned at Tin-Tin once his brother had left, "let's see how your little one is getting on."

… …

The golden sun beat down triggering droplets of sweat to slide down his exposed chest, but still he didn't stop. He loved the feeling running gave him too much to quit now, and admittedly, the added bet he and Alan had made on who would get back to base first was also spurring him on. A swift glance behind him showed the youngest to be quite far behind… Yep, he'd got this, had to, especially after Alan had pointed out a grey hair and called him an old man. Scott scoffed to himself, 'old man,' he looked down at his toned physique, 'nope… still got it,' he mused beginning to quicken his pace. However, a sudden beep from his watch ground him to an immediate halt. "Hey Gords, have we got an emergency?"

"You could say that."

"What is it?"

"Tins having the baby."

"But she's only 36 weeks."

"I know… Virgil's with her in the infirmary."

"That's good… So, I'm guessing you want me to get Alan back there without him freaking out?"


"Okay," Scott looked behind him, his youngest brother was still quite far behind, "I'll do my best, see you back at base."


… …

"Okay," Virgil began after finishing all of his checks, "both yours and the baby's stats are good. However, you are only 2 centimetres dilated."

"It's going to be a while then?"

"It might be… which means you've now got two choices."

She looked at him quizzically.

"You don't really need to stay in here, not until you're a bit further along, so you can head back into the lounge where I'm sure the rest of the family are now gathering, but that will mean you'll most likely be subjected to inappropriate amounts of smothering."


"You can relax in here with a good book or a couple of magazines, you can also have something to drink and a little something to eat to help keep your energy up for later."

"That would be wonderful."


They both turned to look at their grandma standing in the doorway.

"Gordon informed me what was happening, do you need anything?"

"It may be a while, so I was going to get some food sorted for Tin-Tin."

"That sounds like a good idea," his grandma replied, "except, how about I sort all of that and you can go and get yourself dressed."

Virgil immediately turned red with the realisation that he'd only been wearing a pair of shorts this entire time. "Sorry Tin."

"It's alright," she returned, "I may be a married woman, but I still appreciate a good body!"

"I'm going to get changed." Virgil mumbled heading out the room, his face now a dark beetroot.

… …

"Finally!" Scott commented watching Alan puff his way towards him.

"Is there a situation?"

"Yes, we both need to head back."

"Okay," Alan pointed towards the nearest storage lockers, one of several they thankfully had scattered across the island in case this situation arose, "we should grab one of the hover bikes, that will be much quicker."

"Good Idea," Scott replied, placing his hand around Alan's shoulders and leading him towards the lockers.

"So," Alan gazed at his brother with a quizzical eye, "you haven't said, what's the rescue?"

Scott breathed in, readying himself for the fear he knew Alan was about to face."

"Tin-Tins gone into labour."

"What?" Alan went to turn around so he could speed towards their home, but Scott's quick reflexes saw him maintain a tight grip on his brothers' shoulders.

"Scott let me go."


"No, but I've got to get to her."

"Al, you said yourself it's much quicker on a hoverbike, so that's what we're going to do."

Alan nodded knowing his brother made sense.

"Now, I'm going to let you go, you're not going to run in the opposite direction are you?"

"No," Alan replied shaking his head, "I… I promise."

Scott slowly released him, then once he was happy Alan wasn't going to dart off he started making his way towards the lockers.

"It's too early!"

"Sorry," Scott, further ahead than Alan, looked back at him, "what did you say bro?"

"It's too early… She's only 36 weeks… That's… It's too early… And the docs not here like we'd planned."

"Virgil's with her."



Alan breathed out, beginning to follow his brother once more to the storeroom. Out of all of his brothers if one of them had to do this it would be Virgil, after all he'd chalked up the highest amount of deliveries. Tin-Tin would be fine and soon they'd both be parents…

"Are you going to help?" Scott questioned after removing the first hoverbike. Receiving no answer, he turned to face his brother and stopped with confusion at his blank stare. "Al?"

"Oh god!"

"What's up?"

"I'm going to be a dad…"

"Err… Yeah," he returned with a chuckle, "you are… Are you only just realising that now kiddo?"

"No, it's just…" Alan's voice trailed off.

Moving over to his brother, Scott steered him to sit down on the grass, then sat down next to him. "now, what's going on in that head of yours?"

"I'm going to be a dad!"

"We've already established that."

"But, I'm the youngest, I've never really had any responsibilities, not like you guys anyway…"

"Err… I would say flying a rocket ship is a big responsibility... And you have a fantastic head on your shoulders, especially when we're out in the field."

"But when it comes to kids I haven't got the foggiest idea what I'm doing."

"I don't think anybody going into parenthood for the first time does."

"You would know what to do."

