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[Weyland-Yutani Facility x3021-Epsilon]-status report:

Location: Beta quadrant of Nexus Polaris system fifth planet {Feras Terrae}.

· Planet is covered in dense jungle and has a variety of mountain ranges.

· The facility is the only structure on planet and humans the only known intelligent lifeforms.

· The planet does have a large assortment of rare and exotic wildlife and a unique ecosystem.

· Project X-sapiens proceeding as scheduled will make next report in 2 earth months.

Having completed his report as required by the company the head scientist, one Dr. Romero eagerly returns to the talk of the facility. Project X-sapiens has been advancing by leaps and bounds in comparison to the initial projections and the subject has survived to a stable state of homeostasis and may have a chance to survive outside the tube in which it was housed. Doing his daily check of subject X-13-0B9, Dr. Romero could not believe that just a few months ago they had mixed human stem cells with that of an Intercivus raptus, or more commonly known as a xenomorph which has resulted in an infant that was a perfect blend of both species and received the best traits of each.

Little did the research team in the facility suspect that the subject in their possession from which the xenomorphic cells came from was an immature Intercivus raptus regina, or xenomorph queen.