"Yes, I helped change a few diapers when I was younger…"

"And you helped bring me and the others up, I always thought of you like a second dad."

"You did?"

"Yes, you've always been a fantastic big brother and you'd make a great father."


"Virg would be a good dad as well, and John, and Gordo, but me…"

"Al," Scott placed his arm lovingly around his brother, "tell me, how do you feel when you feel your baby move or it gives a little kick."

Alan's face immediately lit up. "My heart fills with so much joy and love, not just for them but for Tin-Tin as well. I knew I already loved her, but these past few months," he released a very contented sigh, "I don't think I can describe it."

"That love, that's all you need… The rest you can learn along the way, and you've got all of us behind you whenever you need… You are going to be an amazing father!"

"Wait," Alan looked to his eldest brother in surprise at those words, "you… You really believe that?"

Scott beamed with pride. "Yes!"

"Thank you."

"No problem… Now, are you ready to make a move?"

"Oh god Tin-Tin… Yes, I need to be with her."

Scott jumped to his feet then offered his brother his hand. "Then let's go."

… …

"Well, that's certainly much better," Sally stated when Virgil finally returned fully dressed.

He offered her a warming smile then changed his attention to Tin-Tin. "How are you feeling?"

"The contractions are slightly more frequent."

Pain level?"


"Okay, I'll just check to see how far you are along."

Sally went to leave, but was stopped by Tin-Tin.

"Would you mind staying, at least until Alan arrives."

"Of course sweetheart."

A few minutes later, Virgil spoke again. "Well, you're now 4cm dilated… So we will wait a little bit longer then sort out some pain relief for you, unless you want some now?"

"I don't want any."

"You may want to reconsider that," Sally smiled knowingly,


"Everyone does experience the pain differently, I had a lot of pain with Jeff, it would have been a lot worse if I hadn't taken anything."

"And Lucy?"

"She had varying experiences with each of the boys, but I do know she was grateful for the pain relief."

"Can I please think about it?"

"Of course," Virgil answered, "the decision is totally up to you… Just don't leave it too long."

Tin-Tin went to reply but stopped when a contraction hit. Once it had finished, she looked desperately at the door, "I wonder where Alan is?"

"He'll be here soon," Sally answered taking her hand.

"I should have told him I was having some pain, but I didn't want him fussing over me, and I honestly didn't realise I was in labour… 36 weeks, it is too early, isn't it?"

"Slightly. However, you're nearer to the 37-week mark than the 35." Virgil noted the worried expression wasn't leaving her face. "Tin, you're going to be okay, 36 weeks is much better than three of the previous four times I've done this, and the conditions are definitely an improvement."

She released a steadying breath. "Can you tell me about them?"

"Actually I can go one better and show you photographs."


"All of the mothers were very kind and let me have a picture," Virgil explained, "obviously when they've requested for one of me in return I've had to refuse due to our secrecy code."

"They…" Tin-Tin gawped. "They haven't really asked, have they?"


"I can't blame them, you're a good-looking boy!"


"Well you are… Now, these photos, I knew you'd delivered a few babies, but I didn't know you had any pictures… Does your father know?"

"Yes, he was actually the one who suggested I ask for a photograph the first time, I think he wanted to see himself."

"He's proud of you, that's why, and so am I… Which is why next time I wouldn't mind catching a glimpse."

"No problem grandma."

"And it would be good to see the ones you've already taken."

"Oh, yes, right…" Virgil hurried out of the room, quickly returning with a pocket-sized scrapbook, and opened it to the first page revealing a photograph of a small baby being held safely in her mother's arms. "This was the first one, her name is Grace, born at 34 weeks.

"What was the rescue?" Tin-Tin asked.

"I think you were away at the time, it was about two months after we had officially started. Earthquake in California." He turned the page. "This little dude is the only one out of the four who was on time, his parents were on their way to the hospital when the bridge they were driving on began collapsing. Thankfully me and Scott got them both out of the car, the father was injured so Scott dealt with that while I helped the mother."

"Did she name him after you?"

"No, thankfully not."

"There's nothing wrong with your name!" Sally countered.

"She's right, maybe mine could get your name or if it's a girl some variant."

"Please don't."

"Alright," she conceded, "so what did they name him?"


"That's a nice name." Sally said watching Virgil turn the page to reveal a very small baby inside an inflatable incubator on Thunderbird Two, "and what about this little one."

"It's a boy. His name is Max." The mother was only 32 weeks. An explosion had rocked through a dam quickly flooding the small town. Thankfully both her and her partner managed to get on to the roof of her home, but the shock obviously made her go into early labour."

"And?" Tin-Tin hesitantly asked.

"Obviously very premature, but thankfully both mother and baby flourished."

"And how would you know that?" Sally queried. "Having the pictures may have been your father's suggestion, and I know that sometimes you receive reports back while on the ground, but checking up on those you've rescued afterwards is never allowed."

"I got… I mean… I err… I hacked the medical records so I could find out."

"You hacked the records?"


"You mean John did?"


"Don't worry," Sally replied with a disapproving frown, "I won't tell your father," she released a sigh while smiling at the photograph, "to be honest, I would have been just as curious, so I can understand why you asked your brother to check… Just don't do it again!"

"I won't," he promised quickly turning the page to reveal the fourth child in there, "a little girl," he supplied, "Moira," Virgil looked at Tin-Tin, "born at 36 weeks."



"Which rescue?"

"Do you recall those bush fires we were called out to?"

"Was that your first rescue after the pneumonia?"

"It was… Some idiot threw a lit cigarette from a car window, one stupid cigarette," Virgil growled, "and so much devastation."

"I remember you were out for a good 72 hours," his grandma added.

"What a rescue to come back to, but this beautiful little lady made it worthwhile."

"I can understand that," both women replied.

… …


"Virgil seems to have a handle on the situation," Jeff added after filling in the current resident of Thunderbird Five on what was occurring on the island, "however, if any difficulties do arrive, then be prepared to talk him through anything he needs."

"I will J…Jeff, but your first h…hypothesis was correct, he knows what he's doing, and in no time your first g…grandchild will be here."

"And what sex do you believe that kid will be?" Gordon loudly queried from the digital board he was once again obsessing over.


"Ignore him," Jeff replied with a roll of his eyes at his second youngest, "he still hasn't placed his bet yet, and he's attempting to cheat."

"I never cheat!"

"Of course you don't kiddo," John amusingly retorted, ruffling his brother's hair with his one hand, while the other was firmly placed in the woman by his side.

Jeff smiled at the pair. "Did you see Alan or Scott on your way from the beach?"

"No," Darcy answered, "but I'm sure they won't be far behind."

With a nod, Jeff switched his focus back to Brains. "Okay, we'll go with the usual protocol when we have a limited team, I'd like to keep Scott, Gordon and John here if possible."

"FAB!" Brains responded knowing his task inside out… Relay any calls that are only being picked up by them to the relevant and nearest rescue services, including ones they would normally go out on. Hope nothing too dire came in, but if it did then only those three would be called into action.

"Thank you." Jeff returned closing down the feed and making his way over to Gordon. "Still not made your decision son?"


"Surely, it's not that difficult." John stated, moving to his brothers' side."

"It really is… You see, I was going to go with the odds like dad and Scott, plus Penny's selected that and she's always right."

"Thank you," Penelope replied from the comfort of her chair.

"You are very welcome."

John raised his eyebrow at his brother.


"You're picking up the British accent."

"I'm not," he looked to his girlfriend, "am I?"

"Yes darling you are."

"Oh…" Gordon shrugged. "Anyway, I was going to choose a boy, but then Tin-Tin went into early labour, and that got me thinking…"

"Dangerous habit bro."

Gordon bobbed his tongue out, then continued. "I remembered Christmas, Kyrano said that he believed Tin-Tin was going to have the baby early, now she is, and," he signalled over to the man who was sitting next to Penelope, "look at how zen he is, the dude knows all and sees all," he leant in and whispered, "John, do you reckon he's a wizard?"

"Oh Squid," John said, bursting into fits of laughter, "Pen, I really hope you know what you've let yourself in for?"

"Oh, I do," Penny replied with a contented smile.

… …

Half an hour later…

The door flew open, and Alan ran in grounding himself to a halt at how calm the room felt. "Tin."

"Alan," she chirped opening her arms to him.

He immediately went to her side and enveloped her in a hug. "Sorry it's taken me a while to get here, I've been so worried, how are you?"

"I'm fine. Grandmas been by my side and Virgil's helped keep me calm."

Alan looked to his brother, appreciation shining through.

"No need to say anything. Now, why don't you take a seat and I'll grab you a drink."

"Well," Sally said, getting up from her chair when Virgil had left. "I guess I should be leaving."

"You don't have to."

"What sweetheart?"

"I'd like you to stay."

"But you've got Alan here now."

"I wouldn't mind you staying as well."


"You were there for some of those breathing things"

"Lamaze," Virgil supplied, re-entering the room and handing his brother a drink.

"Yes those, I've missed some because of rescues… And I believe you have some experience."

"Yes, I was with your mother when she went into labour with Scott. Your dad was stuck in another city, thankfully I managed to get her to the hospital, and he made it in time to see him arrive," she looked to Alan, "I also helped deliver you."

"And now you can be here for the first of the next generation."

"But I'll get in the way."

"You could never get in the way," Virgil scoffed, "now, sit down, Tin-Tin is still only 4cm, so the little one probably won't be here for a while."

… …

Predictably, the inevitable call-out always happened whenever Jeff wanted to keep all of his family at home. Brains had called in informing them that a landslide had occurred at Mount Caubvick in Canada. The area normally wasn't occupied, however a team of explorers had been attempting to scale the mountain, and had got caught in the natural disaster. Luckily, one of the uninjured team members had managed to get their radio working and had contacted International Rescue. Brains had attempted to contact local rescue services, but due to the injuries one of the explorers had suffered it was deemed that they wouldn't be reached in time. Accordingly Scott, John, and Gordon had gone in Thunderbird 2. Now five hours later they were back, hungry and slightly weary, but thankfully due to the ease of the rescue and the sound of Gordon's voice in one piece.

"la, la, la…" he chimed, his hands placed firmly over his ears, "I don't want to know what Tin-Tin's had until I've made my prediction."

Rolling his eyes, Jeff walked over to Gordon and lowered his hands. "She hasn't had it yet."

"Oh, still got time to choose then."

"Yes son,"

"Thank goodness for that," John responded, "he hasn't stopped moaning the entire way back that he'd miss out on placing his bet."

"Well, your grandma popped in around five minutes ago. Tin-Tin and the baby are good, but it's still going to be a bit of a wait."

"Time to get changed then?" Scott asked.

"Yes, we'll leave debrief until after the baby arrives."

"There's not much to report anyway," Scott replied, "the rescue went to plan and those who were injured are safely in hospital. The only issue is Two being slow and clunky…"

"Oh, hello Virgil."

Scott spun around at Penelope's words, relieved to see his middle brother was not actually in the room. "Pen," he complained when he noticed her standing next to Gordon and laughing, "don't do that to me."

"I could not resist."

"Anyway, since when have you started pulling practical jokes?"

"I am learning from the best."

"You most certainly are," Gordon returned, placing an affectionate kiss on her lips.

"Oh great," Scott threw up his hands in exasperation, and stalked out of the room, "there's now two of them."

… …

Three hours later…

Sweat poured down her face, sharp pain rippled through her. This was excruciating, and she was now so glad that she had changed her mind and opted for the pain relief. Equally she was also grateful for the people by her side. Alan whose eyes glistened with pure love had not removed his hand from hers despite the fact she was squeezing the life out of it. Grandma; gentle, understanding, and so wise. She understood what she was experiencing and because of that was able to guide her…

"You're doing really well…"

And Virgil, so calm and composed. The true level of his experience had shone during the last few hours.

"I need you to give one final push."

She followed his instructions, and moments later with her head leaning against Alan's chest she was greeted with the sound of that first cry… "Is it okay?"


"What is it?" Alan questioned, tears welling in his eyes.

"Why don't you see for yourself." Virgil gently laid the baby in Tin-Tin's arms.

Grandma with an equal amount of tears at the sight of her first great grandchild, kissed Tin-Tin on her head, squeezed Alans shoulder, then walked over to Virgil, pulling him into a quick hug. "I'll go and let the others know."

… …

Everybody sat quietly watching Gordon with exasperation, still staring at the digital board, his name still not displayed under either choice.

"You need to make your decision sweetheart!"

All instantly stood, their eyes meeting with grandma beaming in the doorway.

"Has she?" Darcy and Penelope questioned.

"Yes, beautiful, healthy…"

"What is it?"

"Once Gordon's written his answer," she replied.

"Come on Gordon," Scott and John both pleaded, "we want to know…"

Gordon studied his grandmas glowing face, then with an equally big grin he looked at the board, marked his name down, pulled some notes out of his pocket, placed them in the jar that was set on the piano, then turned to face his grandma. "Well, what is it?"

"It's a boy!"



… …

A few hours later all were gathered in the infirmary, the beautiful little bundle with dark hair like his mother and sky-blue eyes like his father was carefully passed around, so each new grandparent and uncle could have a hold.

"Have you chosen a name yet?" Jeff queried, receiving the little boy in his arms.

"Well, earlier I did want to honour Virgil," Tin-Tin explained, "but he protested."

"Tin-Tin mentioned it to me when grandma was letting you guys know," Alan continued, "I thought it was a great idea but Virg vetoed it again by reminding us how confusing it would be having two in the same household with the same name. However, he did make an excellent suggestion, and," he added, taking his son from his father, "it was perfect."

"So what is it?" Sally queried.

Alan placed the boy into her arms, "Grandma, I'd like you to welcome Grant… Grant Kyrano-Tracy!"

... ... ... ...


... ... ... ...